MARCH 12, 2005

The Highest Law, Father God in Christ Jesus, has prevailed in all the earth.

The Atonement, Which Is Jesus Himself, Is not lacking, and speaks of Absolute Redemption. Perfection Is Come in The Name of Jesus, All Creation Baptized in Spirit. Love overflows from the hearts of The Awakened, and witnesses Eyes of Mercy.

“I Am You, resurrected. I’m In Your hands; everlasting Peace and Joy.”

Instantly, all your daily or instantaneous situations, labors, problems, or appearances may be immersed, baptized in My Spirit, for I have not come in vain. I Am come, The Baptism of The Spirit, The End of Confusion and Doubt. I Am Here

With all things under My Feet. My Holy Baptism Is The Answer, for In My Spirit Is Manifest Being Revealed.

It is your pleasure to immerse any situation or appearance in Me.

You can see Me In The Face of Creation as well As in The Face of Every Man.

Salvation Is not a Limited Thing, for I Have purchased back everything that appeared lost.

Now, I touch your lips, your mind, and your heart, that you may say, “Amen and Amen and Amen.”   “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

All our love,


BY MY SPIRIT SAITH THE LORD [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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