1.  Simon Peter, a bondslave and apostle of Jesus Christ, to (or, for) the ones Obtaining by lot an equally valuable (precious; honorable) faith to us (for us; by us; in us) within the] fair and equitable dealing and treatment (in justice; within [the] righteousness) of our God and Savior (Deliverer), Jesus Christ.

2.  May Grace and Peace be multiplied (caused to increase) to you (by you; in you; for you) within full (complete) experiential knowledge of God, even Jesus, our Lord [= Yah].

3.  As all things [or, with other MSS: the whole] of His divine power (ability) the things [leading] toward life and standing in beneficial awe (reverential devotion, adoration and piety) being available, having been freely given (presented as a gift) to us (for us) through the full (complete) experiential knowledge of the One calling us to His own (by His own; for His own; in His own) glory and virtue,

4.  by means of which the precious (valuable; honorable) and greatest promises have been freely given (presented as a gift) to us, to the end that through these you folks may come to be (come into existence being; be born) fellow participants (ones having common share) of divine essence (nature; born instinct; native condition; germination), fleeing from the corruption (ruin; decay) within the ordered system (world), within passionate cravings (rushing emotions; lusts) [or, with p 72 and Aleph: fleeing the strong desire of corruption within the world].

5.  Yet, also, this same (or: and yet for this very cause): bringing into and alongside (i.e., making full use of) all diligent haste, you folks must fully furnish and further supply the virtue within your faith; and the experiential knowledge within the virtue;

6.  and the inner strength within the experiential knowledge; and the remaining under (patient endurance) within the inner strength; and the standing in beneficial awe (reverential devoutness) within the remaining under (patient endurance);

7.  and the brotherly affection (fondness for the brothers) within the standing in beneficial awe (reverential devotion); and the Love within the brotherly affection.

8.  For these things are constantly subsisting (sub-governing; beginning from under) as a possession in you [or, with A and y: … are continually existing alongside (present) for you] and are repeatedly being more than enough (abounding) neither [being] inactive nor unfruitful.  He is continually setting [these] down and causing [them] to stand in accord [in you] unto the full, additional, experiential knowledge of our Lord [= Yahweh], Jesus Christ.

9.  For he in whom these things are not continuously present exists being (is) blind, constantly closing his eyes, taking (receiving) forgetfulness (oblivion) of the cleansing of his old sins.

10.  Wherefore, brothers, hasten to exert yourselves to a greater extent to constantly, yourselves, make firm (sure-footed and steadfast) your calling (invitation) and election (selection; act of choosing out); for, repeatedly doing these things, you may by no means (under no circumstances) stumble once (at any time).

11.  For thus (in this way) the entrance (the place or act of the way into) will be richly furnished and fully supplied for you (in you; to you) into the age-lasting Kingdom (the Kingdom pertaining to the ages) of our Lord and Savior (Deliverer), Jesus Christ.

12.  Wherefore I will always be about to be constantly reminding you concerning these things even though being ones having seen and thus knowing, and ones being set and firmly established within the Truth being continuously present (existing alongside) [with you].

13.  But I am continuously considering it just and equitable [or: I am habitually leading a just one in the Way pointed out], upon (in) so much as I am existing within this tent (tabernacle), to keep on arousing and awakening you, within the reminder,

14.  having seen and knowing that swift is the laying aside (the putting off or away) of my tent (tabernacle), according as also our Lord [= Yahweh], Jesus Christ, made (makes) clearly visible to me.

15.  But I will also earnestly hasten (quickly endeavor) to always have you, after my departure (exodus; a road out), to continually make mention (make the recollection) of these things.

16.  For not following forth by (to; in) wisely made myths [or: being made wise by myths (fables); or: in fables modified by wisdom; or: to cleverly crafted stories] did (do) we experientially make known to you the power (ability) and presence (being along side) of our Lord, Jesus Christ, but rather, becoming (being made to be; being birthed) eye-witnesses (on-lookers; spectators) of that One’s magnificence [or: of that greatness]:

17.  for, receiving from the presence of (beside) Father God honor (value; preciousness) and glory of a Voice (sound) being carried to Him by the fitting greatness of glory, such as this, My Son, My Beloved One, is This One [other MSS: This One is existing being My Son, My Beloved One] into Whom I delight [other MSS: within Whom I was well pleased; in Whom I have good thoughts].

