1.  Peter, one sent with a mission pertaining to Jesus Christ (an apostle of Jesus Christ), to the selected and picked out (elect and chosen) exiles (alien residents; sojourners; expatriates; strangers residing in a country not your own) of [the] dispersion (of a scattering; of [the] Diaspora), temporarily living beside residents of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, the province of Asia and Bithynia,

2.  in accord with (down from) Father God=s foreknowledge (or: corresponding to a previous experiential and intimate knowledge possessed by God, [the] Father), within a setting-apart of spirit (or: in the process of being set apart from common condition and use by [The] Spirit) into an obedient hearing (a compliance) and a sprinkling with Jesus Christ=s blood:

May grace and peace [= shalom] be multiplied into fullness in you folks (to you folks; for you folks)!

3.  Well spoken of (eulogized; blessed; worthy of praise) [is] the God and Father of our Lord (Owner), Jesus Christ, the One corresponding to (down from) His abundant (much-existing) mercy bringing us to birth again (regenerating us; begetting us back up again) into a living expectation (hope) through Jesus Christ=s resurrection forth from out of the midst of dead ones,

4.  into an incorruptible (unspoilable; imperishable; unruinable; undecayable), unstained (undefiled), and unfading (unwithering) inheritance (allotment), one having been and still being kept in view (watched-over and guarded; maintained and kept intact) within heavens, into you folks

5.  the ones being continuously garrisoned within God=s power (ability) through faith into a deliverance (health; wholeness; a rescue) prepared and ready to be unveiled (revealed; disclosed) within a ([the]) last season (fitting situation; occasion)

6.  within which you folks are presently feeling constant joy and happiness and are continuing to rejoice exceedingly though for a little while, at present, since (if) it continues being binding (necessary), being pained (distressed; grieved; sorrowed) within various tests (trials) to put you to the proof,

7.  to the end that the examined and tested approval of your faith (of the trust and faithfulness of you folks) of much greater value and worth (more precious) than of gold that constantly loses itself away (perishes of itself) yet being constantly tested and examined to prove by testing through fire, it might be found [progressing] into praise (approval; commendation) and glory (a good reputation) and honor (value; worth) within an unveiling of Jesus Christ (a revelation pertaining to or belonging to Jesus Christ),

8.  Whom not seeing (or: perceiving), you folks are continuously loving; into Whom at the present moment you folks are not constantly looking, yet habitually believing (trusting), you folks are repeatedly rejoicing and being very happy in (by) indescribable (incapable of being spoken out) joy which also exists having been made glorious (or: by unspeakable and glorified joy; in joy [that is] inexpressible and has made a notable reputation; with joy that is glorious beyond words),

9.  being ones constantly bringing to yourselves for provision, care and kindly keeping, the goal (the finished product; the aim and result) of the faith: deliverance ([the] restoration to wholeness and health) of souls!

10.  Concerning (Round about) which deliverance (health and wholeness) [the] prophets, carefully scrutinizing, sought out and [then] diligently searched out the [Scriptures] prophesying concerning (about) the grace [directed and coming] into you folks,

11.  constantly searching into which season or what kind of situation the Spirit of Christ (or: Christ=s spirit), resident within them, was continuing to make evident and clearly visible, repeatedly testifying (witnessing) beforehand about the experiences and sufferings [projected] into Christ, and the glories (the manifestations which call forth praise; the good opinions and reputations; the appearances of things) after these things,

12. to which ones (in which ones) it was unveiled (revealed) that not to themselves but to you folks they had been progressively dispensing and serving them which things are now announced (or: which tidings were brought back) to you through those announcing (proclaiming; bringing and communicating) the good news to you within [or, with other MSS: by] a set-apart spirit (or: [the] Holy Spirit) being sent forth from heaven into which things agents (messengers) are habitually and earnestly desiring (are constantly in full passion and craving) to stoop down beside and look in.

