1.  Paul, one sent with a mission pertaining to Christ Jesus (or: an apostle of Christ Jesus; an emissary who has his origin in Christ Jesus) through God=s will, and Timothy, the brother (or: brother Timothy),

2.  To the set-apart ones (the holy ones) within Colossae even to ones full of faith (or: to faithful ones) to [the] brothers within Christ [other MSS+: Jesus]:

Grace and peace [= shalom] to you from God our Father [other MSS read: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ].

3.  We habitually express gratitude and give thanks to God, the Father [other MSS: to the God and Father] of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at all times continually praying about you folks,

4.  hearing of your faith [being, resident, or having its source] within Christ Jesus and the love which you folks habitually hold (have) [which is extended and given] into all the set-apart (holy) ones (or: the saints)

5.  because of the expectation (hope) the one continuously lying stored away as a reserve resident within the heavens which you folks already heard (or: hear before) within the word (message; discourse) concerning the Truth (or: the word of truth; the word belonging to and having its source in the Truth) which originates in and pertains to the Good News (or: which belongs to the good news)

6.  the [word] being continuously present alongside [and proceeding] into you folks, just as it is also continuously existing within all the ordered system (within the entire the world), repeatedly bearing fruit of itself and constantly being grown and caused to be increasing, just as also within you folks, from [the] day which you hear (or: heard) and fully experience, in intimate knowing (or: accurately realized), the grace of God, within Truth (or: God=s grace resident within [the] truth; God=s grace in reality).

7.  Just in this way, you folks [were taught and] learned from Epaphras, our beloved fellow-slave, who is one full of faith, an attending servant of the Christ on our [other MSS: your] behalf (or: who is a faithful dispenser of the Christ [who is] over us [or: you]),

8.  the one also clearly showing and making evident to us your love in spirit (or: your love within [the] Spirit; your love in union with [the] Spirit).

9.  And because of this, we, from the day on which we heard (or: hear), are not ceasing constant praying over and asking (requesting) on behalf of you folks, to the end that you may be filled full with the entire contents of the accurate, full, experiential, intimate knowledge of His will (His design, purpose, plan and intention; or: so that you may know and experience all that He wants you to know and experience) within the sphere of all wisdom and spiritual understanding (comprehension; a junction of that which is sent together; discernment),

10.  to walk about (i.e., to live your life) worthily (with corresponding value) pertaining to the Lord (the Owner; [= Yahweh or Christ]) into all pleasing (or: into every desire to please; into entire pleasure) within every good work (virtuous act), habitually bearing fruit and constantly being ones being caused to be growing and increasing by the full, accurate, experiential and intimate knowledge of God (or: in God=s full experience of intimate knowledge),

11.  being continuously empowered in every ability (being ones progressively enabled within all power) corresponding to (down from) the strength of His glory (the might pertaining to and having its source in His reputation or His manifestation of that which calls forth praise; [= the strength coming from His manifested presence {=Heb. kabod}]) into every remaining under (all patient endurance) and long-waiting before rushing into emotions (long-suffering; a long time before breathing violently with passion), accompanied by (together with) joy,

12.  at the same time being ones constantly giving thanks to the Father: to the One calling you [other MSS: us], and making [you/us] competent (sufficient; qualified; fit; suitable), into the divided share (portion; part) of the inheritance (allotted possession) of the set-apart ones (pertaining to the holy ones; belonging to the saints) within the Light,

13.  Who drags us out of danger (or: rescued us) forth from out of the midst of the authority of the Darkness (Darkness=s jurisdiction and right), and changes [our] position (transports {or: transferred} [us]; gave [us] a change of standing) into the kingdom of the Son of His love (of the Son Who has the characteristics and qualities of His love; the Son Whose origin is His love),

14.  in Whom we continuously hold (have) the redemption (the release and liberation procured by payment of a ransom): the sending away (the dismissal; the divorce) of the failures (of the errors pertaining to falling short and straying to the side of the target; of the sins; of the mistakes),

15.  Who is the Image (the Exact Formed Likeness; the Figure and Representation; visible likeness) of the not-seen God (the unable to be seen God; the invisible God), the Firstborn of all creation (or: of every creature; of every framing and founding; of every act of reducing from a state of disorder and wildness) [= the Inheritor of all creation; the One who will assume authority over every creature],

16.  because within Him was created (is founded and settled; is built and planted; is brought into being, produced and established) The Whole (all things) the things within the heavens, and the things upon the earth (land); the visible things, and the unseen (unable to be seen; invisible) things: whether thrones or lordships (ownership systems) or governments (rulers; leadership systems; sovereignties) or authorities The Whole (all things) has been created and continues founded and framed through means of Him, and [proceeds, or was placed] into Him (or: He is the agent and goal of all creation).

