1.  Paul, Silvanus [or, SilasVincent], and Timothy, to the called-out of the Thessalonicans within God [the] Father, even [the] Lord Jesus Christ: GRACE and PEACE to you [other MSS add: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ].

2.  We are continuously expressing gratitude (feeling thankful; giving thanks; mindful of favors) to (for, by, in) God always concerning (surrounding) all of you (or: you all), continuously making mention of (remembering) you upon our prayers

3.  your UNINTERMITTENTLY remembering (being mindful) of our Lord Jesus Christ’s act (process, work) of faith, wearisome smiting (toil) of love, and patient endurance of expectation in front of our God and Father [or: …upon our prayers, unceasingly mentioning, in the presence of our God and Father, the process of your faith and love’s exhausting toil, and [your] remaining under our Lord Jesus Christ’s expectation; or: …and of our Lord Jesus Christ’s remaining under hope].

4.  Brothers, ones having been and being loved by God, knowing (perceiving) your election (your being picked out; your being arranged, gathered or spoken out),

5.  how that the good message of our God (our God’s good news, evangel) was not birthed into you within word only, but rather also within power (ability) and within [the] Holy Spirit and in (by) much full assurance and satisfaction from having been brought to full measure, according as you have perceived (know; are aware).  Of such sort we were birthed (produced; brought to be) among you for your sake (because of you),

6.  and within much pressure (squeezing) you were birthed (produced, made to be) imitators of us and of the Lord, receiving (taking into the hands) the Word with [the] joy of [the] Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit’s joy),

7.  so to birth (produce) you as patterns (imprints; models) for all those continuously believing  within Macedonia and within Achaia.

8.  For from you the Word of the Lord has been loudly sounded forth not only within Macedonia and within Achaia, but even within every place your faith toward God has gone forth, so that we have no need to be speaking anything!

9.  For they themselves are continuously reporting concerning us of what sort an entrance (introduction) we had toward you, and how you turned about toward God from the idols (forms, images seen, external appearances) to continuously be a slave to the living and true God,

10.  even to continuously dwell (remain) back up again [with] His Son from out of the heavens, Whom He raised from out of the dead ones, Jesus, the One continuously drawing (dragging) us to Himself from out of the constantly coming violent emotion (inherent fervor; mental disposition; impulse; anger; internal teeming & agitation; outburst of rage; wrath).


1.  For you yourselves have perceived (know, are aware), brothers, that our entrance (way into, introduction) toward you has not been birthed (produced, come to be) empty,

2.  but rather, previously experiencing (or: suffering ill treatment) and being outraged (subjected to insolent, riotous, or insulting behavior) in Philippi, according as you are aware, we spoke freely (boldly) within our God, to utter God’s good message toward you within much striving (conflict; or: within a large stadium or racecourse; or: in much agony of struggle).

3.  For our calling alongside to assist (our admonition and encouragement) [is] not out of wandering (being led astray; deception), neither out of uncleanness, nor yet within (a) bait for entrapping (guile),

4.  but rather according as we have been approved by testing under God, to be entrusted [with] the GOOD MESSAGE, thus we are continuously speaking: not as continually pleasing to men, but rather [as] to the God [Who is] continuously testing our hearts!

5.  For neither did we at any time come to be flattering in word, according as you are aware, neither within a pretense which comes from greed: God is witness!

6.  Neither continuously seeking glory (a reputation) from out of men neither from you, nor from others continuously being able to be in weight as apostles of Christ.

7.  But rather, we were birthed gentle ones, as if [being] a nursing mother [who] may impart warmth to her own children.

8.  Thus, continuously being affectionately considerate of you we were continuously delighted (thinking it good; well-pleased) to share (impart) to you not only God’s good message [other MSS: Christ’s good news], but rather even our own souls, because you have been birthed (come to be) beloved ones to us.

9.  For you are remembering, brothers, our wearisome labor and hardship of toil, continuously working night and day towards not being burdensome (a weight) upon any of you, [and] after the manner of a herald we proclaimed God’s good message into (unto) you.

10.  You and God [are] witnesses how we were appropriately (in accord with universal law), justly, and blamelessly birthed (made) to be to you (for you), the ones continuously believing.

