(Traditionally considered to be sent to those in Ephesus

possibly a circular letter to the assemblies in first century Asia Minor)


1. Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ through God’s will (resolve; determined purpose; resultant choice), to those who continue being set-apart ones (holy ones) and believing ones within Christ Jesus:

2. Grace and Peace to you from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ [or: from our Father-God, even the Lord. Jesus Christ; or: from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ].

3. Worthy of being spoken well of (worthy of praise and good words) [is] the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ ﷓ the One speaking Good to (blessing) us within every spiritual good word (blessing) within the things above the heavens (the phenomena upon the heavens; the full. perfected heavenlies) within Christ,

4. even as He chose us out (selects, picks us out), within Him. before [the] casting down (a laying of the foundation; a conception) of [the] ordered system (world), [for] us to continuously be set-apart (holy) ones and flawless ones (ones without stain; blameless ones) in His sight (presence) [in love; or, putting this phrase at the beginning of vs. 5:]

5. In love marking us out beforehand (definitively appoint us beforehand; before setting our boundaries, defining us) into sonship (the position of a son), through Jesus Christ, into Himself, according to (down from) the good thought (delight) of His will (determined purpose),

6. unto praise of His grace’s glory [or: into {the} praise of {the} glory of His grace] which He graced us (gifts us with grace) within the One having been loved (the Beloved  One) [some MSS: within His beloved Son],

7. in Whom we continuously have (hold) the redemption (the release procured by the  payment of a ransom) through His blood, the sending away (forgiveness; dismissal) of the fallings aside (the stumblings by the side; false steps; offences; transgressions) in  accordance with (down from) the riches (wealth) of His grace,

8. which He caused to superabound around unto us (or: which He makes to be more  than enough into us; which He outflanked into us;… lavishes into us) within all wisdom  (in every wise thing) and thoughtful prudence (gut-intelligence; mindful purpose; considerate understanding),

9. making known to us (acquainting us by experiential knowledge) the secret (mystery; hidden knowledge) of His will (determined purpose; resolve) – in accord with (down  from) His good thought which He before placed within Himself [or: designed beforehand  {determined by setting forth} within Himself],

10. into an administration of that which fills up the seasons (fitting situations) [or: unto  a dispensing of the entire contents of the seasons; a house-law of the full measure of the fitting situations; a management of a household of the complement of the seasons; an administration of the fullness of the eras], to itself bring back all things (the whole) up under one Head [or: to bring back to and gather round the main point] within the Christ: the things upon [other MSS: within] the heavens and the things upon the land (earth) – within Him!

11. In Whom also we were (are) chosen (appointed) by lot [or: were made an allotted portion; received an inheritance], being previously marked out (being before designated) in accord with (down from) a before-placed (predetermined by setting forth) design of the One continuously operating (effecting; energizing) all things (the whole) in accord with (down from) the purpose (intent; design; plan; determined counsel) of His will (resolve),

12. into this: that we continuously be (exist) unto [the] praise of His glory – [we] being the ones having before placed expectation (hope) within the Christ.

13. In Whom you also, hearing the Word of the Truth – the good news (the message of wellness) of your [other MSS: of our] deliverance (salvation) – within Whom also believing, you are (were) sealed (marked with a signet ring) by the Holy (Set-apart) Spirit of The Promise

14. – Which is continuously a pledge (earnest; the token payment) of our inheritance (portion acquired by lot) – into a redemption (a release procured by the payment of a ransom) of that which was made to surround [us] (the acquisition; that which has been procured, even to the perimeter), unto the praise of His glory!

15. On account of this, I also (even I), hearing, with reference to you, the faith within [the] Lord Jesus and the love unto all the set-apart ones (holy ones; saints),

16. do not pause (cease) giving thanks continuously in behalf of you (on your behalf), constantly making mention (constructing a recollection) upon prayers,

17. to the end that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of the Glory, might give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation (unveiling; uncovering) within a full, experiential knowledge of Himself (in a full realization of Him; within His full knowledge),

18. the eyes of your heart having been enlightened (given light to) into you, to perceive (know) what is the expectation (hope) of His calling (summons; invitation) and what [is] the riches (wealth) of the glory of His inheritance (acquisition by lot) within the set-apart (holy) ones,

19. and what [is] the continually surpassing (transcendent; overshooting; thrown beyond) greatness of His ability (power) into us – the ones continuously believing in accord with (down from) the operation (energizing) offeree (might) of His strength,

20. which is operative (which He exerted) within the Christ, awakening (arousing; raising) Him forth from out of dead ones and seating Him within His right hand within the things (ones; places) above the heavens (in the super﷓heavenlies; within the full, perfected heavenlies).

