Here are my five rules, for me …I know you go directly to the SOURCE, please do so and get confirmation and/or correction for YOU, and if you feel so-inclined please share.

1) Never pray for anything until and unless I know it is God’s will for THIS situation.

2) Never pray for anything until all the conflicts that stand in the way of God’s perfect will are dealt with.

3) Stop listening to those who say there is no adversary, I first tell our SPIRIT-PARENT I want Her/His/Its will unto the death of any and all desires and preconceived ideas. I want the will of SPIRIT (period).

4) I keep demanding clarity UNTIL I know exactly what I am supposed to be praying for in this situation and if I’m shown that the adversary, or one of its agents has set up a stronghold in me, I get rid of it, by declaring I’ve been give authority over it which I have because the Creator of the universe has given me authority and I want only the will of the SOURCE!

5) I, then, allow the gratitude to well up in me in the knowledge that our perfect Daddy/Mommy always hears AND answers me …which leads to expectancy which I don’t have to conjure up because it is THERE!
























BRAD’S FIVE RULES for EFFECTIVE PRAYER [Brad Cullen]          1


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