JUNE 2001

There is much written in the Old Testament about all of the details God gave concerning the construction of His Temple.  This building was a dwelling place for the presence of God in that time.  But today, God does not dwell in a building that is made by human hands.  His presence abides in the fleshly temple of His children on planet earth.  He speaks through them and their hands are used to accomplish much of His work at this time.  He teaches, guides and directs them by His Holy Spirit. 

I was awakened in the middle of the night and I heard the Lord speak “Load Bearing Wall”.  Construction was certainly not on my mind until He spoke.  In the course of the next few hours, many things came forth which all seem to have a part in further clarifying just what He was trying to speak to me. 

I had a friend call and when I spoke the word of the Lord to her, she said, “Yes, the people come to you and pour out all of their burdens onto you and go away lighter.  Then you pray and give these burdens to God in Intercession and God’s will is accomplished in their lives.  Yes, you are a Load Bearing Wall.”  Well, yes, I certainly am an intercessor and I do stand in the gap for many in their times of need, but Jesus is the only one that can truly intercede in their behalf, so I just lift the needs to Him and speak the needs and let Him know that I am in agreement with His prayers for this individual.  I don’t try to tell Him how to intercede and I sure don’t try to orchestrate the outcome of the prayers.

My husband and I spoke about this word from the Lord and he was sent to the written Word of the Lord – the Bible.  He is a contractor, so God spoke to him on this subject in language he could well relate to.  Several things came from this exchange between he and I and what God spoke to him:


1.God is the Foundation of His Temple [Builder and General Contractor]

2.Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone. [Superintendent]

3.Sons of God are the other Cornerstones of the structure. [Lead men]

4.The lively stones of the Body of Christ are placed between Sons of God to complete a wall of the temple.  They are all connected to the cornerstones by structural steel – the living faith OF God – that keeps them in their place, fulfilling their call in the Kingdom of God. [Laborers]

5.The roof of the temple is the “cloud of witnesses” that have gone on before us and are watching over usand cheering us on. [Forerunners]

6.There is a called-out, set apart group of people that are presently in the wilderness of God, being brought into the place of power and authority for this coming time in the plan of God.  They are the authentic authority in God’s Kingdom for today where the Strongmen are the counterfeit authority in Satan’s Kingdom – no wonder all of creation are groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God.  For when they are raised to power by the Father, the authority that was given Adam, will now be utilized and man will take dominion over the things of the earth and this planet will become the paradise God created it to be.

7.We know that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end.  So, we clearly see that each person represented by these different pieces of building material that go into the totality of the temple, must, in a very direct way, be filled with Christ.  It is this continuity that establishes His authority over the entire structure.



THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF GOD’S TEMPLE [Sunny Orly Coffman] June 2001          1


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