13.  On which account (Wherefore), in preparation for work or action, girding up in yourselves the clothes about the loins (waist) of your thoughts and mental perceptions (your mind: intellect and comprehension), continuously being perfectly clear-headed and sober (unintoxicated), direct and set (or: being constantly sober-minded, completely direct and set) your hope and expectation upon the grace being continuously brought (carried) to you within an unveiling (a disclosure) of Jesus Christ (or: a revelation pertaining to Jesus Christ).

14.  As children of submissive hearing (or: As obedient born-ones), not being ones repeatedly molding, forming or configuring yourselves to the former cravings (the prior over-desires or full passions), within your ignorance,

15.  but rather, corresponding to (down from; in accord with) the One calling (inviting) you [being] set-apart (holy), you folks also let yourselves be made to be (be birthed) ones set-apart in the same way, in all behavior (within every conduct; in all turning about or twisting up of [your] way of life),

16.  because it has been written that, AYou people will be (will exist being) set-apart (holy), because I [am] set-apart (holy).@

17.  And since (if) you folks are habitually calling upon [the] Father the One consistently separating and deciding (judging) impartially (without reception of faces, persons, appearances or external circumstances) according to (down from; corresponding to) each one=s work or action let the time of your sojourn (your temporary stay, dwelling alongside as an alien resident) be turned upward, in the fear of reverent living,

18.  having seen, and thus knowing, that you folks were not unbound and released by a ransom of corruptible things (things that are perishable and subject to spoiling) by little coins of silver or gold from out of your fruitless behavior (vain conduct; idle and foolish way of life) handed down by tradition from the fathers,

19.  but rather by Christ=s precious (valuable; honorable; costly) blood as of a flawless (unblemished) and spotless Lamb:

20.  being One having been foreknown (previously known by intimate experience), indeed, before [the] casting down (as of material for a foundation: founding; as of seed in a field: sowing; as of seed of a man: conception [cf Heb. 11:11]; as in throwing something down: overthrowing; as in battle = slaying; in politics: abandoning [a measure]; of debts: paying down by installments;) of [the; or: an] ordered system (world; universe; a particular order of things), yet One being set in clear light and manifested upon [the] last (final) part of the times (of the chronological time periods) because of you folks

21.  the ones [who] through Him [are] trusting ones (believing ones; ones full of faith; confiding ones; [p 72 & other MSS read the present participle: ones habitually trusting, etc.]) into God: the One awakening and raising Him up, forth from out of the midst of dead ones, and giving glory (a good reputation; a manifestation which calls forth praise) to Him, so that your faith (trust; confidence) and expectation (hope) is to be continuously [put] into God!

22.  Having purified your souls within the hearing obedience (the submissive hearing) of the Truth [which directs and leads] into unhypocritical (unpretended; unfeigned; thus: genuine) brotherly affection (fondness for the brothers), love one another in a stretched-out and extended way, from out of a clean [other MSS: true; genuine] heart,

23.  being ones having been born again (been regenerated; been given birth back up again), not from out of a corruptible (perishable) seed, but rather of an incorruptible (imperishable; undecayable) one: through God=s continually living and permanently remaining Word (or: through a word of [the] continuously living and constantly abiding God),

24.  because that, @All flesh [is] like grass (vegetation), and all its glory [is] like a flower of grass (of vegetation): the grass is caused to dry out and wither, and the flower falls off…

25. yet the saying (declaration; thing spoken) of the Lord [= Yahweh] is constantly

abiding (continuously remaining), into The Age (the eon).@

Now this continues being Athe saying@ (the declaration) being announced as good news to you folks (or: And this is the thing being spoken into you in the good news).


1.  Therefore, being ones putting off (setting away) from yourselves all poor quality (worthlessness; bad character; malice; what is not as it ought to be; wickedness) and all deceitful bait (fraud; guile) and hypocrisies (playing of parts; pretenses; underlying decisions and judgments) and envies and all down-talks (speeches or talks which put people, issues or situations down),

2.  as recently born infants, intensely yearn (crave; long) for the non-baiting (undeceitful; guileless; honest; unadulterated) milk belonging to the Word and pertaining to thought, reason and communication, to the end that, within it, you folks may grow and increase into health and wholeness (deliverance; rescue; salvation),

3.  since (if) you folks, by sipping, tasted that the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] [is] good, kind and useful (or: obliging and profitable)!