21. up over (back above) every sovereignty (ruler; principality; government; beginning) and authority and power and lordship, and every name being continually named, not only within this age. but also within the impending one (the one being about to come),

22 and places (placed; arranges) all things under [or: subjects all under] His feet. and gives (gave) Him [as] a Head over everything by (for) the called-out congregation [or: and as a Head over all things, gave Him to the church],

23 which is His body. that which fills up (the entire contents; the complement) of the One Who is constantly filling (making full) all things (the whole) within all things [or making all things within all things full; constantly filling the whole, in all things].


1. And you folks continuously existing being dead ones by (to; for; in) your stumblings aside (offences; false steps) and failures to hit the mark (sins)

2 – within which things you once walked about in accord with the age of this ordered system (world), in accord with the ruler (prince; chief; leader; one in the beginning or first station) of the authority of the air: the spirit of the one now (at the present time) continuously operating (effecting; active; energizing) within the sons of The Disobedience (the in-compliance; the un-persuasion),

3 among whom we all also were once twisted up (overturned; upset) within the cravings (lusts; full desires) of our flesh, continually doing the will of the flesh and of the thoughts (things going through the mind). And, we were continuously existing in essence (in natural condition) being children of natural impulse (passion; anger; wrath) even as (as also) the rest (the remaining ones).

4. But God, continuously being rich (wealthy) in mercy (compassion), because of His vast (much; great in magnitude and quantity; outstretched; long-lasting; repeated) Love [in/with] which He loved (loves) us [p46 reads: had mercy (compassion) on us],

5 even us being continuously dead ones by (in; to; for) the stumblings aside (false steps; offences) [p46 reads:… in (to; by) the bodies; other MSS: by the failure(s) to hit the mark (sin/sins); B reads: within the stumblings aside and the cravings (lusts)] He made (makes) alive together by [p46: within] the Christ – by Grace you continually exist, being ones having been delivered (saved; made whole)!

6. and together He roused (awakens) and caused us to sit (seats us) together within the things upon [thus. above] the heavens (within the full, perfected heavenlies; [or, tho’ neuter: among those comprising the complete and perfected heavenlies; among the ones upon the heavens ]) within Christ Jesus,

7 to the end that within continuously oncoming ages (the eons continually coming upon and overtaking) He may exhibit (display; point out; give proof of) the continuously transcending (being cast beyond; overshooting) riches (wealth) of His grace in useful goodness (beneficial kindness) upon us within Christ Jesus.

8. For by (to; in) the Grace you are (you continuously exist being) ones having been delivered (saved; made whole) through [some MSS +: the] Faith, and this not forth from out of you folks, [it is] God’s gift (present associated with sacrifice or offering),

9. not out of works (deeds done), to the end that no one may boast,

10. for we are (we continually exist being) the result of His work (His creation; the thing He has constructed; what He did; His achievement; His opus; His deed), ones being reduced from a state of disorder and wildness (ones being built, framed, founded, created) within Christ Jesus upon good works (deeds) which God made (makes) ready (prepared/prepares) beforehand, to the end that we may walk about (around) within them.

11. On which account (wherefore) you must continuously call to mind (remember) that once you, the nations (multitudes; ethnic groups; Gentiles; non-Israelites) in flesh, the ones habitually termed (spoken of as; called; said to be) “uncircumcision” by the one (her: fern.) habitually being termed “circumcision.” in flesh: made by hand,

12. that you were, and continued on being, for that season apart from Christ: ones having been alienated from the state of being a citizen (from citizenship) of The Promise, continually having no expectation (hope), and ones without God (atheists) within the ordered system (world).

13. But now, within Christ Jesus, you – the ones once being (continuously existing) far off (at a distance) – came to be (were birthed; are generated; are become) near, within the blood of the Christ (the Anointed One).

