1.  Jacob (James) a slave belonging to God and to [the] Lord, Jesus Christ (or: a slave of God, even {in fact, really} of [the] Lord [= Yahweh], Jesus Christ), to the twelve tribes to those in the scattering (within the dispersion) Rejoice! (= Greetings; be constantly rejoicing!)

2.  My brothers, lead every rejoicing (or: consider it all joy) whenever you may fall into so as to be encompassed by various trials (experiments; attempts; provings),

3.  knowing by intimate experience that the thing by means of which your faith is proved (tested and accepted) is continually producing (working down results of) patient endurance (remaining and dwelling under something).

4.  But patient endurance (remaining under) must habitually be having a work brought to completion (a perfect work; a mature production which reaches its goal) to the intent that you may be (exist as) perfect ones (matured and finished ones who have attained the goal), even ones having an entire allotment (whole ones having every part), being left behind in nothing (or: lacking not one thing).

5.  So, if any one of you is continually left behind (lacking) in regard to wisdom, he must keep on asking (requesting) from the side of the God [Who is] continuously giving to everyone singly (one at a time; or: simply) and is not constantly reproaching, and it will be given to him.

6.  Yet he must continually ask in faith (within trust), making not one hesitation from habitually distinguishing and constantly evaluating differences (undecidedly separating throughout; discerning between uncertain points; judging dividedly to produce doubt) within himself, for the one repeatedly distinguishing (making a separation and judging dividedly unto doubt) within himself is like a surge of the sea, being constantly raised and tossed by the wind.

7.  For that man must not suppose that he will receive (take in hand; seize) anything from beside the Lord [= Yahweh].

8.  A two-souled adult male [is] unstable (unfixed; inconstant; turbulent) in all his ways.

9.  Now the low (humble; not rising far from the ground) brother must continually boast (glory) in his height,

10.  but the rich, in his lowness (humiliation; depression), because he will pass by as a flower of grass.

11.  For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the grass, and its flower falls off, and the beauty its face loses itself (finds destruction in itself).  Thus also, the rich one will be extinguished (faded; withered) in his goings (journeys; business; way of life).

12.  Blessed (Happy) is the adult male who is continuously remaining under a proving (a trial; a putting to the proof), because being birthed approved (or: growing and becoming proved and accepted) he will lay hold of the circle of life (life’s crown; life’s encirclement) which the Lord [= Yahweh; other MSS: God; He) Himself promised to those continuously loving Him.

13.  No one, being continuously put to the proof, must be saying that “I am continuously being put to the proof (tested; tried) from God,” for God is not put to the proof (is untestable, untemptable) pertaining to things of bad quality (worthless situations; evil or mean things), and He Himself is continually putting no one to the proof.

14.  Yet each one is repeatedly put to the proof (tested; tried), being continuously dragged (or: drawn) out and entrapped under his own over-covering passion (by his own craving or lust; by what he sets his desires upon).

15.  Thereafter, the over-covering passion conceiving (seizing together) continuously gives birth to failure (brings forth an offspring of missing the target; bears sin).  Now the failure (error; sin; missing of the target), being brought to full term (being finished off; being fully formed with all its parts; being brought to its goal) continues producing (keeps generating; from pregnancy progressively bears forth) death.

16.  Do not be repeatedly caused to wander (Be not continuously deceived), my beloved brothers!

17.  All good (virtuous) giving, and every perfect (finished; complete; mature) gift is from above, descending from the Father of the lights, beside Whom there is not an interchange (variation; shifting; mutation) or a shadow cast by turning.

18.  Being purposed (intended; willed), from pregnancy He brought us forth by a Word (collected thought) of Truth into us to be a certain firstfruits of His created ones (framed ones; ones made habitable from a state of wildness and disorder).

19.  You folks are aware (understand; perceive; know), my beloved brothers.  Yet every man must continuously be quick (swift) into the [position or place] to hear, slow into the [readiness] to make vocal utterance, slow into intrinsic fervor (internal swelling; agitation; anger; or, a particular mental bent).

20.  For an adult male’s intrinsic fervor (mental bent; internal swelling; anger) is not working out (producing) God’s fair and equitable dealing (rightwised situation which accords to the Way pointed out, in right relationship; the quality of the thing which is right and just).

21.  Therefore, putting from yourselves all filthiness and encompassing superabundance of bad quality (evil), you folks must receive (take with your hands) in gentleness (meekness) the implanted (ingenerated) Word (collected thought; idea), the One being continuously able (powerful) to deliver (rescue; keep safe; heal and make whole) your souls.

