DECEMBER 12, 2003

Many of the articles within our collection here at Lighthouse Library tell of various dealings God has had with His children concerning controlling their thought life.  At the root of our existence, we all know that “As a man thinketh, so is he,” but how many are walking in victory in this area?

Some key areas where “Changing Your Thinking” can move you into a much greater position for receiving what Father really has to share with you.


Would it be a real problem to have a 500-pound bomb in your bedroom – if the detonator had been removed?  Of course not… inconvenient, perhaps, but dangerous… no!

Then why are God’s children continuing to walk in the deception that Satan is “out to get them” and they are running in fear in so many areas… when Father promised that “nothing can harm you unless He allow it for your benefit.”  Why don’t we believe what our Heavenly Father – the Creator of the Universe – has done in our behalf.  He made the provision for us to be rid of this nuisance – Satan.  He sent his Spirit in the human body of Jesus and allowed Jesus to taste death in our place and remove any power Satan might ever have had over us. 

Actually, the only power Satan possessed over any of us was “sin” and Jesus negated that power with His own sacrifice.  It was a “done deal” from the foundation of the world, so we have really had nothing to FEAR except FEAR itself… and this FEAR was based on an ILLUSION – a LIE spoken back in the Garden of Eden.  This LIE was the “fruit” eaten [taken in – digested] by Adam and Eve and it immediately had death-dealing affects on their lives.  They immediately were ashamed, saw themselves as naked, separated from God, and felt FEAR for the very first time.

Even today, anyone who continues to believe this LIE, has the door to their mind standing wide open – vulnerable to mental attacks of guilt, condemnation, hell, death and a devil.  But when God shines His LIGHT into your personal computer [your brain – your mind – your thinking], and illuminates your understanding, total comprehension comes and you SEE yourself as who YOU really are… a child of the Most High God, El Elyon, loved completely, protected and living in total provision. 

This same LIE is still being spoken in the churches of Organized Religion.  Fear is being used to control parishioners – keeping them in bondage to man and allowing guilt and shame to have full reign to torment each life.  This is the ungodly anchor used to entrap men for financial gain and power… and all in the name of God! 

Today, our continuing to believe that Satan possesses any power over us – is making an idol out of Satan and a mockery out of the TRUTH – Father God Himself.  It is time we “Awaken” and accept the TRUTH:  that God Loves Us and that FREEDOM from torment has already be purchased for us. 

Contrary to our “Old Thinking,” GOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING and, should something be allowed into your life that you “Perceive as Evil,” you can rest in the knowledge that Father has EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL and has allowed the present circumstance, knowing that it will, ultimately, be to your own advantage.

When I wrote, “As a Man Thinketh,” [see my folder inventory sheet], I was shown by Father how to fulfill the Phil. 4:8 scripture that He had given me concerning what to think about.  I asked the question:  what one thing can I focus on that will fulfill everything in that scripture.  He showed me Calvary and Jesus on the Cross and instructed me to begin to get into Jesus’ Mind and explore His thoughts, which I did.  Thoughts of Jesus included things like: 1] giving John charge for the care of Jesus’ Mother; 2] Jesus’ concern for the “right standing” of the Roman Soldiers who were performing the crucifixion – when He cried out “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”; and 3] Jesus’  concern for the two thieves hanging on each side of him.  Certainly my becoming absorbed in that scene and Jesus’ thoughts was just the prescription I needed to help me focus on something holy instead of allowing my mind to stay in an undisciplined state and wander off into areas of fear, doubt, and illusion.  For the next few years, anytime I was attacked in my thought life, I would employ this teaching and had great results in controlling my own thoughts.  Pretty soon, I’d find the attack subsiding and disappearing … fulfillment of the scripture “resist the devil and he has to flee.”


But this week, the focus of what to THINK ON must CHANGE.  From now on, I must FOCUS ON THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST… NOT THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS!

Father clearly showed me that it is now time to concentrate all my thought life on the RESURRECTION of CHRIST.  It is more essential than ever before to FOCUS ON LIFE rather than DEATH.  As we approach this time of TRANSFORMATION, we can have no thought of DEATH in our being.  The first STEPS OF TRANSFORMATION include CHANGING YOUR MIND!  The POWER came not because Jesus died, but because he was RESURRECTED – a victor over DEATH, HELL, and the GRAVE!  That’s something to rejoice about!


































CHANGING YOUR MIND [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-12-03          1


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