14. For He Himself is (continuously exists being) our Peace [= Shalom] – the One making (forming; constructing) The Both one, and destroying (unbinding; unfastening; loosing; razing), within His flesh, the middle (partition) wall of the fenced enclosure (barrier): the enmity (cause of hate; the characteristics of an enemy; hostility),

15. rendering useless (nullifying; rendering down in accord with inactivity and unemployment) the Law [= the Torah] of the commandments within decrees (prescribed ordinances), to the end that He may frame (create; found; reduce from a state of wildness and disorder) The Two into One New [p.46 and others: common] Man (mankind humanity) within Himself, continuously making Peace [= Shalom];

16. and may reconcile (restore; transfer from a certain state to another which is quite different) The Both within One Body – by God through the cross [or: to (for) God, through the cross] – within Himself killing the enmity (characteristics of an enemy).

17. And coming, He brings, and proclaims as good news, Peace [= Shalom] to you, the ones far off, and Peace [= Shalom] to those nearby,

18. that through Him we BOTH continuously have (hold) the procurement of access (conduct toward the presence; admission, being led), within one Spirit, to (toward) the Father.

19. Consequently, then (thereupon). YOU no longer continuously exist being strangers (foreigners) and neighbors (sojourners; temporary residents in a foreign land), but continually exist being fellow-citizens (ones residing together in a City) of the set-apart (holy) ones: even God’s family (members of God’s household),

20. being built as a house upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ continuously being a corner-foundation [stone] of it [or: there being an extreme point of the corner (capstone), Jesus Christ Himself],

21. within Whom all the home-building (all the construction of the house), being  continuously fitted [and] framed together (closely joined together; made a common joint by a word), is continuously growing into a set-apart (holy) temple (inner sanctuary) within [the] Lord [= Yahweh?]:

22. in Whom you folks, also, are continuously being formed a constituent part of the structure (being together built into a house) into God’s down-home place (place of settling down to dwell; abode; permanent dwelling) within [the] Spirit (or: in spirit).


1. For this gracious cause (in favor of this; for this pleasure) I, Paul, [am] the bound  one (prisoner) of the Christ – Jesus – in behalf of (over) you folks, the nations (non-Jewish ethnic multitudes; the Gentiles).

2. Since indeed (if at least) you folks heard (hear) [thus, obey] the house-law (dispensing within the household; the administration; management of the household) of the Grace of God (God’s grace) – the one being given by (to) me into you folks

3. that in accord with an unveiling (down from a revelation) the secret (mystery) was made known to me – even as I before wrote (wrote aforetime), in brief

4. toward which you, the ones continually reading (recognizing; gathering up knowledge), are constantly able to comprehend (conceive; understand; apprehend) my understanding (insight; confluence {a sending together}) in the secret (mystery) of the Christ,

5. which to other generations (for births of a different kind; in different generations of another nature) was not made known to the sons of mankind (humanity; the men) as it is now (at the present time) uncovered (unveiled; revealed) in spirit by (to) His set-apart apostles,

6. [or. reading the phrase “in spirit” with the next phrase rather than the previous one: in spirit] the nations (the Gentile ethnic multitudes) are to continuously be joint-heirs (fellow-participants by allotment) and a Joint Body (a body together) and joint sharers (partakers) of The Promise, within Christ Jesus through the good news (evangel; message of wellness)

7. of which I came to be (was birthed; became) an attendant (server; one who renders service) in accord with the gift of God’s grace – that being given to me (by me) in accord with (down from) the operative, effective energy of His power (ability).

8. To me, the one far inferior to all of the set-apart (holy) ones, was given this grace: to myself address the nations (the Gentile ethnic multitudes) with the good news of the untrackable (unexploreable; untraceable) riches (wealth) of the Christ.

9. and to illuminate (give light to) all men (everyone; all things {masc.}) [as to] what [is] the management of the household (the house-rules; the administration) of the secret (mystery) of that having been, and now being, hidden (concealed) away from the ages, within God – the One creating (framing; reducing from a state of disorder and wildness) all things (the Whole; everything)

10. to the end that now God’s many-colored (many-phased; greatly diverse) wisdom may be made known – through the called-out congregation (the ecclesia) – to the rulers (sovereignties; chief ones) and to the authorities within the super-heavenlies (within those upon the heavens) [or: made known through the called-out congregation: by the rulers and by the authorities, i.e.. within the super-heavenly ones; made known through the ecclesia – in the rulers and authorities, within those upon the heavens].