22.  Now you must continuously come to be (be progressively birthed) performers of [the] Word (or: makers of collected thought; framers of an idea; authors and producers of reason; [the] Word’s doers), and not only hearing ones (listeners; those in an auditorium), continuously deceiving (reckoning aside; miscalculating) yourselves.

23.  Because if someone is a hearer of [the] Word (of a thought or idea) and not a doer (performer), this one is like (resembles) an adult male contemplating (considering) in a mirror the face of his birth (genesis; origin; existence; generation; lineage):

24.  for he contemplated himself and has departed, and immediately forgot of what sort (quality; manner) he was.

25.  But the one stooping down beside in order to attentively view into (giving a penetrating look into) the perfect (finished; matured; completed) law the one of Freedom and remaining (abiding) beside [it] not being birthed (coming to be) a hearer of forgetfulness (a forgetful listener), but rather a performer of work this one will be happy (blessed) within his performing.

26.  If someone continuously supposes (thinks; presumes; seems) to be religious (occupied with rituals), not habitually guiding his tongue with a bridle, but repeatedly deceiving his heart, the religion (ritual) of this one is useless (futile; empty).

27.  Pure (clean) and unstained (undefiled) religion (ritual) from beside God, even the Father, is this: to continuously look upon with the eyes in order to help (oversee) orphans and widows within their pressure (squeezing; distress; tribulation); to habitually keep oneself unspotted from the system (the world).


1.  My brothers, do not continuously hold the faith of our Lord, Jesus Christ of the glory, in respect of persons (or: do not persist in holding our LORD’S [= Yahweh’s] faith in partiality (the receiving of faces or personalities), thus affecting the reputation of Jesus Christ).

2.  For is a gold-ringed adult male, in a shining robe, may enter into your gathering (synagogue), but a poor one (reduced to beggary; indigent) in a filthy robe may also enter,

3.  and you may look upon (regard) the one wearing the shining robe, and you may say, “You sit here beautifully,” and to the poor one you may say, “You stand there,” or, “You sit under my footstool,”

4.  are you not separated (discriminating, making a distinction) within yourselves and have birthed yourselves to become (made yourselves to be) judges of evil reasonings (having wicked designs {logistics})?

5.  You must hear, my beloved brothers!  Did not God call out (speak out; pick out; select; choose) the poor ones (the beggars; those who slink, cower and crouch in wretchedness) in the system (world) rich ones in faith and heirs (those who possess by distribution of an allotment) of the kingdom which He promised to those continually loving Him?

6.  But you dishonor the poor.  Are not the rich ones continuously ruling oppressively over you?  Are they not continually dragging you into courts of justice?

7.  Are they not constantly blaspheming (slandering) the beautiful (excellent; honorable; ideal) Name which is being called upon (surnamed) over you?

8.  Since (If), however you are continuously fulfilling (finishing; bringing to fruition; perfecting; ending; bringing to a close; bringing to its goal) the royal law, you are performing (doing) beautifully (ideally; excellently), down from (in accord with) the Scripture, “You will love your neighbor (the one near you) as yourself.”

9.  Yet if you continuously show partiality (accept faces; respect persons), you are continuously working sin (a miss of the target; a failure; error) being ones constantly proved by trial (convicted ones; or: exposed) as transgressors (ones stepping aside) under the Law (or: by the Law).

10.  For whoever perhaps kept (observed) the whole Law, yet possibly stumbled in one thing, had come to be held (caught) within all (liable for everything).

11.  For the One saying, “You may not commit adultery,” also said, “You may not murder.”  Now if you are not committing adultery, yet you are murdering, you have come to be (you have been birthed) a transgressor of the Law.

12.  Thus keep on speaking and thus keep on doing (performing): as those being continuously about to be separated and decided about (judged; made a distinction between) through a law of Freedom.

13.  For the separating and deciding (judging) is merciless to the one not performing mercy.  Mercy is consistently speaking loudly down against separating (making decisions; judging)!

14.  What is the advantage (furtherance), my brothers, if a certain one may be speaking [with the intent] to continuously have faith (or: may be saying [that he is] habitually having faith), yet he may not continuously have (hold) works (acts)?  That [kind of] faith is not able (continues having no power) to deliver (rescue; save; heal; restore) him.

