NOVEMBER 22, 2009

Calm is here dearly beloved as I transpose the works of man over to the Hand of My Son.  Calm Himself brings the wisdom to recognize the new day.  So, be still, and know I Am Alive in your hearts.  Be at peace for change is upon us, and change is good, especially to those who know change comes from on High.

No thing is out of My sight as I re-write creation before the eyes of men.  Come up hither where no terror exists today.  Come to Me for I do care, and I do have a way that you know not of; a way yet to be described by man.  Come and know My Kingship; share My Anointed Presence, and see Me As I Am.  Yield all to receive The Kingdom of God; The All New.

Gather all the love you are because My Way Is Sure, and My House Is In Order. See yourself and your loved ones in the Hollow of My Hand.  Know that I Am able to sustain you, and that I Am Here With You.

My Word Is Sure as I Appear In Every Face.  This Is My Day.  Heaven does not wait; cannot wait, for I Father Have Spoken.

I have sent Calm Himself, Christ In You.





















CALM [Jim-Melba Crofford] 11-22-08          1


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