4.  Continuously approaching toward Whom a living Stone, on the one hand being One having been and still being thrown away (rejected; disapproved) by men (humans), as the result of a test, yet, on the other hand, a Chosen One, a Precious One, beside God

5.  you yourselves are, as living stones, continuously being erected (built up), a spiritual house, into a set-apart (holy) priesthood to bear up spiritual sacrifices (offerings) well (most) acceptable in God (by God; to God), through Jesus Christ,

6.  because that it continues being held around (encompassed; included) in Scripture: @Consider (Behold; Look)!  I am progressively setting (placing; laying) within Zion a chosen (picked-out), precious (held in honor and value) corner capstone lying at the extreme angle, and the one habitually trusting (relying; believing) upon It may by no means be disgraced or brought to shame.@

7.  In (To; For; By) you folks, those habitually trusting (constantly believing), [is] the Precious One (or: the value; the honor).  Yet for (to; in) those continuing being without faith (or: being habitually distrustful; being constantly unbelieving): @A Stone which those in process of building the house reject (or: threw away after inspecting and trying) this One is brought to be (was birthed) into [position of] Head of [the] corner,@

8.  also [He is], @A Stone that people strike against and which causes them to stumble, even a rock-mass which functions as a trap-spring (designed to be a snare),@ who, continuing being unpersuaded (unconvinced and thus, uncompliant or stubborn), are repeatedly stumbling by (in) the Word (or: who are constantly stumbling, habitually being disobedient to the message), into which [situation] they were placed.

9.  Yet you folks [are] a picked-out (selected; chosen) offspring (family; kin; lineage; race; species {breed}), a royal (kingly; palace) priesthood, a set-apart (holy) multitude (company; nation; body of people living together; swarm; association; caste), a people constructed into an encirclement (made into surrounding structure [around His throne?]; set as a perimeter; made into a performance about [Him]; formed around as an acquisition; gathered into a surrounding [flock]), so that you may tell forth the message of (out-message; publish; declare abroad) the excellencies (virtues; reasons for praise) of the One calling you out of darkness into His wonderful (marvelous; amazing) light [p72 reads: into the wonderful Light],

10.  [you] who [were] once (formerly) not a people, but now [are] God=s people; being the ones having not been given mercy, yet now [are] ones being mercied (being given mercy).

11.  Ones that are loved (Beloved ones): I am presently calling you alongside to encourage, aid, comfort and admonish you, as resident aliens (exiles; sojourners; one dwelling beside citizens in a foreign country) and temporary residents (expatriates; strangers) to continually hold yourselves away from the fleshly over-desires (passions; full rushing upon things), which things are constantly warring (doing military service; battling) down against the soul,

12.  continuously holding your beautiful behavior (your fine and ideal turning yourselves back around) among the multitudes (the companies; the associations; the ethnic groups; the nations; the castes; the Gentiles), to the end that, within what thing they are continually speaking down pertaining to you folks (repeatedly speaking against you) as of ones constantly doing the worthless and things of bad quality (or: as of evildoers or criminals; as of those repeatedly creating bad situations or forming what not ought to be), repeatedly looking upon and observing the outcome from the beautiful acts (the fine deeds and ideal works), they may glorify (give a good opinion of) God, within a day of inspection and overseeing care.

13.  You folks are to be subjected by every human creation (Be subordinated to every human framing; Let yourselves be arranged under in every founding pertaining to mankind which brings order to a state of wildness), because of the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ]: whether by (to) a king, as by (to) one being superior (constantly holding over [others]),

14.  or by (to) governors (government officials; rulers; leaders; guides), as by (to) those being regularly sent (dispatched) by Him into a maintaining of right in regard to doers of worthlessness (into a correction from out of the way pointed out pertaining to those creating bad situations; into an administering of justice, fairness and equity of situations affected by evildoers), yet into a commendation (a praise; applause) of those habitually doing good things (performing with virtue; constructing excellence).