11.  With reference to which you know (are aware) how [we treated] each one, continually calling you alongside (summoning to exhort or encourage) and speaking gentle influence (comfort) beside you, as a father [to] his own children,

12.  even continuously giving evidence (witnessing, confirming by testimony) unto (into) you to be continuously walking about worthily (having equal value) of the God [Who is] continuously calling you into His own kingdom and glory.

13.  And on account of this we also (even) continuously give thanks to God by an unvarying practice (UNINTERMITTENTLY), that receiving (taking to one’s side; accepting) a word of hearing from us, you receive of God [reading w/s’, Conc. Text].  You received not a word of men (men’s word), but rather, according as it truly is, a word of God (God’s word), Which (or, Who) also (even) is continuously in-working (being active; operating; energizing) within you, the ones continuously believing.

14.  For you, brothers, were birthed (made to be) imitators of God’s called-out ones  the ones within Christ being (existing) in Judea for that you also experienced (or: suffered) the same things by (under) your own fellow-tribesmen, according as they also by (under) the Jews,

15.  even of those killing the Lord Jesus, and the prophets; even of those driving us out and continuously displeasing God, and of ones contrary (opposite) to all men,

16.  continuously forbidding us (cutting us off; preventing us) to speak to the nations (the non-Israelite multitudes; the Gentiles) to the end that they may be delivered (saved; rescued; healed and made whole), always unto that which fills up their own failures (sins), but inherent fervor (anger; wrath; agitation of soul) advanced upon them in the end.

17.  But we, brothers, being deprived (bereaved) from you for a fitting situation of an hour (or: for an hour’s season) by face, not by heart we more exceedingly made diligent haste to see your face, in much full desire!

18.  On that account we intended (purposed, willed) to come toward you indeed I, Paul, once, even twice and the adversary (Satan) struck within us (cut in on us; travailed & wearily toiled among us).

19.  For who (what) is our hope (expectation) or joy, or shall be a crown (victor’s wreath, encirclement) of boasting (glorying) in front of (before) our Lord Jesus in His presence, if not even you?

20.  For you are our glory and joy!


1.  Therefore (on which account), no longer keeping a lid on it (refraining), we thought well (took pleasure) to be left down in Athens alone,

2.  and sent Timothy, our brother and God’s fellow-worker in Christ’s good news, to perhaps set you firmly (make you stable) and possibly call you alongside (to encourage, exhort, console) above (over, beyond) your faith,

3.  that no one be continuously wagged as a tail (shaken) within these pressures (contractions, constrictions), for you yourselves know (are aware) that we are continually laid into this!

4.  For even when we were with you we were predicting (telling beforehand) to you that, “we are about to be continuously pressed (squeezed),” according as it was even birthed (came to be), and you know.

5.  On account of this I also, no longer keeping a lid on it (refraining), sent to know your faith, lest somehow the One continuously putting to the proof put you to the proof (tried, tested you), and our wearisome labor (striking, cutting, travail) may be birthed (come to be) into a void (into an empty place; in vain; to no purpose).

6.  Yet at the present moment, Timothy, coming to us from you and announcing the good news to us of your faith and love, [said] that you continuously have always a good remembrance of us, continuously having strong desire to see us even as we also you!  7.  On account of this, brothers, upon all our choking necessity and pressure, we were called alongside (to be comforted) over you through your faith,

8.  that now we may be living, if ever you continuously stand within the Lord.

9.  For what gratitude are we able to repay to God concerning you, over all the joy for which we are continually rejoicing because of you, before (in front of) our God

10.  night and day, continuously begging (wanting, needing, praying) above excess to see your face, and to thoroughly adjust (thoroughly equip, fit, or knit together, or mend) the things lacking (the shortcomings, deficiencies) of your faith?

11.  But our God and Father Himself, even our Lord Jesus, might make [note: verb is 3rd pers. sing.] our road (way) straight toward (to) you!

12.  Yet the Lord might make you increase (be more than enough; be augmented – in quality &/or quantity), even to be abundantly furnished (to super-abound) by LOVE (to love; for love; in love) into each other (into one another) and into everyone (all), even as we also into you,

13.  to establish (fix; set fast) your hearts blameless (without defect) [or: to make stable your unblamable hearts…] in separateness (holiness) in front of our God and Father, within the presence of our Lord Jesus with all His set-apart ones (holy ones, separated ones).