15.  But if a brother or a sister may continuously subsist (exist in a low beginning) as naked ones, and may constantly be deserted (wanting) of daily food,

16.  yet a certain one out from among you may be saying to them, “Be departing in peace, be continuously warming yourselves and be habitually fed,” but you may not give to them the body’s necessities, what is the advantage?

17.  Thus also [is] the faith: if it may not have (hold) works, it exists dead by (down from) itself.  [comment: as is the sperm that is not fertilizing an egg]

18.  Yet someone will say, “You continuously have (hold) faith, and I continuously have (hold) works.  You show me (exhibit to my eyes) your faith apart from the works, and I, forth from out of my works, will show (exhibit to) you Faith.”

19.  You continuously believe (trust) that God is One (or: that God exists being One; that One is God).  You are performing (doing) beautifully (excellently; ideally) even the demons continuously believe (trust), and constantly shudder (bristle; shiver; are ruffled).

20.  But are you wanting to experientially and intimately know, O empty man, that the faith apart from the works exists inactive (continues unproductive; some MSS: is dead)?

21.  Our father Abraham WAS NOT placed within the Way pointed out (made fair and equitable; put in right relationship; rightwised; made a just one) out of works: offering up his son Isaac upon the altar! 

22.  You are seeing that FAITH continued to work together with his works, and forth from out of works, FAITH was brought to its goal (was perfected; was matured; was finished)!

23.  And the Scripture was made full, the one saying, “Now Abraham BELIEVES (put trust and confidence) in God (or: becomes persuaded by God; adhered to God), and he was counted into the Way pointed out by Him (or: he was considered rightwised by Him; he was reckoned fair, equitable and just in Him) [alternately: and it was counted to him into for righteousness],” and he was called “God’s friend.”

24.  You are observing that man (mankind; a man) is continually being rightwised (placed in right relationship in the Way pointed out; made fair and equitable; justified) forth from out of works, and not ONLY from out of faith (trust).

25.  But in the same way, even Rahab the prostitute, taking under (receiving) the agents (messengers) and casting them out by a different way, was NOT rightwised (placed in right relationship in the Way pointed out; made fair and equitable; justified) forth from out of works.

26.  Just as the body apart from the spirit is dead, thus also the faith apart from the works [i.e., the living it out] is (exists being) dead.


1.  My brothers, do not continue to become many teachers (or: don’t become a bunch of teachers), knowing that we shall receive (a) greater judgment (separation; decision),

2.  for we all are stumbling many times [and] are causing many to stumble.  If anyone is not continually stumbling in word (or: collected thought; reason), this one is a mature (perfect; finished) male adult, able (having power) also to guide the whole body with a bridle.

3.  Now if we are thrusting the bridle bits into the horses’ mouths to make them continually yield themselves to us, we also continually lead together (direct) their whole body.

4.  Consider also the ships, being of so great size, and being constantly driven under hard winds.  They are continually steered under the smallest rudder, wherever the impulse of the helmsman (the one continually guiding straight and right) is intending.

5.  Thus also, the tongue is a little member of the body, and is continuously making a great boast consider how great a forest a little fire sets ablaze (lights up)!

6.  And the tongue is a fire, [its fuel] the system (world) of injustice (or: the unjust world) (or: The tongue, also, is fire: [a] world of injustice).  The tongue is placed down within our members, continuously spotting (staining) the whole body, and continuously setting on fire the wheel of birth (genesis), even being continuously set on fire by (under) Gehenna.  [comment: showing the nature and conditions of our birth into this wheel]

7.  For every nature, both of wild beasts and of flying creatures, both of creeping animals and of those in the salt sea, is continuously being restrained (tamed) and has been restrained by the nature of man.

8.  But the tongue and unruly (unrestrainable; other MSS: unfixed; unstable; restless) evil full of death-bearing venom no one of mankind (of men) is able (continues having power) to restrain.

9.  With it we continuously speak well of (bless) the Lord (other MSS: God) and Father, and with it we constantly curse (pray down upon) those men having been born according to (down from) God’s likeness.

10.  Out of the same mouth is continuously coming forth blessing and cursing.  My brothers, there is no need (it is not necessary) for these things to thus be birthed (come into existence).

11.  A spring (or: fountain) is not continuously bursting forth the sweet and the bitter out of the same hole.

12.  My brothers, a fig tree is not able to produce olives, nor a grape-vine figs, neither brine to produce sweet water.

13.  Who [is] wise and understanding (adept) among you?  Let him exhibit (show; present to the sight) his works out of beautiful behavior (fine, ideal and excellent conduct) in gentleness (meekness) of wisdom.

