1.  Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus for all the set-apart folks (the holy ones; the saints) within Christ Jesus, to those being in Philippi, together with care-givers (ones keeping a watchful eye upon; those noting and being concerned for others; overseers) and attending servants,

2.  Grace and peace [= shalom] to you folks from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from God, our Father, and [the] Lord, Jesus Christ).

3.  I constantly (habitually) give thanks to my God upon every memory (recollection or mention) of you folks,


4.  at all times (always) within my every request (petition) over (on behalf of) you all (or: all of you folks), habitually making the request (petition) with joy

5.  upon [the awareness of] your common share (partnership; communion; participation; fellowship; contribution) into the good news, from the first day until the present moment (now),

6.  being persuaded and convinced of this very thing: that the One inwardly beginning (making an inward start; inciting; inwardly originating [with sacrifices: beginning the offering of]) a good work (a virtuous act) within you (among you folks), will fully bring it to the goal (will bring perfection upon it; shall continue upon it to the final act and finished product) until [the] Day of Christ Jesus [with other MSS: as far as a Day of Jesus Christ]!

7.  Just as (In accordance as) it is fair for me (or: it is right in me; it accords with the Way pointed out to me) to habitually think this regarding all of you folks (or: to continuously have this opinion and disposition over you all), because of the [situation for] me to constantly hold (have) you folks within my heart, both within my bonds (fetters, as chains) and within the verbal defense (a word spoken from and on behalf) and legally valid confirmation (the placement on a good footing to establish and make firm and steadfast) of the good news you all being my co-participants (common partners; fellow-sharers together) of the Grace.

8.  For God [is] my witness, how I continually long (yearn) for all you folks within the inner seat of Jesus Christ=s tender emotions (lit.: upper internal organs heart, liver, lungs; = compassions).

9.  And this I habitually pray: that your love may continually encompass with surpassing abundance still more and more, within full and accurate experiential and intimate knowledge and all insight and sensible perception,

10.  into the [situation for] you folks to habitually test, examine and determine (or: make sure by proving), so that you may constantly be (continually exist being) ones tested by sunlight (clearly sincere) and ones [that are] not stumbling or jarring against [anything] nor striking toward [someone] and causing trouble, into the Day of Christ,

11.  being ones having been filled full with [the] Fruit of fair and equitable dealings which bring right relationship within the Way pointed out: the one [that is] through Jesus Christ [that is] leading into God=s glory (good reputation and manifestation of that which calls forth admiration) and praise (approval and commendation) – [or: being those filled full of fruit of a rightwised nature through Jesus Christ, which proceeds into glory and praise which belongs to and pertains to God; or: … through Jesus Christ, having the qualities and characteristics of God=s glory and praise].

12.  Now I am constantly intending (purposing and deciding for) you folks to habitually know through intimate experience, brothers, that the affairs pertaining to me have rather come, and yet remain, into an advancement (a progression; a striking ahead) of God=s Good News,

13.  so that my bonds (prison fetters) [are] clearly seen (visible; apparent; illuminated so as to be widely known) to be within Christ, within the whole of the praetorium (the living quarters of the emperor=s guards), and in all those left over (the rest; the remaining ones),

14.  and by my bonds most of the brothers, having become persuaded and now being confident in the Lord, [are] to a greater degree (more exceedingly) courageously daring to be fearlessly continuing to speak the Word of God!

15.  Certain ones (Some), indeed, are also habitually proclaiming (heralding; publishing; preaching) the Christ through (because of) envy (jealousy) and strife (discord; debate); yet also, certain ones (some) through (because of) delight (good disposition; good opinion; thinking well).

16.  These, on the one hand, forth from out of love having seen and thus knowing that I am constantly lying (or: habitually being laid down, and thus set) into a defense of the Good News.

17.  Yet those, on the other hand, from out of faction (partisan purposes; contentiousness) are habitually announcing in accord with the message of the Christ, not purely being ones habitually presuming (supposing) to be repeatedly arousing (raising up) squeezing (pressure; affliction; tribulation) to (for; in) my bonds.