1.  The remainder (What is left), then, brothers, we are continuously asking and calling you alongside (to encourage, exhort and comfort) in the Lord Jesus, according as you took to your side (received) from us how (in what manner) it is binding [for, upon] you to continuously walk about and to be continuously pleasing to God [Nestle, Tasker & Conc. texts add: according as you are even continuously walking about], to the end that you may continuously be abundant (to have all around; to exist in full quantity) to a greater extent.

2.  For you know (are aware) what commands we gave to you through the Lord Jesus.

3.  For this is the will (intent, purpose) of God [or: For this is God’s purpose, intent]: your separation (holiness) you are to continuously hold yourself from (be distant from; abstain from) all of the prostitution.

4.  Each one of you [is] to have known (have been aware of) his own vessel, to continuously acquire (procure for one’s self) in separation (holiness) and honor (value, worth),

5.  not in feeling of desire, according which concerns even the nations (multitudes; non-Israelites) who do not know (aren’t aware of; aren’t acquainted with) God.

6.  Thus, no one is to be continuously overstepping and have more (hold advantage) in his brother’s affair (doing; transaction; matter), because the Lord [is] a maintainer of right (an executor of justice) concerning all these things, according as we also said to you before and gave witness (testimony) throughout.

7.  For God did not call us based upon (for) uncleanness, but rather within separateness (holiness).

8.  Consequently, then, the one continuously setting aside (displacing) is not setting aside (does not displace) man, but God, even the One giving His Holy Spirit into us [or: …His Spirit, the Holy (Separated) One, into us].

9.  But concerning loving one like a brother (brotherly love; fondness), we have no need to continually write to you, for you yourselves are ones continuously taught by God (God-taught ones) to continuously love each other,

10.  for you are even continuously doing it unto all of those brothers within the whole of Macedonia.  But we are constantly calling you alongside (to encourage, exhort and comfort you), brothers, to continuously be abundant (to have in full quantity) to a greater extent,

11.  and to habitually be studious (ambitious) of the honor (value) to be repeatedly quiet, and (even) to be continuously engaged (involved ) in your own affairs (matters), and to constantly work by (with) your own hands, according as we commanded to you,

12.  to the intent that you may continuously walk about in good form (respectably) toward those without (outside), and you may continually have need of nothing (or: no man).

13.  Yet we are not wanting (willing, intending) you to continue ignorant, brothers, concerning the ones (those) having been put to sleep, and continuing made to be sleeping [perf., pass., part.], to the intent that you may not continuously be made to be sorrowful according as even the rest (the ones remaining or left), the ones continuously having no expectation (hope).

14.  For if we habitually believe that Jesus died and arose (stood up again), thus (in this manner) also, God will through Jesus lead with Him (together with Him) the ones being made to sleep.

15.  For this we are continuously saying to you in a word of the Lord [in the Lord’s Word], that we, the living ones, the ones continuously being left around into the presence of the Lord (the Lord’s presence) may by no means advance before (precede; have advantage over; outstrip) the ones being made to sleep,

6.  because the Lord Himself will descend from heaven within a shout of command, within [the] Chief Agent’s (Original Messenger’s) voice, and within God’s trumpet, and the dead ones within Christ will raise themselves up (will stand up again) first (or: in first place).

17.  Thereupon (after that) we, the living ones, the ones continuously being left around, will at the same time be seized and snatched away (carried off by force) into air, together with them within clouds, into the Lord’s meeting (encounter).  And thus (in this way) shall we always be (exist) together with the Lord.

18.  So that (Consequently) you must constantly call each other alongside (to encourage and comfort) within these words.


1.  But concerning the times and the fitting situations (seasons), brothers, you have no need to be continually written to you,

2.  for you yourselves are accurately aware (know exactly) that a day of the Lord thus continually comes (is constantly coming; is presently coming) as a thief in a night (within night).

