1. An unveiling of Jesus Christ which God gave by Him (in Him; for Him; to Him) to point out to His bond-servants (love-slaves) that which is necessary to come to be (to be birthed) in swiftness. And sending as an apostle, through means of the agent (messenger), He indicated by signs (symbols) to (in; for) His bond-servant John,

2. who witnessed (gave testimony of) the Word of God (The Logos), even the witness (testimony) pertaining to (belonging to; of) Jesus Christ as many things as he saw (or: as much as he saw).

3. Happy (Blessed; Prosperous) is the one constantly reading (retrieving knowledge from), and those constantly hearing, the words of the prophecy and habitually keeping watch over (guarding; observing) the things having been written within it, for the situation is close at hand (or: for the season or occasion is near).

4. John, to the Seven Churches (congregations; called-out assemblies) within Asia: Grace and Peace to you (for you; in you) folks, from the One continuously existing (or: unceasingly being; Who continuously IS), even the One Who was, and continued being, and the One Who is continuously (repeatedly; habitually) coming even from the Seven Spirits in front of His throne

5. and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness (Martyr), the First-born of (pertaining to) the dead ones: even the Ruler (Prince; Leader, Beginner; Originator) of the kings of the earth by (in) the One continuously loving us by loosing [other MSS: washing] us from [other MSS: out of] our failures (sins; errors; situations and results of where we missed the target) within His blood,

6. and made (formed; created) us [to be] a kingdom [other MSS: constructed of us a kingdom]: priests in (by; for) His God and Father. In Him [is] the Glory (For Him [is] the good reputation; By Him [is] the manifestation of that which calls forth praise) and the Strength (Might), into the ages! It is so (Amen).

7. Consider (Lo; Behold)! He is continuously (repeatedly; habitually) coming WITH the clouds, and every eye shall see Him, even which ever of YOU folks pierce (or: pierced) Him. And all the tribes (people-groups) of the Land (or: territory; earth) shall beat themselves (strike their breasts in grief or repentance) upon Him. Yes! It is so (Amen)!

8. “I am continuously (repeatedly) the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] God, the One continuously being (existing), even the One Who was and continued being, and the One continuously (repeatedly; habitually) coming, the All-Strong (the Almighty).”

9. I, John, your brother and joint-participant within the pressure (squeezing; affliction; tribulation) and kingdom and remaining-under (endurance) of (belonging to; pertaining to) Jesus Christ,

10. was within the island called Patmos because of Gods Word and because of the testimony (witness) pertaining to and having the characteristics of Jesus Christ. I came to be (or: birthed myself) within spirit (or: in [the] Spirit) within the Day which pertains to or has the characteristics of the Lord [the Lords Day; = the Day of Yahweh; or, the Day of Christ; Christ’s Day], and I heard behind me a great voice (or: sound), as of a trumpet, saying,

11. “What you are presently seeing (observing) write into a scroll and send to the Seven Churches (called-out congregations): into Ephesus, and into Smyrna, and into Pergamos, and into Thyatira, and into Sardis, and into Philadelphia, and into Laodicea.”

12. And I turned upon the Voice, to see who spoke with me. And turning round, I saw seven golden lampstands.

13. And within the midst of the lampstands, One like a Son of Man (or: a son of man; = like a human; [or: an eschatological symbol referring to such as Dan. 7:13; 10:5-6]), being clothed (invested) [with a garment] reaching to the feet; being girded about at the breasts with a golden belt.

14. Now His head and hairs [are] white, as white wool, as snow, and His eyes as a flame of fire.

15. And His feet [are] like white brass (or: bronze; fine copper) as having been set on fire in a furnace, and His Voice [is] as a sound (voice) of many waters.

16. And [He is] constantly holding (having) [the] seven stars within His right hand, and a sharp two-mouthed broadsword is continuously (repeatedly) proceeding (issuing forth) from out of His mouth. And His appearance (countenance; sight) continually shines as the sun, in its power.

17. And when I saw Him, I fell toward His feet, as dead. And He placed His right hand upon me, saying, “Do not be fearing (Don’t be terrified)! I AM the First and the Last,

18. even The LIVING ONE (or: the One continuously living), I also brought Myself to be (birthed Myself) a dead one [or: I also came by Myself to be dead], and Behold! I am living into the ages of the ages, and I constantly hold (have) the keys of Death and of the Unseen (Hades).”

19. “Write, then, the things you see (or: saw), and the things existing (or: what they are), and which things are being about to be birthed (come into existence) after these things.

20. “The secret of the seven stars which you saw upon My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are agents (messengers) of (pertaining to) the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches (called-out congregations).”


1. “To (By; For; In) the agent (messenger) of the church (called-out) within Ephesus, write:

“The One continuously holding in His strength (or: the One being constantly strong in) the seven stars residing within His right hand, the One continuously walking about within the midst of the seven golden lampstands, continues saying these things:

2. “I have seen, and thus know, your [note: the pronouns and verbs are singular] works (acts; deeds), and your exhausting labor, and your remaining under (patient endurance), and that you are not able (have no power) to bear up (lift up to carry) evil ones (worthless ones; those of bad quality), and you put to the proof those declaring themselves to be apostles and they are not and you found them false (liars; deceivers);

3. and you constantly have patient endurance (habitually hold to remaining-under), and you bore up (lifted; carried-on) because of My Name, and are not wearied.

4. But on the other hand, I hold (have) [this] down against you: you [note: still singular] sent away (or: left) your first love.

5 You [church] must be remembering, then, whence you [as a single entity] have fallen, and you must change your way of thinking and feeling (change your frame of mind and your perceptions), and you [church] must do (perform; construct) the first works (deeds; actions). Yet if not, I am continuously (repeatedly; habitually) coming to you [as a group], and I will remove (or: move) your lampstand out of its place, if ever you [as a group] may not change your way of thinking (your mind set).

6. But still, this you do have, that you re constantly hating the works (acts; deeds) of the Nicolaitans, which I also continuously hate (detest; regard with ill-will).”

7. “Let the one having an ear hear what the Spirit is repeatedly (continuously) saying to the called-out assemblies:

“In (To; For) the one continuously overcoming (habitually conquering) I will give in him (to him; for him) to eat from out of the substance of the tree (wood; log; post) of Life which continuously is (exists being) within the midst of God’s paradise.”

8. “And in (to; by) the agent of (pertaining to) the called-out assembly (church) within Smyrna, write,

“The First and the Last, the One Who come to be (was birthed) a dead one and lives (or: lived), is presently saying these things:

9. “I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your works (deeds; acts) and pressure (squeezing; tribulation) and poverty but rather, you are rich – and the blasphemy (slanderous speech) of those declaring themselves to be Jews and they are NOT but rather [are] a gathering-together (a synagogue) of the adversary (or: Satan).

10. Do not be habitually fearing things which you are about to experience (or: to suffer; in which you are about to have sensible experience). Consider: the one who thrusts-through (the devil) is about to thrust some from out of you into prison (jail), so that you may be tired (put to the proof), and you will have pressure (squeezing; tribulation) ten days. Repeatedly come to be a faithful one (or: You must be being birthed a faithful one) until death, and I will give Lifes wreath to you (or: I will give to you the wreath of The Life).”

11. “Let him who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the called-out assemblies (the churches): “The one habitually overcoming (repeatedly conquering) may by no means be injured from out of the second death.”

12. “And in (to; for; by) the agent of the called-out assembly (church) within Pergamos, write: “The One constantly holding (having) the sharp, two-mouthed broadsword is presently saying these things:

13. “I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) where you are continually dwelling (settling down for an abode) where Satan’s throne [is]! – and yet you are constantly strong in (getting into your power) My Name, and did not deny (disown) My Faith in the days in which Antipas, My faithful witness (martyr), who was killed alongside you folks: where Satan dwells (continuously has his abode).

14. But still I am holding down a few things against you: you have there those continuously strong in (retaining) the teaching of Balaam, who instructed Balak to thrust a snare in the sight of the sons of Israel to eat things offered to forms (sacrificed to idols) and to commit prostitution.

15. Thus, you also constantly have those being continuously strong in (retaining) the teaching of the Nicolaitans, likewise.

16. You must change your mind (your way of thinking), therefore! Yet if not, I am repeatedly (habitually) coming swiftly in you (to you; for you) [again, you, singular], and I will wage war (do battle) with THEM within the broadsword of My mouth.”

17. “Let the one having an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the called-out assembly: To the one habitually overcoming (repeatedly conquering), to him (in him; for him) I will give manna having been hidden, and I will give to him a white pebble, and upon the pebble a new name having been written which no one knows, except the one receiving it.”

18. “And to (by; in; for) the agent of the called-out congregation (church) in Thyatira, write:

“The Son of God, the One having His eyes as a flame of fire and His feet like burnished (or: white) brass (bronze; fine copper), says these things:

19. “I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your [sing.] acts (deeds; works), and love, and faith, and service; and your last acts (works) [are] more than the first ones,

20. but still, I continue holding (having) much down against you, because you are constantly letting-off (tolerating; allowing; pardoning) your wife [other MSS: the woman] Jezebel she is habitually calling herself a prophetess and she is continually teaching and deceiving (seducing) My bond-servants (slaves) to practice prostitution (adultery; fornication) and to eat things sacrificed to idols (things offered to forms and outward appearances).

21. And I give time to her, to the intent that she may change her mind (way of thinking), and habitually she is not intending (willing) to change her thinking out of her prostitution.

22. Consider: I am presently casting her into a bed, and those who habitually committing adultery with her into a great pressure (tribulation; squeezing) if ever they may not change their minds out of her works (acts; deeds).

And I will kill her children within death, and all the called-out assemblies shall know that I AM the One continuously searching the kidneys and hearts, and I will give to each one of you down from (in accord to) your [plural] acts (deeds; works).

24. Now I am saying to you, to the rest (the remaining) within Thyatira – whoever are not holding this teaching who do not know the depths of Satan (the adversary), as they are saying, I will cast no other burden (weight) upon you.

25. Moreover, what you have (hold) you must get into your power (be strong in; lay hold of), until of which [time or situation] whenever I will (or: may) arrive.”

26. “And [to] the one habitually conquering (repeatedly overcoming) and keeping watch over (guarding; maintaining observance of) My acts (works; deeds) until completion (down to a final act; as far as [the] goal; until an end), I will give to him authority upon the multitudes (the nations; the ethnic groups; the Gentiles).

27. “And he will shepherd [i.e., feed, tend and guard] them with a staff made of iron, as he is being continuously broken [like] pottery vessels, as I also have received from My Father.

28. “And I will give to him the morning star.”

29. “Let the one having an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to (in) the called-out assemblies!”


1. “And to (by; in; for) the agent (messenger) of the called-out group (church) within Sardis, write: “The One having (holding) the seven spirits of God and (or: even) the seven stars is presently saying these things,

“I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your works (acts; deeds) [and] that you have a name that you are living, and you are dead!

2. Come to be (Be birthed) awake ones (watchful ones) and establish (set fast) the remaining things which were about to die (rot), for I have not found your works (acts; deeds) being fulfilled (being made full) in front of (before; in the sight of) My God.

3. Remember, then, how you have received (taken with the hand) and hear! Continuously keep watch (Guard [it]) and change your way of thinking. If ever, then, you should not be watching, I will arrive upon you as a thief, and under no circumstances may you know what hour I will arrive upon you.

4. But still, you have a few names in Sardis which do (or: did) not stain (soil; pollute) their garments, and they will walk with Me in white [garments] because they are worthy ones (ones of corresponding value).”