18.  And being together with Him within the set-apart (holy) mountain, we heard this Voice being carried out of heaven.

19.  And we continuously have (hold) the Prophetic Word more confirmed (established; certain), by which (in which) you folks, constantly doing beautifully (ideally), continuously holding toward (playing close attention) within your hearts, as to (by) a lamp continually shining (making things appear) within a parched (dirty, dark, obscure) place, until which the Day may shine through (dawn) and a light bearer (bringer) [= a morning star] may rise [or: constantly heeding, as to a lamp… until that the Day may dawn, and a light-bearer may rise within your hearts],

20.  constantly knowing this first, that every (all) prophecy of Scripture [p72: prophecy and Scripture] is not coming to be unbound upon its own [or: is not being born of its own unloosing; or: is not becoming its own explaining; or: is not coming into existence upon one’s own releasing],

21.  for not by (in; for) [the] will (intent; resolve; purpose) of (a) man was (is) prophecy at any time carried, but rather being continuously carried by (under) [the] Set-apart (Holy) Spirit [some MSS +: set-apart; holy] men spoke (speak) from God.


1.  Yet false prophets also birthed themselves (of themselves came to be) among the People, as also false teachers will exist (be) among you, who will stealthily introduce (bring in alongside; smuggle in) destructive choices (destructive sects or schools; losing heresies) even repeatedly denying (disowning; disclaiming) the Sovereign Owner purchasing them (buying them at the gathering [or, market] place), continuously bringing swift destruction upon themselves.

2.  And many will follow out to (for; in; by) their outrageous behaviors (extravagant or licentious conducts), on account of whom (which ones) the Way [other MSS: the glory] of the Truth will be blasphemed (reproached; reviled),

3.  and in greed (desire to take advantage in order to have more), by formed (molded; fabricated, and thus counterfeit) words they will exploit you (use you for business; market you; use you in trade and travel by sea), to whom (for which ones) the judgment (the evaluation; the separation by judicial sentence) from long ago (out of old times; forth from old) continuously is not inactive (is not constantly unemployed; is not continually being idle), and their loss (destruction) is not nodding in sleep (taking a nap).

4.  For if God did (does) not spare agents failing to hit the mark (missing the target; or: sinning messengers), but rather gave (gives) them over into a judging of being repeatedly pruned (correctionally cut back) [reading  with Aleph, A & other MSS; or, reading with p72, B, C & other MSS: by cords (bands; chains) of thick darkness], to being constantly watched over (kept), consigning [them] to Tartarus in dark, gloomy pits (caves; caverns).

5.  And He did not spare [the] original ordered arrangement (a beginning world), but rather guarded (preserves) Noah, an eighth, a proclaimer (herald) of justice (righteousness; fair and equitable dealings according to the Way pointed out), bringing a deluge (a down-washing; an inundation) upon a world of ones without awe [or: bringing down a washing upon a system of irreverent (impious) ones],

6.  and He condemned (condemns) [the] cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, reducing [them] to ashes for twisting down (or: by {in} and overthrow; to a turning down), having placed (set) an example (and exhibition; a specimen pointed out and set under view) of ones habitually being about to be irreverent (without awe) [other MSS: … and example, to (for) ones without reverential awe, of things about to be],

7.  and He drew to Himself righteous Lot (or: He Himself rescues Lot, a just one; or: He, for Himself, rescues Lot…), one being constantly worn down under the unrestrained and unprincipled ones (or, acts) within outrageous (extravagant; licentious) conduct (mode of living; turning back).

8.  For the righteous one, continuously dwelling in their midst, in seeing (by a look) and in hearing from day to day, kept on testing [his] righteous soul on the touchstone by their lawless works (acts).

