OCTOBER 4, 2012

In the middle of responding, for the second time, to an e-mail I had filed away to “chew on” further, a few days ago, I was interrupted with what I feel inclined to call a “revelation.” …here is how I started my second response:

“I tucked this one away because it is so “right on” …you and I are so much on the same page about so many things, Ron, it is like I see the same burning desire in you that is in me to get people to see how simple everything can really be IF THEY WOULD ONLY BE WILLING TO LOOK AT IT WITH A WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE …wait a minute! This is an “a-Ha” moment and with which you may want to take issue, but I’m seeing something in a different light. An answer to something I’ve been “picking at” for days! Back in a bit, b.”

I am a man most blessed with several people around the world with whom I have an ongoing e-mail relationship because we are on the same page about any number of issues, but particularly our willingness not to take issue over minor details about the obviously different ways we may look at certain things.

Ron, the man to whom I was writing, who lives in Southern California, had written a piece with the title “IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT” in which he referenced a quote of someone who was denying that affirmations (or if you prefer, “declarations”) worked for him and was proving the point that they do work because that other person was declaring they didn’t work because “you can repeat affirmations until you are blue in the face, but they didn’t work for him” …and that negative affirmation was working …surely that might make sense to somebody other than me.

I still remember a lawyer who was among a small gathering at a home, walking out and slamming the door after saying, “you people can believe anything you want!” Quite obviously he believed that whatever had been said by someone in the group didn’t coincide with what he believed …or we could say what he didn’t believe.

Many people who are regular visitors to this website are those who believe that their identity is being of or an intrinsic part of “God” (by whatever other title or name) and some of these vehemently resist any notion that the deity resides “outside” or has any existence which is separate or apart from them.

The drum upon which I continually beat, as a matter of experience and practice (doesn’t make my slightly different view “right” and theirs “wrong” – is exactly that…BOTH), that is, my reality is that both “in” and “out” are true (for me). That is, our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT lives within me AND apart from me. I have no need to explain the distinction any further, nor do I need you to agree with my perspective.

I well remember the experience that brought me to this view of “BOTH AND” rather than “EITHER/OR.” It began during the third week of a rather elongated fast (ingesting no food, only water) I was getting a picture in my mind (Dare I call it a vision?) of a mason jar full of sea water which I had scooped out of a little inlet on the Kona coast, nearby where I lived, at the time, on the Big Island of Hawaii and, in this “day vision” I had brought it back to my home and set it on a small table in my living room; a voice was coming from the jar saying, “I am the ocean.” I laughed as I understood what I was being shown.

I saw myself walking back to the inlet with the jar and pouring the water back into the little bay from which I had taken it and returning it to be an integral part of the whole and saw that what the water in the jar had spoken was true; and being poured back was a seamless act which I could duplicate by continually being “poured back” into the SOURCE for my own life and thus, by doing so, being aware of it my identity more clearly.

About ten years later …while walking on a beach near a different home on another Hawaiian Island, I received something I have shared with many people that transformed my life then and continues to do so today: “I am in and of the will of God; YOUR presence and power are upon me. I have and want nothing else and no other thought or feeling shall have a permanent place in me. I AM.”

That is still among the declarations I make several times each day. There are hundreds of people who tell me that they have adopted this declaration and that it has transformed their lives as well. Germane to the point of this little treatise is that it certainly won’t have any effect on those who refuse to declare it.

I emphatically declare here and now, that I AM not “God.” I emphatically also declare that the Creator of the entire universe (by whatever other title or name) lives in me and HE/IT/SHE does “my” talking and writing through me.

Others may want to argue me out of this position. This is not an argument. You are free to believe anything you want. I’m merely sharing one of the many gifts I have been given and for which I am so enormously thankful.

Do what you want with it. My instructions are to share it. The only thing I urge upon anyone, who has the ears to hear, is not to adopt my declaration because I say it …I’m not saying that. I’m saying GO DIRECTLY to the SOURCE (within or without — whichever is your perception) to get what, if anything, will be for your better good to declare. As my friend Ron says: “IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT” …but that was related to what he was given to say.

I am one with Ron and one with you; AND ONE with and in the SOURCE of the universe and everything in it. I AM filling this body I occupy with life-giving essence, which I absorb into this body I occupy, restoring it to perfect health and perpetual youth, I AM.  Thank YOU!

…can you relate?































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