5. “The one habitually conquering (repeatedly overcoming) may thus clothe himself in white garments, and under no circumstances will I erase his name from out of the scroll of The Life (or: Life’s scroll), and I will speak in accordance to his name (say the same thing as his name; confess and avow his name) in front of My Father, and in front of His agents (messengers).

6. “Let the one having an ear continuously hear what the Spirit is saying to the called-out assemblies (churches).”

7. “And to the agent of the called-out assembly in Philadelphia, write: “The Set-apart One (The Holy One; The Saint), the True One, the One having (continuously holding) David’s Key, the One habitually opening and no one keeps on shutting (or: locking) and He is repeatedly shutting (locking) and no one keeps on opening He, is presently saying these things,

8. “I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your [pronouns & verbs sing.] acts (works; deeds). Consider! I have given before you an open door (or: a door having been opened in your sight) which no one is able (has power) to shut, because you continue holding a little power (having a little ability), and you keep watch over (guard) My Word, and you do not deny (disown) My Name.

9. Consider! I am constantly giving to those from out of the synagogue of Satan (the assembly of the adversary) the ones repeatedly saying [that] they themselves are Jews, and they are not, but are lying – Consider! I will form them (construct them; make them) so that they may arrive, and they may worship in front of your feet!

10. Because you keep watch over (observe; preserve; guard) the Word of My patient endurance (of My remaining under), I, also, will keep watch over (observe; preserve; guard) YOU [sing.] from out of the hour of the putting to the proof (trial; test) which is presently about to be progressively coming upon the whole habitable land (or: inhabited earth), to put to the proof (to test and try) those continually dwelling down in houses (inhabiting) upon the Land (or: earth).”

11. “I am repeatedly (habitually; constantly) coming swiftly! You must be continuously strong in what you have (or: you must constantly hold in your power that which you possess) to the end that no one may take your crown (your emblem of victory; your encirclement).

12. “The one habitually conquering (repeatedly overcoming) I will make (form; construct; create) him [to be] a pillar (column) in My God’s Temple, and he (or: it) may nevermore (by no means any more) come (or: go) out (outside), and I will write upon him My God’s Name, and the name of the City of My God: The New Jerusalem the one habitually descending from out of the heaven, from God and My new Name [Vat. MS #1006 & others read: and the new name].

13. “Let the one having an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the called-out assemblies (churches)!”

14. “And to (by; in; for) the agent (messenger) of the called-out group within Laodicea, write: “The Amen (The It-is-so), the Faithful (Trustworthy) and True Witness, the Beginning of God’s Creation (or: the Origin of God’s creation; the First Place or Corner God’s Framing; the Beginning of God’s act of building and founding; the Beginning of Gods act of reducing from a state of wildness and disorder) is presently saying these things,

15. “I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your [sing.] works (acts), [and] that you are (continue being) neither cold nor boiling hot (or: zealous): O that you were being cold, or boiling hot (zealous)!

16. Thus, because you continue being lukewarm (tepid), and are neither boiling hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of My mouth.

17. Because your are habitually saying, “I am rich and have acquired wealth and continuously have need of nothing,” and you have not seen to know (are not aware) that you continue being wretched (enduring severe hardship) and pitiful and poor and blind and naked,

18. I continue advising you [sing.]to buy from Me gold having been refined (set ablaze) forth from out of fire, to the end that you may become rich; and white garments, to the end that you may clothe yourself and the shame (disgrace) of your nakedness may not be manifested (brought to light; caused to appear); and eye-salve to anoint (rub in) your eyes, to the end that you may be continuously seeing (observing).”

19. “How many soever, if I may be having affection for them (regard them as fond friends), I constantly put to the proof (or: expose, or reprove) and I continuously discipline (give child-instruction). Therefore be hot (zealous) and change your mind (your way of thinking; your attitude and frame of mind)!

20. “Consider! I have stood, and continue standing upon the door, and I am constantly knocking; if ever anyone may hear My voice (or: sound) and may open the door, I will enter (come or go in) toward him, and I will eat the evening meal with him, and he with Me.”

21. “To (In; For) him who is habitually conquering (repeatedly overcoming) I will give [the right? the ability? the honor?] to sit (be seated) with Me within My throne, as I also conquer (or: conquered; overcome/overcame) and sit (sat down) with My Father within His throne.

22. “Let the one who has an ear hear what the Spirit is presently saying to the called-out assemblies.”


1. After these things I saw (perceived), and behold! A door, open (having been opened) within the heaven. And the first sound (voice) which I hear (heard) [is; was] as a war-trumpet talking with me, saying,

“Come up (Ascend) here, and I will show you what things it is necessary (binding) to birth (to come to be in existence) after these things.”

2. And immediately I in myself came to exist within spirit (or: in myself I came to be {or: I birthed myself} within [the] Spirit), and behold! A throne being laid down and lying within the heaven, and upon the throne [was] One continuously sitting.

3. And the One continuously sitting [was/is] for appearance (to [my] vision) like a jasper stone and a carnelian. And a rainbow, similar in appearance to an emerald, [was/is] around the throne.

4. Also around (encircling) the throne [were/are] twenty-four thrones, and upon the thrones, twenty -four elders continuously sitting, having been clothed in white garments. And upon their heads [were/are] golden wreaths (symbols of having won in a contest, or of festal celebration).

5. And forth from out of the throne, lightnings and voices (sounds) and thunders repeatedly (continuously) proceed out. And seven shining ones (lights; torches) of fire, which are the Seven Spirits of God, being continuously caused to burn before the throne.

6. Also before the throne [is/was] a sea as of glass (or: as a glassy sea), like clear ice (or: crystal). And within the middle of the throne and in a circle around the throne [were/are] four living ones (living beings) continuously being full of eyes in front and behind:

7. the first living one resembling a lion, the second living one resembling a calf (young bullock), the third living one has a mans face, and the fourth living one resembles a flying vulture (or: eagle).

8. And the four living ones (living beings), each one of them having six wings apiece, are continuously full of eyes in a circle around and internally; and day and night they continuously have no rest (intermission), constantly saying,

“Set-apart, Set-apart, Set-apart (Separated; Holy), Lord [= Yahweh] God, The All-strong (the Almighty; the Strong Holder-of-all), the One Who was and continued being, the continuously Existing One, even the One continuously (habitually; repeatedly; progressively) coming.”

9. And whenever the living ones will give glory and honor (value) and thanks (gratitude; good favor) to the One continuously sitting upon the throne to the One continuously living into the ages of the ages,

10. the twenty-four elders will fall before the One continuously sitting upon the throne, and will worship (kiss toward) the One continuously living into the ages of the ages, and they will cast their wreaths (symbols of victory or celebration) before the throne, repeatedly saying,

11. “You are constantly worthy (or equal value), or Lord and God, to receive (or: take) the glory (or: the reputation), and the honor, and the power, because You create all things (or: You framed, founded and reduced all things from a state of disorder and wildness), and because of Your will (intent; purpose) they were and continued being, and they are (were) framed (created).”


1. And upon the [open] right [hand] of the One continuously sitting upon the throne, I saw a scroll having been written within and behind (i.e., written on both sides), having been sealed by seven seals.

2. And I saw a strong agent (messenger) repeatedly proclaiming (announcing openly and publicly) in a great voice,

“Who is worthy (of equal value) to open the scroll, and to loose (destroy) its seals?”

3. And no one (not one) within the heaven, neither upon the land (earth) nor down under the land (earth), had power (was able) to open the scroll not to see (observe) it.

4. And I was greatly weeping, that no one was found (is found) worthy (of equal value) to open the scroll nor even to see (observe) it.

5. And one forth from among the elders is saying to me,

“Do not be weeping! Consider! The Lion out of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, overcame (or: conquers) to open the scroll and to loose (destroy) its seals.”

6. And within the midst of the throne and of the four living ones, and within the midst of the elders, I saw a little Lamb standing, as one having been slaughtered, having seven horns and seven eyes which are the Seven Spirits of God: the Ones having been and still being sent forth as apostles into all the Land (or: earth)

7. and it came (went), and it has taken (received) so that it has the scroll from out of the right [hand] of the One continuously sitting upon the throne.

8. And when it took (received) the scroll, the four living ones and the twenty-four elders fell before the little Lamb each one constantly holding lyres (harps) and golden, shallow bowls being continuously brimming full of incenses (things passed off in fumes), which are the prayers of the set-apart (holy) ones (or: the saints).

9. And they repeatedly sing a new song (ode; hymn), constantly saying, “You are worthy (of equal value) to take (receive) the scroll and to open its seals, because You were (or: are) slaughtered and bought us by God (for God; in God), within Your blood, from out of the midst of every tribe and tongue (language) and people and multitude (nation).

10. And You made (or: make; form construct) them kings [other MSS: a kingdom] and priests in (for; to; by) our God, and they continue reigning [reading with Westcott & Hort (following A); other MSS: they will reign] upon the Land (or: the earth).”

11. And I saw and also heard a sound (a voice) of many agents forming a circle around the throne, the living ones, and the elders. And the number of them [is/was] innumerable groups of innumerable groups (myriads of myriads), even thousands of thousands,

12. repeatedly saying with a great voice, “The little Lamb, the One having been slaughtered, is worthy (of value) to take (receive) the power (ability), even wealth (riches) and wisdom and strength and honor and glory (reputation) and blessing.”

13. And all creation (every creature) which exists within the heaven, and upon the earth, and down under the earth, also which is upon the sea even All Things (the whole) within them I heard repeatedly saying, “The blessing and the honor and the glory (good reputation) and the strength (might) [is] in (by; for; to) the One continuously sitting upon the throne, and in (by; to; for) the little Lamb, into the ages of the ages.”

14. And the four living ones say (said), “It is so (Amen)!” And the elders fall (fell) and worship (or: worshiped; kiss the hand toward).


1. And I saw when the little Lamb opened one from out of the seven seals; and I heard one forth from the four living ones repeatedly saying, as a sound (voice) of thunder, “Come! (or: Be coming!)”

2. And I saw, and consider! A bright white horse, and the One (or: He) continually sitting upon it is constantly holding a bow. And a victors wreath was given to Him, and He came forth (went out) repeatedly overcoming (continuously conquering), even to the end that He may overcome (conquer).

3. And when He opened the second seal, I heard the second living one repeatedly saying, “Come!”

4. And another horse, fiery (fiery-red; of the character or color of fire), came forth (went out), and to the One continually sitting upon it. to Him it was given to take the peace out of the Land (earth) so that they may slaughter (kill) each other. And a great sword was given to Him.

5. And when He opened the third seal, I heard the third living one repeatedly saying, Come! And I saw, and consider! A black horse, and the One continually sitting upon it [is] constantly holding a pair of balances (or: a balance bar) in His hand.

6. And I heard a voice within the midst of the four living ones repeatedly saying, “A small measure (a choenix: about a quart) of wheat [for] a denarius (a silver coin equivalent to a days pay), and three small measures of barley [for] a denarius; and you may not act unjustly to (wrong; violate; injure) the olive oil and the wine.”

7. And when He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living one repeatedly saying, “Come!”

8. And I saw, and consider! A pale, yellowish-green (pallid; ashen; colorless) horse, and the name for Him [Who is] continually sitting upon it [is] Death, and the Unseen (Hades) has been following with Him. And authority (lawfulness; permission; jurisdiction) was given to Him upon the fourth of the Land (earth) to kill within broadsword, and with famine, and within death, even by the little animals (little beasts) of the Land (earth).