18.  For what?  That moreover, in every direction (or: by every turn; by every method), whether in pretense (as a cloak for other purposes) or in truth (reality; essential essence), Christ is continually being announced with accordance, and in this I constantly rejoice.

19.  For I am aware (have seen and thus know) that this will step away into deliverance (rescue; health and wholeness; salvation) for me (in me) through your request and the supply (support; provision) of the Spirit of Jesus Christ (or: of the spirit pertaining to and having the characteristics of Jesus Christ),

20.  down from (in accordance with) my looking away with my head stretched out to watch and [the] expectation (hope) that I will be put to shame (disgrace; embarrassment) within nothing, but to the contrary, within all freedom of speech (boldness and public openness) as always, even now (at the present moment) Christ will be made great (be magnified; be enlarged) within my body, whether through life, or through death!

21.  For to me, to be living [is] Christ (or: For the [situation] in me {or: for me}, to live [is] Christ), and to be dying [is] gain (advantage; profit).

22. Yet since (if) [p46, D: Whether] to continue living within flesh [will be/is] for me (in me) a fruit of work (a fruit pertaining to an action) and what (which) I will [p46, B: I should] choose (take to myself in preference) I am not making known.

23.  Now I am being continuously held (caught) from out of the two, together: constantly having the craving (holding the strong desire and impulse) into the [situation] to untie and lose back up again [as in loosing tent pins and ropes when striking camp, or loosing moorings to set sail], and to be (to exist being) together with Christ for [it is] rather to a much higher rank (a more advantageous situation; a more profitable thing; [it is] much better)!

24.  Yet the [situation] to be staying (remaining-on) in the flesh [is] more necessary (indispensable; a more forced constraint) because of you folks.

25.  So, having been persuaded and yet being convinced of this, I have seen and thus know that I will remain and shall be abiding (dwelling so as to be ready to give aid) together alongside with (in) all you folks, into your progress (lit.: cutting or striking a passage forward; advancement) and joy that belongs to and has the characteristics of the Faith,

26.  to the end that, in me [that is], through my presence again directed toward you, your loud-tongued exultation (or: your justification for boasting) in Christ Jesus may surround in excessive abundance.

27.  Only, by habit live (continue living) worthily, as citizens with behavior corresponding in value to Christ=s good news, so that whether coming and seeing to become acquainted, or continuing absent, I may go on hearing about you folks (the things concerning you): that you are constantly standing firm, having been placed within one spirit (= united in spirit), continuing to be corporately striving in one soul (by one soul competing side-by-side in the public games) by the faith that comes from the good news (or: in the faith that belongs to and pertains to the Good News),

28.  even constantly in nothing being one startled, intimidated or frightened by (or: under) the opponents (the ones continuously lying in the opposing position) which is a public indication (a pointing-out as of display) of loss (ruin; destruction) for (to) them, yet of deliverance (wholeness, health, rescue and salvation) for (to) you [other MSS: in us; others: of your deliverance], and this [is] from God,

29.  because to you it is given by grace (or: He graciously was given), over the [issue] of Christ, not only to be progressively believing (habitually trusting) into Him, but further, also, to be repeatedly having sensible experiences over Him (or: to constantly experience feelings and impressions on behalf of Him; to habitually suffer and be ill used for His sake; to be continuously affected on account of the things pertaining to Him)

30.  constantly having (continuously holding) the very (or: the same) contest in the public games (race in the stadium; agonizing struggle in the gathered assembly) such as you saw (or: perceive) within me and now are presently hearing in me (or: and at this moment are repeatedly hearing [to be] in me).