9.  The Lord [=Yahweh], having seen, thus knows to continuously drag out of danger (rescue) a reverent one (one standing well in awe) from out of a trial [other MSS: trials], yet to constantly keep in custody (guard) unjust (unrighteous) ones into a day of judging, being repeatedly pruned (correctively chastened),

10.  but especially (most of all) those continually passing from one place to another after flesh, in defiling (polluting; staining) lust (over-desire; full passion), even habitually thinking disparagingly (scorning; despising; down-thinking) of lordship (ownership; constituted authority).  Presumptuous ones (audacious ones), self-pleasing ones (willfully arrogant ones), continuously blaspheming (slandering; defaming; speaking injuriously about) glories,

11.  whereas agents (messengers), continuously being greater in strength and power (ability), are not bringing blasphemous (slanderous) judging (distinction; discrimination; judgment; judicial process) down on (against) them before (beside) the Lord [=Yahweh].

12.  But these, as irrational (wordless; reasonless) living ones (animals), being creatures of instinct having been born into (unto) taking (catching; capture) and corruption (decay; ruin), within which things, being continuously ignorant, they are constantly blaspheming (speaking slander, insult and abusive speech) within their corruption, and they will be ruined (spoiled; corrupted),

13.  being ones habitually wronging themselves (or, reading as a pass. instead of a mid.: being wronged; suffering injustice) [other MSS: will be ones getting for themselves] a wage of unrighteousness (inequity; injustice; wrong; unobservance of the Way pointed out) ones continuously leading, considering the luxury (the softness; the daintiness; the aspect of being broken small; delicate living; effeminateness) in daytime (in broad daylight) a pleasure (enjoyment; gratification) spots (stains) and disgraceful flaws continuously living within luxury, within their delusions (deceptions) [other MSS: love-feasts]; ones repeatedly feasting (banqueting) together with you folks,

14.  ones always having eyes very full of an adulteress, and unceasing regarding sin; ones by habit using bait to entrap unstable souls; ones constantly having a heart that has been exercised (trained in gymnastic discipline) regarding greed (desire for advantage and riches); children of a curse (or, a cursing).

15.  By practice leaving behind (abandoning) [the] straight path (road; Way) they were (are) led astray (caused to wander), following out the path (road; way) of Balaam of Bosor [other MSS: Beor] who loved [the] wage of injustice (inequity; wrong-doing; unrighteousness; unobservance of the Way pointed out).

16.  But he had an exposure and rebuke leading to conviction regarding his own transgression of law: a voiceless yoke-animal, emitting a sound in a voice of a man, hindered (checked) the insanity (madness; being beside one’s thinking) of the prophet.

17.  These are (exist being) waterless springs (springs without water), and clouds (mists;  fogs) being constantly driven by (under) a storm (a squall), for whom the gloom of the darkness has been kept (being watched over and guarded).

18.  For, continuously uttering over-swollen (over-weighted; extravagant; pompous) things pertaining to emptiness (vanity; futility), they are constantly using bait to trap, in cravings (full passions) of flesh by outrageous (licentious) behavior, those scarcely [other MSS: actually] fleeing from the ones habitually twisting themselves up in deception (in wandering);

19.  while constantly promising freedom (liberty) to them, they themselves continuously subsist (originate below) being slaves of the corruption (the ruin; the decay) for by whom (or, by what) anyone has been, and now exists being, made inferior (less), to this one (by this thing) he has [some MSS +: also] been enslaved, and now exists as a slave.

20.  For if, fleeing from the stains (pollution; defilements) of the ordered system (world), within a full experiential knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, but yet being interwoven (intertwined) back again in (by) these things, they are continuing to be inferior (less; or, they are repeatedly worsted), the last things (situations; conditions) have come to be (been birthed) for them (to them; in them) worse than the first ones.

21.  For it were better for them (it was existing better to {in} them) to have not known (not to have come to an experiential full knowledge of) the Way (road; path) of the fair and equitable dealing (justice; righteousness) than, fully knowing, to turn below (back) from out of [other MSS: to bend back, into the things which are behind, from] the set-apart (holy) commandment the one being given over (committed; delivered alongside) to them.

22.  Now it has walked (stepped) together for them (to them; in them) the true proverb (saying; by-word): “a dog turning about upon its own vomit,” and “a sow (hog), into a rolling (wallowing-place) of mire, bathing itself!”