9. And when He opened the fifth seal, I saw, down under the altar of burnt-offering, the souls of the ones having been slaughtered [as in sacrifice] because of the Word of God, and because of the witness (testimony) which they were holding (continued to have).

10. And they uttered a cry with (by) a great (loud) voice, repeatedly saying, “Until when (How long), O Absolute Owner (Sovereign Lord; Master), the Set-apart (Holy) and True One, are You not deciding (separating and judging) and maintaining right for (operating out of the way pointed out; avenging) our blood, out of those habitually having an abode (dwelling) upon the Land (earth)?”

11. And a brilliant white robe was given to each of them, and it was declared to them that they may rest themselves (permit themselves to cease from any movement or labor in order to recover strength) a little time longer (yet a short time) while (or; until) also [the number of] their fellow-slaves, even their brothers those continually being about to be killed, even as they [were] – – may be fulfilled (filled up; made full).

12. And I saw when He opened the sixth seal, and there came to be a great shaking. And the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair. And the whole moon became as blood.

13. And the stars of the heaven fell into the Land (earth), as a fig tree is casting her winter (unseasonable) figs, being continuously shaken by a great wind.

14. And the heaven was parted away, as a little scroll being progressively rolled up, and every mountain (or: hill) and island were moved out of their places.

15. And the kings of the Land (earth), and the great ones, and the commanders of thousands, and the wealthy (rich) ones, and the strong ones, and every slave, and every free one, [all] hid themselves into the caves and into the rocks of the mountains,

16. repeatedly saying to the mountains and to the rocks,

“Fall upon us and hide us from the Face of the One continuously sitting upon the throne, and from the inherent fervor (internal swelling emotion; impulse; anger?; wrath?; indignation?; natural bent) of the little Lamb.”

17. Because the great Day of their [other MSS: His] inherent fervor (internal swelling emotion; impulse; anger?; wrath?; indignation?; natural bent) comes (or: came), and who (which one) is continuously able (continues having power) to be made to stand (to be established)?


1. After this I saw (perceived) four agents (messengers) standing upon the four corners of the Land (earth), continuously holding in their power (restraining) the four winds of the Land (earth), so that wind may not be blowing upon the Land (earth; soil), nor upon the sea, nor upon any tree (all tree and shrub).

2. And I saw (perceived) another agent (messenger) progressively ascending (stepping up) from [a; the] rising of the sun [i.e., from the dawn or the east], continually holding a seal (or: signet ring; Vat. MSS 1160: seals) of the continuously-living God.

And he uttered a cry with (by) a great (loud) voice to the four agents (messengers), to whom it was (or: is) given for them (to them; in them; by them) to act unjustly to ( to violate, injure, wrong or hurt) the Land (earth; soil) and the sea

3. repeatedly saying, “You may not act unjustly to (hurt; injure; wrong; violate) the Land (earth; soil), nor the sea, nor the trees, until we may seal (impress with a signet ring) the slaves of our God upon their foreheads.”

4. And I heard the number of the ones having been sealed (impressed; imprinted): one hundred forty-four thousand ones (or: men masc.) having been sealed (imprinted) from out of every tribe of the sons of Israel.

5. Out of Judah’s tribe: twelve thousand sealed (imprinted)

Out of Reuben’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Gad’s tribe: twelve thousand

6. Out of Asher’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Naphtali’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Manasseh’s tribe: twelve thousand

7. Out of Simeon’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Levi’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Issachar’s tribe: twelve thousand

8. Out of Zebulon’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Joseph’s tribe: twelve thousand

Out of Benjamin’s tribe: twelve thousand sealed (imprinted).

9. After these things I saw (perceived), and consider! A vast crowd (great multitude), which no one was able to number, from out of every nation (multitude; ethnic group) even of tribes and of peoples and of tongues (languages) standing before (in the sight of) the throne, and before (in the sight of) the little Lamb, having been clothed with bright white robes (or: equipment; uniforms), and palm trees (or: branches) [are] within their hands.

10. And they are uttering a cry (are exclaiming) with a great (loud) voice, repeatedly saying, “The deliverance (Wholeness and health; The salvation) [is] by our God (in our God) by (in) the One continuously sitting upon the throne, even (or: and) by (in) the little Lamb!”

11. And all the agents (messengers) had stood and continued standing in a circle around the throne and the elders and the four living ones. And they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped (kissed toward) God, repeatedly saying,

12. “It is so (Amen)! The blessing, the glory (reputation), the wisdom, the gratitude (thanksgiving), the honor (the value; the pricing), the power (the ability), and the strength [is] in (by; for) our God, into the ages (eons) of the ages! So it is (Amen)!”

13. And one from out of the elders answered, saying to me, “These the ones having been clothed with the bright, white robes (or: uniforms; equipment) who are they and whence came they?”

14. And I had spoken to him, “O, my lord, you have seen, and thus know,” and he said to me, “These are the ones continuously coming forth from out of the midst of great pressure (squeezing; tribulation), and they washed their robes (uniforms; equipment) and made them bright and white within the little Lamb’s blood.

15. Because of this they are constantly before (in the sight and presence of) God’s throne, and they habitually do public service to (in; by; for) Him, day and night, within the midst of His Temple. And the One continuously sitting upon the throne will pitch a tent (spread a covering or tabernacle) upon them.

16. They will no longer hunger, neither will they thirst, nor may the sun fall upon them, nor any scorching or burning heat,

17. because (seeing that) the little Lamb the One back up amidst the throne (or: the One again in the midst of the throne) will shepherd [other MSS: is continuously shepherding] them, and will guide [others: is continuously guiding] them upon springs of waters of life [others: living springs of water]. And God will anoint (or: wipe and smear out) every tear shed from out of their eyes.”


1. And when He opened the seventh seal, silence was birthed (came into existence; occurred; came to be) within the heaven for about (something like; as) half an hour.

2. And I saw the seven agents (messengers) the ones having stood and now standing before (in the presence and sight of) God. And seven trumpets were given to them.

3. And another agent (messenger) came and was stationed (was set; is made to stand) upon the altar, continuously holding a golden censer. And it was given to him many incenses (or: much incense), to the end that he may give [them, or, it] by the prayers (or: in the prayers; that he may impart to the prayers) of the set-apart ones (the holy ones; the saints), upon the golden altar which is before the throne.

4. And the smoke of the incenses ascended, by (in) the prayers of the set-apart ones, from out of the agents hand, before God (in Gods sight and presence).

5. And the agent had taken the censer and filled it full out of the fire of the altar, and he threw [fire; or, the censer] into the Land (earth; soil). And thunders and sounds (or: voices) and lightnings and shakings birthed themselves (of themselves came into being).

6. And the seven agents (messengers) the ones holding the seven trumpets prepared themselves (made themselves ready), so that they may sound the trumpets.

7. And the first one sounded a trumpet; and hail and fire mixed in blood was birthed (came to be) [or: hail and fire came to be mixed with blood], and it was thrown into the Land (earth; soil). And the third of the trees was burned down, and all pale-green pasture (grass) was burned down.

8. And the second agent trumpeted; and something like a great mountain, continuously being burned in fire, was thrown into the sea. And the third of the sea came to be blood.

9. And the third of the creatures within the sea the ones (or: things) having souls died. And the third of the ships was thoroughly ruined (decayed; destroyed).

10. And the third agent sounded a trumpet. And a great star, continuously burning as a lamp (a shining one), fell out of the heaven, and it fell upon the third of the rivers and upon the springs of the waters.

11. And the name of the star is called Wormwood (or: Absinth). And the third of the waters are being birthed (are coming to be) wormwood. And many of the men (or mankind) died from out of the waters, because they were embittered (made bitter).

12. And the fourth agent trumpeted; and the third of the sun and the third of the moon, and the third of the stars were struck (received a blow), to the end that the third of them may be darkened, and the day may not shine [for] the third of it and the night in like manner.

12. And I saw and heard one vulture (or: eagle), constantly flying within mid-heaven, repeatedly saying by a great voice, “Woe (Alas)! Woe (Alas)! Woe (Alas)! for those (to or in the ones) constantly dwelling upon the Land (earth), from out of the midst of the remaining sounds (voices) of the trumpets of the three agents who are about to be continuously sounding a trumpet!”


1. And the fifth agent (messenger) sounded a trumpet, and I saw a star having fallen from out of the heaven into the Land (earth) and the key of the well (cistern; shaft; pit) of The Deep [note: the abyss; that which is very deep so as to be considered bottomless; used in Gen. 1:2 (LXX), darkness {was} up upon (over) the Deep, and God’s Spirit was bearing (conducting) Himself over upon the water; used of “the fountains of the Deep” in Gen. 8:2 (LXX); of “springs of the Deep” in Deut. 8:7; used in Deut. 33:13 (LXX), And to Joseph he said, “His land is of the blessing… from the springs of the Deep below;” and in Ps. 104:2-6 (LXX), “Who dost robe Thyself with light as a garment…. Who covers His chambers with waters; Who makes the clouds His chariot… The Deep, as a garment, is His covering;” Ps. 107:23-26 (LXX), “They that go down to the sea…. these have seen the works of the Lord, and His wonders in The Deep; Ps.148:7,8, … and all Deeps…. the things continually performing His Word;” Isa. 63:13, “He led them through the Deep, as a horse through the wilderness…;” was given to him.

2. And he opened up the well (shaft; pit) of The Deep and smoke ascended out of the well (shaft), as smoke of a great furnace (or: kiln for smelting, firing earthen ware or baking bread), and the sun and the air were darkened from out of the smoke of the well (shaft).

3. And locusts came out of the smoke [and went] into the Land (earth). And authority (permission) was given to them as the scorpions of the land (earth) have authority (permission; license)

4. and it was declared to them that they may not be acting unjustly to (be injuring or violating) the enclosed pasture (grass) of the Land (earth), nor any green thing, nor any tree, except the humans (the men): those not having the seal (imprint) of God upon their foreheads.

5. And it was granted (given) to (for) them, not that they should be killing them, but rather that they may be examined (tried as metals by the touchstone; distressed) [for] five months. And their examination [is/was] as the distress (metal testing) of a scorpion whenever it may strike a human.

6. And in those days the humans (the men) will seek (search for; pursue) death, and will by no means (under no circumstances) find it. And they will set their desire to die, and death will flee (escape) from them.

7. Now the representations (likenesses; figures) of the locusts [were] like (similar to) horses having been made ready (prepared) unto battle. And upon their heads [were] something like golden wreaths, and their faces [were] as men’s (or: human) faces,

8. and they were having hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as those of lions.

9. And they were having breastplates as breastplate armor made of iron and the sound of their wings [was] as the sound of chariots of many horses continuously running into battle.

10. And they continue having tails like scorpions, and stings (goads; sharp points), and in their tails [is] their authority (permission) to act unjustly to (to injure) mankind (the men) [for] five months.

11. They habitually have a King upon them: the Agent (Messenger) of the Deep. The name for Him in Hebrew [is] Abaddon (Destruction), and in the Greek He has the name Apollyon (Destroyer; A Destroying One).

12. The one woe passed away. Consider two woes are yet coming after them.

13. And the sixth agent (messenger) sounded a trumpet, and I heard one voice from out of the four horns of the golden altar [which is] before God,

14. presently saying to the sixth agent, “Loose the four agents: the ones having been bound upon the great river Euphrates.”

15. And the four agents were loosed those having been made ready (being prepared) unto the hour and day and month and year so that they may be constantly killing the third of the men (the humans).

