DECEMBER 2, 2003

Today while sitting in meditation, I heard the Spirit within saying, “I am calling for the midwives to assist in the birthing and development of a new consciousness, fresh revelation knowledge and the higher life that’s being produced. You must defy the decree of the old order of thinking that operates from the realm of fear, limitations and illusions. Don’t allow your fear and ignorance to slay the man-child/thought/idea that can be the deliverance to the whole house of Israel; your body, soul, and spirit.

This consciousness has already been birthed in the earth, but there are forces that seek to destroy it before it fully develops. Within you Shiphrah and Puah will come in the forms of inner witness, holy boldness and confidence. Without they will manifest as prayer, intercession and support from others. The call is to preserve the man-child that’s rapidly growing”.

Before we advanced into this technological age women depended on midwives to assist them in child bearing. They were the coaches, encouragers, and comforters to the travailing mothers, blest with the opportunity to be the first to see that which had been concealed in darkness. They were the first to touch destiny, the power of life and death was literally in their hands.

Over 3500 years ago a Pharaoh in Egypt, probably named Rameses II had a dream that disturbed him. He dreamed of a balance with Egypt on one side of the scale, and a lamb on the other side outweighing Egypt. The wise men and astrologers interpreted the dream correctly; they said a ruler would be born among the Israelites that would destroy Egypt. {Without going into depth of further interpreting this dream, we will only point out that Pharaoh’s dream was astrological. He saw the Scales/Libra and the Lamb/Aries}. This is what prompted him to order the midwives to kill every male child born, later he ordered all the male infants to be killed. However, the midwives did not obey the king.

The names of the two leading midwives were Shiphrah and Puah. It is believed that nearly 1000 midwives were scattered throughout Egypt at that time. It was during this time the man-child Moses was born. The name Moses means drawn from the water. The water that he was drawn from was the Nile River, which also means leading and drawing. The Nile flows through the land of Egypt; which means lack, frustration, and limitations. We thank God for this wonderful story of faith and deliverance, but lets look a little deeper and make it your personal story that’s unfolding within your consciousness and surroundings.

Moses represented the birthing of a new radical thought, idea or revelation that would bring about a revolution and liberate humanity. This thought can be called a move of God, revival or something that changes your life. This thought flows through the subconscious realm of mass consciousness that operates in lack, frustration and limitations. Its flow gives the opportunity to be liberated, however, it is not until it is drawn out that it can mature to become the deliverer. This thought must be acted upon in order to see results that release you from the realm of limitations.

Shiphrah means polished, bright, beautiful; clear trumpet. Shiphrah represents a higher state of consciousness aiding in the birthing of new thoughts and paradigm shifts. This is the part of the soul that refuses to obey the dictates of the old order or lower realms (flesh). She has chosen to be polished with the fiery trials and persecution that causes her to produce more light. This is also where the trumpet makes a clear sound within; the message of the kingdom is understood, your destiny becomes crystal clear.

Puah means shinning light, brightness; beauty. Puah also represents the balance of higher states of consciousness aiding in the birthing of a new consciousness. This is a part of the soul filled with light, joy and expressing the beauty of whole I AM ness (holiness).

Shiphrah and Puah have the ability to expose the hidden abilites. They manifest as God thoughts that must be acted upon or as people that are placed in your life. These higher states of consciousness or people are sent forth during crucial periods of your life.

However, there is that king of Egypt, which represents the powerful thoughts/theology of previous moves of God and limited thinking that’s threatened by what’s been drawn out (different) and raised up in his house. Kill the man-child!! Kill this new consciousness that’s permeating the land is the decree. Kill the dream of the impossible becoming possible.

Pharaoh interrogated the midwives for not stopping the multiplication of new thoughts/revelation knowledge, and dreams (male children). They answered; the Israelite women are not slow like the Egyptian women. In other words, operating out from the mind of Christ is more productive than operating out from the carnal mind. Exodus 1

The king that seeks to upsurp your authority and God given right to be fruitful and multiply may come in the forms of negative thinking, religious leaders, bankers, physicians, lawyers, or a boss. Some history states that the Israelite women were having multiple births (twins, triplets, and quadtuplets). When one is operating out of Divine Mind there are no limits. What would normally take years to produce can be delivered in a short time.

“As soon as Zion travails she shall bring forth”. Zion means sunny, it was the highest hill around Jerusalem. Zion represents the higher states of consciousness that’s pregnant with success, the next move of God, the man-child, the kingdom age and many other terms we use to describe it.


You have been called to not only give birth to the new world of thoughts, ideas, spirit, experiences and wealth, but to also be the midwife to others. The seed of truth has been planted within many; due to improper spiritual nourishment and lack of care some have not carried the seed full term (mis-carried).

