1.  Paul, Silvanus [poss.: Silas], and Timothy, to the called-out of [the] Thessalonicans within God our Father, even [the] Lord, Jesus Christ:

2.  Grace and Peace to you from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ.

3.  We are indebted (continually owing) to be continuously expressing gratitude to God always concerning you, brothers, according as it is continually valuable (pushes the scales down; is worthy), because your faith is constantly flourishing (growing above; over-growing; exceedingly increasing) and the love of each one of you all continuously abounds (exists in abundance) into each other,

4.  so that we ourselves boast in you among God’s summoned-forth ones (among those called out of God; God’s ecclesias) over your remaining under (patient endurance) and faith within all your pursuits (chasings; persecutions) and the pressures (squeezings, constrictions, contractions) which you habitually have again (sustain; hold up mid. voice):

5.  a demonstration (a pointing-out; a display) of God’s righteous (just; fair and equitable, in accord with the Way pointed out) judgment (separation; making a distinction; decision), unto your being accounted worthy (of equal value) of God’s kingdom, over (on behalf of) which you are also constantly having sensible experiences (feeling emotions; suffering),

6.  if respecting (concerning) one who observes the way pointed out (or, the thing which is right; a just thing; a just one) by God (or: with God; beside God), [it is right] to repay pressure to those continuously pressuring (squeezing) you,

7.  and to you, the ones being continuously pressed, relaxation (ease; a relaxing of a state of constriction), together with us, within the uncovering (the unveiling; the laying bare; the revelation) of the Lord Jesus from heaven, with agents (messengers) of His power [or: with His agents of strength and ability],

8.  within a fire, of flame continuously giving justice (the effects of fair and equitable dealings from out of the way pointed out, which is of the right; maintenance of right) to (for, in, by) those not knowing (perceiving) God, even to (for, in, by) those not continuously listening (and obeying) to the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

9.  the certain ones who will pay the thing that is right (justice; fairness and equity): ruin pertaining to the ages (or: age-lasting ruin or destruction) from the Lord’s face [= the Lord’s presence], even from the glory of His strength B

10.  whenever He may come to be made glorious within (to be glorified within; to have a reputation within) His separated ones (set-apart, holy ones), and to be wondered at (marveled at, admired) within all the ones believing in that day, seeing that our testimony to you was believed.

11.  Unto which end we always continuously pray, also, concerning you in order that our God may account you worthy (of equal value) of the calling and may fill (make full) every delight (pleasure, good thought) of virtue (excellence, goodness) and work of faith in power [or: …and may make every good disposition of excellence (virtue) and work of faith full in power (ability)],

12.  so that the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, may be made glorious (invested with glory; glorified; made of good reputation) within you, and you within Him, according to (down from) the Grace of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.


1. But we are asking you, brothers, over and above the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and our gathering together (assembling) upon Him,

2.  unto this: you are not to be quickly shaken (tossed, as by the sea) away from the mind, nor to be continuously alarmed (caused to cry aloud), neither through a spirit, nor through a word, nor through a letter as through us, as that the Lord’s Day (the Day of the Lord) has been placed in (set in; made to stand in; has stood within so as to be here).

3.  May no one beguile you from deception, not even down from one turn (not according to one method, manner or disposition), because (that), if the putting away (the setting away from; the standing away from; the apostasy) may not come first and the man of the sin (the man who missed the mark [Adam?]) may be uncovered (unveiled, revealed): the son of the loss (the destruction),

4.  the one continuously occupying an opposite position and being lifted (raised) above (over) upon all (everyone), being continuously called a god, or an object of worship, so as to seat him (cause him to sit down) into the temple of God (God’s temple), continuously displaying himself, that he is a god (or: continuously pointing out that he himself is God).

5.  Do you not remember that, still being with you, I said these things to you?

6.  And now, you know (have seen and are aware of) the thing continuously holding down in a firm grasp (detaining, restraining) unto him being uncovered (unveiled) in his own fitting situation (suitable season).

7.  For the secret (hidden purpose; mystery) of the lawlessness (the condition of being without law; the unlawfulness) is already continuously working within (operating; energizing), only until the one continuously holding down in a firm grasp (detaining, restraining) at the present moment may be birthed (born, brought to be) from out of the midst.

8.  And then (at that time) the lawless one (the unlawful one; the one without law) will be uncovered (unveiled), whom the Lord Jesus will take back up again [or: lift up, reading  with Nestle, Tasker & Concordant texts; Greisbach & other MSS read : consume, use up, expend] by the Spirit (breath) of His mouth, and will deactivate (render inoperative; make inert) by the manifestation (bringing light upon; appearance) of his presence B

9.  whose presence is (exists) according to (down from) the adversary’s (opponent’s; Satan’s) in-working [or: …according to the operation of Satan; …down from the inner working of Satan], in all power (within all ability) and signs and wonders of falsehood (of a lie),

10.  and within every deception (delusion, seduction) of the injustice (wrong; of the thing that is not the way pointed out) within the ones continuously being lost (destroyed) because (in the place of which) they did not take into their hands to receive and retain the love of the truth (Truth’s love), into the situation for them being delivered (restored to health; saved).