17.  And He is before (prior to; maintains precedence of) all things, and The Whole (all things) has (have) been placed together and now continues to jointly-stand (stands cohesively; is made to have a co-standing) within Him,

18.  and He is the Head of the body the called-out assembly (the ecclesia; the congregation; the church) Who is The Beginning (or: the Ruler; the Originator), a Firstborn forth from out of the midst of dead ones, to the end that He may be birthed (come into existence; come to be) within all things: He continuously holding first place (constantly being pre-eminent; habitually being the First One (or: the First Man [masc., pres., part.]),

19.  because within Him all the entire contents (that which fills everything; all the full measure [of things]) delights to settle down and dwell as in a house (or: because He approved all the fullness to permanently reside within Him)

20.  And through Him to reconcile (lit.: to transfer from a certain state to another which is quite different; to change from estrangement and alienation to friendship and harmony; hence: to completely restore) The Whole (all things) into Him making (constructing; forming; creating) peace through the blood of His cross: through Him, whether the things upon the earth (land) or the things within the heavens!

21.  And you folks, being at one time ones having been alienated away (being estranged; being rendered as belonging to another) and enemies (hated ones) by the mental perception (by the thoughts and in the comprehension), by (in) miserable deeds (wicked acts; laborious and painful works)

22.  yet now He reconciles (restored; changed and transferred to a different state; [p46 and B read pass., pl.: you folks were reconciled]) within the body of His flesh, through His death, to place you folks alongside, down before Him and in His sight: set-apart (holy) ones and flawless (unblemished; blameless) ones, even ones not accused, with nothing laid to your charge (or: unaccusable ones; unimpeachable ones),

23.  since in fact (inasmuch as) you folks are continually remaining on (are constantly persisting) by and in the faith, being ones having been provided with a foundation so as to continue grounded, even seated so as to be settled ones, and not ones being repeatedly moved elsewhere (shifted; removed; or, as a mid.: shifting yourselves) away from the expectation (hope) pertaining to, belonging to and having its source in the Good News of which you hear (or: heard): of the one being heralded (announced; publicly proclaimed and preached) within all creation the one under the heaven of which I, Paul,  am come to be a herald, an emissary, and an attending servant (a dispenser).

24.  I am at this moment continuing to rejoice within the experiences and my sufferings over you (on your behalf), and I am progressively filling up within my flesh, in [His] stead, the deficiencies of Christ=s pressures (squeezings; tribulations) over His body, which is the called-out assembly (the congregation; the ecclesia; the church),

25.  of which I am come to be an attending servant (a dispenser), corresponding to (down from) God=s household administration (God=s directives for the tasks of a household manager; the stewardship whose source is God and pertains to His house; God=s economy; God=s scheme and arrangement which He planned for His household)  the one being given by me [for me; in me] into you (or: to me for you) to fulfill God=s Word (or: to make full the message pertaining to God; to make a full presentation of God=s message; to deliver God=s message in full):

26.  the Secret (sacred mystery), the one having been hidden away and remaining concealed from the ages (or: eons) and from the generations, yet now (at the present time) is set in clear light for His set-apart ones (or: was manifested to His holy ones; is caused to be seen by His saints),

27.  To whom God wills (purposed; intends) to make known by intimate experience, what [are] the riches of the glory of this Secret (or: the wealth which has it source in this sacred mystery=s manifestation which calls forth praise) within the multitudes (among the nations; in the Gentiles; among the swarms of ethnic groups), which is (exists being) Christ within you folks, the expectation of the glory (or: Christ, which continuously exists within you [is] the hope of the manifestation which calls forth praise),

28.  Whom we are habitually bringing down through the message by announcing, constantly putting [Him] into the minds of every man (human) and repeatedly teaching every man (human), within the sphere of all wisdom, to the intent that we may place every man (human) finished (mature; perfect; as having reached the goal) by [our] side within Christ [other MSS+: Jesus],

29.  into which [goal] I habitually work hard and become weary, constantly struggling as in a contest, corresponding to (down from) His inward working (energy and operation): the One continuously operating (energizing and inwardly working) within me within power (in ability).


