NOVEMBER 11, 2008

The victory party for the President-elect Barack Hussein Obama is over, but some are yet rejoicing, while others are depressed (some yet seeking to disqualify him from the presidency if it is proven he was born elsewhere). There is a sense of “Change” in the atmosphere and lightness over the nations of the world as they hope for and expect something better than the past 8 years. Pravda the Russian newspaper headlines read on November 5, 2008- “The End Of 8 Years Of Hell”. A higher consciousness seems to have prevailed to produce in part the leadership that humanity is crying for. It seems to be embedded in the very DNA of the planet and All creation that Now is the time for Change.

This is the first time the whole world rejoiced (Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Christian and even Atheist) at the election of a USA president. The world’s extremely negative opinion developed over the past 8 years about America (once thought of as the light of the world), is already changing to positive again before President-elect Obama has even taken office. The Media and even some Christian Leaders that were very negative and outspoken against Obama have now changed their rhetoric in less than a week since the election. This is a testimony that creation is longing and earnestly waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

This is a historic event, the rise out of obscurity of an African American man to ascend to the highest office in the land. He has ancestry from Europe and Africa; he has lived in Asia and now in America – a man that is well traveled. A door of unlimited possibilities has been opened. In the natural this only hints at the event that is taking place in the Spirit realm. Do you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying?? Hear ye the word of the LORD.

“An event is on the horizon and is even taking place now, something that the world has never seen before. “Has this ever been in your days or the days of your father? Tell ye your children, and let them tell their children, and their children another generation.” Joel 1: 2-3 “ For the LORD shall rise up …that he may do his work, his strange work, and bring to pass his act, his strange act.” Isaiah 28:21 “Look, I will work a work in your days, which you will not believe, though it is be told to you.” Habakkuk 1:3

I see a Corporate Body that’s been in obscurity, this is a global remnant Body made up of the nations of the world and even the religions of the world. They are pressing through the ranks of status quo religion and what has been accepted. They are persecuted and shall be persecuted even by organized religion but this will not stop them. They don’t look like what people are used to seeing and their message is different. Religious people and the world are intimidated by them and their presence and knowledge of the kingdom of God. This group doesn’t speak for any particular group, but they represent All of humanity. They are demanding Change (repent) for the Kingdom of heaven is here NOW.

Today is 11:11 (November 11, 2008) – There’s a shift in consciousness taking place on the planet. There’s a shift in power taking place right before your eyes. The old order is passing away and the new is coming in. The portal is open; come in and look around. See the large place I have brought you to? This is the place of my power and glory, let nothing distract you. This is where you will execute righteousness in the earth. This is the place of many secrets yet to be revealed and many things yet to learn.

You will see the darkness all around, yes and even thick darkness but know this, darkness and light are the same to me. Prepare yourself and I will be the Light that shall guide you, says the Lord. I am rising up to do my strange work – and many shall be confused because they shall not understand. Yes there is change in the atmosphere, but this change shall come with a great price to this nation and the world. It shall come suddenly in various stages one after the other. You must soon find that place of rest, yes the secret place deep within-stay there and let nothing move you from it. Close your eyes to the disasters, natural and man-made that are about to appear before you and see them through My eyes.

Just as you have seen the multitudes rejoicing in the streets you will see many wailing and crying in the streets as the world looks on with tears. Change your mind, your actions and dealings with each other. You must learn to walk in pure love and forgiveness – but many will not change until the rod of correction comes. The nation is in transition, your life is in transition – be as the wise virgins prepared to find your way into the new day, say the LORD”.

We rejoice also that God’s choice is Barack Hussein Obama at this time and for all the good that he desires to do for the country and the world in reversing much of the negativity over the past 8 years. While we rejoice and pray for the leaders of this country, we are not deceived to put our trust in the arm of flesh, nor should you be. We realize that even the most sincere and loving people will fail to meet our expectations and their own; but God can never fail. Therefore, we put our trust in the power of God not man. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD”.

Could this presidency really be the answer to this country and the world? Will President elect Obama be able to raise this nation up out of the ashes of (2) ongoing unnecessary Failed Wars, Recession and a $10 trillion dollar deficit? Will he be able to restore America’s integrity to the international community after 8 years of “cowboy” and “bully diplomacy?”

One thing we know for sure is, there is a more sinister group of people that consider themselves to be the “gods of this world”. If a world leader does not do their bidding, they will render him/her irrelevant or assassinate them. People have made the comparison to President-elect Obama and JFK many times and so far even though he is not in office yet, there have been more than 500 plans interrupted to assassinate him. So it seems as though UNLESS there is some divine intervention – we could eventually have an ASSASSINATION or another OBAMANATION.


Due to this historic election, I sat riveted by the process on the night of November 4, 2008 as I watched the TV. I also looked for prophetic clues of what was being reported and not reported. One very bold message was given by Michelle Obama as she stood beside her husband during his victory/acceptance speech. Her dress jumped out at me as I pondered why she was not dressing more conservative. I could not get the red and black image out of my mind, so the following day confirmation came through my research. Evidently I was not the only one that got the message of her Black Widow’s Dress. [African Bantu Ceremonial Royal Robe. Designer Narciso Rodriguez Bantu means the people. This is what the election was about as Obama stated in his victory speech; the people].

Was the first Black First Lady Elect Michelle Obama stating to their enemies that she was not going to become a “Black” Widow? I suppose if she had worn the dress without standing at her husbands’ side it would have been a prophetic statement that she would become a “black” widow.