1.  If, then, [there exists] any calling-alongside (aid, encouragement, consolation, supporting influence) within Christ, if [there is] any spoken comfort and consolation of love (belonging to love; having a source in love), if any communion (common participation; fellowship; partnership; sharing) of spirit (belonging to spirit; having spirit as its source), if any tender emotions (lit.: upper internal organs) and compassions (pities),

2.  fill my joy full, so that you folks may be continually having the same frame of mind (may be mutually disposed; may have the same opinion; may mind the same thing), habitually holding (having) the same Love: ones joined together in soul, continuously minding The One (or: habitually holding one opinion; constantly thinking one thing; regularly disposed to one [purpose])

3.  nothing down from (according to) party interests (hireling-like contention; faction; self-serving) nor down from (in accord with) empty reputation (futile opinion; vainglory; fruitless appearance) but rather, in humility (by an attitude of being in a low station; in humbleness of disposition and way of thinking) constantly considering one another (each other) [as] those habitually holding [a position] above themselves,

4.  not each one continuing to attentively view (keeping an eye on and noting) the things pertaining to themselves, but rather each one [viewing] even the things pertaining to others (or: different ones).

5.  For this way of thinking (this attitude and disposition) is continuously within you folks which [is] also within Christ Jesus [or, reading froneite as a subj. rather than an indic.:  For let this minding be habitually within you folks…],

6.  Who, starting and continuing as inherently existing (beginning under; sub-sisting) within God=s form (external shape; outward mold), He does not (or: did not) consider the [situation] to be (to continuously exist being) equals in God (or: equal things to God; equal [parts] in God; the same things as God; even on the same levels in God) a plunder (a pillaging; a thing seized and held),

7.  but to the contrary, He empties Himself (removed the contents of Himself; made Himself empty), receiving (or: taking) a slave=s form (external shape; outward mold), coming to be (birthing Himself) within humanity=s (mankind=s; men=s) likeness.

8.  And being found in a present condition and outward appearance (fashion) as a human (a man), He lowers Himself (humbled Himself; made Himself low; degrades Himself; levels Himself off), coming to be (birthing Himself) a submissive, obedient One (one who gives the ear and listens) as far as (to the point of; until) death but death of a cross (torture stake)!

9.  For this reason, God also lifts Him up above (highly exalts Him; elevates Him over) and by grace gives to Him (graces on Him) the Name the one over and above every name!

10.  to the end that within The Name: Jesus! (or: in the name of {or: belonging to} Jesus), EVERY KNEE   of the men upon the heavens (of those belonging to the super-heavens) and of the men existing upon the earth and of the men dwelling down under the ground (or: pertaining to subterranean ones) may bend (should bow) in worship or prayer,

11.  and EVERY TONGUE may speak out the same thing (should openly agree, confess and acclaim) that Jesus Christ [is] Lord [= Yahweh?] into [the] glory of Father God (or: unto Father God=s reputation)!

12.  And as my loved ones, according as at all time (always) you folks submissively listen and obey, not as only in my presence, but further, now (at this moment), to much rather in my absence in company with fear and trembling be habitually working down so as to bring out the results and effects of the deliverance (or: be constantly producing the wholeness and well-being which are the outcome of the rescue and salvation) of yourselves,

13.  for, God is the One habitually being inwardly active, working (effecting) within you folks both the willing (intending; purposing; resolving) and the [situation] to be continuously effecting the action and inward work above the thing that pleases (or: over well-thinking or delight).

14.  Be habitually doing (accomplishing; constructing) all things apart from grumbling complaints (murmurings) and reasoned considerations (or: designing thoughts; divided reckonings unto the settlements of accounts; thorough arguments),

15.  so that you folks may be birthed (come to be) blameless ones (those without defect), even unmixed (unblended; artless and sincere) children of God unblemished (flawless) ones in the midst of a CROOKED and DISTORTED (having been misshapened on the potter=s wheel) GENERATION, within which (among whom) you folks are continuously shining (giving light; or: appearing; made visible by light) as illuminators (causes of lights; or: luminaries) within [the] ordered system (world),

16.  constantly holding on (having upon; keeping a good grip on) Life=s Word (or: a word of life), into loud-tonged exulting (boasting; vaunting) for me (in me), into Christ=s Day, because I do not (did not) run into emptiness (that which is without content), nor do I (did I) become weary or struggle in labor into emptiness (that which is without content).