15.  because thus is God=s will (intent; purpose): folks habitually doing good things (constructing excellence; performing with virtues) to repeatedly muzzle (gag; thus: silence) the ignorance of senseless and thoughtless people (humans without intellect and prudence; unreasonable men; lit.: folks without a diaphragm);

16.  as free ones (those not bound) and not continually holding (having) the freedom as a covering (a veil) of worthlessness (bad quality; evil; poorness of situation) but, as God=s slaves.

17.  Value everyone (Honor all)!  Habitually love (Practice loving) the brotherhood!  Practice reverence to God (or: Habitually fear God; Be constantly respecting and revering God)!  Be continuously valuing and showing honor to the king.

18.  The domestics (house servants or slaves; members of a household), those habitually being subordinated (being subjected) by (to) the owners (masters): [conduct yourselves] in all fear and respect not only to the good and reasonable (suitable; equitable; gentle; lenient) ones, but also to the crooked ones,

19.  for this [is] grace: if because of consciousness of God (awareness pertaining to God), someone is continuing to bear and hold up under distress or pain (grief; sorrow; anxiety; suffering), continuously experiencing it wrongfully (unjustly; contrarily, in regard to fairness and right relationship; undeservedly).

20.  For what sort of credible report (honorable rumor; credit; fame; praiseworthy reputation) [is it] if, being ones habitually doing what is wrong (failing to hit the target; sinning) and being repeatedly beaten and struck with a fist [p72 & other MSS: repeatedly lopped-off and pruned], you folks will be [p72 & other MSS read pres. tense: you are constantly] remaining under and enduring [it]?  But if habitually practicing virtue (doing good; constructing excellence) and [at the same time] repeatedly experiencing such bad treatment (or: continually suffering) you will be [p72+: you are constantly] remaining under and enduring [it], this [is] grace at the side of God,

21.  for into this you are (or: were) called, because Christ also experienced [this] (or: suffered) over you folks (or: for your sakes), leaving continuously below (or: behind) in you (for you) an under-writing (a writing under which you are to write or copy; hence: a pattern; a model) to the end that may follow-on in the footprints of Him

22.  Who does not make a mistake (Who did not perform failure; Who does no sin; Who does not construct failure to hit the target), nor is (or: was) deceitful bait (fraud; guile) found in His mouth;

23.  Who, being repeatedly reviled (harshly and bitingly rebuked and insulted), was not reviling back (answering insult with insult; taking the position of harsh, biting rebuke); continuously (repeatedly) suffering (experiencing ill treatment), he was not threatening, but kept on giving [the situation] over to the One at His side: the One constantly separating and deciding (judging) fairly (equitably; following the Path of the Way pointed out, bringing situations to a rightwised condition),

24.  Who, Himself, bore back up again our failures (our mistakes; our times of falling short or to the side of the target; our sins) within His body upon the tree (the wood; the stake), to the end that, being ones coming to be parted away from the failures (mistakes; errors; sins; misses of the target), we may live in (or: by; for) the fairness and equity, in rightwised relationships, in the Path of the Way pointed out, where you folks are (or: were) healed (cured) in the wound (or: by the welt; in the bruise of the blow).

25. For you folks were continuing to be like sheep, being habitually caused to wander (pass.: being led astray; or, as a mid.: ones constantly wandering away), but now, you are were turned around and made to return, upon [the will of; the herding of] the Shepherd and Overseer (Supervisor; the One who watches over) your souls.


1.  Likewise (In like manner), wives, [be] habitually subordinating yourselves to your own husbands (or: women, [be] continually arranging yourselves under your own adult males), to the end that if any (certain ones) are habitually unpersuaded by the Word (uncompliant or disobedient to the Word; unconvinced in the Word), they will be profited (will receive advantage; or: will be acquired as gain) without a word, through the behavior (conduct) of the wives (women),

2.  being eye-witnesses of (looking upon and observing) your pure behavior (conduct) which is turned upward in reverence and fear,

3.  whose world must not consist of the external adornment of braiding of [the] hair and placing-around of gold ornaments, or of dressing up (putting on garments)

4.  but to the contrary, [it should consist of] the hidden human (concealed man; cloaked personality) of the heart, within the incorruptible and imperishable quality of the gentle (tender; mild; kind; meek) and still (at rest; tranquil; quiet) spirit (or: attitude;  disposition), which is (continually exists being) of great value (very costly) in God=s sight.