1.  Beloved ones, this [is] already a second letter [that] I am writing to you, within which I am arousing (raising through; thoroughly awakening) your thought (comprehension; that going through the mind) which has been evaluated in sunlight (your sunlight-separated, sincere understanding) in a putting in mind (a remembrance),

2.  to be born in mind (to be called to mind), of the declarations having been spoken beforehand by the set-apart (holy) prophets, even (and) your apostles, of the commandment of the Lord and Savior (Deliverer),

3.  continuously knowing this first, by experience, that upon the last days mockers (scoffers) will come in mocking (scoffing), according to their own cravings (full passions), ones continually going from one place to another [or: ones ordering their lives according to their personal desires],

4.  even saying, “Where is the promise of His presence?  For since the fathers were put (lulled) to sleep, all things (everything) constantly remains thus (in this way or manner) throughout, from [the] beginning of creation (the framing; the reduction from a state of disorder).”

5.  For they continuously willing this, it is constantly unnoticed that heavens were continuously existing out of long ago (of old), and earth (land) out of water and by means of water being made to stand together (being placed or put together) by the Word of God,

6.  through which the ordered system (world) of that time destroyed (lost) itself, being washed down (inundated; deluged) by water.

7.  Yet at the present time the heavens and the earth (land), by the same Word, having been collected and being stored for (in; by; to) fire, continuously exist being ones constantly kept (watched and guarded) into a day of judging (decision; distinction; discrimination) and loss (destruction; A reads: lack of awe toward God; irreverence) of irreverent men (mankind without reverential awe toward God).

8.  But now this one thing [p72: But in this] it must not constantly be unnoticed, escape detection, or be hidden from you beloved ones, one day beside the Lord [is] as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

9.  The Lord [= Yahweh] is not continually delaying the promise, as certain ones consider delay, but rather is constantly patient (long of emotion; slow of wrath) into you, constantly not intending any to be lost (to destroy themselves), but rather [for] all to make room and progress into a change of mind (repentance).

10.  Now the day of the Lord [= Yahweh] will arrive as a thief, in which the heavens will pass by whistling, rushing and crashing, and rudimentary, elementary principles (ones in a row of small, upright posts), continuously burning intensely, will be loosed (unfastened; unbound; or, nullified; destroyed), and earth (land) and the works (acts) within it will be found!

11.  All these things thus, then, being repeatedly (or, in process of being) loosed (unfastened; unbound; dissolved), in what sort of way is it continuously necessary (binding) for you folks [other MSS: us] to constantly subsist?  Within set-apart (holy), up-turned modes of behavior and lives of good awe, worship, reverence and adoration,

12.  constantly being receptive toward and hastening to the presence of God’s Day, through which heavens, being continuously on fire, will be loosed (untied) and elements (rudimentary principles) are constantly burning, being repeatedly melted down (liquefied).

13.  Yet we, according to (down from) His promise, are habitually receptive toward heavens new in kind and quality, and an earth (land) new in kind and quality, within which fair and equitable dealings (righteousness; justice; living according to the Way pointed out) is habitually settled down (continuously dwelling; permanently at home).

14.  Wherefore (on account of which), beloved ones, continually being receptive toward these things, you folks must hasten to be found spotless (unblemished) ones and flawless ones (blameless ones) by Him (in Him; for Him), within peace.

15.  And you folks must make it a habit to consider the long-suffering patience of our Lord [= Yahweh] deliverance (salvation; wholeness and health), according as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you, in accord with (down from) the wisdom being given to him (by him),

16.  even as in all the letters, habitually speaking in them concerning these things, in which certain things are misunderstood (unperceptible to the mind; hard to understand), which the unlearned ones and unstable ones (unfounded ones; ones not set fast and firm) repeatedly distort, as by twisting them out of place on a rack, as also the rest of the writings (Scriptures), toward their own loss (ruin; destruction).

17.  You, then, beloved ones, being ones by repeated experiences previously acquainted [with this] (knowing beforehand by experiences), you must constantly be on watch, guard, and keep yourselves in custody, lest being carried (led) away together by the deception (straying; deceit) of the unestablished (unprincipled; inordinate; lawless) ones you may fall out from your own state of fixed firmness (steadfastness).

18.  But you must be continually growing and increasing within grace and experiential knowledge of our Lord and Savior (Deliverer), Jesus Christ.  By Him (to Him; for Him; in Him) [is] the glory both now and into an age-lasting Day.  Amen!


BOOK of PETER – II [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSATION            1


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