11.  And because of this, God is continuously sending to them an in-working (operation) of wandering (being caused to stray) into them, to believe the lie,

12.  to the end that all those not believing the truth, but rather approving (delighting) in injustice (the thing that is not right), may be separated (judged).

13.  But we are indebted (continuously owing) to be constantly expressing gratitude to God always concerning you, brothers, ones having been and continuing to be [so] loved (preferentially valued) by the Lord that God chose you for Himself (took you in preference) from [the] beginning unto deliverance (salvation), in setting-apart (holiness) of spirit, and faith (belief, persuasion) of truth [or: within the Spirit’s holiness and Truth’s faith],

14.  into which, through our good message, He also called you [other MSS: us] into an encompassing (forming an encirclement; establishing a perimeter; creating a surrounding) of the GLORY of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

15.  Consequently, then, brothers, you must continuously stand (make a stand; stand firm) and continuously get into your strength the transmissions (things given over; things handed alongside; traditions) which you were taught, whether through a word (or: the Word) or through our letter.

16.  But our Lord, Jesus Christ Himself, even our God and Father, the One loving us and giving a calling alongside pertaining to the ages (or: age-lasting consolation and admonition) and a good expectation (a virtuous hope) in Grace,

17.  might call your hearts alongside (to comfort and exhort) and might establish (make to stand fast; make stable and firm) you in every good (virtuous) work and word [other MSS: …in all the Word and virtuous work].


1.  The remainder (what is left), brothers, you must continuously pray concerning us (surround us with prayer), to the end that the Word of the Lord (the Lord’s Word) may continuously run and may constantly be made glorious (of good reputation), according as [it is] also with you,

2.  and that we may be rescued (dragged out ) away from the out-of-place (the improper or abnormal) and evil (unprofitable; useless; unsound) men, for the faith does not belong to everyone (does not pertain to everyone; lit.: [is] not of all).

3.  But the Lord is (exists) continuously faithful, who will establish (set you to stand fast) and keep (guard; watch over) you away from the evil one (or: from the unsound and unprofitable).

4.  But we have been persuaded and have placed confidence in the Lord upon you, that the things which we are commanding (announcing alongside) you both did and are doing and will do [reading with Vat. MS].

5.  But the Lord might make your hearts straight (direct your hearts) into God’s love (the love of God) and into the patient endurance (remaining under) of Christ!

6.  But we are commanding (announcing alongside; charging) you, brothers, in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to continuously place (arrange) yourselves away from every brother [who is] continuously walking about disorderly (without order; behaving with irregular conduct), and not according to the transmission (thing given over, delivered alongside; the tradition) which you received (took to your side) from us.

7.  For you yourselves know how it is binding to continuously imitate us, because we were not disorderly among you,

8.  neither did we eat bread as a gift from anyone, but rather in wearisome toil (beating; cutting off) and difficult travail (hard labor), continuously working to thus not burden any of you.

9.  Not because we have no right (authority), but rather to the end that we ourselves may give a pattern (model, impress) unto this: to continuously imitate us!

10.  For even when we were with you we were, and continued, commanding this to you, that if a certain one is not continuously willing (does not continuously purpose or intend) to habitually work, he must neither habitually eat.

11.  For we continually hear some are continuously walking about disorderly (with irregular conduct), continuously working (at) nothing, but rather constantly working in the periphery (circumventing work).

12.  But to such men we are commanding and calling alongside (to exhort, admonish and entreat), through [other MSS: in] our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the end that, habitually working with quietness (silence), they may continuously eat their own bread.

13.  But you, brothers, continually doing well (performing beautifully; creating the ideal; doing good) you should not be of a bad disposition (be or do from out of the bad).

14.  But if a certain one continuously does not obey (listen under) our word through this letter, you must regularly note this man (set for yourself a mark regarding this one) and do not continuously mix yourself together with him, to the end that he may be turned about (be turned back upon himself; be made ashamed).

15.  And you must not consider [him] as an enemy, but rather you must continuously admonish (or: put [him] in mind), as a brother [to him].

16.  Now the Lord of Peace, Himself, might give the peace to you through everything (continually), within every turn [or: in every way; but other MSS  read: within every place].  The Lord [is] with all of you.

17.  The greeting (salutation) is by my hand Paul’s which is a sign in every letter; thus I continually write.

18.  The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, [is] with all of you!


BOOK of THESSALONIANS – II [Jonathan Mitchell] ~ BIBLE TRANSLATION           1


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