1.  Paul, one sent off with a commission pertaining to Christ Jesus through God’s will (intent; purpose), down from [the] promise of Life the one [which is] resident within Christ Jesus (or: through God’s design which corresponds to Life’s promise: the one belonging and pertaining to Jesus, resident within Christ),

2.  to Timothy, a beloved child (brought forth one): Grace, mercy, peace [= shalom] from Father God, even Christ Jesus, our Lord (or: from God [the] Father, and Christ Jesus, our Owner).

3.  I constantly hold grace in God (or: I am habitually having gratitude to God), in Whom (to, for or by Whom) I continually render sacred service from [the] ancestors (or: elders, those born earlier; forefathers) within a clean conscience, as I constantly hold (am having) an unceasing remembrance (or: a memory which leaves no interval) about you within my expressions of need (seekings of aid; requests), night and day,

4.  constantly and fully longing (or: by habit yearning upon [you]) to see you having been reminded and being caused to be remembering your tears so that I may be filled full of joy,

5.  taking [other MSS: continually getting] a suggestion to my memory of the unhypocritical faith (unfeigned trust; unpretended reliance; a faith that is not Aplaying the part@) resident within you, which first inhabited (makes its home within) your grandmother, Lois, and in your mother, Eunice.  Now I have been persuaded and am convinced that [it is] also within you.

6.  For (Because of; With a view to) which cause I am periodically reminding you to habitually give life by fire again to (or: revive the fire of; cause the live coal to blaze up for; rekindle the dormant fire into flames of; to again put a spark to) God=s [A reads:  Christ’s] gracious gift, which has being (is; exists) within you through the imposition (placing or laying upon) of my hands.

7.  For God does not (or: did not) give a spirit of cowardice (of timidity), but rather [a spirit] of ability (of power) and of love and of soundness of frame of mind (of wholeness in thinking; of healthiness of attitude; of sanity; of sensibility; of controlled reasonableness; of rational moderation; [lit.: of a saved diaphragm]).

8.  Therefore, do not become ashamed of (or: You should not, then, be embarrassed by) the testimony (witness) of our Lord (or: pertaining to our Lord), nor yet, [of; or: by] me, His bound-one (or: His prisoner).  On the contrary, down from God’s ability, experience things of bad quality (worthless encounters) together with [me] for the good news (or: But rather, corresponding to God=s power, suffer evil with the evangel; But further, accept your share in bad treatment, in accord with the power of God, in [the Way of] the Good News),

9.  pertaining to the One delivering (rescuing; saving) and calling us in a set-apart calling (to a holy invitation; for a separated and consecrated call); not corresponding to (down from; in accord with) our works (acts; deeds), but on the contrary, corresponding to (down from; in accord with) His own prior placing (previously setting-forth), even grace: that [which is] being given to us within Christ Jesus (or: corresponding to His own predetermined purpose and the favor being given to us, [which is] belonging and pertaining to Jesus, resident within Christ), before times having the qualities and characteristics of the ages (before [the] age-lasting time periods; prior to eonian times).

10.  And now (at the present moment), being set in clear light so as to become visible (manifested) through the bringing to full light (or: the complete shining upon; the full appearance in light; the complete manifestation by light) of our Deliverer (Savior; Rescuer), Christ Jesus on the one hand, idling down death (or: The Death) so as to make it unproductive and useless, yet on the other hand, illuminating (giving light to) life and incorruptibility (undecayability; un-ruinableness) through means of the good news

11.  into which (or: into Whom) I am placed (or: I was put): a herald (a public announcer; a proclaimer; a preacher) even one sent off with a mission (an apostle) and a teacher [other MSS +: of the ethnic multitudes (nations; Gentiles; Goyim)].

12.  For (Because of; In view of) which cause I am also continuously experiencing (also: feeling; being effected by; suffering) these things.  But still, I am not feeling shame (or: I am not experiencing embarrassment), for I have seen and thus know by Whom I have believed and now put my trust (or: in Whom I have relied and continue placing confidence), and I have been persuaded and am continuing convinced that He is able (He continues being powerful) to watch over, guard and protect into that Day the deposit placed alongside of me (what is entrusted to my charge).