11. in accord with (down from) a purpose of the ages (a fore-designed plan of the ages) which He formed (forms; made; constructs) within the Christ by our Lord, Jesus,

12. within Whom we continuously have (hold) the freedom of speech (boldness) and conducted access (escorted admission), within trust (confident reliance), through His faith!

13. Wherefore I, myself, continually ask (request) to not be constantly despondent (fainthearted) within my pressures (squeezings) on behalf of you folks; whatever, it is [for] your glory.

14. On account of this I continually bend my knees (bow in worship) to (toward) the Father [other MSS +: of our Lord Jesus Christ],

15. forth from Where every family (lineage; kindred; descent) within heaven and upon earth is continually being named,

16. to the end that He may give to you folks in accord with (down from) the riches of His glory for power (ability) to be strengthened (rendered strong; may grow strong and acquire strength) through His Spirit, for the interior man (the man within)

17. to inhabit (dwell down in; take up abode in) the Christ, through the faith within your hearts, being ones having been rooted (having taken root) and established (placed on a foundation) within Love.

18. To the end that you folks may be fully powerful (out of strength) to grasp (receive down for yourselves; take possession of; comprehend), together with all the set-apart (holy) ones, what [is] the width and length and height and depth,

19. to know by experience as well the love of Christ [that is] continuously transcending (overshooting; being thrown over and beyond; surpassing) experiential knowledge, to the end that you folks may be filled (filled up) unto all the full measure (entire contents) of God [or: into all God’s full extent].

20. But (now) by (to) the One being continuously able (powerful) to do (make; form; create) above and beyond all things, surpassingly above and over and beyond things which we are repeatedly asking for ourselves, or grasping with the mind (apprehending; imagining; considering), in accord with (down from) the power (ability) [which is] continuously operating (making itself effective; energizing itself; being active and at work) within us,

21. by Him (to Him; for Him) [is] the glory, within the called-out (the ecclesia) and within Christ Jesus, unto (into) all the generations (births; progenies) of the Age of the ages! Amen!


1. I continuously call alongside of you (come alongside begging you; summon you; exhort, admonish, implore, entreat you), then – 1. the prisoner in [the] Lord – to walk about (walk around; thus: “live your life”) worthy (suitable of the value) of the calling (invitation) of which you folks are (were) called,

2 with all loveliness of attitude (humility in frame of mind) and meekness (gentleness), with longsuffering (forbearance; patience; a long wait before rushing in passion). continuously holding one another up (bearing with each other) with love,

3 repeatedly hurrying to make every effort to constantly keep (watch over to guard) the Spirit’s oneness (unity of the spirit) within the bond (the link or tie that joins two things) of the Peace [= the Shalom]:

4. one body and one spirit, according as you folks were (are) also called within one expectation (hope) of your calling (invitation) 5 one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism (immersion).

6. one God and Father of ALL: the One over upon ALL and through ALL. and within  ALL (masc.. = within all men).

7. But (now) to each one of us was (is) given the Grace down from (in accord with) the  measure of the undeserved gift of the Christ.

8. For this reason He (it) is constantly saying,

        “Going up (stepping up; ascending) into a height (unto [the] summit)

        He led (leads) captive a captive multitude [or: He led “captivity” captive]

        He gave (gives) gifts to mankind (or: to/for the men).”

9 Now (but) this “He went up (ascended),” what is it if not (except) that He also descended (stepped down) into the lower parts (the under regions) of the earth (land)?

10 The One stepping down (descending) is Himself also the One stepping (going) up  (ascending) far above (back up over) all of the heavens, to the end that He may make the Whole full [or: may fill up everything (the All)].

11 And He Himself gave (gives; p46: has given), on the one hand (indeed), the ones sent with a commission (the apostles), yet also the prophets, and on the other hand those who announce good news (the evangelists), and the shepherds and teachers,

12 toward the preparation (mending; knitting together; adjusting; repairing; perfectly adjusted adaptation; equipping; completely furnishing) of the set-apart (holy) ones unto  (into) a work (action; deed) of attending service, unto (into) construction (building the  house) of the body of the Christ.