1.  For I continue wanting you folks to have seen and thus perceive (realize; know) how extensive a contest I am having and how intense a struggle I constantly hold over you and the folks in Laodicea, and as many as have not seen my face in [the] flesh,

2.  to the end that their hearts may be called near, alongside, for comfort, aid and encouragement being joined cohesively (jointly knitted; welded together; lit.: mounted together in copulation), united in love into all the riches (wealth) pertaining to the state of having been brought to fullness (or: of the full assurance) whose source is comprehension (understanding; discernment; a junction of that which is sent together); into full, accurate, intimate and experiential knowledge of God=s Secret: Christ,

[with other MSS: of the sacred mystery of the God and Father, pertaining to the Christ (or: having its source in Christ; belonging to Christ)],

3.  within Whom (or: in which) are (continually exist) all the hidden-away (concealed) treasures  of the wisdom and experiential, intimate knowledge.

4.  Now I am presently saying this so that no one may be derailing you in a persuasive discourse by logic and reasoning that is off to the side,

5.  for though (even if) I am presently absent (being away), in the flesh, nevertheless I continue being together with you folks in the spirit (or: by the Spirit), constantly rejoicing and seeing (observing) your arranged succession (ordered disposition) and the firmness (i.e., solidness in the line and array) of your trust and faith (or: faithfulness; confidence) into Christ.

6.  Therefore, as you folks receive (or: took to your side) the Christ Jesus, the Lord (the Owner [= Yahweh?]), continue walking about (i.e., ordering your life) within Him,

7.  being ones having been rooted (or: having been caused to take root) even ones being constantly built upon The House (i.e., added to the structure) within Him; also being ones repeatedly made steadfast and stabilized with good footing within the faith (or: confirmed by the faith; made secure for faith), just as you are taught (were instructed), continuously super abounding (being surrounded by more than enough) within it within gratitude and thanksgiving.

8.  Keep watching out for and beware that someone will not be the one progressively (or: repeatedly) carrying you off captive (as booty or a prey) through the philosophy and empty seduction (or: a trick having no content) being handed down in the tradition of men (or: corresponding to the thing handed along from humans), down from (corresponding to) the elementary principles (rudimentary teachings) of the organized system (the world [e.g., the religion or culture]), and not down from (in accord with) Christ,

9.  because within Him all the fullness of the Deity (the Godship and feminine aspect of the Divine Nature) is bodily settling down and taking up permanent residence (is continuously dwelling bodily),

10.  and you folks, being ones having been filled up (made full), are (exist) continuously within Him, Who is (exists being) [other MSS: the One being] the Head of all government and authority (or: of every beginning and right),

11.  within Whom you folks were also circumcised (are cut around and off) by (in; to; with) a circumcision not done by hands (not hand-made): in the stripping off (the undressing; the going out and away) of the body of the flesh in the circumcision of the Christ (in Christ=s circumcision; in the circumcision which pertains to and has its source in Christ),

12.  being buried together (jointly entombed) in Him within the placing into (in the immersion; in the plunging; within the overwhelming; in the dipping into; within the baptism) within Whom you folks were awakened and caused to rise up together through the faith having its source in (coming from) the inward operation of God (or: the faith belonging to God= effectual energizing) the One awakening and raising Him up, forth from out of the midst of dead ones.

13.  And you folks continuously being dead ones within [other MSS: by] the falls to the side, and in (by) the uncircumcision of your flesh He makes (made) alive together: you [other MSS: us] jointly together with Him, gracing us [for; in] all the falls to the side,

14.  anointing and wiping out the handwriting in the decrees (bonds; bills of debt; ordinances; statutes) put down against us, which was continuing to be under, within and set in opposition to us, and He has picked it up and lifted it from out of the midst, nailing it to the cross,

15.  stripping off and away (undressing; putting off and laying away; as a mid.: divesting Himself of) governments and authorities.  And He made a public exhibit, in bold freedom of speaking, leading them in a triumphal procession within it.

[or: Undressing Himself (stripping off [His body]), He also made a public display of the rulers and the authorities, with boldness leading them as captives in His victory procession in it  (or: within Him).]

16.  Therefore, do not let anyone habitually pass judgment on you (or: make decisions for you) in [matters of] eating and drinking, nor in a part of a festival, or of a new moon or of Sabbaths,

17.  which things are a shadow of the things being about to be (of the impending).  But the body belongs to the Christ (or, as an ablative: Now the body has its origin in the Christ; [note: A.T. Robertson sees in this construction Athe body@ {fig. Athe substance@} as casting the shadow; Vincent is similar]).