13.  Keep on holding a pattern (that which underlies and delineates the sketch or model) of words that continue giving health, healing and a cure (being progressively healthful) ones of which you heard (hear) from my side within faith (trust) and love: that [which is] resident within Christ Jesus. [or: Continually be holding the under-type the one within Christ Jesus of healthful discourses and conversations which you heard from me, in faith and love.]

14.  Watch over, guard and protect the beautiful deposit placed alongside [you] (or: the fine and excellent thing that is entrusted to [your] charge) through means of the Holy Spirit [that is] continuously inhabiting us (or: by a set-apart spirit: the one constantly making its home within us).

15.  You have seen, and thus know this, that all those within [the province of] Asia were turned away from me of whom are Phygelus and Hermogenes.

16.  May the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] give mercy to the house (household) of Onesiphorus, because many times (often; frequently) he refreshed me (he breathed back cool on me; he souled me up again), and he was not ashamed of (embarrassed by) my chain [= being a prisoner].

17.  On the contrary, coming to be in Rome, he urgently (quickly; diligently) searched for (or: seeks) me, and found (finds) me.

18.  May the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] give to him to find mercy, beside [the] Lord [= Yahweh or Christ], within that Day!  And how much (or: how many things) he gave in attending service within Ephesus, you, by intimate experience, continue knowing better.

1.  You, then, my child (or: one born of me), be habitually enabled (continuously empowered; repeatedly made powerful inside) within the grace [which is] within Christ Jesus.


2.  And whatever you hear (or: heard) from my side through many witnesses, place (set) these things to the side for men full of faith (or: commit these things, in trust for safekeeping, to trustworthy men; inculcate these things in reliable humans) whosoever will be competent (adequately qualified) to also teach others (different ones).

3.  Experience things of bad quality (worthless encounters) together (or: Accept your share of bad treatment and evil) as a beautiful (ideal; fine) soldier of Christ Jesus.

4.  No one serving a tour of duty as a soldier (currently performing military service or being at war) habitually intertwines or entangles himself in (or: by) everyday affairs (undertakings and activities; business performances) of life (or: of making a living), in order that he may please (be acceptable to) the one enlisting him in military service (the one collecting soldiers to gather an army).

5.  Now also, if anyone may be repeatedly competing in the games, he is not being habitually crowned with a winner=s wreath if he does not compete lawfully (according to the rules of the game).

6.  It is constantly binding (It is of continual necessity) for the farmer that is habitually laboring in the field to be repeatedly first in taking a share of the fruits.

7.  Give constant thought to (Continually put your mind to so as to perceive and understand) what I am saying, for the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] will give comprehension (a sending and bringing together into union) to you (for you; in you) within all things.

8.  Be habitually keeping in mind (remembering) Jesus Christ, being the One having been raised (aroused) forth from out of the midst of dead ones: from out of David=s seed! (or: [Who was] from out of David=s seed.) corresponding to my good news,

9.  in which I am continually experiencing bad situations (suffering evil; experiencing bad treatment and conditions of poor quality) to the point of bonds (fetters or imprisonment) as a worthless worker (a criminal; one who acts badly; a worker of evil), but by comparison, the Word of God (or: God=s word) has not been bound and thus remains untied!

10.  Because of this, I am habitually remaining under (patiently enduring) all things because of the selected and picked-out ones (the chosen-out ones; the elect group; the choice ones), to the end that they, also, may hit the target of deliverance (rescue; health and wholeness; salvation) that [which is] within Christ Jesus (or: the one pertaining to Jesus, resident within Christ) together with glory (or: an appearance; an opinion; an imagination; a manifestation which calls forth praise) which has the characteristics and qualities of the ages (eonian glory; an age-lasting reputation).

