AUGUST 9, 2008   

The candle glows so brightly, I can hardly look upon it. Amazing!  I asked the candle, “What makes you glisten so spectacularly

“It is not me you are seeing, but Christ, my friend.  The Glory is He. It Is His Glory.  It took me a while to discover and realize the glow is MY FULLNESS, is everything.  It is The Glow, The Glow, my love that has swallowed me dear friend.  That is the key.  I have discovered it to be my perfection, to be melted into the Glow.  The glow is all there is.  Now, that is who I am; Fully The Glow.  The old is gone forever.  I am on a great new adventure, unlimited brightness.  Watch out Mr. Sun! ”

“What a lesson,” I say.  “I can see how we melt into the Wind of The Spirit that we have felt around us, and that has quickened within us.  Here we are, One with the Spirit, thinking, and speaking and Being Spirit.  Resurrection is here! ” 

Now He truly Is come again making all things New. Today, melded as one new man, all things are new without exception. Reminding, He says, “I Am The Light of The World.  I Am The Light That Lighteth Every Man.  I Am The Life, The Only Life There Is. I Am The Renewed You, abundant Love and blessing.  I Am here to remain, ever merciful, never to forsake.  Resurrection is yours because that is what I Am.  There is none other walking the earth but I Am; none beside Me. I have taken away the separation of the world, the sin. No man is able to escape My Apprehension.  Every man will find himself in Me in My Order of the great and merciful awakening.  The earth is born again; one new man. ” 

No wonder it is written in Romans chapter five that Jesus much more restored everything lost in Adam.  No wonder Jesus declared He had come to seek and to save that which was lost.  The free gift of salvation, the sacrificial Lamb has its perfect work.  Hallelujah!
















CANDLE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-9-08          1


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