FEBRUARY 17, 2001

God makes it plain that we were created in His image and likeness.  Each of us has a hunger for God.  We may not understand the reason why, but somehow we know that we are not complete.  We feel that there is a mission – a reason for our existence, but we have no clue how to go about knowing who we really are, our purpose for this existence, why we really are here, and what it is that we are to do.

There exists incompleteness within each man.  He somehow seems to know that he is destined for better things than where he finds himself.  There are hidden aspirations that occasionally rise to the surface – only to be pushed down again by the time constraints of his present circumstances.  Yet this yearning for something more meaningful in his existence continues to make itself known with growing frequency. 

We have observed on many occasions people that have been abandoned for various reasons at or near birth – only to be placed in foster care, adoption agencies, and finally adopted.  But because they have never really known just whose they are, there is still a great void in their lives.  They have many questions about their parents, if their parents are still alive, why didn’t they want their child, etc.  In short, these folks simply don’t know who they really are.  Now this is a scenario in the physical realm that gives some example of what all of us have walked through, and many are still experiencing, in the spiritual realm. 

As spiritual babies, we don’t know who our Father is.  We don’t have the confidence to know that He is and always will be our creator, provider, protector, nourisher, equipper, teacher, and deliverer… Father and best friend.  It is impossible for the carnal mind of man to grasp these facts as total truth.  The flesh does not discern the things of the Spirit.

This same all encompassing drive is placed within the heart of each man.  I call it our “spiritual embryo”.  God, Himself, placed it there and it has been a part of us since our creation.  We are attached to God by way of this “spiritual embryo”.  Some people call it the Spirit of God within.  Carnal man’s spiritual embryo was planted within him at the time of creation.  Man’s ability in the carnal to nurture this embryo is impossible.  The embryo was instigated by God and must mature in God. Man does not have the ability to fulfill the plan and purpose of God in his life. Only God can lead him onto that road of completion or perfection in this soulish realm and God is the only one that can give him the revelation – be it through creation itself, a super natural experience, or divine revelation. 

It is only as God, who planted this spiritual embryo within each of us, begins to draw us unto Himself – that our spiritual eyes and ears are opened and we can begin to receive truth from the spirit realm.  As I’m writing this, I see the spiritual embryo as an electro magnet that is attracted to God. When He turns on His incredible electrical power source, we are empowered to KNOW HIM, TO EXPERIENCE HIM and a process begins whereby we ultimately learn who we really are. 

Man has continually tried to find a way to express himself, working his way through the continued carnal actions – through his own will and his own emotions, created in his own mind – thinking he has the answer to everyone’s problem – not realizing that his main concern should be his own life.  When he cleans his own house – by saying to God – “turn your search light on me” – only then will he be able to see God clearly through man’s eyes. 

One of the first revelations that came to me in this process was:  I am a spiritual being on a human walk – not a human being on a spiritual walk. When this truth really soaked in, my whole life was changed.  I began to look at everything differently. Suddenly the struggles I’d walked through took on new meaning.  I began to see a purpose in everything.  I soon realized that God was truly in control of everything… even the circumstances of my own life. I saw how He had used those circumstances to move me into position for complete submission to Him – to His Plan – to His Purpose for my life.

Divine Order can only be produced by God.  No matter how much we are filled with knowledge, our human mind, will, and emotions are still not spiritual and, therefore, do not relate to spiritual truth.  It is only when our mind is transformed by the regeneration that is available through a total take-over by God, that we will ever manifest the mind of Christ.  Jesus did nothing except what the Father commanded.  His mind was totally given over to doing the will of God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  His purpose for living, breathing, moving, and existing, was to do the will of the Father. 

I realized that every person in my life had been sent for a purpose.  Even tragedies were as important as blessings in molding me into the pliable vessel that would yield everything I represented unto God. 

The next most valuable realization given me was that God had chosen me to be a vessel or temple for His presence to dwell within.  I now understood more clearly why He had been doing such a housecleaning in me. Who wants to live in a cluttered house?  I could also see why so many hindrances, likewise, had to be removed.  God wanted to use my hands, my voice… all of my efforts for His purposes.  So, everything in and around me had to take a backseat to God’s Plan. 

The only way to God is submission to God’s will – to God’s Plan – recognizing that God and God alone – is in control.  Anything outside of total control by God is compromise, deception and produces chaos. 






































CARNAL MAN’S SPIRITUAL EMBRYO [Roger and Sunny Coffman] 2-17-01         1


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