13. until we all may come down to the goal (attain; arrive at; meet accordingly; meet down face-to-face) into the state of oneness (unity) of the Faith, and of the full, experiential and intimate knowledge (recognition; discovery) of the Son of God, into (unto) a perfect (complete; finished; mature; full-grown) man. into (unto) [the] measure of stature (full age; prime of life) of the entire contents (of that which fills up; of the fullness; of the complement; of the full number; of the completing) of the Christ,

14. to the end that no longer (no more) may we exist being infants (immature ones;  not-yet-speaking ones), continuously being tossed by waves and repeatedly being carried hither and thither (around in circles) by every wind of the teaching (what is taught) within the caprice (the throw of the dice; versatile artifice; games of chance) of mankind, in readiness to do anything (amoral craftiness; working everything) toward the methodical treatment (systematizing) of The Wandering (the straying; the deception).

15. But continuously being true (living in accord with the facts; holding to, speaking. pursuing, walking in Truth; truthing it) within Love, we may grow up (enlarge; increase) into Him: the ALL (the Whole) [or: we should in love make all things grow up into Him], which (Who) is the Head: Christ!

16. – from out of Whom (Which) all the body (the entire body) being continuously fitted [and] framed together (made a common joint by a word; laid out closely joined together) and constantly being knit together and caused to mount up united through every fastening (joint) of the supply of rich furnishings [or: through every assimilation of the full supply of funds; through every touch (kindling; setting on fire) of the completely supplied requirements] in accord with (down from) the operation (operative, effectual energy) within [the] measure of each one part [other MSS: member], is itself continually making (forming) the growth (increase) of the body into house-construction (building) of itself with in Love.

17. This, then, I am continually saying and giving evidence of (attesting) within the Lord: no longer are you to be continuously walking around (i.e., conducting yourself; adjusting your behavior) according to the way that the nations (the multitudes; the non-Israelites; the Gentiles; the ethnic or special or pagan groups) are continuously walking around (ordering their behavior), within the emptiness (vanity; frivolity; futility) of their mind (intellect),

18. being ones having been, any yet being, darkened in the (by the) thought (understanding; comprehension; through-the-mind), having been and continuing being alienated (estranged) away from the Life of God (God’s life) through the ignorance continuously existing (being) within them, through petrification (becoming stone) of their heart,

19. which certain men, being ones having ceased to feel pain (being insensible or callous), gave themselves over (abandoned themselves) to outrageous behavior (wantonness; licentiousness), into every unclean performance (work, trade, business, or labor of impurity) in greed (always wanting more; covetousness; a scheme of extortion).

20. But you folks did not learn the Christ in this way,

21. since, indeed, you heard (hear) Him, and within Him you were (are) taught – just as Truth continuously exists within Jesus

22. to put off from yourselves [as clothing or habits], what accords to the former manner of living (behavior), the old humanity (man) – the one continuously in process of being corrupted (spoiled; ruined) down from (in accord with) the passionate desires (the full-covering, swelling emotions) of the deceptions (seductive desires)

23. and to be continuously renewed (made young again) by the spirit of your mind,

24. and to clothe yourselves with the new humanity (man) – the one in accord with God – being created (framed; founded; reduced from a state of disorder and wildness) within the way pointed out (righteousness; justice; fair and equitable dealings; observance of the rules) and reverent dedication (regard for God’s laws) pertaining to the Truth.

25. Wherefore, putting the false (the lie) away from yourselves [as clothing or habits], be continuously speaking Truth, each one with his associate (the one near him; his neighbor), because we are (we continually exist being) members [as of a body] of one another.

26. Be constantly impulsive (indignant; angry), yet be not continuously missing the mark (sinning; failing): the sun must not repeatedly be setting upon your angry mood (exasperation; irritation; embittered anger; vexation; provocation),

27. neither be constantly giving a place for (to) the one who thrusts through (the slanderer; the adversary; the devil).

28. The one habitually stealing must no longer be stealing, but rather he must be continually spent with labor, constantly working (performing; doing business) the good (the profitable; the virtuous) by his own hands, to the end that he may continuously have [in order] to repeatedly share with the one constantly having a need.

29. Every rotten (putrefied; bad quality) word must not be going (issuing) out of your mouth, but rather if anything [is] good (profitable; virtuous) [speak] toward house-construction (building up; edification) which pertains to the need, to the end that it may impart (give) Grace to those hearing.