18.  Let no one be acting as an umpire, or an arbiter in the public games, so as to decide down against you, or to disqualify you, in regard to the prize, continuously wanting [you] in lowness of understanding, intellect, frame of mind and deportment even [to be] in ritual relating to the agents (or: religious activity originating from the messengers [note: e.g., old covenant rituals]; worship of the Aangels@), continuously stepping randomly (or: to no purpose; feignedly) into things which he has [or, with other MSS: he has not] seen, habitually being puffed up under [the influence of] (by) the mind of his flesh,

19. and not continuously (or: terminating the continuum of) getting strength from (apprehending and becoming strong by) the Head, from out of Whom all the body (the entire body), being constantly furnished and supplied with funds and nourishment, and progressively joined cohesively (welded together; knitted and compacted together; united and made to go together as in mounting for copulation) through the instrumentality of the joints (connections; junctures; fastenings) and links (things bound together, as by ligaments), goes on growing and increasing God=s growth (or: the growth having its source in God; the growth pertaining to God).

20.  Since (or: If) you folks died together with Christ, away from the world=s elementary principles (or: the rudimentary teachings of the organized system [e.g., of religion or culture]), why, as living in [the] world (in an organized system), are you constantly being subjected to (or, as a mid.: submitting to; binding yourself to) rules (decrees; commands; thoughts or imaginations; Adogmas@ [of the system]):

21.  AYou should not (or: may not) touch (handle; light or kindle), nor yet should you (or: may you) taste by sipping (= partake of or enjoy), nor yet should you (or: may you) come into contact!@

22.  which are all things [that are proceeding] into decay and ruin (thus: corruption) by consuming and being used up down from and corresponding to the commands (or: directions) and teachings of men (of mankind; of humans)?

23.  which things, indeed, having a message (a word; an expression) of wisdom in self-imposed observance of ritual or self-willed worship, and in humility, even in asceticism (unsparing) of [the] body, are not of any value (worth) [and lead] toward a filling up (a gratification; a satisfying) of the flesh.


1.  Since, therefore, you folks were awakened and raised up together in the Christ (or: If, then, you are aroused and raised with the Christ), be constantly seeking and trying to find the upward things (or: the things being above), where the Christ is (continuously exists being), continuously sitting within the right [side] (or: at the right [hand]) of God.

2.  Be constantly minding (thinking about; setting your disposition toward) the upward things (or: the things above), not the things upon the earth,

3.  for you folks died, and your life has been hidden (concealed) within the Christ, within God.

4.  Whenever the Christ, our life [other MSS: your life], may be brought to light (may be manifested), you folks, also, will be brought to light (will be manifested), together with Him, within glory (within a manifestation which calls forth praise; in a good reputation).

5.  Make dead (Put into a state of deadness; deaden), therefore, the [other MSS: your] members (body parts) upon the earth: prostitution (fornication; sexual immorality), uncleanness, passion (feeling or emotion), worthless over-desire (rushing upon bad things; evil cravings), and the desire to have more and gain advantage over another which is idolatry (the worship of forms, shapes or figures)

6.  because of which things God=s inherent fervor (natural impulse and propensity; internal swelling and teeming; anger; wrath) is repeatedly coming [other MSS+: upon the sons of The Disobedience (the unpersuasion; the stubbornness)]

7.  within which things you folks also at one time (once; formerly) walked about (= lived your lives), when you were living within these things.

8.  But now, even you folks, put away from you (as of clothes put off and laid away) all these things: inherent fervor (natural impulse and propensity; internal swelling and teeming; anger; wrath), strong passion (rushing of emotions; outbursts of rage), worthlessness (poorness of quality; influence of the bad), [and] from out of you mouth: blasphemy (abusive and injurious talk; slander) [and] foul-mouthed abuse (obscenity; ugly words; deformed and shameful language).