11.  The Word [is] full of faith. (or: Trustworthy [is] the statement:)  For since we died together with [Him] (or: For if we die together), we will also live together;

12.  since we are continuously remaining under (or: if we continue patiently enduring), we will also reign (rule as kings) together with [Him]; if we shall deny (disown; not consent; renounce; [other MSS: are repeatedly denying]) [Him], That One also will deny (disown; not consent to; renounce) us;

13.  if we are habitually faithless (or: unfaithful), That One is constantly remaining faithful (or: if we are repeatedly disbelieving or distrustful, That One continuously remains full of faith, trust, belief and reliance {or: That One constantly remains reliable}), for to deny (disown; renounce; not consent to) Himself, it continues that He cannot (He is not able; He has no power)!

14.  Keep reminding [them] (suggesting to [their] memory; causing [them] to think about) these things, repeatedly bearing thorough witness (giving full testimony) in the sight and presence of God [other MSS: {the} Lord], to not be constantly debating (or: fighting about words; contending over meaning of terms; entering into controversies) into [other MSS: upon] nothing useful or profitable; upon a turning down (an overturning; an upsetting [opposite of edifying]) of those hearing [it].

15.  Make haste, with earnest endeavor and diligence, to place yourself alongside as an approved workman in God (or: to present yourself to God as a tried and approved workman), one without cause for shame, consistently cutting a straight [path {cf Prov. 3:6 and 11:5, LXX} in, or with] the Word of the Truth (or: habitually cutting an upright and erect [line through] the Word of Truth; continually cutting with the Word of truth in a straight direction; constantly making a straight cut {or: wound} with the speech of the Truth; also = dealing straightforwardly with the discourse of the Truth; repeatedly dividing and marking out straight boundaries by the Word of Truth).

16.  Yet continue staying at the periphery, going out around so as to avoid the profane, empty voices (the speeches or discussions without content which cross the threshold into the sphere of that which is not set-apart); for they will cut a passage forward (progress; advance) upon more aspects of irreverence (things pertaining to impiety or attitudes that lack awe),

17.  and their word (speech; discussion) will have (or: hold) pasture (or: pasturage) [for eating away] like gangrene (or: a spreading ulcer) of which sort are Hymenaeus and Philetus,

18.  which very ones miss the mark, deviating around the truth (reality), saying a [other MSS: the] resurrection has already occurred, and constantly turn back (turn again; overturn) the faith of certain ones (of some).

19.  Nevertheless (However), God=s solid (firm) deposit which is placed down (deposit of money; treasure; foundation; basis) stands, holding (having) this seal: A[The] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] knows (or: knew) by intimate experience those being of Him (or: the ones that belong to Him; those having Him as their source),@ and, ALet everyone repeatedly naming the Name of [the] Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] (or: by habit using the Lord=s name) stand away from (withdraw from; keep away from) injustice (that which is unfair and inequitable, which negates relationship and does not correspond to the Way pointed out).

20.  Now within a great house, there are not only golden and silver containers and utensils, but also wooden ones and earthenware (ones made of clay).  And on the one hand some which [come] into [use for] honor (things of value), on the other hand some which [come] into [use for] dishonor (the worthless).

21.  If, then, anyone should ever clean himself out from these [worthless and dishonorable] things, he will be a container (utensil) [placed] into [use for] honor and things of worth, having been set aside (dedicated and being one made holy) for honorable use by the Owner (Master of the house), one having been made ready and now being prepared, [directed and now proceeding] into every good work (virtuous act).

22.  Now repeatedly take flight away from the youthful (juvenile; adolescent) over-desires (rushing upon things; full passions), yet constantly run after and pursue justice (fair and equitable dealings, in rightwised relationships corresponding to the Way pointed out), faith (trust; fidelity), love [and] peace, together with all those persistently (repeatedly; habitually) calling upon the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] from out of a clean heart.