17.  But even more, if I am also repeatedly poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrificial offering and public service pertaining to your faith (or: of the faith of you folks), I am constantly rejoicing (glad) even continually rejoicing (glad) together with all of you!

18.  Now in the same way, you yourselves also be constantly rejoicing even continually rejoicing together with me.

19.  Now I continue expecting in the Lord Jesus to quickly send Timothy to you folks, so that I also may continue well in soul (in good cheer; in good spirits), knowing the situations (the things) about (concerning) you folks.

20.  For I presently have no one equal-souled (of the same soul; equally sensitive) who will legitimately (genuinely) divide his mind so as to have his thoughts anxious about your interests and to care for the situations (the things) about (concerning) you folks.

21.  For all those [others] are constantly concerned with (looking out for; are seeking) their own interests (things), not with the interests (things) pertaining to (belonging to) Jesus Christ.

22.  Yet you folks continue knowing by experience his proof by scrutinized examination and testing, that as a child for a father, he slaves (performs as a slave) together with me, into the Good News.

23.  I continue expecting, indeed then, to send this one immediately (out of the very time or situation) as soon as I can look away from the things around me (or: see-off the situations {things} concerning me).

24.  So I have been persuaded and am confident within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] that I myself, also, shall quickly come to you folks.

25.  Now I consider it necessary (pressing) to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and co-worker (joint-operative) and fellow soldier, yet your apostle, and a public servant of my need,

26.  since he had been continuously having great affection and longing to see all of you folks, even being repeatedly dejected and deeply troubled because you heard (hear) that he fell sick (is ill).

27.  For he even fell sick (is ill) as being a consort near alongside of death.  But contrariwise, God had mercy on (or: mercies) him yet not only him, but further, me also to the end that I should not have pain and sadness (sorrow) upon pain and sadness (sorrow).

28.  More diligently (earnestly; eagerly), then, I send (sent) him, so that seeing him again, you may be glad and rejoice and I may be more relieved of pain and sadness.

29.  Be focusing on him, then, to welcome and continue receiving him within the Lord with all joy, and be constantly holding such men within honor and value,

30.  because through Christ=s work (with other MSS: on account of [the] Lord=s Act) he drew (or: draws) near, as far as death, casting himself to the side (or: handing himself over; risking; throwing self beside) in the soul, so that he might fill back up your deficiency (your lack; your coming too late) of the public service toward me.


1.   As for the rest (for what remains), my brothers, continue rejoicing (be habitually glad and delighted) within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh].  To be repeatedly writing the same things to you (or: To continue writing the very things for you) [is] surely not troublesome for me (delaying me or causing me to hesitate), and for you [it is] something to secure your from stumbling.

2.  Constantly keep your eyes on and be aware of the dogs; habitually be observing so as to take heed of worthless workers (craftsmen of bad quality; laborers who are not as they ought to be); keep on seeing so as to continually observe and be aware of [the party of] the down-cision (the mutilation; the incision {the notching or cutting-into}; the {sacrificial} meat-hacking; the wounding or maiming).

3.  For WE are (we exit being) The Circumcision: the men (those) continuously rendering sacred service in a spirit of God (or: by God=s Spirit; to God=s Spirit; in God=s Spirit; some MSS: … service to God in spirit; p46 omits AGod,@ so, simply: … serving in spirit) and constantly making our boast (being loud-tongued, vaunting and exulting) within Christ Jesus; even men (those) being ones having been persuaded and thus continuing to put no confidence within flesh (having no reliance upon what is physical).