30. And don’t you folks have the habit of grieving (distressing; giving sorrow to) God’s Set-apart Spirit (the Holy Spirit of God), within Whom (Which) you were (are) sealed (imprinted) unto (into) a day of (pertaining to) redemption (a dismissal for a ransom paid).

31. Every bitterness, and swelling negative emotion (wrath), and enraged impulse, and clamorous outcry, and blasphemy (slanderous speech) must be removed from you folks, together with all malice!

32. But you must keep on becoming kind ones [or: continuously come to be (be birthed) useful (obliging) ones] unto one another – tenderly compassionate ones – ones continuously dealing graciously (forgiving; giving freely) to yourselves, according as the God within the Christ was (is) gracious (forgiving; giving freely) to you [other MSS: us].


1. Keep on becoming (come to be; be birthed), then, imitators (those made exactly alike so as to portray, express and represent by means of imitation) of God, as beloved (or: loveable) children,

2. and keep on walking (walking around; thus: living your life) within Love, according as the Christ also loves (loved) you. and gives (gave) Himself over (up; alongside) in our behalf (over us [other MSS: you]): a bringing (bearing) toward and sacrificing to (for) God [or: an approach offering, even a sacrifice by God] into a fragrant odor (sweet smell).

3. But all sexual vice (prostitution; fornication) and uncleanness (impurity), or greed (desiring or having more than one’s due; gaining and having advantage over others), let it continuously not even be named among (within) you folks ﷓ according as it is constantly appropriate (proper; conspicuously suitable and befitting) for set-apart (holy) ones.

4. And obscenity (ugliness; indecency; indecorum; shamefulness; baseness), even stupid (moronic; foolish) speaking (talking) or coarse joking (vulgar talking; insinuendo; wittiness; quickness in making repartee; making a good turn), which things it has not been proper (fitting) to have come up – but rather, giving of thanks (conversation marked by grace and gratitude).

5. For this you constantly know (perceive), habitually recognizing by experience, that every practicer of sexual vice (male prostitute), or unclean (impure) one, or greedy (covetous; desiring advantage or more than one’s due) one who is (continues being) an idolater, is not holding (does not currently have) an inheritance (an allotted gift from someone who has died) within the Christ’s and God’s kingdom [p46: within the kingdom of God; other MSS:… of God, even (and) Christ].

6. Let no one keep on deceiving (seducing) you by empty words, for because of these God’s wrath (anger; indignation; mental impulse) is continuously coming upon [cf John 3:36] the sons of The Disobedience (the in compliance).

7. Stop, therefore, becoming (you folks must not continuously come to be) their joint partakers (their joint members; ones sharing together with them).

8. for you folks were once existing BEING DARKNESS, yet (but) now [you are] LIGHT, within [the] Lord:

9. you must constantly walk about (habitually conduct yourselves) as children of Light,  for the fruit of the Light [other MSS: Spirit] [is] within all Goodness (virtue; beneficence) and Righteousness (Justice; fair and equitable dealing according to the Way pointed out) and Truth (Reality),

10. constantly testing so as to prove (or: approve) what is (or: continually exists being) fully pleasing (happily acceptable; well pleasing; good pleasure) to (for) the Lord [=Yahweh?].

11. And do not continually participate together (involve yourselves in joint communion) [or: stop having fellowship together] for (by) unfruitful acts (works) of the darkness, but rather even be continually questioning and cross﷓examining to expose (making facts known), refute and rebuke to bring conviction,

12. for it is obscene (base; ugly; indecent; shameful) to habitually even be speaking of the things [which] secretly (hiddenly) may be coming into existence (be occurring; be being birthed) by them.

13. But everything (the whole), being continuously exposed (showing facts), refuted and rebuked unto conviction, is continuously being manifested (clearly displayed) by the Light,

14. for all that is continuously being manifested (clearly displayed) is (continually exists being) Light. Wherefore He is saying, “The one continuously down sleeping be waking up and continue rousing, and  stand up (arise) from out of the dead ones, and the Christ will shine upon you (enlighten you as the dawn draws close).”

15. Be continuously observing exactly (accurately), then, brothers, how you habitually walk about [or, with other MSS: Be continually observing, then, how accurately you are conducting yourselves]: not as unwise ones, but rather as wise ones,

16. making it a habit, intensively buying-out for yourselves (as at a market, exhausting the supply; redeeming; reclaiming) the season (fitting situation), because the days are evil (of bad quality; wicked; in a sorry plight; toilsome).