5.  For thus, at one time, the set-apart wives (the holy women) those being in the habit of placing their expectations and hopes into God used to arrange their world and adorn themselves, constantly being put in subordination to their own husbands (continuously being arranged under their own adult males),

6.  as Sarah used to submissively hear and obey Abraham, habitually calling him Alord@ (Amaster;@ Amy owner@), of which woman you were birthed children (you are become her born ones [daughters]), women habitually doing good, and not being repeatedly caused to fear even one dismay (alarm; intimidation).


7.  Husbands (Adult males), likewise (in like manner), continuously dwelling together (co-habiting; making a joint home) with [them] corresponding to intimate, experiential knowledge [of them], [be] habitually assigning (awarding; allotting) honor (value; worth) to the female attributes (things pertaining to a woman; or: to a feminine one) as to a weaker vessel (utensil; instrument; container), yet as to co-heirs of Life=s grace (of [the] grace of life; or, with other MSS: as joint-participants in an inheritance of manifold {diverse; varied; multi-colored} grace of life [p72 +: pertaining to and having the qualities of the ages {of eonian life}]), into the [situation where] your prayers continue to not be hindered as if by a trench being cut in their path to impede their progress.

8.  Now [this is] the goal (the final situation; the end of the process): all [are to be] like-minded (of the same frame of mind and disposition), ones sharing and expressing the same feelings (sympathetic), ones being fond of and expressing affection for the brothers, ones tenderhearted and compassionate, ones of a humble disposition and way of thinking;

9.  not being ones habitually giving back (repaying; rendering; giving away) bad in the place of bad (poor quality for poor quality; evil for evil) or abusive language in the place of abusive language (reviling for reviling; insulting back against insults), but just the opposite: constantly speaking things that embody wellness or give a blessing, because into this you are called (or: were invited), to the end that you folks may inherit a word embodying wellness (a blessing).

10.  @For the one who continues purposing (willing; intending; wanting) to be habitually loving life, and to see and experience good days, let his tongue cease from [the] worthless and poor of quality (from [the] bad and evil) and his lips speak no deceitful bait (fraud; guile).

11.  Now let him bend to incline forth and turn out, away from [the] worthless and  poor of quality (from [what is] bad or evil), and let him do (practice; construct) [the] good; let him seek and try to find peace; let him also run after it and pursue it,

12. because [the] Lord=s [= Yahweh=s] eyes [are] upon [the] fair and equitable ones (the rightwised ones; the just ones who walk in the Way pointed out), and His ears [directed] into their request pertaining to need, yet [the] face of [the] Lord [= Yahweh] (i.e., His countenance and posturing) [is] upon wrong-doers (those constantly practicing worthless things; repeatedly constructing bad things; habitually doing evil).@

13.  And who [is] the one who will be treating you badly (be causing evil to come to you) if you folks should come to be zealous ones in regard to the good (ones boiling hot from the influence of the Good; enthusiasts of good)?

14.  But even if you folks might continue experiencing suffering [as well as other things] because of fairness and equity (justice; walking in the Way pointed out), [you are] happy and blessed ones.  Yet do not fear their fear (i.e., what they fear; or, as a subj.: Now you should not be afraid of the fear that has them as a source [reading as ablative]), nor yet should you folks be shaken (agitated; disturbed; stirred up) [by them].

