DECEMBER 14, 2005

At this time of the year, most thoughts are on the miraculous birth of baby Jesus.  Indeed, it was a glorious day, when Father manifested in the flesh.  Yes, that manifestation was the manifestation of Father’s Plan for all.

But, I want us to remember another birth that happened just as Jesus’ birth did. No, we were not born in a manger, where sheep were kept; although some of us may look back at where we were born and it’s not too much better than a manger, with animals. But, I want to look at the aspects of our birth.

Just as Father is a Spirit and manifested in a physical flesh body, the same is true of us. We are Spirit beings, made of the very substance of Father’s make up. As it is with Him, we can never change that same fact about us. We manifested out of the Spirit world into a physical flesh body, too.

The fact that Jesus (God) laid aside all remembrance of Who He really was, is true of us too. All remembrance of Who we really are, also left us. But, that didn’t change Who we were/are. Just as Jesus learned by the things He suffered, so are we. There came a time when Jesus remembered Who He was, and what journey He was on, and why. The same is happening with us. There came a time in our life when we went to the cross, along with Jesus. And just as He resurrected in another form, so did we.

Romans 6, tells us that we were crucified with Jesus and resurrected with Him. And when we resurrected, we were a different form from that person, that we call our old man. When we resurrected, we resurrected, pure, holy, righteous, non sinners, and in the image of our Father.  Just as Jesus said, “when you see me, you’ve seen the Father”, we can say the exact same thing. NOW that we have had the remembrance brought back to us.

You see, we are everything that Jesus was. It’s just that we have been seeing through the carnal eyes and the carnal thoughts. But, some have sought Father and stayed in communion with Him enough to learn, we’ve been seeing through illusional eyes. Hearing with illusional ears. And feeling with illusional feelings. But, there is a people who are laying all that aside. Regardless what their carnal eyes tell them, or what their carnal ears hear, it is all falling to the ground. NOW eyes are opened, ears are listening to Father; they are using the mind of Christ and thinking with it. They are seeing this earth as Father created it, PERFECT. They are hearing only His thoughts and allowing His thoughts to bring forth the PERFECTNESS that Father sees. Their focus is rested on Him only.

We need to focus on THIS BIRTH, this holiday season. Not only this season but throughout eternity.  Let’s look at some wonderful things about this birth. And let’s remember something. CHRIST WAS NEVER BORN, CHRIST HAS ALWAYS BEEN. You see, Christ is Father’s life, in us.

These are just a few of the important things we should be celebrating, at this season, about our birth; and PLEASE, think on these things. Lay aside all teaching that you have received in the past. Just ponder on these truths.

1) We are a new species of God people. We are not who we have been taught that we are. It is a great mystery about how God worked all that He worked. But, since BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, the Lamb was slain, so that when we “fell”, as some teach, we actually fell straight into the ATONEMENT (Rev 13:8). We DID NOT fall into sin, how could we when the sacrifice was ALREADY MADE for us, when we left that glorious Garden?  We MUST come to understand that the only thing that really fell, was our thoughts. Instead of keeping our focus on Father, we began believing what the fallen mind would tell us. BUT, even though this is true, IT DID NOT CHANGE WHO AND WHAT WE WERE/ARE. We ARE still in the image of our Father. It is MAN who began teaching that we are sinners. If that is true, JESUS DIED FOR NOTHING, or HE DIDN’T HAVE THE POWER TO PUT INTO EFFECT FATHER’S PLAN.  When He went to the cross, WE went with Him. We were re-generated into the KNOWING of Who we really are. Our Christ mind was awakened. Folks, we are NEW CREATURES. (Gal 6:15, 2Cor 5:17)

Listen HARD to these words:

2 Cor 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, Old things ARE PASSED AWAY, behold (this word means (LISTEN I”M GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT!), ALL THINGS ARE become new.”

Now, sit and think on this scripture. ALL OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY. Wrap your Christ mind around this. YOU ARE A NEW CREATURE, not that one that has been crammed into your mind all these years. The reason you act as you do, is because you are holding a false image of yourself in your mind. Your natural mind and natural eyes are illusional. They are not seeing the real picture. What we believe becomes real to us. We have had incorrect beliefs within us. THINK ON THIS.

2) This birth of ours came with ALL THAT GOD IS. (John 1:16)  Of HIS FULLNESS HAVE WE RECEIVED. Did you notice, this is PAST TENSE? It has already happened, not “it will happen sometimes in the future”.  We have His authority; we have His holiness; we have His righteousness; we have His purity; we ARE and have His love; EVERYTHING about Him HAVE we RECEIVED. The majority of Christians are WAITING to be His Son. All we have to do is BELIEVE that we are His Son. (John 1:12) What this scripture says, is this, “But as many as received him, HE gave the right, or privilege to be His Son.”  But listen; even if someone doesn’t know Him, they ARE still His Son.

3) This birth of ours came OUT FROM WITHIN FATHER. Do you know what the word ELOHEIM means?  It means, “PLURAL GODS but still ONE GOD”. We were in Him until we manifested in this earthen realm. Think of it, we were IN HIM watching Abraham, Enoch, Jacob, Moses, all of those who have a good report through faith!!  We were IN HIM, in fact WE are the ones He said, “Let US make man in my image”. We have forgotten so much, but, as this birth of ours took place, He began saying, “Wake up and remember Who you are.”   We were brought forth OUT OF HIM, IN HIS IMAGE. He is a Spirit being. We came forth from Him as He is, a Spirit. This body isn’t us. It’s used the way we use a automobile.