23.  Yet consistently refuse (avoid; beg off from) the stupid (dull; silly; foolish) and uneducated (ignorant; crude; untrained) questionings (seekings through discussions or debates; controversies), having seen and now knowing that they are repeatedly giving birth to (generating) fights (battles; conflicts).

24.  Now it is continually binding for (it is a constant necessity to) a slave of [the] Lord [= Yahweh=s or Christ=s slave] to not be habitually fighting (or: it is not necessary for the Lord=s slave to be battling or contending), but to the contrary [he] is to be gentle (kind; mild) toward all, qualified, skillful and able in teaching, one holding up under poor conditions (having an upward focus in bad situations; holding an up attitude in regard to evil),

25.  in accommodating meekness constantly training (disciplining; instructing; correcting) those habitually setting themselves in complete opposition.  May not God at some time give a change of thinking (a change of mind) to them, [directing and leading them] into a full and accurate experiential knowledge of Truth?

26.  And they may sober up (come back to their proper senses) from out of the adversary=s snare (or: forth from out of the midst of the trap of the Devil), being ones having been captured alive under (by) him, into the will (intent; design; purpose) of that one.


1.  Now come to know this and continue realizing it, that within [the] last (final) days hard seasons (difficult occasions and situations; irksome, perilous or fierce seasons, or situations that are hard to deal with; hard appointed times) will set themselves in (will take a stand within; will put themselves in place),

2.  for the men (the humans; mankind) will continue being ones that are fond of themselves (self-loving; selfish), fond of silver (have affection for money or things of monetary value), empty pretenders (imposters; ostentatious self-assumers), haughty and arrogant (superior-appearing), blasphemers (insulters; slanderers), uncompliant and disobedient to parents, ungrateful (unthankful), undutiful (disloyal; without regard for divine or natural laws; malign),

3.  without natural affection, unwilling to make a treaty (implacable; not open to an agreement), devils (adversarial slanderers; ones who throw something, or thrust, through someone), without strength (without [self-] control), uncultivated (wild; untamed; ferocious; fierce), without fondness of the good (without affection for good men; unfriendly; averse to virtue),

4.  betrayers (traitors), rash (forward-falling; reckless), ones having been inflated with the fumes of conceit (or: ones being beclouded in smoke), pleasure-lovers (ones fond of [their own] gratification) rather than friends of God (ones fond of God),

5.  continuously holding (having) a form of reverence, devotion and pious care, yet being ones having refused and now denying its power and ability.  And be habitually turning your steps in a direction away from these men (avoid these),

6.  for forth from out of the midst of these are the men repeatedly slipping-in, into the houses, (or: worming their way into households) and habitually leading into captivity little women [diminutive of Awomen,@ thus, perhaps: women of undeveloped character, ability, or inward stature. Noun & following part. are neut., so may be figure of the feminine part of people, e.g., their feelings and emotions] those having been piled on and now being heaped up with failures (errors; misses of the target; sins), being constantly led by (in; to) various (diverse; many-colored) over-desires (full passions) [A +: and gratifications],

7.  at all times (always) ones [again: neut.] that are constantly learning, and yet not at any time being able (having consistent power) to come into a full, accurate experiential and intimate knowledge of Truth.

8.  Now, in the manner which (by the turn or method that) Jannes and Jambres took a stand in opposition to (opposed) Moses, thus, also, these are continually taking a stand in opposition to (opposing and resisting) the Truth: men (humans; people) being ones having had the mind decayed down (ruined and spoiled down; corrupted; depraved), ones failing to meet the test (disqualified ones) on all sides of (about) the faith (or: ones whose trust does not pass the test).

9.  But they will make no further progress (will not cut a passage forward) upon more [folks] (or: Nevertheless, they won=t get very far), for their mindlessness (madness; lack of understanding; folly) will be quite evident (very plain; obvious; in clear visibility) to all, even as the [madness] of those [two, i.e., Jannes and Jambres] came to be.

10.  Yet you, you follow (followed) closely beside in my teaching (instruction): in (by) the leading, guidance and conduct; in (by) the purpose (the fore-setting or forth-setting; [used of setting-forth of the loaves in the holy place of the Temple: Mat.