14.  Yet if you continuously have bitter rivalry (jealousy) and selfish ambition (faction) in your heart, do not habitually boast (exult) and lie (speak falsely or deceitfully) concerning the Truth (or: are you not vaunting against and falsifying the truth?).

15.  This is not the wisdom continuously coming down from above, but another: upon the earth (earthy), pertaining to (or: proceeding from) the soul, pertaining to (or: proceeding from) demons.

16.  For where [there is] jealousy (rivalry) and selfish ambition (faction), in that place [is] instability (disorder; an unsettled state) and every ignoble (base; vile; worthless) practice.

17.  But the wisdom from above is (constantly exists being) indeed first pure, thereafter peaceable (pertaining to peace), suitable (fair), compliant (easily persuaded), full of mercy and good fruits, non-separating (undiscriminating; unwavering; non-contending), unpretending.

18.  And the fruit of fair and equitable dealing (justice and right relationship in accord with the Way pointed out; right-wisedness) is continuously being sown in peace by those habitually performing (making; doing) peace.


1.  From what situation (place; source) arise wars (situations of combat; battles) and quarrels (fights; controversies) among you?  Are they not from this source (place): from out of your sensual pleasures themselves continually performing as soldiers within your members?

2.  You continuously are strongly desiring (lusting upon) and continuously you do not have; you constantly murder and are jealous (boil with rivalry) and are perpetually unable (have no power) to hit the mark (to attain or master something).  You habitually fight (quarrel) and war (do combat).  Continuously you are not having because you yourself do not continue asking.

3.  You continue asking (requesting) and not receiving because you are asking badly (requesting worthlessly and evilly; for a wrong purpose) to the intent that you may spend it in your pleasures.

4.  Adulterers and adulteresses!  Are you not aware that the world’s (the system’s) friendship is God’s enmity (hatred; hostility)?  Whosoever, then, may have been made to want (to intend; to purpose passive voice) to be the world’s friend is being placed (set down; rendered) to continue as God’s enemy.

5.  Or are you supposing that the Scripture is speaking void of effect (emptily; vainly)?  The spirit which He housed-down within us continuously sets its desire (longing; affection; yearning) upon [something], focusing and leading [us] toward (to the point of) envy.

6.  Yet He is constantly giving greater grace, therefore it is saying, “God continuously sets Himself in opposition to those that show themselves above (the proud; the assuming), but He habitually gives grace to the low ones (the unassuming ones; the humble ones).”

7.  Consequently, you must be subjected (placed under passive) by God (in God; to God).  Stand in opposition to the adversary (the slanderer; the accuser; the one thrusting you through with something), and he will flee (take to flight) from you!

8.  Draw near in God (Approach by God; Approach for God; Draw near to God), and He will draw near in you (to you; for you; by you)! Cleanse [your] hands, failing ones (ones missing the target; sinners), and purify (make of one substance) [your] hearts, two-souled ones!

9.  You must endure labor, hardships and misery; you must mourn, and you must cry.  Your laughter must be converted into mourning, and joy into dejection.

10.  You must be made low (humbled passive) in the Lord’s sight [= in Yahweh’s presence], and He will lift you up (elevate you).

11.  Brothers, you must not be continuously speaking (blabbing) down against one another.  The one habitually speaking down against a brother, and continuously judging (separating; discriminating; deciding about) his brother, is continuously speaking down against law, and he keeps on judging (deciding about) law.  Now if you continue judging law, you are not being a performer (a doer) of law, but rather, a judge.

12.  There is One Lawgiver and Judge: the One being continuously able (powerful) to deliver (rescue; heal; save) and to destroy (lose).  But you, who are you, the one continuously judging the one near you (the neighbor; the associate)?

13.  Come now, those continuously saying, “Today or tomorrow we will go into this city and do (make; perform) one year there, and we may trade and make a profit,”

14.  who are not putting their attention upon the thing of tomorrow (or: who are not acquainted with the morrow), of what sort your life [will be].  For you are a vapor (a mist), continually (repeatedly) appearing for a little while (toward a little space), and thereupon continually (repeatedly) being made to disappear.

15.  Instead of that, you should be saying, “If the Lord [= Yahweh] may will (intend), and we may live, we may also do this or that.”