16. And the number of the troops (armed forces) of the cavalry [was] two vast multitudes of innumerable groups (or: myriads of myriads) I heard the number of them (or: their number).

17. And thus I saw the horses in the vision: and the ones sitting upon them habitually having breastplates of Fire, even resembling hyacinth stone, and being divine in character (??? deity; divinity; divine nature or character; the fire of God; brimstone or sulphur). And the heads of the horses [are] as heads of Lions. And Fire, Smoke and Deity (divine nature and character) continuously issues forth from out of their mouths.

18. From these three plagues (blows; smitings) the third of the men (humans) were killed out of the Fire, and of the Smoke, and of the Deity which is constantly issuing out of their mouths,

19. for the authority of the horses exists in their mouth and in their tails, for their tails [are] like serpents, having heads, and within them they constantly inflict injustice (injury).

20. And the remaining ones (the rest) of the men (humans), those who were not killed in these plagues (blows), did not change their mind (change their perceptions or ways of thinking) from out of the works (acts; deeds) of their hands, so that they may not worship the demons and the idols (forms): the gold ones, and the wooden ones, which are able (have power) neither to see nor to hear, nor to walk about.

21. And they did not change their mind (attitude and way of thinking) from out of their murders, nor from out of their employment of drugs (or: sorceries; enchantments), nor from out of her prostitutions (fornications), nor from out of their thefts.


1. And I saw a Strong Agent (other MSS: another Agent, a Strong One) progressively descending (stepping down) from out of the heaven having been clothed with a cloud, and the rainbow upon His head, and His face as the sun, and His feet as pillars of FIRE

2. and constantly holding in His hand a tiny scroll having been opened up. And He placed His right foot upon the sea, but the left upon the Land (earth).

3. And He uttered a cry with (lit. by) a great Voice, even as a Lion is roaring. And when He uttered a cry (cried out), the Seven Thunders uttered their own voices [or, spoke voices themselves].

4. And when the Seven Thunders spoke (gave utterance), I was about to be writing and I heard a Voice from out of the heaven repeatedly saying, “You must seal (or: Stamp with a seal) what the Seven Thunders uttered (spoke),” and You may not write these things.”

5. And the Agent, Whom I saw standing upon the sea and upon the land, lifted up His right hand into (the) heaven,

6. and swore (affirmed or promised with an oath) within the One continuously living into the ages of the ages (or: the Ages belonging to & pertaining to the ages) Who framed (created; founded; reduced from a state of disorder and wilderness) the heaven, and the things within it, and the land (earth), and the things within her, and the sea, and the things within her that a time shall not longer be (or: that time will not further be; that {a} time will not still exist; there will be no delay; there will be no longer a time of delay);

7. but rather, within the days of the Seventh Agent, whenever he may be about to repeatedly sound a trumpet, God’s secret (the secret, or mystery, of God) is also completed (reached its goal; finished; concluded; ended), as proclaimed as good news to (or: as He announced the good news to) His own slaves, the prophets [other MSS: His own slaves, and the prophets].

8. And the Voice, which I heard from out of the heaven, is speaking again with me, and is saying, “Be going (departing), take (receive with the hand; seize) the tiny scroll the one having been opened up within the Agent’s hand, Who has taken a stand upon the sea and upon the land.”

9. And I went away toward the Agent, saying to Him to give to me the tiny scroll. And He is saying to me, “Take (seize) it and eat it down (devour it): and it will make your whole belly (the hollow place; the cavity; the stomach and intestines; the innermost part; used of the womb) bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.”

10. And I took (seized) the tiny scroll from out of the Agent’s hand, and devoured it, and it was sweet as honey within my mouth. And when I ate it, my belly (hollow place, etc.) was made bitter.

11. And He is saying to me, “It necessitates you (it is binding you) to prophesy (to exercise the function of a prophet) again upon peoples and multitudes (nations; ethnic groups) and tongues (languages) and many kings.”


1. And a reed like a staff (rod) was given to me, [and He was] presently saying, “Rouse yourself (or: Arise!; Awake!) and measure the temple of God (God’s temple, or dwelling), and the altar, and the ones continuously worshiping within it.

2. And the court [an unroofed enclosure used of the sheepfold in Jn. 10:1, 16], the one outside the temple, you must cast outside (throw, or expel, out of doors), and you may not measure her because it was given to the multitudes (ethnic groups; nations), and they will tread (advance by setting the foot upon) the set- apart city (the Holy City) forty-two months.

3. And I will present a gift to My two witnesses (or: I will supply for My two witnesses), and they will prophesy (function as prophets) a thousand two hundred sixty days, being clothed (cast around) [in/with] sackcloth.

4. These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands the ones having made a stand (been placed) and are standing before (in the presence of) the LORD [ = Yahweh] of the earth (Land).

5. And if any one is willing (intending) to injure (do injustice to) them, fire is continuously (repeatedly) issuing (proceeding) out of their mouth [sing.] and is continuously devouring their enemies (adversaries); and if any one is intending (wanting, willing) to injure (do injustice to) them, thus it is necessary for him to be killed.

6. These continuously hold (have) authority to close (shut, lock) the heaven, to the end that continuously it may not shower rain [during] the days of their prophecy. And they continuously hold authority upon the waters, to continuously turn them into blood; and to smite (beat, strike) the Land (earth) within every plague as often as they may will if they intend (purpose) to [“if” with the subjunctive].

7. And whenever they may complete (finish; make an end of) their witness (testimony), the little animal (beast) the one repeatedly climbing up (ascending) out of the Deep will make war (do battle) with them, and will overcome (conquer) them, and will kill them.

8. And their fallen dead body will be upon [other MSS: And their fall will be into] the broad place (street; square; plaza) of The Great City whatever, spiritually, is continuously being called (named) “Sodom” and “Egypt” where also their Lord was crucified (or: where their Lord, also, was crucified).

9. And they out of the peoples even of tribes and tongues and ethnic groups (nations, multitudes) – – continuously see (observe, cast a look upon) their dead body [singular] three and one half days, and they will not release (let go) their dead bodies to be placed into a memorial (monument; a tomb).

10. And the ones continuously having a house down upon the earth (the ones continuously dwelling upon the Land) are continuously rejoicing upon them, and they will be gladdened (made glad) and will send presents to each other, because these, the two prophets, tested and examined (applied the touchstone to test the purity of the metal of) those continuously having a house down upon the earth.

11. And after three and a half days, a spirit of Life (Life’s breath or spirit) from out of God entered within [other MSS: into] them and they stood upon their feet. And (a) great fear fell upon the ones continuously spectating on (beholding) them.

12. And they heard a great Voice from out of the heaven, repeatedly saying to them, “You must climb up (ascend) here (to this place).” And they climbed up (ascended) into the heaven within the cloud, and their enemies beheld (spectated on) them.

13. And within that hour a great shaking (earthquake) was birthed (came to be) and the tenth of The City fell, and seven thousand names of men were killed within the shaking (quake), and the remaining ones came to be terrified (ones within fear) and gave glory to the God of the heaven.

14. The second woe departed (went away). Consider! The third woe is progressively coming swiftly.

15. And the seventh agent sounded a trumpet, and great voices of themselves came to be (birthed themselves; occurred of themselves) within the heaven, continuously saying, “The kingdom of the world (the ordered system) became (is come to be) our LORD’S [= Yahweh’s] and His Christ’s (His Anointed One’s), and HE will reign into the ages of the ages [other MSS +: So it is (Amen)].”

16. And the twenty-four elders the ones continuously sitting upon their thrones before (in the presence of) God fell (fall) upon their faces and worshiped (worship) God,

17. repeatedly saying, “We are continuously grateful (thankful) to You (or: we continuously give You thanks), LORD [= Yahweh] God, the One of All Strength (the Almighty, Omnipotent One), the One continuously Existing (Being), even the One Who was continuously Existing (Being), because You have taken (so that You have in Your hand) Your great power (ability) and You reign (rule as King).”

18. Now the multitudes (ethnic groups; nations) were made angry (were made to internally swell; were aroused; were made impulsive; the aor., so, could read: are made …), and Your inherent fervor (swelling arousal; impulse; wrath; anger; indignation; natural bent) came (comes), and the season (fitting situation; suitable circumstances) of the dead ones to be separated (decided about; judged; made a distinction between), and to give the wages (reward) to Your slaves: to the prophets and to the set-apart ones, and the ones continuously fearing Your NAME to the small ones and to the great ones and to thoroughly spoil (fully ruin; thoroughly decay; utterly destroy) the ones continuously corrupting (thoroughly spoiling, ruining, destroying) the Land (earth).

19. And the Temple of God the one within the heavens was opened (is opened), and the ark of the covenant (arrangement) [other MSS read: ark of the covenant of the Lord; or: ark of God’s covenant] was seen (is seen) within His Temple. And lightning and voices and thunders and a shaking (earthquake) and great hail were birthed (came to be; occurred).


1. And a great sign was seen within the heaven: a Woman having been clothed (cast around) with the Sun, and the Moon down under her feet, and a wreath of twelve stars upon her head.

2. And being pregnant (continuously having/holding within the womb/belly), she is constantly crying (uttering a cry), travailing with birth-pangs, and being tested (continuously tried; experiencing the touchstone) to bring forth (to bear a child).

3. And another sign was seen within the heaven: and behold, a great fiery-colored dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven bands (diadems; kingly ornaments) upon his seven heads.

4. And its tail is continuously dragging the third of the stars of the heaven, and casts (it cast; it threw) them into the earth (Land). And the dragon stood (had made a stand) before (in the presence of) the Woman the one being about to bring forth (bear a child) to the end that whenever she may bring forth, it may devour (eat down; consume) her child.

5. And she brought forth a SON, a masculine one, Who is about to continuously shepherd ALL THE MULTITUDES (ethnic groups; nations) with(in) an iron staff (rod). And her child was snatched away (seized and carried off by force) toward God and towards His throne.

6. And the Woman fled (takes flight) into the wilderness (desert) where she continuously has there a prepared place from God (or: a place having been made ready from God), to the end that THEY may continuously nourish her there one thousand two hundred sixty days.

7. And a war (battle) was birthed (came to be; arose) within the heaven: the One, Michael [the One in God’s likeness], and His agents [went] to war (battle) with the dragon. And the dragon did battle (battles), also his agents,

8. and they were not strong (had no strength), neither was their place any longer found within the heaven.

9. And thrown (cast ) is (was) the great dragon, the serpent from the very beginning (the original, or ancient, serpent) the one being continuously called devil (one who thrusts- through; slanderer; false accuser; separator) and Satan (the adversary; the opponent; an opposer; the counter-worker), the one continuously causing the whole inhabited area of the earth to wander (to stray; the one continually deceiving). It was (is) thrown (cast) into the earth (land), and its agents were (are) thrown (cast) with it.

10. And I heard a great voice within the heaven repeatedly saying, “At the present moment (just now) the deliverance (salvation), and the authority, and the kingdom of our God was (is) birthed (comes into existence; came to be), also the authority of His Anointed (His Christ; His anointed one), because our brothers’ accuser (the accuser of our brothers) was (is) cast down the one continuously accusing them before (in the presence of) our God day and night.”

11. And THEY overcame (overcome; conquer) him because of the blood of the little Lamb, and (even) because of the word (Word?) of their witness (testimony) and they love not (did not love) their soul (soul-life) even to (until) death.