12:4; Heb. 9:2]); in (by) the trust (faith); in (by) the longness to be in a heat and breathe violently (long-suffering patience), in (by) the love; in (by) the remaining-under (persevering endurance),

11.  in (by) the pursuits and persecutions; in (by) the experiences and sufferings the sort of thing that were birthed in me and happened to me in Antioch, in Iconium, in Lystra the sort of pursuits and persecutions I bear up under (or: carried-on under).  And the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] drags (or: snatched) me forth from out of the midst of all of them.

12.  And indeed (or: And yet) all those habitually resolving (intending; willing) to be continuously living in a reverent, devout and pious manner within Christ Jesus will be pursued and persecuted.

13.  Now men (people) of a bad condition and of an evil disposition (wicked and malicious men who bring misery and hard labor) and impostors (swindlers; those who juggle a situation) will cut a path forward (will advance and make progress) upon the worse, continually leading astray (causing to wander) and repeatedly being led astray (caused to wander).

14.  Yet you, you be constantly remaining within what you learned and in those things of which you were persuaded and became convinced (became assured), having seen, and so knowing, from whose (what folks=) side you learned [these things],

15.  and that from an infant (babe) you have seen and thus know [the] sacred Scriptures (Temple writings): the ones being constantly able (those continuously having power) to give you wisdom [that leads you] into deliverance (wholeness, good health, rescue and salvation) through Jesus= faith, resident within Christ (or: through means of faith (trust) that [is] in Jesus Christ).

16.  All Scripture [is] God-breathed, and [is] beneficial to furtherance toward instruction (or: Every inspired-of-God [temple] writing [is] also profitable {of advantage; [gives] augmentation} with a view to teaching), toward (with a view to) testing unto proof (or, negatively: exposure; laying bare), toward full restoration to straightness (or: straightening-up upon), toward child-training (discipline) of the one within the Way pointed out (the one in right relationship with fair and equitable dealing),

17.  to the end that God=s [corporate] Man (or: the man belonging to God; the person having his origin in God; the human in relation to God) may be exactly fitted (precisely prepared; entirely suited), being one having been completely furnished and equipped toward every good work (virtuous act).


1.  I am habitually giving thorough witness (testimony) in the sight of God even Christ Jesus: the One being about to continuously be separating living ones and dead ones (or: making a decision about {judging} living ones and dead ones) down from (in accord with; corresponding to) His full manifestation and kingdom.

2.  Herald (Proclaim; Preach) the Word (The Logos; the idea; the thought; the reason); stand upon [It; Him] in season or out of season (if the situation fits favorably, if the conditions are not favorable; whether convenient or not); test and put to the proof; show further honor (give higher value; assess greater worth; or, negatively: respectfully charge; strongly admonish; enjoin); within every emotion which is long in arriving (in all long-suffering patience), and by teaching (in instruction) give aid and encouragement as you call [others] to your side.

3.  For there will be an appointed season (a situation) when they will not hold up to themselves (or: sustain; hold themselves upright by; hold themselves up in; put up with; tolerate) instruction (teaching) that is being continuously healthy and sound, but rather, they, habitually having their ear gratified by rubbing, scratching or tickling (having their hearing titillated; hearing what their ears itch to hear; or, as a mid.: constantly procuring pleasurable excitement by indulging an itching) will pile and heap upon themselves (accumulate for themselves) teachers corresponding to their own rushing emotions (over-desires; full passions),

4.  and, on the one hand, they will twist the ear (or: the hearing) and turn away from the Truth, yet on the other hand, they will be turned out (have their [steps] turned out of [the Path] into a direction) upon the myths (fictions; legends; speeches; rumors; stories; tales; fables; things delivered by word of mouth).