Our real make up is of Light. We should be talking to our body, bones, the way Jesus did. (PS 22:17). You know how Jesus walked through the crowds without them seeing Him? We should be doing the same thing. What keeps us from it?  UNBELIEF!!  This is not something that we just decide, “well today I think I’m going to tell my body, this or that”, and it happens. It takes true BELIEF and as the bible calls it, “exercise”. This is exercise as we know it. It means to practice what you believe. Remember we HAVE RECEIVE ALL of His fullness, so we can’t use the excuse, I can’t do that. When He told us to put on the mind of Christ, He meant for us to CHANGE our mind to what He tells us about ourselves.

I want to share this with you. The doctors prescribed me as a diabetic years ago. I have been taking 5 shots a day. But, over a year ago, I began talking to my body. A month ago, the Dr cut ALL of my shots in half. That is quite an accomplishment. It is not by man’s power that this is happening, it the KNOWING of Who I AM and what I AM is prepared to do. He is worthy of praise for what He is doing. He is saying to us, “why do you call me Lord and not do what I say?”

4) At this birth of ours, He has prepared us to have many things said about us, who are KNOWING Who we are. But, you know the old saying that goes something like, “what you see in others, you need to take a look at that thing within yourself?”

Well, those who are saying we’re crazy, we’re trying to take God’s place, really need to take a cold, hard look at what they are preaching and teaching. They teach, “will be, tomorrow, next year, when you go to heaven”. But, you know what they are doing? They are preaching ANOTHER GOSPEL!!   HE SAYS, “NOW ARE YOU “, “you HAVE RECEIVED…”, “as He IS so ARE you..” “unto YOU it IS GIVEN..” “you ARE COMPLETE in Him” “in HIM I LIVE, MOVE and HAVE my being.”  “God LIVES within you”.  All of these, are in the PRESENT TENSE. Can misery, sickness, sin and all that live in our Father? Well we are ONE WITH HIM, these things can’t live in us. We see what we seek to see. We see whatever we focus on.

Have you ever watched a young baby? The way, when no one is talking to them, they just look around and coo and laugh? They can still see in the heavenlies. They can still see the angels. I learned this from my grandson. Dalton is 5 years old. When he was 3 and his new sister, Harley, was born, we would sit and watch her, cooing and smiling and giggling. I said to Dalton, “I wonder what Harley is cooing about, and laughing about?”  Dalton said, “Nana, she is playing with the angels, don’t you know that?”   Last summer, Harley fell down three steps, outside of their back door, headfirst. I said to my daughter in law, “She was blessed to not hit her head on the concrete.”  Harley said, “Nana, the angels held my head.”  Children have that faith. They haven’t been in this realm of thinking long enough to lose the sight of angels, Father and spiritual things. Listen closely to your children, they will amaze you.

QUOTE: I like the way Tony den Hartog says it, “Jesus said, “You’re not listening. Let me say it again. Unless a person submits to this original creation ”the ‘wind hovering over the water’ creation, the invisible moving the visible, a baptism into a new life” it’s not possible to enter God’s kingdom. [6] When you look at a baby, it’s just that: a body you can look at and touch. But the person who takes shape within is formed by something you can’t see and touch ”the Spirit” and becomes a living spirit.  UNQUOTE.

5) At this birth of ours, we were told to go forth and take dominion of all things. It’s HIS dominion. He uses HIS dominion through us. We are creators. “life and death are in the power (there is only one power—Father’s) of the tongue”. Whether you know it or not, our words that we speak brings into being, what we speak. Not just speak, but, what we truly believe. Most of our daily words tells what we believe. When we hear someone say, “I can’t, I can’t, I’m not able…”, does that sound like Father speaking. No. So, they are what is called “double minded”. This life is HIS, it IS NOT I that live, it is Christ.”  We need to take His words and speak them and let them be worked into manifestation, by believing them, as we speak them, for it is HIM that is doing the speaking. It’s NOT me AND Him, it’s ALL HIM!!  Can you understand, we are ONE WITH HIM. Just as our physical bodies are made up of cells, we are the cells that make up HIS BODY, and it’s HIS HEAD that rests on His Body. We can’t be told apart. We can’t be separated. We ARE ONE BEING< HIM.

6) Do you know what your name is?  

Eph 3:14-15, “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father, of whom the WHOLE FAMILY in heaven and earth is named.”  Not only are we named, but we are natured of Him.

In the Book of Revelation, 1:13, many teach the revealing of Jesus. But, folks this isn’t revealing Jesus, He had been revealed many years before this. This is speaking of our revealing. It is His Body that is being revealed.

Rev 1:12-13, “And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; And in the midst of the seven candlesticks ONE LIKE UNTO THE SON OF MAN…”

This is revealing the First-fruits, in the earth, but not part of the earth, that has regained their memory of being so much like Him that they can’t be told apart. It is a many-membered Body.  Yes, we need to be celebrating our birth at this time of the season. Many of us are celebrating it ALL year round. Our lives ARE become the praises to Him.

We are whole, because He is whole; we are pure, because He is pure; we are worthy, because He is worthy; WE ARE AS HE IS.  Folks, think on these things and keep you focus on these truths, no matter what anyone says. Come to KNOW who you are and He is manifested AGAIN in the earth.   Happy holidays.


CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF JESUS? [Linda Keith] 12-14-05          1


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