12. Because of this, you heavens and the ones continuously tabernacling within them must continuously make yourselves glad (keep or develop a good frame of mind; rejoice). Woe to [other readings: Alas for; A woe into] the Land (earth) and the sea, because the devil (slanderer; separator; opposer; the one who thrusts-through) is (was) cast down toward you, having great anger (swelling emotion; rushing passion), knowing that he continuously has a little season (a small suitable place; a limited circumstance; a brief fitting situation).

13. And when (at the time that) the dragon saw (sees) that it is thrown (was cast, thrust) into the earth (Land), it pursued (pursues, presses forward, runs swiftly to catch) the woman who brought forth (brings forth; gives birth to) the male.

14. And two wings of the Great Eagle (Vulture) were given (are given) to the Woman, to the end that she may continuously fly into the wilderness (desert; uninhabited region) into her place where (in which place) she is there continuously nourished a season, and seasons, and half a season, away from the serpent’s face.

15. And the serpent cast (casts; threw; throws) water, as a river (stream), from out of its mouth, behind the Woman (at the woman’s back; after the woman) to the end that it may cause her to be carried away by the river (by its current).

16. And the land (earth) ran (runs) to the aid of (helped; helps) the Woman, and the earth opened (opens) up her mouth and swallowed (swallows; gulps down) the river which the dragon cast (casts) out of its mouth.

17. And the dragon was (is) enraged (angered; swells with agitation of soul) upon the Woman and went away (goes away) to make war (do battle) with the remaining ones (the rest; those left) of her seed those continuously keeping (guarding; observing) God’s commands (injunctions; precepts) and continuously holding the testimony of Jesus.


18. And I was placed (set, made to stand) upon the sand of the sea,

1. and I saw (perceived) a little animal (a little beast) progressively (continuously) climbing up (ascending) from out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and ten bands (diadems; kingly ornaments) upon its horns, and blasphemous names (or, names of blasphemy) upon its heads.

2. And the little animal (little beast) which I saw was and continued to exist like a leopard, and its feet [were] as a bear’s, and its mouth as a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave its ability (power), its throne, and great authority to it [i.e., to the little animal].

3. And one from out of its heads was as having been slaughtered into death, and the blow of its death (or: its death-blow) was healed (or: attended to), and the whole Land (earth) followed after the little animal with fascinated wonder and admiration.

4. And they worshiped (or: worship) the dragon because it gave (gives) authority to the little animal; and they worship the little animal, saying, “Who (what) [is] like the little animal (the little beast)? And who (what) is able (continuously has power) to do battle (make war) with it?”

5. And a mouth, continuously speaking great things and blasphemies was given to it. Authority to act (to make, form, construct, do) [for] forty-two months [other MSS read: to make war 42 months; another early MS reads: to do what it wills 42 months] was also given to it.

6. And it opened (opens) its mouth unto blasphemies toward God, to blaspheme His Name and His Tabernacle: those continuously tabernacling within the heaven.

7. And it was given (is given) to it to make war (do battle) with the set-apart (holy) ones, and to overcome them. And authority was (is) given to it upon every tribe and people and tongue and multitude (nation; ethnic group).

8. And all those continually dwelling upon the earth (land) will worship it of which ones, the name has not been written within the scroll of “The Life of the little Lamb:” the One having been slaughtered from a casting-down of [the] ordered arrangement (world) [or: from {the} world’s founding].

9. If anyone continues having an ear, let him hear.

10. If anyone (a certain one) [is; is destined] into captivity, into captivity he is repeatedly (continuously) departing [Griesbach’s text adds ???, so would read: If anyone is continuously gathering (bringing together) a captive host, into captivity he is proceeding to undergo]. If anyone (a certain one) is continually killing with a sword, it is necessary for him to be killed with a sword. The patient endurance (remaining under) and the faith of the set-apart (holy) ones continually exists here.

11. And I saw another little animal (little beast), progressively stepping up out of the land (earth), and it had two horns like a little lamb, yet it was, and continued, speaking as [the] dragon.

12. And it is continually exercising (doing, making, performing, executing) all the authority of the first little animal (or, little wild beast) within its presence (before it; in its sight), and it repeatedly makes the Land (forms the earth) and those dwelling in her, to the end that they would (may) worship the first little animal (little wild beast) whose death blow was healed (or: attended-to).

13. And it is continually making (doing; constructing; performing) great signs (wonders, miracles, marks, inscriptions), to the end that it may even repeatedly make (a) fire to continuously descend from out of the heaven into the Land (earth) within the presence of (in sight of) the men (mankind).

14. And it continually leads astray (causes to wander; deceives) those [other MSS read: Mine] who are continuously dwelling upon the Land (earth), because of the signs which it was (is) given to it to perform (do, make, construct) in the presence of (before; in sight of) the [first] little animal (little wild beast). [It is] constantly saying to those habitually dwelling upon the Land (earth) to make (construct) an image (likeness; resemblance; an icon) to (for) the little animal (little wild beast) which continuously has the blow (wound; stripe) of the sword, yet lives.

15. And it was given to it to give spirit (breath; a spirit) to the image (icon) of the [first] little animal (little wild beast), to the end that the image (icon) of the little animal may both speak and cause (make; form) that whoever would not worship the image of the [first] little animal may (should) be killed.

16. And it is continually making (causing; forming) all (everyone) the little (small) ones and the great ones, the rich ones and the poor ones, the free ones and the slaves to the end that they may [some MSS: it will] give to them an imprinted mark (an engraved work; sculpture same root from which we get the word “character”) upon their right hand, or upon their foreheads,

17. even to the end that a certain one may continually be unable (or: not anyone may be continually able) to buy or to sell if [he is] not the one continuously having the imprinted mark, or the name of the little animal, or the number of its name.

18. Here is Wisdom! The one having a mind must calculate (compute by pebbles) the number of the little animal, for it is man’s number ([the] number of mankind; a man’s number): his number [is] 666.


1. And I saw, and behold, The Little Lamb standing (having made a stand) upon Mount Zion (or: the mountain, Zion), and with Him one hundred forty-four thousand: ones continuously having His Name, and (even) His Father’s Name, having been written upon their foreheads.

2. And I heard a voice (sound) out of the heaven, as a voice (sound) of many waters, and as a voice (sound) of a great thunder. And the voice (sound) which I heard [was] as lyre-singers, continuously playing their lyres (harps).

3. And they repeatedly sing a new song (ode) before the throne, and in the presence of (before) the four living ones and the elders. And no one was able to learn the song (ode) except the one hundred forty-four thousand those having been bought from the Land (earth).

4. These are (continuously exist) those who were (are) not stained (polluted, contaminated) with women, for they are (exist being) virgins. These are the ones continuously following The little Lamb wherever He continuously leads (other MSS: wherever He may habitually depart). These were (are) bought from mankind, a first-fruit in God (for God; to God; by God), even in (for; to; by) The little Lamb.

5. And falsehood was (is) not found within their mouth, for they are (exist being) without blemish (are flawless, blameless, without defect).

6. And I saw an agent (messenger) continuously flying within mid-heaven, having good news pertaining to the ages, to proclaim the good news upon those situated (habitually sitting down) upon the Land (earth), and upon every multitude (nation; ethnic group), tribe, tongue, and people,

7. repeatedly saying in a great voice, “You should fear God, and you must give glory to Him, because the hour of His deciding (judging; judicial process; making-distinction-between) came (comes), and you must worship the One making (the Maker; the One constructing and forming) the heaven and the earth (land) and the sea and springs of water.”

8. And another, a second agent (messenger), followed, repeatedly saying, “It fell (it falls)! Babylon the Great fell (falls), because it has caused all nations (all ethnic groups; multitudes) to drink out of the wine of the strong passion (violent breathing) of her prostitution.”

9. And another, a third agent (messenger), followed them, repeatedly saying in a great voice, “If any one is continuously worshiping the little wild animal, and its image, and is continuously receiving an imprinted mark upon his forehead or upon his hand,

10. he will also drink out of the wine of God’s rushing emotion (strong passion; anger) of the one having been mixed undiluted within the cup of His inherent fervor (natural bent; impulse; indignation; wrath). And he will be examined (scrutinized with the touchstone to test his “metal”) within Fire and Deity (Divine qualities) in the presence of (before; in the sight of) the set-apart agents, and in the presence of (before) The Little Lamb.

11. And the smoke of their examination by the touchstone continually ascends into (for) ages of the ages. And those continually worshiping the little animal and its image and if any one continually receives the imprinted mark of its name they, continually, are not having rest DAY and NIGHT.

12. Here exists (is continually) the patient endurance (the remaining under) of the set-apart ones (the saints) the ones continually keeping watch upon (guarding, observing, having custody over) God’s commands (orders; precepts) and the Faith of Jesus (the Faith pertaining to Jesus; the Faith belonging to Jesus).

13. And I heard a voice out of the heaven, saying, “Write: ‘From the present moment (from this time; from now; henceforth) the dead ones [are] blessed (happy) ones those continuously dying within the Lord!’ ” “Yes, indeed,” the Spirit continues saying, “to the end that they may rest themselves from out of their wearisome labor (travail; toilsome exhaustion), for their works (acts; deeds) are continually following together with them.”

[Sinaiticus & p47 omit ???, “yes, indeed,” so an alternate rendering could be: Happy [are] the dead ones those continuously dying in the Lord! Henceforth, the Spirit says that they may rest, for their works … NEB, Tasker & Barclay follow this construction]

14. And I saw, and behold, a bright, white cloud. And upon the cloud One like a son of man (= a human) continually sitting, having a golden wreath upon His head and a sharp sickle (instrument for cutting off or cropping) in his hand.

15. And another agent (messenger) came forth out of the Temple, repeatedly crying in a great voice [praying ?] to the One sitting upon the cloud,

“You must send Your sickle and You must reap (gather in the harvest), because the hour to reap comes (came), because the harvest of the land (earth) is dried (parched, withered; thus, ripened).”

16. And the One continuously sitting upon the cloud cast (casts) His sickle upon the Land (earth) and the Land (earth) was reaped!

17. And another agent came out of the Temple, he also having a sharp sickle.

18. And another agent, having authority upon the Fire, came forth out of the altar and uttered (utters) a sound by a great outcry to the one continuously holding the sharp sickle, “You must send your sharp sickle and you must gather (pick) the clusters of the Land’s (earth’s) vineyard (grapevine), because her grapes are in their prime (are at the peak of ripeness).”

19. And the agent cast (casts) his sickle into the Land (earth), and picks (gathers) the vineyard of the Land and he casts [it; them] into the great wine-press (trough, tub) of God’s strong passion (rushing emotion; anger).

20. And the wine-press (trough) was trodden (is trod as a path) outside of the City, and blood came (comes) forth from out of the trough (wine-press) up to the horses’ bridle from a thousand six hundred stadia (a fixed standard of measure; a racecourse; a stadium).


1. And I saw another sign in the heaven great and wonderful (marvelous): seven agents continuously holding the last seven plagues (smitings, strokes), because within them Gods strong passion (fury, wrath) is (or: was) completed (brought to its goal; finished, ended).

2. And I saw as it were a glassy (crystalline) sea having been mixed with FIRE, and the ones (those; the men masc.) continually overcoming (conquering) from out of [the power of?] the little wild animal (beast), and from out of [the nature of?] its image, and from out of [the identity of?] the number of its name, standing (having made a stand) upon the glassy (crystalline) sea, continuously holding Gods lyres (harps).

