MAY 10, 2006

This Is You!

“Come in the house My Son. There is no place like home. I’m not giving You a title, but I Am giving You My Name. You shall be known as “I AM”; forever known as The Sent One.”

You are sent upon The Highway of God Being, the clarion path of knowing; the ease of The Spirit. Yours is The Lighted Pathway, a revelation of Divine Rest in all that You do and accomplish. The ease of My touch is within You as You go forth speaking and Being My Word; knowing the good news of My Completed Work. You need not speak twice. (Not as Moses did smite the rock twice). You know all things are prepared and in order by My very own hand. I see You have no resistance to This that I Am, therefore Paradise flows from within. All shall see.”

“Such harmony and Oneness is unknown to the world, but you are not of the world, but of the new creation. You are an ensign of reality, expressed. You see all things as they are in Truth. You see Me; All Authority, through the eyes and mind of Pure Spirit. You see Heaven come down, The ease of Real Life.”

“Now, in this House, is peace, joy, and perfection; no limit, for The Day Star has risen from the Heart of The Lamb. All Glory and Honor abides within the feet of Those Who walk in My Steps. This is the walk of The Spirit, true manifestation wherein dwells no sorrow or pain. You venture not on your own; study war no more, for this is the all new, given at the Cross; not a world yet to come. There is no mixture here. This is You risen, a new creature, exploring the fullness of The Promise, bathing in My Presence. You are not looking for another or greater house for you have come home to explore the greatness therein.

Your testimony is Holy, Holy, Holy. Your life is joy unspeakable. You have not commenced in the Spirit, lived in The Spirit, and then looked to an unpredictable end for an improved natural earth life. You have found the never ending expansion of Pure Spirit Life wherein dwells the all righteousness of True Resurrected Being. You have found the Body of Light where I Am.”

“There is no confusion in The House nor struggle, hesitation or fear, for This is The Promise, The Second Coming; Come without sin or separation. The crooked places are now straight, and the doors of Heaven open. The One Who has spoken “Peace Be Still’, Is still heard with all things under His feet. And so you see, you are in a new world. Nothing is kept from you. It is given, that you might go forth, My Testimony.”

“Great is the emphasis on “ONLY”, in the revelation of The “Only” Begotten, for there Is Just One Spirit, One Life, and One Walk; One Body, and One Mind; agreeing in One Truth: “I AM.” Thus: The Only Begotten Son. I Am One Accord.”

“You go, Loving and Being Loved, rising above the turmoil of the words of men, for you have the ability to translate all thoughts and words into cherished love; My City of Love and Light. This is the peace that passes understanding and knowledge; The Bridge of Forever. As stated, You Are The Sent One. You Are My Halo of Love, My Own Life.”

“We meet at Home where “All Things Are Prepared.”

Blessed Holy Ghost; Jesus Come Again!

Our Humble Love,





BY MY SPIRIT SAITH THE LORD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-10-06          1


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