“Nothing shall be impossible to you, if you believe enough.” The operative word, here, is enough. The context of Jesus’ statement had to do with the failure of his own hand-picked, twelve closest followers, to affect the cure of a small boy who was experiencing seizures. When they asked him why they hadn’t been able to do the task, his answer was double-edged, you don’t have enough faith and if you did have enough you could do anything.

I never cease to be amazed at the energy of some people in refusing to believe at all, let alone enough to make any positive changes in their lives. In a recent podcast Ryan made the statement that both science and the Bible seemed to prove that my reference to the example of Enoch avoiding death (by faith) could be a template for our own faith was basically distorted.

Since the reference to Enoch comes out of more than one place in the Bible, Ryan’s position related to the Bible being proof that my thesis is skewed is a bit out of sync. So let’s move onto his statement about science. One example is that Duke University in Durham, North Carolina since the 1920s has been at the forefront of scientific experiment related to the power of belief in producing significant and dynamic changes. In one recent article about the program at Duke, the primary point was that believing something actually tended to make it true.

The Folks at Duke believe, shouldn’t you?

I challenge anyone who tends to disbelieve (some do so almost violently) some of my seemingly outlandish statements about faith and belief to enter: Duke University, psychic research in the Google search engine and see what comes up – The piece entitled, “You’d Better Believe,” is an excellent place to start, but only if you are willing to believe scientific research into this “magic of believing” arena …it is, after all, your choice.

People all over the world are receiving healing power and spiritual healing through a variety of different methodologies …the first challenge of course is to get past unbelief that it is even possible.

Jesus was amazed at the unbelief of those in Nazareth …what the religious of today fail to see about this remarkable statement is twofold: One, Mark reports that Jesus could do NO mighty works there, nada. Two, is that Jesus made a wide circle around Nazareth from then on, avoiding the district of his birth entirely. What is interesting about this, to me, is that one of the stated reasons for the people in Nazareth not believing is that they thought they knew him …the son of Joseph the carpenter. “Who does this guy think he is, anyway,” Mark, in his Gospel, said that the level of unbelief astonished Jesus.

The Brad Cullen statement about this is a corollary question: Is it possible that the reason so many people who say they believe in Jesus Christ can do nothing he said believers in him could and would do is that, just as with Nazareth, they think they know who he was/is …and further that they don’t believe enough? Is it possible that this is the reason for the absence of the presence and power of Jesus in church? (That is, he is making a wide circle around the Nazareth of this day).

I make no claim to have any healing powers …yet I have been an instrument of spiritual healing for people who want healing and are willing to believe. But wait a minute, folks, Jesus made a statement that he didn’t have any healing powers either – it was his Spirit-Parent in him who did the works …yep, same-same with me and anyone else who believes enough in the willingness of our Spirit-Parent in us to heal anyone who really wants to be healed …so, then, perhaps the bridge for YOU to believe in the possibility, first of all …just that much, just in the possibility …could be your bridge to believing enough.

Jesus said, nothing is impossible if you believe enough, the scientists at Duke University say, “you better believe it” …do I hear an amen?

If your challenge is that you do not believe enough and you’d sincerely and seriously like to overcome it, write me and let’s talk about it. If you’ll believe in the possibility, you may just be amazed at what our SPIRIT-PARENT will do for you when we approach the SOURCE together on your behalf.












































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