4.  Even though I, myself, continue holding (or: having) [grounds for] trust and confidence also within flesh, if any other man is in the habit of thinking (or: is constantly seeming) or presuming to have come to a settled persuasion, thus having confidence within [his] flesh, I to a greater degree (more so; for a better reason; rather more):

5. in circumcision, on [the] eighth day; out of race (from posterity; by birth; as to class or species), of Israel; of Benjamin=s tribe; a Hebrew out of the midst of [the] Hebrews (or: a Hebrew of Hebrews); in accordance to Law, a Pharisee (or: down from [the] Law, a Pharisee);

6. in accordance to zeal, one constantly pressing, pursuing and persecuting the called-out congregation; in accordance to fairness and equity in the way pointed out in the Law, one coming to be, of myself, without defect (one becoming blameless).

7.  But to the contrary, whatever things (things which) were being gains (advantages; assets) to (for; in) me, these things I have esteemed and now consider (regard) as a loss (a penalty; a forfeit; disadvantage; a bad bargain; a detriment) because of (on account of) the Christ.

8.  But further indeed, then, as a matter of fact I even am habitually considering (regarding) all things (all; everything) to be a loss (a disadvantage; a bad bargain; damage; a forfeit; a penalty) because of (on account of; for the sake of) the thing that is constantly holding things above (thus having all-surpassing value and superiority): that which pertains to the experience of the intimate knowledge of my Lord, Jesus Christ (or: of Christ Jesus, my Owner).  [It was/is] on account of (because of) Him (or: For the sake of Whom) I undergo loss of (experience the forfeit of; receive as a disadvantage) all things (everything; the whole life-experience, environment and possessions) and I continue considering (regarding) them to be [either] a lot of (or: pieces of) refuse (filth; dung) [or] things that are cast away from the table to the dogs (garbage), to the end that I may have the advantage of (maintain the gain of; enjoy the assets of; make a profit of) Christ,

9.  and may be found within Him not continuing having (holding) my pointed-out way (my fairness and equity; my relationships; my basis for what is right; my own righteousness) from out of the Law, but to the contrary, the [fairness and equity in relationships which accord with the Way pointed-out] through means of Christ=s faith: the fairness and equity in right relationships from being rightwised within the Way pointed out [which is] forth from out of the midst of God as a source [and is placed and thus based] upon that faith

10.  to intimately and experientially know Him, and the ability (power) of His resurrection even the [other MSS: a] common sharing (participation, partnership and fellowship) of His experiences (which include passions and sufferings) being a man that is being continuously conformed to (being brought together with the form of; being configured to) His death,

11.  since in some way (or: if somehow) I may meet down face-to-face (arrive) into the out-resurrection the one forth from out of the midst of dead ones.

12.  Not that I already take it by the hand [p46 & D +: or already have been rightwised and made to be one in accord with the Way pointed out with fairness and equity] or have been already brought to the goal (matured unto perfection), yet I am consistently pursuing (running swiftly in order to catch), since (if) I may take down by the hand (seize; forcefully grasp and gain control over) even [that] upon which I also was (am) taken down by hand (seized; forcefully grasped and taken control of) by (under) Christ Jesus.

13.  Brothers!  I am not yet calculating (logically considering; reckoning) myself to have taken it down by hand (seized, grasped or gotten hold of it in order to have it), yet [there is] one thing: habitually forgetting, indeed, the things behind (in the back) and constantly reaching and stretching myself out upon the things in front (ahead),

14.  I am continuously pursuing down toward [the; or: an] object in view (a mark on which the eye is fixed): into the prize (award) of God=s invitation to an above place (or: an upward calling having the source, qualities and characteristics of God) within Christ Jesus.

15.  Therefore as many as [are] ones who are mature (ones who have reached the goal, being finished, complete and perfect) we should constantly be of this frame of mind (have this attitude and opinion; think this way; be minding and paying attention to this).  And if you folks are habitually thinking differently (are continuing differently minded; are continually having a different attitude or opinion), God will also unveil this to you (or: reveal this in you).