For others developing the seed of truth, it has become breach and there have been few qualified to reach within to turn things around (bring balance). Yet others have given birth to what started out as life but ended up as death.

Midwives are trained for the service they provide realizing the importance of this work. One must be trained to know what to do in case of emergency, excessive bleeding, and breach. These are the times when people feel like giving up on ministry, family, careers, business and even God. Are you prepared to handle emergencies??? The time you spend practicing your spirituality determines the degree of your skills, sensitivity and success as a midwife.

A midwife is like a coach; you have been called to be a coach. Sometimes you will walk along side and sometimes you will be required to carry those that have no strength to walk. A coach has the wisdom to produce teamwork; he or she knows that working together is the key to accomplishing the goal. He knows how to encourage, challenge and push them beyond their limits.

Again the midwives Shiphrah and Puah are liken to the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries. The have the ability to reach deep within by Spirit, pull out your destiny which is hidden in the dark nasty places of your life and show it to you. Do you have the stomach to deal with other folks mess? Can you look beyond the gore and nauseating odor and see the Christ destiny? Or, are you accustomed to dropping out when things get uncomfortable?


This is the realm in consciousness of great paradoxes. Anxiety and anticipation can easily turn into fear and doubt. Joy and laughter becomes screams and groaning, then to joy again. A range of emotions and experiences must be expressed before that which has been deposited within you become a reality.

You will need to be persecuted, intimidated, lied on and made to feel that everything that could go wrong is about to go wrong. The seed which is developing in the dark; your business, health, ministry, family, spirituality and finances must seem like it is at the point of disaster. This is only part of the travail and contractions sent to let you know everything is about to change. Don’t abort the man-child at this late stage by partial birth. You did not come this far to give up now. Since man/flesh did not impregnate you with this, you will not have to depend on man/flesh to provide for it.

The birthing room is a messy place, there’s blood everywhere. This is the shedding forth of the Adamic life and negative ideas from the lower consciousness. It is where your mind is stretched and ripped and for a moment you will despise the new thought that has changed your life. You may even regret reading that literature, hearing that tape or attending that conference that exposed you to higher truth. You may regret sharing your vision with anyone, and feel stupid for believing you could actually own that house, car, business, or property.

However, once you are birthed into the new realm, or you become aware of and put into practice the thought/message of life that brings deliverance for the whole man; you realize the worth and praise God. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Then you understand you were not stupid in spite of what others thought or said.


What is this? Is this a literal birth, or the founding of a nation in the Middle East, or some other religious movement? Is it the fulfillment of material or physical desires? NO! This is the birthing of a higher state of consciousness that sets you free from limited thinking and manifestations on every level of life. It is the realization of your purpose and destiny and fulfilling it. With this understanding an exodus takes place in consciousness. All the enslaved thoughts that once built the treasury houses of carnality (Pharaoh) are liberated. They are washed and ascend into purer forms to build the sanctuary that allows full expression of God. This was demonstrated through the literal birth of Moses and Jesus. This is the birthing of the incorruptible seed, the real you, the divine you; Christ.

In Revelation 12 we find that the man-child was caught up to a higher frequency called the throne of God, a place of power and authority. Where was Moses brought to after his birth and being drawn from the river of mass consciousness? To Pharaoh house (place of authority), a new man was now in the house. This is where he learned the ancient secrets and wisdom and became adept. What will you learn?? You must be willing to totally detach yourself from the false life, identity, and religious beliefs to be caught up to this higher frequency.

Exodus 1 says God blessed the midwives with families because they had helped others. [Here’s a strange thought. Your consistent ministry to others determines your spiritual development and success. “He that waters shall be watered”. This investment in the lives of others may be through mentoring, counseling, prayer, teaching or giving of finances]. Be the Midwife.

That which is hidden within can never be fully birthed until you have helped many others give birth. Your ministry goals or financial goals will not be fully recognized until you have sown into the lives of others.

Look for those that are pregnant with business ideas, ministry, change or whatever; help them to push out and give birth to their destiny. Be that higher consciousness, that coach, that encourager that says, “you can do it”. Be the midwife.


Thanks to those of you that joined us in prayer for this nation and the Middle East between Nov.7-29, 2003. I really believe the casualty count would have been much higher. (Posted in Feast of Tabernacles Update)

** In October the Spirit revealed how the situation would escalate in Nov. There were nearly 80 Americans killed and scores of coalition forces killed during the dates the Spirit revealed through the positioning of the planets. November was called the deadliest and bloodiest month for loss of life since major combat declared over. [Continue to pray that the residuals of this negative cycle would be transmuted into positive things for the troops, Iraqis and this nation].


CALL THE MIDWIVES [John Lewis]          1


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