17. On account of this stop becoming (do not continually come to be [being birthed]) foolish ones (ones not having common sense; ones without reflection or intelligence; imprudent ones; thoughtless ones), but be constantly understanding (sending your perceptions together to comprehend) what [is] the will (resolve; determination of what shall be done; design) of the Lord [= Yahweh?; other MSS: God; Christ].

18. And stop being made drunk (do not be continuously made intoxicated) by wine, within which exists the disposition of one having no hope of safety (unsavingness; dissipation; debauchery), but rather be continuously filled full in spirit (within [the] Spirit),

19. continuously speaking (making vocal utterances) to yourselves [by implication: to one another] in psalms and hymns (songs of praise or worship; festive songs) and spiritual odes (songs), continually singing and playing stringed instruments (making music; psalming; sharply touching or plucking [the strings or chords]) in your hearts to (for; by) the Lord,

20. constantly giving thanks (expressing gratitude) to the God and Father [p,46 and others: to the Father, even God] at all times (always) concerning all things (for everything), within the Name of our Lord [= Yahweh?], Jesus Christ,

21. continually setting (placing; arranging) yourselves under (placing yourselves in subjection; subordinating yourselves; being submissive) to one another, within the fear of Christ (within Christ’s fear; in fear pertaining to Christ [other MSS: God]).

22. Wives, habitually place (arrange) yourselves under your own husbands, as to the Lord,

23. because a husband is (exists being) head of the wife as also (even as) the Christ [is] Head of the called-out (the ecclesia; the summoned-out assembly); He Himself is (continually exists being) the Savior (Deliverer) of the Body.

24. But, just as the called-out (summoned-out assembly) continuously places itself under (subjects itself to) the Christ, thus also the wives to the husbands, in everything (all).

25. The husbands, be constantly loving the wives, according as the Christ also loved (loves) the called-out assembly, and gave Himself up (gives Himself over) in behalf of (for the sake of) her,

26. to the end that He may set her apart (separate her; make her holy), cleansing (purging) [her] by the bath of the Water, within a spoken word (a declaration),

27. to the end that He Himself may place beside Himself (present to and make to stand alongside of Himself) the called-out assembly, glorious (held in high esteem; in glorious array), continuously having neither spot (stain), nor wrinkle, nor any of such things, but rather to the end that she may continuously exist being set-apart (holy) and flawless (unblemished; or: unblamable).

28. Thus (in like manner) the husbands are also continuously indebted (thus: obligated) to constantly love their wives as their own bodies. The one constantly loving his own wife is continuously loving himself,

29. for no one ever yet (at any time) hated (hates) his own flesh, but rather continually intensively nourishes (feeds and supports) and warms (cherishes; comforts) it, according as the Christ also the called-out assembly,

30. because we are (we exist continuously being) members of His Body.

31. Answering this (in the place facing this) a man will leave behind his father and mother, and he will be glued (welded) to his wife, and the two will be (exist being) into one flesh.

32. This secret (mystery) is great, but I am speaking unto (into) Christ, even (and) unto (into) the called-out assembly (the ecclesia).

33. Moreover, you men also, individually, each one thus (in this way) be continually loving his own wife as himself, and yet to the end that the wife may continually be fearing (standing in awe of) the husband.


1. The children: you must be continually listening to and obeying your parents, in the Lord, for this is in accord with the Way pointed out (right; just).

2. Be continuously honoring (holding in respect; valuing; reverencing; treating as precious and with dignity) your father and mother,” which very one is [the] first commandment within an act of promising (in [the] promise),

3. to the end that it may come to be well for (to) you and you will exist (be) a long time upon the land (earth).

4. And the fathers: you must not continually provoke (irritate; exasperate to anger; bring impulse alongside) your children, but rather be continually nourishing them within child-training discipline and the placing (setting) of the Lord in the mind (or: the Lord’s admonition).