3.  Whenever they may be saying, “Peace and security from falling (safety),” then (at that time) sudden (unexpected) ruin (destruction) is continuously standing by them, just as the birth-pang to the pregnant woman (the one having in the womb), and they may by no means flee out (make an escape).

4.  But you, brothers, are not continuously in darkness, to the end that the day may take you down (grasp or seize you according) as a thief,

5.  for you all are (exist being) sons of Light and sons of Day!  We are not (do not exist) of night, nor of darkness [or: we do not belong to night, nor to darkness].

6.  Consequently, then, we may not continuously fall asleep [into death? in awareness?] even as the rest (the ones remaining, left) but rather we may continuously be aroused from sleep [thus, awake to be alertly watchful; also a fig. for being alive] and sober.

7.  For the ones continuously falling asleep (drowsing) are sleeping at (of) night, and the ones continuously being made drunk are becoming drunk at (of) night.

8.  But we, being of Day (belonging to Day), may continuously be sober, putting on (clothing ourselves with; enveloping ourselves in; entering within) a breast-plate (thorax) of faith and love [faith & love as body armor], and a helmet (around the head): an expectation (hope) of deliverance,

9.  because God did not Himself place (set) us into anger (inherent fervor; violent emotion; wrath), but rather into an encompassing of deliverance (unto establishing a perimeter of deliverance; into making salvation encircle; into forming of salvation around) through our Lord, Jesus Christ,

10.  the One dying on behalf of us, to the end that whether we may exist being continuously awake (attentively watching) or continuously falling asleep [Vincent & others suggest these as a metaphor for “being alive or being dead”], we may at the same time be alive (live) together with Him (share His life).

11.  Wherefore, you must continuously call each other alongside (to encourage, comfort, exhort), and you must habitually one build up (lit., build a house; edify) one (or: the other), according as you are even continuously doing.

12.  But we are continuously asking you, brothers, to know (to have perceived) those continuously toiling wearily among you and continuously making themselves to stand before you (placing or setting themselves before you; presiding over you) and continuously admonishing you (lit., putting their mind in you; or: putting you in mind) in the Lord,

13.  and to continuously lead them above, out of abundance in love [or: lead the mind through a reasoning process to a conclusion and consider them exceedingly distinguished in love] because of their work.  You must continually be at peace (cultivate peace) among yourselves.

14.  But we are continually calling you alongside (to encourage, etc.), brothers: you must continually admonish (put a mind into; put in mind) the disorderly ones (the unarranged; those out of line); you must continually address (speak alongside persuasively) the little-souled ones (the small of soul); you must continually hold yourselves directly opposite (hold against one’s self) the ones without strength (the weak ones); you must continually be longsuffering (long-passioned; long before breathing violently) toward everyone (all).

15.  You must continuously see (observe) [that] no certain one may give back (render, discharge, put away by giving) evil in place of (in opposition to) evil to anyone, but rather you must always pursue (follow rapidly; run swiftly to acquire) the GOOD both into each other and into all.

16.  You must continuously rejoice always [or: Rejoice always!]. 

17.  You must continuously pray unceasingly (unintermittingly).

18.  Within everything (within all) you must continuously give thanks, for this is God’s intent (will, purpose) unto you in Christ Jesus.

19.  You must not continually extinguish (put out, quench) the Spirit.

20.  You must not continually make nothing out of (set at naught, despise, scorn) prophesies,

21.  but you must continuously put all things to the proof (test everything).

22.  Continuously hold yourself from every form (external appearance; shape; figure) of evil [or: from evil’s every form].

23.  But may the God of peace Himself set you apart (make you holy, separate) completely whole (or: wholly perfect; entirely mature), and may your whole allotment the spirit, the soul and the body be kept (guarded; watched over) blameless (without fault) within the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

24.  The One continuously calling you is faithful, Who will also perform (do, make, form, construct, create)!

25.  Brothers, you must also continuously pray concerning us.

26.  You must draw to yourselves all the brothers in a set-apart expression of affection (a holy kiss).

27.  I adjure you in the Lord [that] this epistle be read (be made known again; be recognized) by (to) all the separated (set-apart; holy) brothers.

28.  The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, [is] with you.  Amen (It is so).


BOOK of THESSALONIANS – I  [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION          1


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