BY:  BILL COOK –Newsletter #187

“And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?” Rev. 5:1, 2.

I thought we had dealt fairly extensively with the seven seals until I came upon Larry Hodge’s summary of the seals and felt I must share it with you. I quote:

“The first seal is opened, and we see a white horse whose Rider has a bow. A crown is given him, and He goes forth conquering and to conquer. As this seal is opened in us, we will find ourselves astride the strong horse of the spirit of faith with Him Who is going forth to conquer every doubt and unbelief in us. We are therefore to hold fast to Him who is given the crown of Conqueror and the bow of the Spirit with which to shoot down all opposing thoughts, which would keep us under perplexities and from a rising faith. All in whom this first seal remains unbroken must remain under doubts of unbelief, which shall keep one from a good beginning in that process which, culminates in the breaking of the final and seventh seal.

“The second seal is opened, and we see a red horse coming forth to take away peace from the earth, and the inhabitants of the earth slay one another. He is given a great sword. As this seal opens in us we begin to experience the loss of all peace, pleasure and joy in our earthly life. At the same time, such a revelation of our selves is given as to cause our soul to shrink back from such a vile and abominable earthly condition. Compared to that divine life which we are now seeing Christ hold out to us upon completion of the process and the breaking of the seventh seal, we are now able to rejoice in the knowledge and experience of Him Who sits upon the red horse. He slays with His great sword the beasts and creeping things and every evil thing in us, which has its nature from the original source, Adam.

“In its beginnings, this leaves the mind bereft of all peace, rest, contentment and satisfactions, whether in thought, word or deed. You may ask how this comes to pass. It is because He gives to the Spirit of the regenerated soul a mighty sword (this sword is but the Spirit of Life or Christ’s Deity in His eternal humanity) that it may thereby kill and destroy all the nature and substance of the earthly life, which is not in union with Christ. This is Christ’s rising life in His saints, enabling them to conquer the nature of the earthly life, which is the beast in themselves! It is that earthly essence from Adam, which is the beast in us!

“The third seal is opened in us, and we see Christ riding a black horse with a pair of balances in His hand. He is about to bring a famine upon the beast in His saints so that its day of plenty must now pass away. Its earthly essences (nature) must be weighed in the balance of righteousness. The Lamb’s Life is now rising in His dead saints, putting them into that same scale of righteousness, weighing every thought, word and action with the scale of perfection and measuring all by that Golden Reed which is Christ. Only that which is found to be in even balance with the one true scale of perfection (Christ) is allowed in the building of that New Jerusalem Temple. Such a famine upon the beast is absolutely necessary so that all increase and supply might spring from that rising life of Christ in each. Therefore, nothing of the oil and wine from this rising life shall be hurt or diminished.

“The fourth seal is opened, and we see Christ riding in His saints upon a powerful horse whose name is Death, and hell is following Him. But though this death has a grim appearance, it shall hurt but the fourth part of the earth, that is, the vile principle in the earthly life, which reigns and has dominion until the Life of Christ, is sufficiently risen in His saints. Until this work is thoroughly accomplished in His saints, the Beast is permitted to slay the soul with hunger, famine and languishing death. He (the beast) shall thus prosper and make war with the saints and for a time, overcome them, keep them under and wear them out by ruling over them in the worldly dominion of their outward man where he has power to afflict. But the Omnipotent Lord is coming to reign in the life of the Lamb over all beasts of the earth and to exalt all who have been killed and slain to a victorious kingdom.

“The fifth seal is opened which discovers to us the souls of the slain saints under the altar. Here the soul verifies conformity to the death of the Lamb, and lies as a live burning coal under this altar and cries incessantly to rise in such power of majesty that it might take vengeance on those that have killed the Just One. As the blood of Abel cried for vengeance, so does the blood of Jesus cry more strongly in the souls of them who are dead with Christ. The Lord has signified that as the incense rises from the soul’s living coal, the resurrection is then near when the naked soul shall be clothed upon with the long white robe of immortality. It may be said by some who have thus waited long, that “all things continue as they have since the fathers,” but this has only been so that there may ascend an even stronger cry.

Therefore, all who have experienced the effects of the fifth seal opening in them should rejoice, for by this you may know the nearness of that New Jerusalem Kingdom into which you may shortly be installed as a living stone. Do not look for it without but within. The outward fulfillment shall follow in its own course and time.

“The sixth seal is opened in us, and the first thing which takes place is a great earthquake which is to shake the very foundations of the old earth in which is the original sin. Its hour of judgment is come, and the trumpet has sounded for the dissolving of the first earth and heaven so that their place may no more be found. The wind of the mighty Spirit blows upon all flesh to cause it to die and wither. The sun of reason ceases to shine, the moon of the senses turns into blood, and all the starry imaginations drop like untimely fruit, and every island and mountain of human self-strength melts away. There is no hiding from this consumption, which the Lord calls upon the entire universe that has been under the Beast’s captivity. May we not in all sincerity call all this a blessed ruin and a happy undoing? To see such a destruction come upon all that has kept the Lamb and His kingdom back in us, we should rejoice with exceeding joy! Amen!

“Ah, but let us know of a surety that as we rejoice for the broken seals in us, these opened seals will cause a terrible day of woe for the rebellious and unregenerate. Then they will be discovered to be in the Beast’s kingdom and must expect to fall and go into perdition with him, for even as there are inward seals to be loosed and vials to be poured out in His saints, so there are yet vials to be poured out upon the inhabitants of the earth, affecting all of which their world consists. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Let us make all due haste to flee the coming destruction which is determined upon the beast and its followers, not looking back for some cherished thing to take with us. A consummation is decreed upon the entire realm of the beast, and nothing with any semblance of alliance with it shall be allowed to stand. It must be clearly understood that none can arrive at the seventh seal, which is the manifestation of a foregoing work, without the other six seals having been broken in him.

“The seventh seal opens and causes the sounding forth of the seven angelic trumpets. Which seven trumpets are seven proclamations effecting marvelous things within each who have been enabled through their broken inward seals to hear each particular trumpet. This must continue by degrees until the seventh angel shall begin to sound in us in order to reveal in a people the Testimony of the True Tabernacle. That is, Christ’s very nature and Deity in His glorified members! As there has been an opening eye of divine revelation with the opening of each seal, so there is a divine hearing which must be obtained for the hearing of each sounding trumpet message.

“Is it not at least, somewhat more clear to us that we cannot arrive at the man-child position until all seven seals have been, by the power and grace of Christ, broken in us?”













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