9.  Do not keep on lying into one another, being ones stripping off from yourselves (undressing yourselves from) the old humanity (the old man; = the old Adam), together with its practices,

10.  and clothing yourselves with (entering within) the new one (the fresh one which existed only recently), the one being continuously (or: repeatedly; progressively) renewed (made back up new in kind and character again) into full, intimate and experiential knowledge which is down from and corresponds to the image (exact formed visible likeness) of its Creator (of the One framing and founding it from a state of wildness and disorder),

11.  wherein (in which place) there is no Greek [fig. of the multitudes who are non-Jews, and of those who are cultured and civilized] and Jew [fig. of a covenant people of God], circumcision and uncircumcision [fig. for religious in-groups and out-groups; no longer covenant people versus non-covenant people], barbarian [foreigner who speaks a different language], Scythian [fig. of wild, uncivilized groups], slave, freeman, but to the contrary, Christ [is] all, and within all (or: Christ [is] all men [masc.], and within all men [masc.]; Christ [is] everything {or: all things} [neut.] and within everything {all things} [neut.]; note: Greek is either masculine or neuter in these phrases).

12.  Therefore, as God=s chosen, set-apart and beloved ones, clothe yourselves with (enter within) bowels (internal organs; = the tender parts; seat of deep feelings) of compassion, kindness (adaptable usefulness), humility (the minding and disposition of things of lowness or of low station), gentleness (meekness; mildness), waiting long before rushing with emotions (long-suffering; = putting up with people for a long time),

13.  being ones continuously holding up [things or situations] pertaining to one another (or: habitually holding yourselves up, belonging to one another; constantly putting up with one another) and incessantly giving grace to (for; in) yourselves, if ever anyone may continue having (holding) a complaint toward someone.  Just as the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh; some MSS: Christ; Aleph* and some Vul. mss read: God] also gave (gives) grace to you (for you; in you), thus also you [do the same].

14.  Now upon (= on top of) all these things [put on; super-impose] the Love, which continues being (is) a joining link of perfection (a tie which binds together and pertains to the goal of maturity, being the result of fruitfulness; [the] fastening connection of the finished product; [the] bond producing perfection).

15.  And let the peace [= shalom] of the Christ (belonging to and originating in the Christ [other MSS: God]) continuously umpire (act as a judge in the games) within your hearts (= within the core of your being) into which [peace] you folks are called (were called; were invited), within one body.  And progressively come to be thankful ones (continue becoming ones expressing gratitude).

16.  Let Christ=s Word (or: the message of the Christ [other MSS: of God; of [the] Lord]) be continuously making its home within you folks (constantly indwelling you) richly, within all wisdom, habitually teaching [it] and placing [it] in the minds of yourselves by psalms, in hymns, by spiritual songs and odes, within grace constantly singing within your hearts to God (or: habitually singing to God [other MSS: to {the} Lord], within the grace resident within your hearts {= the core of your being}).

17.  And everything whatsoever you may be habitually doing, in word or in act (within a message, or within a work {deed}) [do] everything (all; all things) within [the] Name of [the] Lord, Jesus [other MSS: of Jesus Christ; others: of [the] Lord, Jesus Christ], constantly giving thanks (expressing gratitude) to Father God (or: in God, [the] Father) through Him.

18.  Wives, habitually be placed under (or, as a mid.: place yourselves under) [your] husbands (or: Women, be constantly subjected by (or: subject yourselves to) the adult males), as it was continuing to be proper (or, lit.: as it was coming to be again {or: back up}), within the Lord.

19.  Husbands, habitually love [your] wives (or: Adult males, be constantly showing love to the women), and do not become repeatedly embittered toward them (or: stop being bitter toward them).

20.  Children, continue submissively hearing, being constantly obedient to the parents in regard to all things (corresponding to every situation), for this is continuing to be well-pleasing, within the Lord.

21.  Fathers, do not constantly excite (continuously incite or stimulate; repeatedly irritate, vex or provoke) your children, so that they may not become habitually without strong passion (discouraged and timid; without motivation).

22.  Slaves, in regard to all things continue submissively hearing, being constantly obedient to those [being] owners (masters; lords) according to [the] flesh [= human, or Aearthly,@ ones] not within eye-slavery (bondage to eyes; = slavery to doing in order to be seen, or working only when someone is watching), as desiring to please men (or: wanting to be pleasing to people so as to win their favor; man-pleasers), but rather within simplicity (singleness) of heart (single-hearted sincerity), constantly being ones reverenced by the fear of (or, as a mid.: being ones habitually engendering reverence because of respectful fear toward) the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ; p46 and other MSS: God].

23.  Everything whatever you folks may be habitually doing be constantly working (doing business; practicing a trade; earning a living) from out of soul (from the whole being: intellect, emotions, will), as to (for; in) the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] and not for men (to mankind),

24.  having seen, and thus, knowing that you folks will receive back from the Lord [Yahweh or Christ] and take away the corresponding compensation of the allotted inheritance.  Be constantly slaving for Christ, the Owner (Lord; Master) [or, with other MSS, and as an indicative: For you are constantly performing as a slave in (by) the Lord, in Christ].