16.  Yet now you continue speaking loudly (boasting) in your empty, bragging speech and displays.  All such boasting is bad (laborsome; wicked).

17.  So for one (in a man; to a person) having seen and thus knowing to be continually performing [the] beautiful (doing [the] ideal; making [the] good and excellent), and not habitually performing (doing) [it], in him it is a failure (for him it is error; to him it is sin a missing of the target).


1.  Come now, rich ones, you must weep, continuously uttering cries of distress upon your coming hardships (difficulties).

2.  Your riches have rotted; your garments have come to be moth-eaten.

3.  Your gold and silver have been corroded (covered with rust or poison), and their venom will be unto you a witness and will eat your flesh as fire.  You piled up wealth within last days (or: in [the] last days).

4.  Consider!  The worker’s wage that having been withheld by you which belongs to those mowing your farms constantly utters a cry, and the outcries of those gathering in the harvest have entered into the ears of the Lord [= Yahweh] of hosts (armies).

5.  You lived softly (in delicate luxury) and rioted (were wanton, prodigal) upon the land.

6.  You nourished your hearts in a day of slaughter.  You condemned; you murdered fair and equitable one (the just one; the one in accord with the way pointed out; The Righteous One?); he is not habitually setting himself opposed to you (or: is He not resisting you?).

7.  Be patient (long-passioned; slow to rush), then, brothers, as long as the Lord’s being alongside (or: until the Lord’s [= Yahweh’s] presence).  Consider!  The worker of the land repeatedly receives (takes into his hands) the precious fruit of the land, being patient (slow to rush) upon it while (as long as) it may receive early and latter (late) rain. 

8.  You, too, be patient (be slow to rush); establish (make stable; firmly set) your hearts,  because the Lord’s [= Yahweh’s] presence has drawn near (has approached and now exists close to us perf. tense).

9.  Brothers, do not be groaning (sighing) down against one another, to the intent that you may not be separated (put asunder; judged).  Consider!  The Judge has been standing before the doors.

10.  Brothers, take the prophets who spoke within the Name of the Lord [= Yahweh] as an example of experiencing evil and of patience (long-suffering; slow-rushing).

11.  Consider!  We are calling happy (blessed) those remaining under (patiently enduring).  You heard, “The remaining under (patient endurance) of Job,” and you saw the Lord’s [= Yahweh’s] goal (the end attained of the Lord; the Lord’s completion), because the Lord [= Yahweh] is great of tender affections (lit.: great of internal organs) and is compassionate.

12.  Now before all things, my brothers, you must not continuously promise by swearing, neither the heaven, nor the earth, nor another certain oath.  But your affirmation must continually be, “Yes,” and the negative, “No,” to the intent that you may not fall under judging (separating for decision; discriminating).

13.  Is anyone among you continually experiencing bad things (evil)?  Let him habitually pray.  Is someone cheerful?  Let him play a stringed or percussion instrument.

14.  Is anyone among you continually without strength?  He must call to the elders (the older men) of the called-out assembly, and they must pray upon him, anointing him with olive oil in the Lord’s [= Yahweh’s] Name,

15.  and faith’s prayer will deliver (restore to health; rescue; save) the one being continuously labored to weariness (exhausted), and the Lord [= Yahweh] will cause him to rise, and if it may be he has been making mistakes (performing amiss) it will be forgiven to him (sent forth for him; let go off in him).

16.  Consequently, be continuously confessing (openly speaking similarly about) your failures (errors; misses of the target; sins) to one another, and be habitually praying over (on behalf of) one another, so that you may be cured (healed).  A continuously in-working (working within upon itself) petition (an entreaty out of need) of one within the Way pointed out (of a fair and equitable person; of one in right relationship; of a rightwised man; of a just one) continuously exerts much strength.

17.  Elijah was a man of like experiences and emotions to us, and he offered a prayer for it to not rain, and it did not rain upon the land three years and six months. 

18.  And back again he offered prayer, and the heaven gave rain and the land germinated and produced her fruit.

19.  My brothers, if someone among you may be led astray (caused to wander) from the Truth, and someone may turn him back,

20.  you must know that this one turning back a sinner (a failure; one missing the target; one living in error) out of the straying (wandering) of his way, will deliver (rescue; save; make healthy and whole) a soul out of death, and will cover the fullness (a multitude) of sins (errors; failures to hit the target). 



BOOK of JAMES [JACOB] [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION           1


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