15.  Now you folks set [the] Lord the Christ apart (or: Yet, let the Lord Christ be set-apart), within your hearts! (or: treat the Anointed Owner as holy, in your hearts; [Texus Rec. reads: the Lord [= Yahweh] God), always ready (ever prepared) toward a defense for everyone to the one repeatedly asking you for a word (i.e., a logical response) about the expectation within you folks but still with gentleness (tenderness; meekness; kindness) and fear (deep respect),

16.  habitually holding (having) a good (virtuous) conscience, so that those, having a habit of spitefully abusing and harassing (traducing) your good behavior (conduct) within Christ, may be brought to shame and disgrace relating to that within which you folks are constantly being spoken down against.

17.  For [it is] better to be repeatedly experiencing harassment, abuse or suffering [while, or, because of] habitually doing good (practicing virtue) if God=s purpose (intent; will) may be repeatedly willing it than [because of] constantly doing what is bad or worthless,

18.  because even Christ (or: considering that Christ also) died [other MSS: suffered], once for all, concerning and in relation to failures to hit the target (about errors and mistakes; around and encompassing sins [note: some MSS: our failures; other MSS: your failures]) a Just One (a rightwised One; One in accord with the Way pointed out; a fair and equitable individual) over (for the sake of) unjust ones (capsized ones; those out of accord with the Way pointed out; unfair and inequitable ones), to the end that He may bring (or: lead; conduct) you folks [other MSS: us] to (or: toward) God.  [He], on the one hand, being put to death in flesh, yet on the other hand, being made alive in spirit (or: indeed, being put to death by flesh, yet, being engendered a living one by spirit {or: [the] Spirit}),

19. journeying (going from one place to another; passing on) within which, He also proclaimed (published; preached; heralded) the message to the spirits in prison (within a guardhouse):

20.  to those being at one time unconvinced (unpersuaded; disobedient; uncompliant) within [the] days of Noah, when (while) he was continuing to be receiving forth and taking away from out of God=s state of emotional quietness (taking a long time before rushing or being in a heat of passion; long-enduring patience) while [the] ark was progressively being prepared and equipped (constructed to readiness) into which a few folks, that is, eight souls, were brought safely through [the] water (or: were brought safely through, by means of water),

21.  [to] which, also, an echo of correspondent form (a copy; an antitype; an impress which answers back) is now progressively delivering (rescuing) you folks (bringing you to safety): baptism not [the] putting off of [the] filth (removal of dirt) away from [the] flesh, but rather an inquiry (a putting of a question; an asking) into God made by a good (virtuous) conscience, through means of [the] resurrection of Jesus Christ,

22.  Who continuously exists (is) within God=s right [side, or hand i.e., the place of authority and ability to exercise power], going from place to place, journeying into [the] heaven of those being subjected (placed under) by Him (or: in Him; to Him): of agents (messengers), and of authorities, and of powers.


1.  Christ, then, undergoing experiences and suffering in flesh (or: being physically and emotionally affected to the point of suffering) over us (for our sakes), you folks also arm and equip yourselves with the same mental inclination (idea; thought; way of thinking), because the one [thus] suffering or going through physical or emotional experiences which affect him in [the] flesh has for, or in, himself put a stop to sins [or, with other MSS: has been caused to cease from sin],

2.  into the [condition or situation] to no longer live the remaining time within [the] flesh in [the] full passions (for [the] over-desires; to [the] rushings of emotions upon things) of men (pertaining to or originating in humans), but to the contrary, in God=s will (for God=s intent; to God=s purpose).

3.  For the time having gone by [is] sufficient to have accomplished (to have worked down and effected) the thing desired (the intention) of the multitudes (the nations; the swarms of ethnic groups living together; the Gentiles), having gone from place to place in indecent and licentious debaucheries (deeds of loose conduct), in rushing passions and over-desires, in excesses bubbling over with wine, in carousing and festive processions, in drinking parties, and in forbidden (illegal) idolatries (worshiping of forms),

4.  within which they, repeatedly speaking reproachfully and injuriously, are constantly struck with surprise, thinking it strange and foreign that you folks are not always running together with [them] into the same flooding (pouring forth) of unhealthiness and lack of safety (dissoluteness).

