Text: Numbers 13:133

Key Verse: Num 13:30 And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

  • Caleb when studied out, it means to yelp, to attack or a dog.
  • Don’t take a dog that has been traveling in the wilderness for forty years and show him a land where Alpo is at, and expect him to stay in the wilderness.
  • Principle:  You can have a wilderness experience or a wilderness wandering, it’s up to you

The American Kennel Club recognizes 130 breeds, put into 7 groups:

  • Sporting dogs (pointers, setters, retrievers)
  • Hounds (bassets, foxhounds)
  • Working dogs (malamutes, schnauzers)
  • Terriers (bull, fox)
  • Toys (Chihuahuas)
  • Nonsporting dogs (bulldogs)
  • Herding dogs (collies, sheepdogs)

See characteristics of these breeds below and on the following pages:

1) Sporting Dogs:

  • Pointer:  It was the first breed developed to point game. 
  • Principle: The attention of the master is drawn to what you are pointing at.
  • What are you pointing at?  Is it your circumstances, depression, sickness, poverty, bad relationship, past failures?
  • The Spirit in you is pointing to your inheritance (YOUR DESTINY) a land flowing with milk and honey.


  • The setter was valued for its ability to “point” hidden game for hunters; it was originally trained to sit before its prey.
  • What are you sitting before?  Are you sitting before a pity pit that you have hewn out?    
  • The Spirit in you is setting before all that rightfully belongs to you as a child of God and is waiting for you to come and partake. 


  • The Labrador originated in Newfoundland, where it aided fishermen.  The dogs’ express job was to swim to shore with the drag ends of fishing nets in their mouths.  Are you working with those around you in hopes of bringing in a harvest in your lives as well as your local church? 
  • The Spirit of the Lord longs to work in, through and with us to bring the harvest in!   

2) Hounds:

  • The basset hound has better scenting ability than any breed except the bloodhound.  It was used by royalty and was a slowworking, steady trailer of game.
  • The basset hound is particularly good in rough terrain. Are you impatient and have a habit of giving up when things get tough? 
  • The Spirit in you is very patient, faithful and is a very present help in time of trouble and he will not give up!
  • The foxhound is used for the sport of fox hunting.
  • Foxes were common predators in Bible times. Their fondness for grapes caused farmers much grief. Sometimes they even tunneled under protective walls to feast on grapevines.
  • Foxes also settle in holes and burrows, often those abandoned by other animals.
  • Are you lacking the Fruit of the Spirit in your life?
  • Do you have a habit at times to settle into places that others have toiled to prepare, so that you don’t have to do nothing strenuous?
  • The Spirit in you wants to show you these little foxes (sins, faults, habits) that are keeping your fruit from coming forth.
  • The Spirit in you also wants to show you your place in the body.

3) Working Dogs:

  • The Alaskan malamute traditionally has been used to pull heavily loaded sleds over great snow plains. 
  • Do you find yourself at times not considering the burdens that are on your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ or a family member? 
  • The Spirit that is in you will help you to bear the burdens of those that are around you.
  • The schnauzers was first used to herd cattle, then to guard stockyards and breweries in Bavaria.  
  • Are you depending solely on the preachers to herd the sheep?
  • Are you depending on the preachers to guard the stockyards?
  • The Spirit in you wants to win the lost through you, and he wants to be a watchman in you.

4) Terriers:   

  • The bull terrier was created as a pit dog to fight other dogs.  It battled until it or its opponent was dead.
  • Are you one whose purpose is to sow discord among the brethren? 
  • What is the opponent in your life at this time?  Simply, what is it that is keeping you from walking where you want to walk with God? 
  • The Spirit in you wants to help you conquer everything that is keeping you from entering into that which God has for you.
  • The wirehaired fox terrier was originally bred as a hunting dog in England.  Quick intelligence, an energetic disposition, and a smart appearance have earned the wirehaired terrier top honors in competition.
  • Are you slow to learn and have a lazy attitude at times towards doing work in the Kingdom of God?
  • The Spirit in you wants to quicken the Word of God to you.  He wants to give you understanding.  He wants to manifest the life of Christ in you, which will enable you to walk in newness of life and strength.                                                                         

5) Toys:

  • The Chihuahua is a tiny breed, standing only about 13 cm (5.1 in) high at the shoulder.  It has a wellrounded, appleshaped skull, with large round eyes.  The ears are large, conspicuous, and erect when the dog is at attention. 
  • Do you have conspicuous ears, in the sense that someone wished you hadn’t overheard them because they knew you would get on the party line?
  • The Spirit in you wants you to have Spiritual conspicuous EARS so that you might overhear what he is saying to you. 

6) Non-Sporting:

  • The bulldog is well known for its squat, muscular stance and pugnacious expressions. Used from the Middle Ages to the 19th century to bait bulls, the bulldog attacked savagely and without regard to pain.
  • Are you known for your Spiritual weakness and ugly expressions you make towards others?
  • Are you known by the fact that the enemy walks all over you and you can’t do anything to stop it?
  • The Spirit that is in you wants you to live a life that will manifest his strength, and he wants our expressions to be those that will draw people to us and not push them away.
  • A smile can do wonders to a sad person.
  • The Spirit that is within you wants you to walk over all the powers of the enemy and to be on the offense for a change instead of defense.

7) Herding Dogs:

  • The roughcoated collie is a working dog that was used to herd sheep. The smooth collie was used to guide livestock to market.
  • Are you one that doesn’t have a desire to work and do your part to bring the sheep together? 
  • Are you one that doesn’t have a desire to bring the sheep to a place wherein they can be useful to others?
  • The Spirit in you wants to seek and to save all those that are lost and bring them into a place wherein they can be taken care of.
  • The komondors are large, shaggy, working dogs native to Hungary and used as sheep dogs, as well as police and guard dogs.
  • As a herdsman’s dog, the komondor usually protects the flocks and herds, while smaller dogs do much of the routine work. 
  • Do you stand by and watch while your brethren or family member are being hurt or taking advantage of?
  • The Spirit in you wants you to be sensitive to what is going on around you and to have a watchful eye of protection for those around you.

The dog has been bred for many domestic purposes other than as pets. 

  • The armed forces have used dogs for guard, security, and attack purposes.
  • Police departments use patrol dogs because of their keen senses of hearing and smell.
  • Dogs are maintained for companionship, for racing, as guide dogs for the blind, and as sled dogs. 
  • The positive effect of the dog on the wellbeing of people is well documented.
  • A dog’s most important sense is that of smell.
  • Dogs do not perspire; heat is removed through the moist nose and evaporation from the tongue and respiratory tract (panting).

By looking at these different breeds of dogs, we can put them all together and see the characteristics of a Caleb Ministry.  Who let the dogs out?

I trust you have been blessed by this teaching.  We have this message available for order on cassette for any size love offering to God’s Healing Ministry.  Your support enables us to send our tapes around the world.


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