3. And they continuously sing the song (ode) of Moses, Gods slave (bond-servant), and (even?) the song (ode) of the little Lamb, saying, “O Lord [= O Yahweh], The All-Strong (Omnipotent, Almighty) God, Your acts (works) [are] great ones, and wonderful ones (marvelous ones)! The King of the nations (multitudes, ethnic groups; Cod. Sinaiticus & p45 read: King of the ages)! Your ways (roads, paths) [are] just ones (fair and equitable ones in accord with the Way pointed out) and true (real) ones!

4. O Lord [= O Yahweh], who may by no means (or: who may in no way) fear You and glorify (bring good reputation to) Your Name? Because [You] only (alone; without accompaniment) [are] appropriately pious, sanctioned, benign [Vat. 2066 reads: Set-apart (Holy)]. Because the multitudes (nations: ethnic groups) WILL arrive, and they WILL worship in Your presence (in Your sight; before You), Because Your righteous acts (rightful ways; acts of fairness & equity; just decrees and decisions; actions according to the way pointed out; ACT OF JUSTIFICATION and actualization of justice; rightwising of relationships) ARE MANIFESTED (were brought to light; were made to appear).”

5. And after these things, I saw, and the Temple (sanctuary) of the Tabernacle (tent) of the Witness (testimony) was opened up within the heaven.

6. And the seven agents those continuously holding the seven plagues (smitings) came out of the Temple, being clothed with bright, clean (unsoiled, pure) linen [other MSS:???, stone], and having been bound with a girdle around the breasts [with] golden girdles.

7. And one out of the four living ones gave (gives) to the seven agents seven golden bowls (shallow cups) continuously brimming (being full) of the strong passion (rushing emotion; fury; anger) of the God Who is continuously living into the ages of the ages (or: of God, the One continuously living into the eons of the eons).

8. And the Temple was (is) made full of smoke from out of Gods glory, and from out of His power (ability). And no one had power (was able) to enter into the Temple until the seven plagues (blows, smitings) of the seven agents may (should) be completed.


1. And I heard a great Voice out of the Temple, saying to the seven agents, “You must go (depart) and you must pour out the seven bowls (shallow cups) of Gods strong passion (fury; rushing emotion; anger) into the Land (earth).”

2. And the first one went forth and poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) upon the Land (earth) and a bad and malignant, festering wound (ulcer) came to be upon those men having the imprinted mark of the little wild animal (beast), even upon those continuously worshiping its image (likeness).

3. And the second one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) into the sea and it came to be blood as of a dead one, and every living soul within the sea died.

4. And the third one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) into the rivers (streams) and into the springs (fountains) of the waters and they became blood.

5. And I heard the Agent of the Waters saying, “You are continually a Just One (a Righteous One; One Who observes the way pointed out), the One continuously existing (being), even the One Who was continuously existing, the appropriately pious, sanctioned, benign One, because You judge (judged) these,

6. because they poured (pour) out [the] blood of the set-apart ones and of the prophets, and You gave (give) them blood to drink: they are deserving!”

7. And I heard the Altar saying, “Yes indeed, O Lord [= O Yahweh], the All-Strong (Omnipotent; Almighty) God, Your decisions (separatings; judgments; powers of distinguishing) are true (real) ones and fair (equitable; just; right) ones.

8. And the fourth one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) upon the sun and it was (is) given to him to burn the men (the humans; mankind) in fire.

9. And the men (the humans) were (are) burned [with] great heat, and they blasphemed (blaspheme) the Name of God the One having authority upon these plagues and they did not (do not) change their minds (their way of thinking) to give Him glory (have a good opinion of Him).

10. And the fifth one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) upon the throne of the little wild animal (beast) and its kingdom came to be made dark (darkened), and they were biting their tongues from the painful labor (misery; travail; hard toil),

11. and they blasphemed (blaspheme) the God of the heaven from out of their painful labor and from out of their festering wounds (ulcers), and did not (do not) change their mind (their way of thinking) from out of their works (acts).

12. And the sixth one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) upon the great river Euphrates, and its water was (is) dried up, to the end that the way (road, path) of the kings the ones from the risings of [the] sun may be prepared (made ready).

13. And I saw out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the little wild animal (beast), and out of the mouth of the false prophet three unclean (impure) spirits, as frogs

14. for they are spirits of demons, continually doing (making, constructing, performing) signs which are continuously going out (marching forth) upon the kings of the whole inhabited land, to assemble them (bring them together) into the battle (combat, war) of that great Day of the All-Strong (Omnipotent) God.

15. “Consider! I continually (repeatedly) am coming as a thief! The one continually watching (in wakeful vigilance) and keeping guard upon his garments [is; will be] blessed (a happy one), to the end that he may not be continually walking about (roaming) naked that they may continually see (observe) his indecency (condition of being without proper form, shape or character; shame; ungracefulness).”

16. And He gathered (assembles) them together into the place being called, in the Hebrew Armageddon [some MSS: Mageddon].

17. And the seventh one poured (pours) out his bowl (cup) upon the air and a great voice came (comes) forth from the Temple of the heaven [var. readings: out of the temple from the throne; out of the temple of God; out of the temple from the throne of God], from the throne, repeatedly saying, “It has come to be [He has been birthed; It has come into existence; It has occurred]!”

18. And lightnings and voices and thunders came to be (occurred), and a great shaking (quake) came to be (occurred), such as had not come to be (did not occur) since (from of which) the men (mankind) came to be (occurred) upon the Land (earth) a shaking (quake) of such magnitude, so very great!

19. And the Great City came to be [divided] into three parts, and the cities of the nations (multitudes; ethnic groups) fell, and Babylon the Great (the Great Babylon) was (is) called to mind (remembered) in the presence of (before; in the sight of) God, to give to her the cup of the wine of the strong passion (rushing emotion; fury; anger) of His inherent fervor (natural impulse; mental bent and disposition; personal emotion; indignation; wrath).

20. And every island fled (took flight), and the mountains (hills) were not (are not) found,

21. and hail, great (large) as weighing a talent, is continuously coming down (descending) out of the heaven upon the men (the humans; mankind). And the men blasphemed (blaspheme) God from out of the plagues (blows) of the hail, because Her plague (smiting; blow) is exceeding great.


1. And one of the seven agents the ones holding (having) the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, “Come here! I will show (point out to) you the judgment (administering of justice; judicial decision and equitable sentence) of the Great Prostitute the one continuously sitting upon the many waters,

2. with whom the kings of the land (earth) commit (committed) prostitution (fornication) and those continually dwelling down upon the Land (earth) [that] are (were) made drunk from out of the wine of her prostitution.”

3. And he carried me away, in spirit (or: within [the] Spirit), into a desert. And I saw a woman continuously sitting (seated) upon a crimson (scarlet) little wild animal (beast), [which was] continuously loaded (freighted) with names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

4. And the woman had been clothed [with] purple and crimson (scarlet). And having been adorned (overlaid; gilded) with gold and precious stones and pearls, she is continuously holding in her hand a golden cup (goblet) [which] is continuously loaded (freighted; brimming) with abominations (detestable things) and the unclean things (impure aspects) of her prostitutions.

5. And upon her forehead, a name having been written: “A MYSTERY (A SECRET; a matter to the knowledge of which initiation is necessary) BABYLON the GREAT: The Mother of the Prostitutes and of The Abominations (Detestable Things) of The Land (earth).

6. And I saw the woman, being continuously drunk from out of the blood of the set-apart (holy) ones and from out of the blood of the witnesses of Jesus, and seeing her I wondered (marveled) a great wonder (or: I wondered, [It is] a great marvel!).

7. And the agent said to me, “Why do you (did you) wonder (marvel)? I will declare to you the secret of the woman and of the little wild animal [which is] continuously bearing her aloft, [and] which has the seven heads and the ten horns.

8. The little wild animal (beast) which you saw was existing, and does not exist (is not), and is about to repeatedly climb up (ascend) out of the Deep, and to repeatedly lead under (or, if construing the verb as intransitive: go away) into loss (destruction; state of being lost). And those continually dwelling down upon the Land (earth) whose names have not been written upon the little Scroll of THE LIFE from [the] casting-down (foundation) of [the] world (ordered system) will wonder (marvel), continually observing (beholding) the little wild animal, that it was continuously existing (it was), and it does not exist (is not), and it will be present (exist alongside).

9. Here [is] The Mind: the one continuously having (holding) Wisdom (or: Here [is] the mind [which] has wisdom): The seven heads are seven mountains, where the woman continuously sits upon them,

10. and they are seven kings: five fell, the one is (exists), the other one came not as yet, and when he may come it is necessary for him to remain (abide) a little while (or: briefly).

11. And the little wild animal which was existing, and does not exist, it is also itself [the] eighth, and is (exists) out of the seven, and repeatedly leads under (goes away) into loss (destruction; state of being lost).

12. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who do not yet receive a kingdom, but they are continually receiving authority AS kings [for] one hour with the little wild animal.

13. These continually hold (have) one opinion (thought; resolve), and they continually give their power (ability) and authority to the little wild animal.

14. These will make war (do battle) with the little Lamb, and the little Lamb will overcome (subdue; conquer) them because He is LORD of lords and KING of kings, and the ones with Him are CALLED ONES and CHOSEN ONES and FAITHFUL ONES.”

15. And he is saying to me, “The waters which you saw (see), where the Prostitute continually sits, are peoples and crowds (mobs) and multitudes (nations; ethnic groups) and tongues (languages).

16. And the ten horns which you saw (see) even the little wild animal these will hate (regard with ill will) the Prostitute, and [she] being made desolate (having been laid waste), they will also make her naked and will eat her flesh, and they will burn her down in a fire.

17. For God gave (gives) into their hearts to do His opinion (thought; resolve; purpose), even to form (make; do) one opinion (thought; resolve), and to give their kingdom to the little wild animal (beast) UNTIL Gods Words (the Words of God) shall be completed (finished; ended; perfected; brought to their goal).

18. And the woman, which you saw, is the Great City the one continuously having a kingdom (holding a kingly dominion) upon (over) the kings of the Land (earth).”


1. After these things I saw another Agent progressively descending out of the heaven, continuously having great authority, and the land (earth) was lighted (illuminated) by His glory.

2. And He uttered (utters) a cry in a strong voice, repeatedly saying, “She falls (she fell)! Babylon the Great falls (fell) and becomes (became; comes to be; is birthed) an abode (dwelling) of demons and a confine (ward, prison, a place of keeping watch over) of every impure (unclean) spirit and a preserve (a keep; a cage; a guard-house) of every unclean and hated bird,

3. because all the multitudes (nations; ethnic groups) have drunk [other MSS read: fallen] from out of the wine of the strong passion of her prostitution, and the kings of the Land (earth) commit (committed) prostitution (fornication) with her, and the merchants (those who travel by sea for trade) of the Land (earth) are (became) rich from out of the power (ability) of her headstrong pride [and] wanton luxury.”

4. And I heard another Voice from out of the heaven, repeatedly saying, “Come out of her My people, so that you may not jointly participate with (be a partner with; fellowship together with) her sins (failures; missings of the mark), and so that you may not receive from out of her plagues (blows),

5. because her sins (failures) are glued together (joined; adhered so as to be heaped, built or piled) as far as the heaven. And God remembers (called to mind) her unjust effects (injuries done; misdeeds; unjust acts ; ill-gotten gains; things contrary to the way pointed out).

6. Pay (render; give away; give back) to her as she also (even as she) payed (pays), and double to her doubles [other MSS: double the doubles] according to her works (acts). In the cup which she mixes (blended), mix (blend) double for her.