16.  Moreover, into that which we precede [others] (or: into what we went before in; into what we come ahead so as to arrive at) in the very same thing [our goal is] to be habitually drawn into line and advance within our ranks  [Aleph2 and other MSS + phrases to read as follows: Besides, into what we outstrip [others], by the same standard (measuring rod; rule) [it is for us] to habitually advance in line (i.e., frame our conduct in an orderly routine; or:  consider the elements by the same standard) to constantly be intent on and keep thinking of the same thing (be of the same frame of mind and attitude)].

17.  Brothers, be progressively birthed to be joint-imitators of me (or: unite in becoming my imitators), and continually keep a watchful eye on and take note of those habitually walking about thus (i.e., those who thus live their lives), according as you folks continue having us as a pattern (model; example; type).

18.  For many I was often telling you about them, yet now I am also presently weeping (lamenting) in saying it continue walking about (i.e., are living their lives) as enemies of the cross (execution-stake) of the Christ,

19.  whose goal (eventual end; closing act; final stage; result; finished discharge) [is] ruin and loss (waste and destruction), whose god [is their] cavity (belly) and [whose] reputation (glory) resides within their shame (disgrace; embarrassment) those continually thinking about (habitually being intent on; constantly minding) the things existing upon the earth (men whose minds are earthbound).

20.  For our citizenship (result of living in a free city; or: commonwealth realm of a free city; political realm) continues inherently existing (continuously subsists; repeatedly has its under-beginning) resident within the midst of [the] heavens, from out of where (which place) we continuously receive (take away with the hands) forth from out of [the] Lord, Jesus Christ,

21.  Who will transfigure (refashion; remodel) our body of the low condition and status (of the humiliation) to conformed to the body of His glory (or: to having the same form together with His body of that which calls forth praise; to a joint-form of the body of His good reputation), down from (in accord with) the inward operation (energy; in-working) of the [conditions or situation for] Him to continuously be able (have power) also to subject (to subordinate; to arrange under so as to have full control) The Whole (all things; everything) in Himself (to Himself; for Himself).


1.  Consequently, my brothers: loved ones and longed-for ones (ones missed with a craving), my joy and winner=s (or: festal) wreath thus you constantly stand within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh]: loved ones! [or: reading sthkete as an imperative: be habitually standing firm in [the] Lord, beloved ones {or, with B: my loved ones}]

2.  I am calling Euodia alongside, and I am calling Syntyche alongside, admonishing (entreating; begging; assisting) [you two] to be habitually thinking about the same thing (minding and being intent on the same thing; disposed in the same way; agreeing), within the Lord.

3.  Yes, I am asking you, too, O genuine (legitimate) yoke-fellow [possibly: O loyal Synzugus], be consistently taking these women together to yourself to aid and assist them which women toil together with me (or: compete with me; contend on my side) within the good news, with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names [are] within Life=s Book (or: in a book of life).

4.  Be constantly rejoicing within [the] Lord [= in Yahweh or in Christ], at all times (always)!  Again, I will declare it, ARejoice!@ (or: You folks be habitually rejoicing)

5.  Let your gentle and suitable reasonableness by intimate experience be known to all mankind (for all men).  The Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] is near (close by)!

6.  Do not be habitually worried, anxious or overly concerned about anything!  On the contrary, in everything (within every situation), by (in) prayer and expression of need together with thanksgiving repeatedly let your requests be made known to (toward; with) God,

7.  and God=s peace [= shalom], which is continuously having a hold over (is habitually holding sway over; or: is constantly being superior and excelling by having it over) all mind (or: every intellect; all power of comprehension), will garrison (guard; stand sentinel over) your hearts and thoughts (reasonings; understandings; results from directing the mind on something) [p16 +: and bodies], within Christ Jesus [p46: {the} Lord Jesus].

8.  In conclusion (lit.: The rest; or: What [is] left), brothers, as much as is true (or: as many things as are genuine and real), as many as [are] awe-inspiring (serious; noble; dignified by holiness), as much as [is] rightwised (put right; fair, equitable; just; in right relationship within the Way pointed out), as many as [are] pure, as much as [is] affection-inducing (friendly; directed toward what is liked; lovable or lovely; agreeable; winsome; engendering fondness; attractive), as many as [are] well-spoken-of (commendable; reputable; of good report; renowned), if [there is] any virtue (excellence) [in them] and if [there is] any praise applied (expression of high evaluation; honor paid; approval or applause) [to them], be habitually thinking about these things in a logical way (repeatedly make these things the focus of careful consideration; continuously take these things into account)!

