The elder to a chosen-out (selected) Lady [κυρίά: feminine of lord, owner, master], and to her children (born-ones), whom I love in truth (truly love), and not I only, but also all those having come to know by experience, and still knowing, the Truth, because the continuously remaining (abiding; dwelling) Truth within us shall also be with us into the Age.

Grace mercy peace [= shalom]: they will be with us from beside God the Father, and from beside Jesus Christ, the Fathers Son, within Truth and Love. I was made exceedingly glad (joyful; greatly graced) because that I have met with (found) ones, out from among your children, continuously walking about within Truth, according as we took in hand a command from beside the Father. And now I am asking you, Lady, not as writing a new command to you, but one which we have had from [the] beginning (or: one which we originally had), to the intent that we may continuously be loving each other And this is Love: that we may be continuously walking about according to (down from) His commands. This is the command, even as you heard from [the] beginning (or: even which you originally heard), to the intent that you may be continuously walking about within it!

Since many wandering-astray ones (or: many who lead astray; many deceivers) went out into the ordered system (world) ﷓ those not continuously speaking like (saying the same thing as; confessing) Jesus coming in flesh: this is the one wandering astray, even the one opposite to Christ (the one instead of Christ; the one in place of Christ; antichrist) – be continuously seeing yourselves (looking at yourselves), to the intent that you may not destroy (or; lose) what we did (worked), but rather may receive back full wages.

Everyone leading forward (leading in advance; [some MSS: transgressing]) and not remaining (abiding; dwelling) within Christ’s teaching does not have God. the one remaining (dwelling; abiding) within that teaching, this one continuously has (holds) both Father and Son (or: the Father and the Son). If a certain one is continually coming toward you and is not carrying (bearing) this teaching, do not continually take him into a house and do not continuously say to him, “Rejoice!” [= giving him a greeting]. For the one continually telling him to be rejoicing is continually sharing in common his worthless deeds (having fellowship with his acts which bring a gush of misery; maintaining partnership with his wicked and evil works; participating in his painful, toilsome and useless works).

Having many things to write to you, I resolved not to, by means of paper and ink. For I am expecting (hoping) to come toward you and to speak mouth-to-mouth, to the intent that our joy may be “having been filled!”

The children of your chosen-out (selected) sister draw you to themselves (= greet you).


The elder, to Gaius, the beloved one, whom I myself am continuously loving in truth (or truly loving).

0 beloved one! I am continuously praying (desiring and wishing) concerning all things [for] you to be constantly having a prosperous journey (to constantly travel a good path; to habitually be prospered unto success; to be continuously helped along the Way) and to be constantly sound (in mind, thought and body; be healthy) according as your soul is progressively being prospered on its journey (helped along the Way; prospered unto success; caused to travel the Good Path).

For I was made exceedingly glad (I am caused to greatly rejoice) regarding brothers constantly coming and bearing witness (testifying) of you in the Truth (to the Truth; for the Truth), according as you yourself are continually walking about within Truth. I do not have greater joy pertaining to these things, with the result that I am repeatedly hearing that my own children (born-ones) are continuously walking about within the Truth.

0 beloved one! You are continually doing (performing; constructing; forming) a faithful thing, whatever you yourself may work unto (into) the brothers and unto (into) the strangers (foreigners) – who bear witness (testified) of you for the love (to the love [or … testified to your love]; by the love; in the love) before (in the sight of; in the presence of) [the] called-out assembly- [for] whom you will do (perform) beautifully (well; ideally), sending [them] forward (or escorting them on; attending to their needs in their travels) in a manner worthy of God (in a way equal to God’s value of them), for they came out (or went forth) for the sake of the Name, continually taking (receiving) not even one thing from the nations (the multitudes: the non-Israelites). We, then. are constantly indebted  (obligated) to continuously take up, by placing ourselves underneath, such as these, to the end that we may habitually come to be (be birthed) ones working together (co-workers) in (for; by) the Truth.

I wrote something to (for) the called-out assembly, but Diotrephes. the one constantly liking to be their leader (to be pre-eminent among them), is habitually not receiving (accepting) us. Because of this, if I may come, I will remind him of his works (acts) which he is habitually doing by worthless words (in words causing a gush of misery; by words leading to painful labor; in evil or wicked words; by words leading to a bad situation) continually speaking nonsense of (gossiping against) us, and not being satisfied (content) upon these things, neither is he himself receiving (accepting) the brothers. And those continuously intending (determining) [to do so] he is habitually hindering (forbidding) and casting out of the called-out assembly.

0 beloved one! Do not have the habit of imitating the Evil, but rather the Good! The one habitually doing good is continuously existing from out of God. The one habitually doing evil (the bad) has not seen God. Demetrius has been attested by all and by the Truth itself. Now we also are continuously bearing witness (testifying), and you have seen, and thus know, that our witness (testimony) is (exists being) true.

I have been having (holding) many things to write to you, but I do not want to be writing to you by means of pen and ink. Yet I am constantly expecting (hoping) to see you immediately, and we will speak mouth to mouth!

Peace to you. The friends continually greet (pay respect to; send salutations to) you. Be continuously greeting the friends by name.


SECOND AND THIRD JOHN – Translated by [Jonathan Mitchell] ~BIBLE STUDY         1


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