7. As much as she glorified (glorifies) herself and indulged (lives in proud luxury), so much give to her examination (testing) by the touchstone and mourning (grief; sadness; sorrow), because within her heart she is continually saying, “I continually sit as a queen, and I am not a widow; I may by no means see mourning (grief; sadness; sorrow).”

8. On account of this, in (within) one day her plagues (blows) will arrive: death, mourning (grief) and famine. And she will be burned down (consumed) within fire, because the LORD [= Yahweh], the God judging her, [is] STRONG!

9. And the kings of the land (earth) those committing prostitution (acts of fornication) with her and indulging (living in proud and wanton luxury) will weep and lament (smite or cut themselves in wearisome labor) upon (over) her when they may be observing (seeing) the smoke of her burning,

10. standing away, at a distance, on account of the fear of her examination (testing) by the touchstone, repeatedly saying, “Woe, woe, the great city! Babylon, the strong city! Because in one hour your judgment (judging) came!”

11. And the merchants (sea traders) of the Land (earth) [are] continually weeping and mourning upon (over) her, because no one continues buying their cargo (merchandise) any longer:

12. a cargo of gold, and of silver, and of precious stones, and of pearls, and of fine cotton, and of purple, and of silk, and of scarlet (crimson), and every aromatic (thyme or citron) wood, and every ivory utensil (or, vessel), and every utensil (vessel) [made] out of precious wood and of copper (bronze) and of iron and of shining marble,

13. also cinnamon [grown in Arabia & Syria] and amomum [fragrant white vine from India], and incenses and essential oil [aromatic juices from trees; used for anointing] and frankincense [from Mt. Lebanon and Arabia], and wine and olive oil, and the finest flour, and grain and cattle and sheep and horses and four- wheeled chariots (carriages; coaches), even bodies and souls of men.

14. And the fruit season (or, autumn; ripe fruits) of your souls earnest desire (yearning) went away (passes away) from you, and all the fat (sumptuous) things and the bright, shining things DESTROYED THEMSELVES (became lost; perished) from you, and no longer may you [other MSS: will they] by any means find them.

15. The merchants of these things those becoming rich from her will stand away at a distance, because of the fear of her testing (examination) with the touchstone, continually weeping and mourning,

16. saying repeatedly, “Woe, woe, the great city the one being clothed in fine cotton and purple and crimson (scarlet), and being overlaid (gilded, adorned) in gold and precious stone and pearls because in one hour so much wealth (so great riches) is (was) laid waste (made desolate; made as a desert).”

17. And every navigator (helmsman; one who steers), and everyone repeatedly (habitually) sailing upon a place, and sailors (ship men; seamen; mariners), and as many as are continually working the sea, stand (stood) away at a distance,

18. and, continuously observing the smoke of her burning, they were crying out, repeatedly saying, “What [exists] like the Great City?”

19. And they cast dust (loose earth) upon their heads, and were uttering cries, continually weeping and mourning, repeatedly saying, “Woe, woe, the Great City in which all those having ships in the sea became rich from out of her valuable merchandise (preciousness; estimated worth; imputed value), because in one hour she was laid waste (made like a desert).”

20. Continually rejoice (be made glad) upon her, O Heaven, even the set-apart ones and the apostles and the prophets, because God decided and executed (judges; makes a distinction by separating) YOUR sentence (judgment; law-suit; decision) from out of her.”

21. And one strong agent lifts (took up; carried away) a stone as great as a millstone, and casts (cast) [it] into the sea, saying, “Thus, by violence (impetuous motion) Babylon the Great City will be cast (thrown) and may by no means any longer be found (be yet found).

22. And a sound (voice) of lyre-players/singers and of musicians and of flutists and of trumpeters may by no means be heard in YOU any more (yet, further), and every technician (craftsman, artist) of every trade (craft; art) may by no means be yet (any longer) found within YOU. And a sound of a millstone may by no means be yet found in YOU,

23. and a light of a lamp may by no means any longer shine within YOU; and a voice of a bridegroom and of a bride may by no means any longer be heard in YOU, because YOUR merchants were the great ones of the land (earth) because all the multitudes (nations) were (are) deceived (led astray; caused to wander) in YOUR employment of drugs (sorcery; enchantments).”

24. And within her was (is) found blood of prophets and of set-apart ones even of all those having been slaughtered upon the Land (earth).


1. After these things I heard as it were a great voice of a large crowd ones in the heaven repeatedly saying, “Hallelujah (Praise Yahweh)!: the Deliverance (Salvation) and the Glory and the Power of our God!

2. Because His judgments (decisions and administrations of justice; judicial processes; separations according to the Way pointed out) [are] true ones and fair (equitable; right-wised; just) ones, because He judged (judges) the Great Prostitute anyone who was spoiling (ruining; corrupting) the Land (earth) within her prostitution (fornication) and He restored a right-wised situation of equity in fairness for (avenges; vindicates; executes the right for) the blood of His slaves (bond-servants) from out of her hand.”

3. And a second time they have said, “Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)! And her smoke rises up into the ages of the ages.”

4. And the twenty-four elders and the four living ones fell (fall) down and worshiped the God continuously sitting upon the throne, repeatedly saying, “Amen (make it so; so be it). Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)!”

5. And a Voice from out of the throne came forth, saying, “Habitually praise our God, all His slaves (bond-servants) and the ones continually fearing Him the small ones and the great ones.”

6. And I heard as a voice of a large crowd, and as a sound of many waters, even as a sound of strong thunders saying, “Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)! Because the LORD [= Yahweh] our God, the Almighty, reigns!

7. We should (may) continually rejoice (be glad; be full of joy), and we should continually celebrate (exult), and we should [other MSS: we will] give the glory to Him, because the wedding (marriage festival) of the little Lamb came (comes) and His Wife made (makes) herself ready (prepares herself).”

8. And it was (is) granted (given) to her to the end that she may clothe herself with bright and clean fine cotton (or: she may cast bright, pure, fine linen around her) for the fine cotton (linen) is the fair and equitable deeds and way of life (or: just awards; sentences of justification; right-wised behavior; the legal claims; actualizations of justice; consequences of justice rendered; the living in right relationship which accords with the Way pointed out ???) of the set-apart ones (of the saints).

9. And he is saying to me, “Write: Blessed (happy) ones [are] the ones having been called (the summoned ones; those being invited) into the wedding supper (meal) of the little Lamb.” He also is saying to me, “These are the true WORDS (pl. of ???s) of God (or: These exist being God’s TRUE WORDS)!”

10. And I fell before his feet to worship him, and he is saying to me,  “See! No! I am your fellow-bondservant (slave), even belonging to your brothers the ones constantly holding (having) the witness (testimony) of (or: pertaining to) Jesus Give worship to God! for the witness (testimony) of (or: pertaining to) Jesus is the spirit of The Prophecy.”

11. And I saw the heaven, having been opened, and consider! A bright, white horse. And the One continually sitting upon it being continuously called “Faithful (Full of Faith; To Be Trusted; Trustworthy; Obedient) and True (Real),” and He is continuously judging (making decisions and separations) and battling (making war) in fairness (equitable dealings; in justice and right relations which accord with the Way pointed out).

12. And His eyes [are] a flame of fire; and upon His head [are] many diadems (kingly bands), having a name having been written [other MSS: having names written, and a name] which no one knows except Himself,

13. and having been clothed (cast around) with a garment having been dipped in blood (or, dyed with blood), and His Name is being called “The Word of God (Gods Word).”

14. And the armies in heaven ones having been clothed with (invested with; entered within) clean (pure) bright, white fine cotton continued following Him upon bright, white horses.

15. And a sharp two-edged broadsword repeatedly goes out (issues forth; proceeds) from His mouth, to the end that in it He may smite (strike) the multitudes (nations; ethnic groups). And He will shepherd them with an iron staff. And He is continually treading (as on a path; trampling) the tub (the wine vat) of the wine of the strong passion of the internal swelling fervor (natural impulse; mental bent; personal emotion; indignation; wrath) of the All-Strong (Almighty) God.

16. And upon His garment and upon [His] thigh He has a Name having been written: “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

17. And I saw one agent standing in the sun. And he cried with a great voice, repeatedly saying to all the birds continuously flying in mid-heaven, “Come! Be gathered together into Gods great supper (meal taken at evening),

18. so that you may eat kings flesh and military commanders (commanders of 1000 men; tribunes) flesh, even the flesh of strong ones, and the flesh of horses and of those sitting on them; both flesh of all free ones and of slaves; even of little ones and of great ones.”

19. And I saw the little wild animal (beast), and the kings of the Land (earth), and their armies, having been gathered (assembled) to make war (do battle) with the One continually sitting upon the horse, and with His army.

20. And the little wild animal (beast) was pressed and caught (is arrested), and with him the false prophet (the lying prophet) the one that did (who does) the signs in his presence (before him), in which he led astray (he deceives) the ones taking the imprinted mark of the little wild animal, and continually worshiping its image the two were cast (thrown) into the lake of the fire, the one continuously burning within [the] Deity.

21. And the remaining ones (the rest; the ones left) were killed in the broadsword coming out of the mouth of Him who is continuously sitting upon the horse. And all the birds were fed until satisfied from out of their flesh.


1. And I saw an Agent progressively descending out of the heaven, continually holding (having) the key of the Deep, and a great chain upon His hand.

2. And He seizes (put a power-hold on) the dragon, the primeval (ancient; original) serpent, who is a false accuser and an adversary (or: [the] Devil and Satan), and He binds (or: bound) it (him) a thousand years.

3. And He casts (threw) it (him) into the Deep and He closes (shut; locked) and seals (stamped with a seal) over upon it (him), to the end that it (he) may no longer (not still) deceive (lead astray; cause to wander) the multitudes (the nations; the non-Israelites; the ethnic groups), until the thousand years may be ended (finished, completed, perfected; brought to the goal). After these [events; things], it is necessary for it to be loosed [for] a little time.

4. And I saw thrones and they sit (sat; are seated) upon them, and judgment (judicial process and verdict) is given by them (or: authority to judge was given to them; decisions and separations are made by them) and souls of those being ones having been cut with an axe (beheaded) because of the testimony (witness) of (or pertaining to) Jesus, and because of the Word of God even those (also the ones) who do not (did not) worship the little wild animal (beast), nor its image, and do not (did not) take (receive) the imprinted mark (the engraving) upon their forehead and upon their right hand and they live and reign (lived & reigned) with the Christ (the Anointed One) one thousand [other MSS: the thousand] years.

5. But the remaining (the rest) of the dead ones do not (did not) live until the thousand years may be ended (finished; concluded). This [is] the first resurrection (rising up) [or: The first resurrection {is} this]:

6. Blessed (happy) and set-apart (holy) [is] the one holding (having) a divided part (a piece) within the first resurrection (rising up): upon these the second death has no authority (does not continue holding authority), but rather, they will be priests belonging to God and to the Christ (or: priests pertaining to God; or: God’s, even Christ’s priests), and they will reign with Him a [other MSS: the] thousand years.

7. And when the thousand years may be ended [other MSS: after the thousand years], the adversary (Satan) will be loosed from out of its prison (his place of being watched and guarded),

8. and it (he) will go forth (come out) to deceive (lead astray) those [other MSS: all the] nations (multitudes; ethnic groups) within the four corners of the Land (earth) Gog and Magog to gather them together into the battle (war): their number [being] as the sand of the sea.