5. The slaves: you must be continually listening to and obeying the owners (masters) according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, within singleness (simplicity) of your heart, as to (for) the Christ, 6. not in accord with eye-service (slavery to the eye) as ones desiring to please men, but rather as slaves of Christ, constantly doing (performing) the will of God from out of  the soul,

7. with good disposition (well-mindedness; good will; good attitude), habitually serving  (being; working) as a slave, as for (to) the Lord. and not for (to) men (humans;  mankind),

8. knowing (perceiving; being aware; recognizing; having seen) that each one, if someone may do a good thing (perform a virtuous act), this he will receive for himself for kindly keeping alongside of the Lord: whether slave, whether free.

9. And the owners (lords; masters): be practicing (continually doing) the same toward them, constantly being lax (loosening up) in the threatening, knowing (having seen; being aware) also that their Owner (Lord; Master) – as well as yours ﷓ is continuously existing within [the] heavens, and partiality through respect or acceptance effaces (persons) does not exist alongside of Him.

10. Of the remainder (finally), be constantly empowering yourselves (engendering ability within yourselves) within the Lord and within the force (strength) of His might [or: the might of His strength]:

11. you folks must enter within [or: clothe yourselves with] God’s full suit of armor and implements of war (panoply; the complete equipment for men-at-arms), in order for you to be continuously able (powerful) to stand (to make a stand) facing toward the crafty methods (stratagems) of the adversary (the one who thrusts through; the slanderer; the devil),

12. because for us [other MSS: for you] the wrestling is not against (toward) blood and flesh, but rather against (toward; i.e. “face to face”) the rulers (sovereignties; those in first position; the beginning ones; the original ones; the princes) and [face to face] against the authorities, [facing] toward (against) the universal powers (the world strong-ones; the system’s mighty ones) of this darkness, [facing] against (toward) the spiritual things (aspects; elements) of the evil (the bad condition; wickedness; depravity) within the heavenly places (realms; ones).

13. On account of this, you folks take up God’s full suit of armor (panoply; implements of war), to the end that you may have power (be able) to withstand (to stand opposite, over against as facing an opponent) within the evil day (the day of bad conditions), and accomplishing all (achieving and effecting everything [the whole]), to stand.

14. You folks stand (take your stand), then, girding yourselves around your waist (loins) in Truth and entering within (putting on; clothing yourself with) the breastplate armor (cuirass; corslet) of fair and equitable dealing (the Righteousness; the Justice),

15. and sandaling (binding under) the feet in readiness (preparedness) of the good news of the Peace.

16. Within all things (situations) taking up the large oblong shield of the Faith, within which you will have power (be able) to extinguish all the fiery arrows of the evil (wicked; depraved) one.

17. And accept (receive) the helmet of the Deliverance (the Salvation) and the Spirit’s sword (short sword; dirk; dagger) – the one being God’s spoken Word (God’s utterance or declaration).

18. Through every prayer and request regarding need, [be] ones continuously praying within every season (fitting situation: “on every occasion”), within [the] Spirit, even into Itself (the Same), maintaining a constant alertness [or: in spirit being constantly vigilant, also, unto it] in all unremitting continuance (perseverance) and request regarding need concerning (surrounding) all of the set-apart (holy) ones,

19. and in behalf of me, to the end that to me a word may be given within an opening of my mouth, in freedom of speaking (in boldness) to make know the secret (mystery) of the good news (the message of wellness),

20. on behalf of which I continue performing the duties of an elder (an ambassador), in a chain, to the end that within Him (or: it) I may speak freely (boldly), as it is necessary for me to speak.

21. But to the end that you also may know (may have seen, so as to perceive) the things that accord to me (my circumstances and affairs), what I am continually involved in (what matters or business I am transacting; what I’m doing), everything (all) will be made known to you [by] Tychicus, the beloved brother and faithful attending servant within the Lord.

22. whom I send (sent) to you unto this same thing, to the end that you may come to know our concerns (circumstances) and he may call your hearts alongside (assist, admonish, encourage, comfort your hearts; do the work of a paraclete for your hearts).

23. Peace to the brothers [p. 46 reads: the set-apart ones] and Love [A reads: Mercy] with Faith, from God. [the] Father and Lord, Jesus Christ [or: from Father God, even [the] Lord Jesus Christ].

24. Grace [is] with all the ones continuously loving our Lord, Jesus Christ, within incorruption (in a state or condition of being unspoiled, uncorrupted [see I Cor. 15:42]).



BOOK of EPHESIANS [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION        1


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