FEBRUARY 26, 2007

While the words in the title of this article are deeply embedded within my spirit, I have had a much deeper understanding of the significance of these words this morning, as I’ve been studying more about the duties of a High Priest in the Tabernacle of Moses.  The aspect of those duties that particularly involve my current revelation, have to do with the offering of blood and fat upon the altar of sacrifice within the Tabernacle and also the aspect of the Priest’s duties that have to do with the necessity of wearing special clothing within the Holy of Holies and the requirement of removing that clothing before returning to the Outer Court. 

The HIGH PRIEST was required once each year to go through a process of sanctification to prepare himself to appear in the presence of GOD within the MOST HOLY PLACE of the tabernacle.  There was much involved in this time of preparation… all necessary to assure his safety while presenting himself as the representative for the nation of Israel – to present the sin offering for the entire nation… to assure their forgiveness for another year. 

The first aspect to be addressed in this study is the offering of fat and blood upon the altar.  This is truly a graphic illustration of the “laying down” or “burning up” of the self-life – the fleshly desires – that the priest might be devoted totally to the will and purposes of God.

There is suddenly within me a deeper awareness of the power of the Anointing than ever before… as I begin to comprehend just why the High Priest not only had to put on linen clothing to minister to the Lord within the Holy of Holies – or the Most Holy Place… but more especially, why it was so important for him to remove that clothing after the ministry was completed, to leave that clothing behind, and to dress in totally different apparel prior to presenting himself in the presence of those in the Outer Court. 

Had the High Priest appeared before the Outer Court people in the clothing he had worn within the Most Holy Place, he would have exposed them to the POWER of the ANOINTING – the SPIRIT LIFE – or ETERNAL LIFE POWER that was contained in that clothing… because the clothing had been in the presence of GOD ALMIGHTY. 

There is a significant parallel here between this POWER PRESENT in the LINEN CLOTHING and the POWER PRESENT in the TREE of LIFE within the GARDEN OF EDEN [the Garden of God].  Had the HIGH PRIEST violated the statutes given him regarding this changing of garments, he would have been allowing the possibility of the folks in the Outer Court being exposed to ETERNAL LIFE in their present state of impurity – thus living in that state forever.   This statute had been put in place for the operation of the HIGH PRIEST for the same purpose that the angel with the flaming sword had been put in place at the entrance of the GARDEN OF EDEN – to prevent Adam and Eve from going back into the GARDEN and eating of the fruit of the TREE of LIFE and LIVING FOREVER in their state of rebellion to GOD. 

Both the statue or directive given to the HIGH PRIEST and the angel with the flaming sword are proof, beyond any doubt, of the great LOVE that FATHER has for man.  These two things were put in place totally for man’s protection… to leave the door open to the PROVISION that FATHER knew would one day come – the PROVISION of the SACRIFICE of JESUS CHRIST on the Cross of Calvary. 

There is another parallel to be drawn in this study.  It has to do with the veil that Moses put over his face when he came down from the mountain after having been in the Presence of God… during the time that he was leading the children of Israel through the wilderness.  When he came down, the ANOINTING of GOD was manifesting as a “glow” upon his face and would have produced the sanctification of this rebellious people in their present state.  But FEAR was the tool that gave the warning to Moses to cover himself with a veil.  The people became afraid of what they saw… and that FEAR was a graphic signal… that something was out of order… and Moses took the necessary action to protect the people. 

*The title to this article are words Father spoke to me several years ago – you can see that confirmation in a LETTER From the LORD, dated:  July 23, 1997 ‘ANOINTING – LIFE in the VINE’ in the folder “WORDS of LOVE FROM FATHER” on our Lighthouse Library Website at

















































              BLOOD = LIFE – FLESH REALM, ANOINTING = LIFE – SPIRIT REALM [Sunny Orly Coffman] 2-26-07           1


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