9. And they ascended (climb up) upon the breadth of the Land (earth) and came around (surround) the encampment (fortress) of the set-apart (holy) ones, even the Beloved City [other MSS: even the city of the set-apart ones]. And fire descends (came down) from God, out of the heaven, and devours them (eats them down).

10. And the devil (slanderer, accuser; one who thrusts-through), the one continuously deceiving them (repeatedly leading them astray) is cast (or: was thrown) into the lake of the Fire and Deity, where the little wild animal and the false prophet [are] also. And they will be examined and tested by the touchstone day and night, into the ages of the ages.

11. And I saw a great bright, white throne, and the One continuously sitting upon it from Whose face the earth (or: Land) and the heaven flee (fled). And a place is not found for them (by them).

12. And I saw the dead ones the great ones and the little ones standing before the throne. And scrolls are (were) opened up. And another scroll is opened up, which is of (or: the one pertaining to) The Life. And the dead ones are judged (were evaluated) from out of the things having been written within the scrolls, according to their works (acts; deeds).

13. And the sea gives (gave ) [up, back] the dead ones within it, and death and the Unseen give (gave) [up, back] the dead ones within them. And they are judged (evaluated) according to their works (acts; deeds).

14. And death and the Unseen are cast (were thrown) into the lake of the Fire. This is the second death: the lake of the Fire.

15. And if anyone is not found (or: was not found) written within the scroll of The Life, he is cast (or: was thrown) into the lake of the Fire.


1. And I saw a new (new in nature; different from the usual; better than the old; superior in value and attraction Kittel; new in quality Vincent; Wuest) heaven and a new [ibid.] Land (earth), for the first (former; preceding; earlier Kittel) heaven and the first (former, preceding) Land (earth) went away (pass away), and the sea does not exist any longer.

2. And I saw the set-apart (holy) city, a new [ibid. vs.1] Jerusalem, continually (progressively) descending from out of the heaven, from God, being prepared (having been made ready) as a bride, being arranged (having been set in order; adorned; decorated fr. ???s: a system; a world) for (by) her man (husband; a male person of full age and stature).

3. And I heard a great voice from out of the throne [other MSS: heaven] saying, “Consider! Gods tent (the Tabernacle of God) [is] with mankind (men), and He will live in a tent (dwell in a Tabernacle) with them, and they will be (will exist being) His people, and God Himself will be with them [some MSS +: their God].

4. And He will anoint (smear; wipe away) every tear from their eyes. And Death will no longer exist (or: the death shall be no more) neither will mourning (sadness; grief), nor an outcry, nor hard work (painful toil; misery) exist any longer (it will be no more), because the FIRST THINGS went (passed) away.”

5. And the One (He who is) continuously sitting upon the throne said, “Consider this! I am continuously making (or: I am repeatedly creating) ALL THINGS (everything) NEW [see new, vs. 1].” And He is saying [to me], “Write, because these words are faithful ones (ones full of faith) and true ones.”

6. And He said to me, “They have come into being (been born; come to be) and stand accomplished (are produced) [Concordant Gr. Text reads, w/Sinaiticus: I have become (been born)!; Griesbach reads??? : It has been done; Rotherham simply says: Accomplished; Barclay, Young, Beck, NASB, NKJV, Amplified all read w/Griesbach; Weymouth, Williams, Wuest, Robertson & Vincent read w/the Nestle-Aland & Metzger Text, (3rd. per. pl.)]. I am the Alpha and the Omega: The Beginning (Origin) and The End (The Goal; Consummation).“To him who is continuously thirsty, I will give from out of the spring (fountain) of the Water of the Life, as an undeserved (free) gift (or: I will freely give…).

7. “The one habitually overcoming will inherit (acquire by lot) these things, and I will be a God for him (in him; to him) and he will be a son [Griesbach reads: the son] for Me (in Me; to Me).

8. “But for the timid (cowardly) ones and for faithless ones (unbelieving ones) and for abominable ones (detestable ones) and for murderers, and for prostitutes and for sorcerers (enchanters; users of drugs) and for idolaters and for all the liars (the false ones): their portion [of the inheritance?] [is] within the lake continuously burning with Fire and Deity, which is the Second Death.”

9. And one of the seven agents the ones holding (having) the seven shallow bowls: the ones being continuously full (brimming) of the seven plagues came and spoke with me, saying, “Come here! I will show you the Bride, the Wife of the little Lamb.”

10. And he carried (carries) me away, in spirit, upon a great and high mountain, and showed (points out to) me the set-apart (holy) city, Jerusalem, progressively (habitually) descending out of the heaven, from God –

11. continuously having (holding; Weymouth reads: bringing with it) the glory of God (God’s glory; God’s reputation), her illuminator (that which gives her light; the cause of her light) like a most precious stone, as a jasper stone being continuously crystal-clear,

12. continuously having a great and high wall, having twelve gates, and upon the gates twelve agents, and names [Sinaiticus adds: of them] having been inscribed (engraved; imprinted) upon [them], which are the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel:

13. from the east (a rising) three gates; from the north three gates; from the south three gates; from the west (a sinking) three gates.

14. And the wall of the city continuously has twelve foundations, and upon them twelve names of the twelve apostles of the little Lamb.

15. And he who is speaking with me was holding and continues having a measure, a golden reed, so that he may measure the city even her gates and her walls.

16. And the city is lying (or: is continually being laid) square (four-angled; four-cornered), and her length [is] even as much as the width. And he measured (measures) the city with the reed upon twelve thousand race-courses (stadiums; fixed standards of measure): her length and width and height are equal.

17. And he measured her wall: one hundred forty four cubits (a) mans measure, which is an agents [measure].

18. And that which was built within her wall is jasper, and the city [is] pure (clear; clean; cleansed) gold like pure (clear, clean) crystal (glass),

19. and the foundations of the wall of the city are ones having been set in order (made a system, a world; adorned) with every precious stone. The first foundation: jasper; the second, sapphire (or: lapis lazuli); the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;

20. the fifth, sardonys; the sixth, sardius (or: carnelian); the seventh, chrysolite (or: topaz); the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz (or: peridot); the tenth, chrysoprasus; the eleventh, hyacinth (jacinth); the twelfth, amethyst.

21. And the twelve gates [are] twelve pearls each one of the several gates was [made] out of one pearl. And the broad place (street; plaza; square) of the city [is] pure (clean, clear; cleansed) gold, as a translucent crystal (transparent glass).

22. And I did not see an inner sanctuary [= the holy place, or places, of the Temple] within her, for the LORD [=Yahweh], Almighty (All-Strong) God, even the little Lamb, is her inner sanctuary (lit.: dwelling place).

23. And the City continually has no need of the sun nor of the moon, to the end that they may (should) continually shine for her, for the Glory of God illuminates (enlightens; gives light to) her, and her lamp [is] the little Lamb.

24. And the multitudes (nations; Gentiles; ethnic groups) will walk about [i.e., live their lives] by means of her LIGHT. And the kings of the Land (earth) continually carry (bring; bear) their glory [Codex Vat. +: and honor] into her.

25. And her gates shall by no means be closed (locked) [by] day, for night will not be in that place (or: for there will not be night there).

26. And they will carry (bring) the glory and the honor of the multitudes (nations; Gentiles; ethnic groups) into her.

27. And under no circumstances may anything common (profane; ceremonially unclean) even the one continuously making an abomination and a lie enter into her, except the ones having been written (being engraved) within the scroll of “The Life of the little Lamb” (or: the little Lamb’s scroll of “The Life”).


1. And he showed (points out to) me a river of “water of life,” bright (resplendent, glistening, clear, sparkling) as crystal (clear ice), continuously flowing (issuing) forth from out of God’s even the little Lamb’s throne!

2. Within the midst of her broad place (plaza; square; street), and on each side of the river, [is] a tree (a wood; timber; a log; same word used in Gen. 2:9, LXX; figure for the cross in the NT) of life continuously producing twelve fruits, continually yielding (giving away) according to each month, and the leaves of the tree (wood; timber) [are given] for (into) service (nurture, care; healing or medical service; a body of household attendants) of the multitudes (nations; Gentiles; ethnic groups).

3. And every curse will no longer exist.

6. And he said to me, “These words are faithful ones and true ones, and the Lord [= Yahweh], the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent (sends) His agent with a commission (as an apostle) to show (point out; exhibit) to His bond-servants (slaves) things which of necessity must (it is binding to) come into being (be birthed; happen, occur) in speed (swiftness, quickness, so Lexicons; but Wuest, Williams, Barclay, Lattimore, Beck, Goodspeed, NEB trans. this phrase: soon; others give: shortly).

7. And consider this! I am continuously (habitually; repeatedly) coming quickly (swiftly). Blessed (happy) [is] the one continuously keeping (actively observing; watching over) the words of the prophecy of this scroll.”

8. And I, John, [am] the one continuously hearing and seeing these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship in front of the feet of the agent [who] is continuously exhibiting (pointing out) these things to me.

9. And he is saying to me, “See! No! I am your fellow-bondservant (joint-slave), even of (belonging to; pertaining to) your brothers of (belonging to) the prophets and of those continuously keeping (observing) the words of this scroll. Worship God!”

10. And he is saying to me, “Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this scroll, for the season (fitting situation) is continuously near (constantly exists close at hand).

11. The one continuously acting unjustly (unfairly; inequitably; contrary to the Way pointed out) must yet (still) act unjustly (unfairly); and the filthy one must yet (still) be filthy; and the just one (fair and equitable one) must yet (still) do justice (behave fairly and deal equitably in rightwised relationships); and the set-apart (holy) one must yet (still) be set apart (made holy).

12. Consider this! I am continuously (habitually) coming quickly (swiftly), and My wage (reward for work; compensation; recompense) [is] with Me to give back (give away; render; pay) to each one as his work is (exists).

13. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning (Origin) and the End (Goal).

14. Blessed (happy) ones [are] the ones (the men masc.) continually washing their garments (equipment) [other MSS: continually doing His commands], to the end that their authority (right) will be over (upon) the tree (wood) of The Life, and they may enter into the City by the gates.

15. Outside [are] the dogs and the sorcerers (users of drugs) and the fornicators (male prostitutes) and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone continuously fond of (being friendly to) and constantly practicing (making; doing) falsehood (deception; a lie).

16. I, Jesus, sent (send) My agent to witness to you these things upon the churches (the called-out assemblies) (or: to testify these things to (by; in) you over (???) the churches). I am (I continuously exist being) the Root and the Offspring (Race; Genus) of David, The Bright (Radiant) Morning Star.”

17. And the Spirit and the Bride are continuously saying, Be continuously coming! And the one continuously hearing must say, “Be continuously coming!” And the one constantly thirsting must continuously come; the one habitually willing (intending) must take (receive with the hand) Water of Life freely (as a free gift).

18. I am continuously testifying (witnessing) to (in) everyone [who is] habitually hearing the words of the prophecy of this scroll, “If anyone may overlay (place upon, thus, add) upon them, God will overlay (place upon; add) upon him those plagues having been written within this scroll.

19. And if anyone may take away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of the Life, and out of (forth from) the set-apart city of (pertaining to) the things being written within this scroll.”

20. The One continuously testifying these things is saying, “Yes, I am continuously (habitually) coming quickly (swiftly; promptly)” Amen (so be it; make it so), be continuously coming, Lord Jesus!

21. The Grace of the Lord Jesus [is] with everyone.[ Other MSS read: …with all of you; …with the set-apart ones; …with all the set-apart ones]



BOOK of REVELATION [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION           1


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