SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

This has been a week of revelation for me …and I do mean FOR ME. Whether this is for you, is for you to determine with our SPIRIT-PARENT …not your conscious mind.

I had to, just now; check in to make sure I was supposed to even be sharing what is coming to me so forcefully, yet gently, this morning, because the opening paragraph seems a bit contradictory to my conscious mind. It is “what it is” and I am to continue.

Have you ever considered that the conscious part of the brain of the bodies we occupy, where the ego resides (you know, that part that thinks we know or own anything), can negatively affect what the subconscious has perfectly under control, that is, until it starts getting messed with by what we think?

Now, to be totally honest, I had to re-read the foregoing paragraph three times before I just “got it” – I am humbly suggesting that there is more to it than what it seems on the surface.

Now I’m supposed to provide this explanation. By how we think we can affect our blood pressure even our cholesterol level. Don’t take my word for it …while I have a hard time in this day and age understanding how anyone could not have heard all the scientifically tested proofs, available from recognized medical authorities such as Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and others that the foregoing is absolutely true.

Lest you think this is some kind of esoteric gibberish, I suggest you do some research on line.

I thought it would be nice to find a scientific article to substantiate what I’ve just been given to say. In other words not to just suggest YOU “do a little research,” but direct you toward something specific. I asked the question in “Google, Can the conscious mind interfere with the subconscious?”

The first article I felt nudged to read was an offer of a free E-book – so I downloaded it:

“When we think, we think as conscious mind. When a thought becomes substantiated, it substantiates in the subconscious mind. But what is man’s subconscious mind? It is his mental field or frequency in Universal Subjectivity. There is no such thing as your subjective mind and my subjective mind, meaning two, for this would be duality. All mind is One Mind. But there is such a thing as the subconscious state of your thought and of my thought in Mind.

“When we think, we think through a Universal Creative Medium, a receptive and plastic substance which surrounds us on all sides, which permeates us and flows through us. When we think, we think through and into the One Common Mind producing points of mental activity within it. We exist as the universal mind differentiated into individual minds. We think as universal conscious mind through the Universal Subconscious medium. As each person thinks, he is building around himself a mental atmosphere.

“Nothing can enter unless he allows it to, through the avenues of his own thought whether conscious or unconscious. There is no other place that we could think, since Mind is Omnipresent. There is no “out there.” Everything exists as projections in the external world from within us. Even the experience of internal to external projection itself is an experience in our Mind. It is a projection of consciousness within consciousness.”

Rather than being “scientific,” the quoted excerpt reveals a philosophical mindset that speaks authoritatively, is it true for you …for me?

I believe (which doesn’t for a minute make it true) that the above quote contains a truth seen from a particular perspective. The challenge presented by all perspectives, including yours and mine, is when we resist any of them on the basis that “I know what I know” is that we miss the complete picture.

Let’s talk about “applied knowledge” …when I apply what I believe I know to an arena about which I know nothing, I’m headed for a very limited amount of truth.

I told the true story in a recent article about the 85 year old woman who was confined to a wheelchair and wanted me to pray that she would die, so she could go home to be with “God.” I suggested she give me permission to pray differently, if you recall the story. What I didn’t say is the specific “prayer” to which we were able to honestly agree.

When she asked me how I wanted to pray I told her simply that her mind would be open to other possibilities rather than being unable to walk and that physically dying was the only way to experience “going home” her euphemism for “heaven.”

She refused. I said, okay, how about this: “Can I pray that ‘God’s perfect will be accomplished in your life regardless of either of our preconceptions as to what that means,” and added quickly, “I have found the term “I want God’s will unto death” to be extremely helpful in my own life …how does that ‘prayer’ sound to you?”

“Now you’re going where I want to go,” she said, sounding very knowing …without a clue where that that little “prayer” was taking her and why.

“Can you say it right now while we are on the phone?” I asked, and quickly explained, “that is, I want God’s will unto death and nothing else!”

She quickly repeated the words and unwittingly fired up the healing power of the universe. In just a few weeks she was completely healed of what was ailing her …not only is she walking again and getting stronger every day, she is engaged to be married to a man almost twenty years younger than she – and when I ask her how her love life is, she exudes this meaningful tone and says:

“It is better than I’ve ever known, honey.”

I think that is pretty funny, don’t you? It does show, to me at least, that it’s never too late for anything unless you are completely convinced that it is (lest we forget that she had been –convinced that it was too late to LIVE)!

She’s my sister and calls me about once every week now, and can’t wait for me to visit her and her betrothed …a 10 hour drive I intend to make next year. They are currently reading together, every day, one of my recent books Being Jesus.

She admitted that she would have thrown Being Jesus in the garbage just a few months back, because it goes against the grain of her former religious beliefs, “yet it doesn’t,” she admitted, “but it sure explains a lot of what has happened to me and how trusting God completely includes taking a whole lot of personal responsibility that I would have refused to consider before.”

Good Grief! That’s all I’m supposed to say for the moment …I’m reeling at all the things left unsaid this has this has stimulated. I know better than to turn a deaf ear to “not now.”









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