5.  Such folks will render an account to the One readily and continually judging (separating and making a decision about) [p72: prepared to judge; other MSS: constantly holding [Himself] in readiness to judge] living ones and dead ones,

6.  for into this [purpose], also, the good news was brought and announced to dead ones, to the end that on the one hand they may be judged (separated and decided about) corresponding to men, in flesh (or: according to humans in flesh), yet on the other hand, that they may continue living (or: may be habitually living) corresponding to (down from; according to) God, in spirit.

7.  Now the goal (the end; the final act; the finished product; the completion of the plan) of all things has drawn near and is now close at hand.  Therefore, you folks keep a healthy and sound frame of mind (be sane) and be sober (be unintoxicated; i.e., be functional and with your wits about you) into [a state, condition or realm of] prayers.

8.  Before all things, being ones continually holding the outstretching and extending love into yourselves (i.e., into each other), because love is constantly covering (throwing a veil over; concealing) a multitude of failures (mistakes; errors; misses of the target; sins),

9.  [being] those [who are] stranger-loving (kind to foreigners and hospitable) into one another, without expressing dissatisfaction (grumbling; murmuring),

10.  each one, according as he receives (received) a gracious gift, continuously giving supporting service and dispensing it into yourselves (i.e., into each other), as beautiful (fine; ideal) house managers (stewards; administrators) of God=s varied (diverse; many-colored) grace;

11.  if anyone be speaking, [let it be] as God=s little words (sayings; messages); if anyone is habitually providing attending service and dispensing, [let it be] as out of [the] strength which God is continually supplying (furnishing; providing), to the end that, within all things, God may be constantly glorified (may habitually receive a good reputation) through Jesus Christ, in Whom (by Whom; for Whom; to Whom) is (exists) the glory (the manifestation of that which calls forth praise; the good reputation) and the strength (the might) into the ages of the ages (into the indefinite time periods of the ages; into the superlative times of the eons).

12.  Beloved ones, do not repeatedly feel like strangers to the burning within and among you folks which is habitually happening to you toward your being put to the test (or: which is repeatedly coming into being with a view toward a testing, an examination for you), as though a strange or foreign thing is repeatedly walking with you folks.

13.  But on the contrary, keep on rejoicing and being glad to the extent that you folks are continually participating with a common share in the experiences and sufferings of the Christ, to the end that, continuously exulting and celebrating exceedingly, you folks may also rejoice within the unveiling of His glory (His reputation).

14.  Since (or: If) you folks are constantly being insulted and censured within the Name of Christ, [you are] happy ones (blessed ones), because God=s spirit of glory and power (or: the Spirit of the reputation and of the ability of

God) is continuously resting back upon you.

15.  Of course let not any one of you folks be experiencing suffering as a murderer, or a thief, or a doer or worthless or evil things, or, as a meddler (an interferer) in other people=s affairs.

16.  Yet if as a Christian [he is suffering], let him not continue feeling shame or embarrassment, but let him constantly glorify (give credit to; enhance the reputation of; bring an opinion of high status for) God within this name,

17.  because [it is] the fitting situation of the appointed season for the judgment (the separating and deciding) to begin (to start) from God=s house.  Now if first from us, what [will be] the closing act (the final stage; the end; the consummation; the outcome; the finished product) pertaining to those continuing unpersuaded (unconvinced) by (or: uncompliant to; disobedient to; stubborn in) God=s good news?

18.  @And if the rightwised one (the fair and just one; the one in accord to the Way pointed out) is repeatedly delivered (rescued; brought to safety; made healthy and whole) with difficult labor, then where will the irreverent (the one without pious awe) and the failure (the one who makes mistakes and cannot hit the target; the sinner; the outcast) make an appearance?@

19.  So then, also, let those repeatedly feeling the effects of experiences and of suffering which correspond to God=s will (intent; purpose) continuously commit their souls to a Faithful Creator, within [the] doing of good (making of virtue; construction of excellence).