9.  Keep on practicing and accomplishing these things which you folks both learn (learned) and accept (received alongside) even [what] you heard and saw within me.  And, the God of the Peace (or: And God, the source and quality of peace [= shalom]) will enter into an existence in company with you folks (or: will be with you folks).

10.  Now I greatly rejoice (rejoiced) within the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] that now, at last, you folks shoot up to flourish to the extent to be constantly focusing your thinking over me (to continuously have my concerns intently in mind; to repeatedly take thought on my behalf) upon which, also, you folks were progressively thinking, yet you continued without a fitting situation (you were being out of season; you kept on lacking the opportunity).

11.  Not that I am suggesting a need, for I learned to be self-sufficient (to contented by warding-off my own [needs]) within whatever circumstances (situations) I am.

12.  I have seen, and thus know, even to be repeatedly made low (humbled) and I have seen, and thus know, to be constantly and excessively abounding (continuously surrounded by more than enough).  I have been instructed to shut the mouth and am initiated into the secret (mystery): within everything and within the midst of all things (or: among all men), both to be habitually feeding until satisfied, and to be habitually hungry; both to be constantly and excessively abounding (continuously surrounded by more than enough), and to be repeatedly in need (lacking).

13.  I constantly have strength for all things within the One continuously enabling me (empowering me; infusing me with power and ability): Christ!

14.  Moreover you folks performed beautifully (acted ideally; did virtuously), sharing (partnering; participating; having common association) together with me in my pressure (squeezing; tribulation; trouble).

15.  Now you Philippians have seen, and thus are aware (know), that within the original period (beginning) of the good news, when I went (came) out from Macedonia, not one called-out assembly shared (communicated; participated; partnered; held common association) with me (for me) into a discourse (an account; a matter of discussion; a word) of giving and of receiving (of getting; of taking), except you folks, alone (only).

16.  Because even in Thessalonica both once, and twice, you folks sent into my need.

17.  Not that I am in the habit of really seeking the gift!  But rather, I am in the habit of really seeking the constantly abounding fruit which is overflowing into your discourse (your account; your word; your matter of discussion).

18.  Now I are continually holding possessions from (collecting; having back, as what is due me) all things; I am even constantly superabounding (being surrounded by more than enough).  I have been filled full, receiving from beside Epaphroditus the things from your side: an odor of a sweet fragrance (a fragrant aroma), an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God (for God; in God).

19.  Yet my God will fill to the full your every need (or: will make full all lack which pertains to you folks) down from His wealth (in accord with His riches) [which is] within [the] glory [that resides] within Christ Jesus (or: that accords to His wealth that resides within the opinion or imagination [which is] within Christ Jesus; by His riches, within a manifestation of splendor which calls forth praise, within Christ Jesus; down through His abundance, within the reputation [arising from] within the midst of Christ Jesus).

20.  Now IN our God and Father [is] the glory (or: Now for our God and Father [is] the reputation; Now by our God and Father [is] the manifestation which calls forth praise; Now to our God and Father [is] the good opinion) into the ages of the ages!  It is so!

21.  You folks embrace (greet) every set-apart one (every holy one; every saint) within Christ Jesus.  The brothers with me are habitually embracing (greeting) you.

22.  All those set-apart are habitually embracing (greeting) you folks yet especially those of Caesar=s house (= household).

23. The grace of (belonging to; having its source in) our Lord, Jesus Christ, [is] with the spirit of you folks (or: [is] with your corporate breath (spirit); [is] with the character and attitude manifested through you folks; [other MSS: {is} with all of you]).  It is so!


BOOK of PHILIPPIANS [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION          1


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