25.  Certainly, the one habitually doing wrong (constantly acting unjustly or inequitably; repeatedly being unfair and walking contrary to the Way pointed out) will receive in himself what he wrongly does (or: will take for his own dealing what inequity and unfairness he did) and there is no partiality (favoritism; consideration because of personal appearance or of the face presented; receiving of a facade; taking of personage into account).


1.  Owners (Masters; Lords), continuously hold at your side and present the right (the just; the fair; the equitable) and the equal (what is the same as something else) to (for) the slaves, having seen, and thus, knowing that you folks also continuously have an Owner (Master; Lord) within heaven [other MSS: {the} heavens].

2.  Be habitually occupied diligently in prayer (Be constantly stout toward prayer; Be continuing persistent and persevering by prayer) within expression of gratitude (thanksgiving), continuously watching and remaining awake and alert in it,

3.  at the same time also progressively praying about us, to the end that God may open a door of the Word for us to speak the secret of the Christ (or: may open a door pertaining to the message, for us to speak the mystery which has its origin in the Christ {or: the secret, which is the Christ}), because of which, also, I have been bound (tied),

4.  so that I may set it in clear light (may bring it to light; may manifest it), as it is continuously binding me (making it necessary for me) to speak.

5.  Be habitually walking about (= living your lives) within wisdom, toward those outside, being ones constantly buying for yourselves from out of the market place the fitting situation (or: redeeming {reclaiming} the season within yourselves; idiomatically: making the best use of the opportunity in the public concourse),

6.  your word (your conversation), at all times within grace, being one having been prepared (fitted) by salt (or: seasoned in salt; idiomatically: interesting and not insipid), to have seen, and thus, know how it is continuously binding you folks to be habitually answering (replying to; lit.: separating away in order to decide for) each one.

7.  Tychicus, the beloved brother and faithful attending servant and fellow slave within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh], will personally make known all the things with reference to me,

8.  whom I send toward you folks unto this very thing, so that you might intimately become acquainted with the things about (concerning) us [with other MSS: so that he may come to intimately experience and know the things about (concerning) you], and that he may call your hearts to his side for comfort, aid and encouragement.

9.  Together with Onesimus, the faithful and beloved brother who is from among you folks they will personally and intimately acquaint you with (make known to you) all the things here .

10.  Aristarchus, my fellow captive (one taken at spearpoint, together with me), continues embracing and greeting you folks, as does Mark, cousin of Barnabas, concerning whom you received directions [that] if he should ever come to you, receive (accept and hospitably welcome) him,

11.  and Jesus, the one habitually being designated (said; termed) Justus these being the only ones from among (or: out forth from) the Circumcision [who are] fellow workers [laboring] into God=s kingdom which ones came to be a soothing emollient (a consoling exhortation; a solace) to me (for me; in me).

12.  Epaphras, the one from among you folks, a slave of Christ Jesus, continues embracing and greeting you folks, at all times (always) in constant struggle as in a contest over you folks, within prayers, to the end that you may stand mature ones (complete ones; finished ones; ones having reached the goal; perfect ones) and ones having been brought to fullness (or: carried to the full measure) within all God=s will (intent; design; purpose).

13.  For I am presently bearing witness for him that he constantly has (continuously holds) toil-caused pain (misery; travail) over you folks and those within Laodicea, and the ones within Hierapolis.

14.  Luke, the beloved healer (physician) continues embracing and greeting you folks also Demas.

15.  Embrace and greet the brothers within Laodicea, also Nympha and the called-out gathering that corresponds to her house.

16.  And whenever the letter (epistle) may be read (caused to be known again) beside you (= to you), you folks make an arrangement to the end that it may also be read within the set-apart congregation of the Laodiceans; and so that you folks may also read the one from out of Laodicea.

17.  And say to Archippus, ABe constantly observing and seeing to the attending service which you received and took to your side, within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh], to the end that you may make it full (or: fulfill it).@

18.  The embrace and greeting [is] by my hand Paul=s.

       Call to mind (Remember; Be mindful of) my bonds.

       Grace (The undeserved favor) [is] with you folks!  It is so (Amen).


BOOK of COLOSSIANS – Translated by [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE STUDY         1


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