1. Judah, a slave (bond-servant) of Jesus Christ and a brother of James, to those having been, and being, loved [other MSS: made holy] within God [the ] Father, even Jesus Christ [or: … to the ones within God having been loved by a Father, even Jesus Christ], to guarded ones (kept ones; watched ones), to called ones (invited ones),

2.  may mercy, peace and love be multiplied to the full to you (or: … be increased to fill you; be multiplied to fullness for you).

3.  Making all haste (urged quickness) to write to you, LOVED ONES, concerning our common deliverance [the deliverance belonging equally to us], I have (had) a compressed necessity to write to you, continuously calling you alongside (admonishing; encouraging) to continuously contend strenuously (to fully fight; to be in combat in the public games; to fully participate in the race course) BY THE FAITH (in the faith) once being given alongside to the set-apart ones.

4.  For some men came in unobserved, those of old, PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN INTO THIS JUDGMENT: [to be] impious ones, ones continuously changing the grace of God into licentiousness and repeatedly denying our only Sovereign and Lord, Jesus Christ.

5.  But I am purposing to remind you everyone knowing this that the LORD

[= Yahweh; other MSS: Jesus; some read: God] once delivered a people out of Egypt’s land; the second time He destroyed the ones [that] did not believe (the ones not being persuaded).

6.  And those agents (messengers) not guarding (keeping watch over) their first place (beginning; origin; principality; headship), but leaving behind the personal dwelling (one’s own abode; habitation), He has guarded (kept watch over) under gloom (thick darkness) by imperceptible [or: unseen so Scarlett, CLNT, Bullinger; others, along with Rotherham and Tomanek render it: perpetual] bonds into a judgment (a separation; a making of a distinction; a decision) of a great day (pertaining to a great day).

7.  As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities round about them, in like manner (or: turn) to them, being given to fornication and going away after different flesh, are continuously lying before [us as] an example (specimen; thing pointed out; presented to sight) of fire pertaining to the ages (or: eonian fire; age-lasting fire), continuously undergoing an experience of justice (the Way pointed out; fairness; right).

8.  In like manner, indeed, these dreaming ones also pollute flesh.  They are setting aside lordship and are blaspheming glories (manifestations which call forth praise HBM; reputations).

9.  But Michael (The One Who is like God), the ruling agent (the first, chief, or original messenger), when making a distinction (a discernment; a thorough separation) to the devil (the slanderer; the one who thrusts through), reasoned (deliberated, spoke through) concerning the body of Moses.  He did not assume to bring a blasphemous judgment upon [him] (or: … to bring in addition a judgment of blasphemy; a blasphemous distinction; a slanderous decision), but rather, He said, “The Lord [=Yahweh] might hold you in added honor [set a value upon you; put respect upon you; fr. , upon, and , to hold in respect, to honor, to value.  However, this word is also used in negative connotations, and thus can mean, to assess a penalty upon, to chide, to reprove or respectfully admonish.  As this passage is contrasting Michael’s actions to the negative actions of those who “came in unobserved,” I chose the positive translation of].”

10.  Yet THESE blaspheme (slander; speak injuriously of) what indeed they DO NOT UNDERSTAND (know), but what they naturally (instinctively, by generation, by sprouting and growing) are continuously acquainted with (or: are versed in; became masters of), in these things they are continuously being corrupted (spoiled, ruined).

11.  Alas for them, because they pass along by the way of Cain, and they are poured out to the wandering (deception) of Balaam’s wages, and destroy themselves in Korah’s contradiction (anti-word; instead of the Logos).

12.  These are sharply-cleft portions of rocks (reefs) in your loves (love-feasts), feasting together without fear, feeding themselves; clouds without water, being swept along by winds; wasted autumnal trees, unfruitful, twice-died, uprooted;

13.  wild waves of the sea, continuously foaming out (vomiting forth) their shames (disgraces).  Wandering (deceived) stars, for whom the gloom of darkness has been guarded (kept) into an age (eon).

14.  But Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied TO THESE, saying, “Behold, the LORD [=Yahweh] came within His set-apart myriads (innumerable multitudes),

15.  to form (make, construct) a separation (decision; distinction; judgment) concerning all, and to test (search thoroughly) the irreverent ones concerning all their irreverent works (acts) which they irreverently did, and concerning all the HARD THINGS which irreverent sinners SPOKE against Him.”

16.  These are, and continue to be, murmurers (those who speak privately and in a low voice), complainers (those who find fault with their lot; discontented ones), continuously passing from one place to another according to their strong desires (lusts, full passions), and their mouth continually uttering (speaking) over-swollen (hyper-weighty; pompous; boastful) things, continually admiring (wondering at) faces (personal presences; individuals) for the sake of (for the benefit of) advantage (furtherance).

17.  But you, loved ones, remember the things spoken by the apostles of those things having been told beforehand (foretold) of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

18.  that they said to you, “Upon [the] last [other MSS: within the last] of the time they will be (or: there will exist) mockers (those acting or playing in the manner of children; sporting, using childish gestures), continuously passing from one place to another according to their irreverent strong passions (full desires; lusts).”

19.  These are those who are separating by setting boundaries, soulish ones not having [the] Spirit.

20.  But you, loved ones, building yourselves up by your most holy (set-apart) faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

21.  guard (keep watch over) yourselves in God’s love, looking for the mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ, into life pertaining to the ages (eonian life; age-lasting life).

22.  And some you must continually show mercy [other MSS read: put to the proof; expose; convict; reprove], continuously discerning,

23.  but others you must be continuously delivering (or: you must repeatedly be saving), in fear snatching them OUT OF THE FIRE, hating even the garment having been stained (spotted) from the flesh.

24.  Now in (by; to) Him being powerful (able) to keep you (guard you) from stumbling (tripping) and TO STAND YOU BLAMELESS (without stain) in the presence of His GLORY in extreme joy (praise, celebration) BY the only God (or: to God alone; in God alone), our Deliverer through Jesus Christ our Lord [is] glory (manifestation of that which calls forth praise; good reputation), greatness, strength, and authority both now and into ALL the ages (eons)!  Amen (It is so).


BOOK of JUDE [JUDAH] [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION           1



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