In August we gave warning to (2) days of Global Significance that were revealed by the Spirit in a vision. September 14, 2008 – There was a Rare Financial Emergency Meeting & Trading on a Sunday. The second date was December 14, 2008.



Hidden prophetic messages revealing the characters in the names of America’s and the world’s 3 most powerful men.

Barack Hussein Obama (ex-MUSLIM converted Christian) Barack means lightning; blessing. Hussein means good boy, good looking boy. Obama means to lend over, bend, bow.

“A good boy leans, bends and bow in humility to bring revelation/light and blessings”.

Joseph Robinette Biden (Irish Roman Catholic-CHRISTIAN) Joseph means he shall add another son. Robinette means small robin. Biden (from an Irish word) means protector, high one

He shall add another son, small as a robin but protector of the high one. (could the high one mean Obama)?

Rahm Emanuel (Zionist Orthodox JEW, son of Jewish Terrorist Benjamin Emanuel) Rahm means lofty, proud. Emanuel means God is with us. (Don’t you find it odd that the media and Christians never mention Jewish terrorist, like they don’t exist)?

God is with the lofty proud one. (I don’t think so-more like the humble ones?).

Here you have the 3 Abrahamic Religions leading the nation and the world, ex-Muslim, Christian and Jew. Do you think this is coincidence?

Why did President George Bush use his daughter to secretly purchase almost 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay, South America? Nice place for a hideout and to live large.

#1) There are people building a very strong case to try him for WAR CRIMES – for the murder of a million innocent Iraqis. If he and family escape to Paraguay, he would not get extradited back to USA to stand trial for his crimes. (Plus, I am sure many will also want to hunt him down and smoke him out when they really find out what he has done to this country, economy and creating the North American Union etc).

#2) Some of the countries of South America are considered “safe places” from the major natural disasters that are about to hit the planet. Also, I am sure he would not want to be here when civil unrest and war is waged on American soil.


December 1, 2008 Moon- Venus- Jupiter Conjuncts and form a 3 degree triangle. The marriage of Power (Jupiter) and Love (Venus) – Good and powerful energy released to prepare for and endue the following several months of 2009.

December 14, 2008 – An Event that will have Global Significance. It may be preceded by an event on December 13, 2008. This could very well be tied to another “planned crash” of the Economy. However, we will watch and pray about the planned events of dates 13th, 14th & 15th. (December 14 was given in a warning vision in August along with September 14 – Rare Emergency Trading on Sunday and Meeting of Banks to prevent Economic Collapse)

January 20-27, 2008 – (Transition of Power & more shaking in the USA and Global Economy) Unrest and warfare will intensify in Southeast Asia- Pakistan region and IRAN. More Economical and Internal Problems for Australia and New Zealand – this will be played out over several months. During this time and until the end of the month it will also be very vulnerable for major Earthquake Activity in the Indian Ocean region and South Pacific regions. (Annular Solar Eclipse – 1/26/09)

February 9, 2009 (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) – More of the events that stated late January. Europe and Asia also being affected toward the middle of the month.

March 8, 2009 (Saturn at Opposition – closest to Earth) From March 6 – April 15, 2009 – Unless the Father Sovereignly intervenes, you will see the beginnings of the collapse of a nation from within that will lead to chaos and Martial Law being enforced.

April 9, 2009 (Full Moon of Passover) On or about this date I feel I received will be a major phase in the planned Economic Collapse or maybe the complete collapse and devaluing of the American dollar.

(I believe the insights given regarding the above dates can be affected by earnest prayer and intercession and the impacts and plans of evil doers can be lessen. We know that in spite of what happen in the world’s economy it does not affect God’ economy. We should be aware and preparing but not afraid).



I have gotten several calls and some emails regarding Proposition 8, you know the Same Sex Marriage Law that was allowed in California, then banned (after Christians raised 10’s of millions of dollars to overturn it) and will probably be Reinstated (meaning 10’s of millions down the drain).

I am amazed again and again how Christians allow themselves to chase their tail while barking, making lots of noise and making themselves look like idiots. Of course, they feel they have to take a stand for what they believe the scripture says. IF GOD SAYS HE DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE SAME SEX MARRIAGE – WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF (2) WOMEN OR (2) MEN HAVE A CEREMONY, GET SOME PAPER AND HAVE SOMEONE PRAY OVER THEM???!! Do you really think God is up in arms over this and so devastated and about to hurl fire and brimstone because of this? I could think of a hundred other things much worse; like the war and killing of innocent women, men and children. Why aren’t the Christians passionate about stopping this? See how backwards and screwed up religious people are? Jesus said it this way, “you strain at nets and try to swallow camels”.

Here is how I think: People can marry themselves, an animal, a door knob or whom they please as long as they are not bothering me. I can think of a lot of Heterosexual Marriages that I am sure God did not approve of or acknowledges. “Who art thou that judges another man’s servant whether he is to stand or fall?”

Just think of how many families homes that are foreclosing that could have been bailed out with all that wasted money. Look at all the negative energy being put into trying to legislate what some perceive as righteousness. What hypocrites and fools, we have the Bible that clearly teaches that people can not live godly lives without the Holy Spirit. What do we expect “so called sinners” to do? Didn’t Jesus say it would be like the days of Noah and Lot? So why are people outraged and surprised? And just think this bunch of people think they are ready to fly away in a rapture or manifest as sons-think again.

They will know you are mine disciples by your LOVE.

Speaking Truth in Love,

John, Zobia & Zarius Lewis

PS We sure could use your tax-deductible donations (tithe, offering, etc). Sow you seed now while it has some value – soon your dollar will be worthless. : – )


CHANGE [John Lewis] 11-11-081


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