5.  Yet you you be habitually sober (unintoxicated [by such things]; clear-headed and steady) within all things; experience the bad (suffer the evil and the worthless) [A +: as an ideal (beautiful; fine; excellent) soldier of Christ Jesus]; perform [the] act (do [the] work) of one who announces good news (or: act [like] a man who has good news to tell); bring your attending service to full measure!

6.  For I, myself, am already being progressively poured out as a drink offering, and the fitting situation (the season; the occasion) of my loosing up (or: my kairos of loosening again [the tent pegs and ropes, or, the ship moorings]; or: of dissolution [as in breaking camp]) has taken its stand upon [its appointed place] and is imminent.

7.  I have contended the beautiful contest in the racecourse (I have with agony struggled, wrestling in the ideal combat {the fine fight} in the public games); I have finished the race (ended the racecourse; reached the goal of my contest; I have fought to the finish); I have kept (observed; watched over; guarded; kept in custody) the faith.

8.  For the rest (Finally; Henceforth) the winner=s wreath of the Course having been pointed out (the athlete=s laurel wreath consisting of the rightwised relationship in fair and equitable dealings; … pertaining to the justice of right behavior on the course) continues laid away for me (is presently reserved in me), which the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh], the Fair (Equitable; Just; Rightwising) Judge [of the games], will give away (award) to me within the sphere of that Day yet not only to me!… but further, also, to all those (in everyone) being ones having loved His full appearance in Light (the complete manifestation of Him; His fully bringing things to light; the shining upon things pertaining to Him; His full and accurate manifestation).

9.  Make haste with earnest endeavor and diligence to come to me quickly,

10.  for Demas, loving the present age, forsook (abandoned) me and went into Thessalonica; Crescens into Galatia; Titus into Dalatia.

11.  Only Luke is with me.  Picking up Mark, be bringing [him] with you, for he continues being very useful to me, [entering] into attending service

12.  now I sent off Tychicus with a mission into Ephesus

13.  [and in] coming, be bringing the traveling cloak, which I left behind in Toras with Carpus, and the little scrolls especially the parchments (or: vellum; scrolls made from dressed animal skins).

14.  Alexander the coppersmith (or: metalworker) displayed many bad (worthless; evil) things [in his behavior] to me the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] will award to him (give back in him) corresponding to his works (down from his acts)

15.  whom you also be constantly guarding yourself against, for he stands (stood) in opposition to our words.

16.  Within my first verbal defense no one happened to be beside me (no one came along with me), but rather, all forsook (abandoned; other MSS: were forsaking {abandoning}) me may it not be put to their account (may it not be counted against them)!

17.  Yet The Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] took a stand beside me (stood alongside in me) and He empowered me (enabled me; gave me inward ability), to the end that through me the message that is being heralded (the contents of the public proclamation) may be fully carried throughout, even that ALL the ethnic multitudes (nations; Gentiles; Goyim) may hear [it] and I was dragged (drawn) from out of the mouth of a lion!

18.  The Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] will drag (draw) me away from every harmful act (malicious or evil work) and will deliver me into His kingdom: the one [having dominion] upon the heavens (or: into His super-heavenly kingdom).  In Him [is] the glory (or: For Him [is] the reputation; By Him [is] the manifestation of that which calls forth praise; To Him [is] the good opinion) into the ages of the ages (or: into the principle ages which consummate all the ages; into the obscure times of the ages).  It is so! (Amen)

19.  Embrace Prisca and Aquila and the household of Onesiphorus, as you give them my greetings.

20.  Erastus remains in Corinth, but Trophimus, continuing weak in sickness, I left behind in Miletus.

21.  Make haste with earnest endeavor and diligence to come before winter (the rainy and stormy season)!    Eubulus, Pudens, Linus, Claudia and all the brothers each send hugs and good wishes.

22.  The Lord [= Yahweh or Christ; A reads: Jesus; others: Jesus Christ] [is] with your spirit ([is] in accompany with your breath)!  Grace [is] with you folks.  It is so! (Amen)


BOOK of TIMOTHY- II [Jonathan Mitchell] ~BIBLE TRANSLATION            1


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