1.  Therefore, I, the fellow-elder (or: older man together with you) and witness of the experiences and sufferings of the Christ, and the fellow participant (sharer in common; partner) of the glory being about to be progressively unveiled (revealed), am repeatedly calling the elders (the older men) among you folks to my side, urging and encouraging [them]:

2.  Shepherd (i.e., lead to pasture, feed, tend, protect, care for) God=s little flock [that is] among you folks, constantly watching over [them], not in a forced manner (not by exercising compulsion or constraint; or: not unwillingly), but to the contrary, without compulsion (engendering volunteering; yieldingly; or: voluntarily; willingly), in accord with (corresponding to) God; neither with eagerness for dishonest gain (greedily; for the low reason of what you can get out of it), but rather, readily rushing toward it with passion.

3.  Nor yet as ones constantly exercising down-oriented lordship (acting as owners or masters, bearing down with demands) of the members of the inheritance (of those who are the allotments of the heritage; or: of those considered to be small objects to be used in assigning positions or portions), but to the contrary, progressively becoming beaten models (types made by the strike of a hammer; examples) for the little flock

4.  and the Chief Shepherd (the Original Shepherd) [thus] being made visible (being shown in clear light), you folks will be bringing to yourselves, with care and kindly keeping, the unwithering and unfading wreath of the glory (or: the enduring recognition of achievement which comes from this good reputation).

5.  Likewise (In like manner), you younger men be placed and arranged under (subjected) by older men.  Yet all of you folks (everyone) tie on yourselves, as a outer garment (like a slave=s apron), the humble attitude (the lowliness of thinking) to one another [other MSS+: continuously being ones being placed under], because, @God habitually sets Himself in opposition, being resistant to those who try to appear conspicuously above others (to haughty and proud ones), yet He constantly gives grace to humble (lowly) ones.@

6.  Let yourselves be made humble (lowly), then, under God=s strong hand, so that He may lift you up (may elevate or exalt you folks) within the fitting situation (in [the] proper season; within a kairos),

7.  throwing (tossing) your entire concern (whole worry; every anxiety) upon Him, because He constantly cares about and takes an interest around you folks!

8.  Be sober!  Be awake, alert and watch!  Your barricade in the Way pointed out (your road hazard; your opponent at court; the one Ain your face@ opposing your fairness and equity), a devil (one who casts or thrusts through something), as a constantly roaring lion, is continuously walking about, incessantly seeking to drink down (or: to gulp and swallow down),

9.  to whom take a stand against (withstand; set yourself in opposition), [being] strong (firm; compact) ones in (by) the faith, ones having seen and thus knowing about these same experiences and sufferings [that] are to repeatedly bring the goal upon (bring perfection upon; accomplish maturity upon) your brotherhood within the ordered system (in the world).

10.  Now the God of all grace, the One calling you folks ones briefly suffering into His eonian glory (His glory and reputation which has the quality and characteristics pertaining to the realm of the ages and is age-lasting) within Christ Jesus, the Same One will get [things, or, you] down and prepare [them, or, you] (or: repair [them/you]; fit, knit or adjust [them/you] thoroughly), will set [things, or, you] fast and establish [them, or, you], will impart strength (will make [things, or you] strong), will set a base upon which to ground and found [things, or, you]:

11.  the strength (might) [to do these things is] in Him (by Him) on into the ages.  It is so!  [other MSS: the glory and the strength {is} in Him, on into the superlative times of the ages (or: the ages of the ages)]

12.  Through Silvanus (or: Silas), the faithful brother, as I continue logically thinking and considering, I write through means of a few [thoughts, lines, or, words], persistently calling [you] alongside to encourage and aid [you], and constantly bearing a full witness of this continuing to be God=s true (real) grace, into which you folks should set yourselves to take a stand (or, as an imper.: into which, [enter] and stand firm!).

13.  The jointly-chosen (selected-together) called-out assembly (church; congregation; ecclesia) within Babylon constantly embraces and greets you folks, also Mark, my son.

14.  Embrace as you greet one another within love=s kiss.  Peace [is] in (or: [is] by) all those within Christ!  It is so (Amen)!

BOOK of PETER – I [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION           1


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