JANUARY 24, 2008

This article was written today as I was editing some other Author’s writings for our  website.  I’ve given reference to where some of my thinking was directed and how this article actually came into being. 

Here are notes taken out of my Personal Daily Journal:

As I continue in my current project of RE-EDITING ALL of the ARTICLES on the LHL Website, I am now working on BARBARA STRAUSER’s documents and I find the following writing:  “Come to Me”, p. 24 SOUL – that I read aloud to ROGER and we have a discussion on them.  I quote “The SOUL…Jer. 31:22 ‘The Lord will create a new thing on the earth… a woman will surround a man – SOUL shall give birth to the new creature that walks.  Comfort of righteousness, peace, and joy are known – for Kingdom of God has fully come to him.’ END OF QUOTE 

But as I was reading aloud, I was ‘told’ to write an article “CHECKMATE” – about the Carnal Mind of man completely revealed within man and put in a place where it cannot function at all… a place where it is helpless, naked, void of power, stripped.  When the Holy Spirit of God comes, and brings the Revelation of Truth – this is the beginning of the end for the Carnal Mind.  As I was reading on p. 23, ROGER had spoken aloud the word “checkmate” and then asked me what it meant.  This was my clue that it wasn’t he that had spoken that word to me, but that God was giving me a verbal confirmation through him.

But as soon as it was spoken, I immediately saw that it was the perfect description of what happens within man – the final position of the carnal mind – as the TAKE-OVER of the MIND of CHRIST is completed. 

The thought came to me:  What if this nation had, as its leader, a King or Queen” that had NO understanding of being LED by the HOLY SPIRIT.  They would have NO INPUT of TRUTH or GODLY REVELATION – but would LIVE in DECEPTION and lead our NATION to a place that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the WILL of GOD – AS A RESULT of HEAD KNOWLEDGE [REASONING] and the TRADITIONS of MANKIND… This could be a FEAR PRODUCING thought… UNLESS you KNOW who is in CHARGE!

P. 24. “Come to Me” By:  Barbara J. Strauser

The presence of the Holy Spirit introduces the Spirit of Truth, for they are one.  As the Spirit leads to all truth it will separate and sift; cleanse and burn.  The spirit of deceit has covered the abomination that makes the world desolate. When it is removed by revelation we will be able to see what occupies the throne that belongs only to Christ. Truth will redirect the soul as it reveals that only what springs forth from His presence in the human breast is good. The Spirit and the Word are one, and this Holy Presence brings revelation to the soul.  Knowledge of truth is the beginning of holiness.”  (Titus 1:1)

The soul turns to the voice of the one Jesus promised to send and detaches from the prideful and lusty desires of the sense realm.  As the Spirit penetrates the soul the moribund way of the world dies. …The Lord will create a new thing on earth – a woman will surround a man.”  (Jeremiah 31:22)  The soul shall give birth to the new creature that walks.  The comfort of righteousness, peace and joy are known for the Kingdom of God has fully come to him.

The gift of faith supplied at the onset of the Christian walk allows the soul sanctified for holiness to abide.  But, faith without works is dead.  When the love of God begins to bloom His peace becomes the ruling principle of the heart, and faith lives.  Love and faith together is the righteousness of Christ working, and that is the only thing that counts.  The peace of righteousness is the arbiter of all disputes giving settle to all questioning, thus directing the choices of the mind, will and appetites.  The joy of the Lord gives strength to continue.  By God’s grace the candidate for purity is kept for glory, and the Father provides the nourishment for these attributes by the very presence of Himself – establishing in order to reproduce.

The re-creation of God’s Life in human form supplies Spiritual Fruit to nourish the soul.  While love, peace and joy flourish, the rest of the fruit begin to ripen.  As the soul partakes of kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness, the Spirit of Truth teaches, corrects and cleanses.  Patience is learned through trials, and the fruit already plucked sustains it in these times.  Honoring God in obedience to truth will complete the work of purification, for it presents self-control.  SELF-CONTROL is self dead and the nature of God established within.

Love, then, surpasses knowledge, and the image of Christ is imprinted upon the soul.  She is prepared to become the virgin bride of the recreated spirit, and the wedding shall occur.   The soul steps as the Christ is stepping.

Page 44.  “Come to Me” By:  Barbara J. Strauser

Christ is the intangible power of the love that will bring identity to the new creation that walks the earth.  His life gives vigor to the saints of the new order of man; He is the resurrection of the saints.  The rebirth of the Son in the flesh of mankind is Christ’s coming.  The standing of the Christ in the form of the sons is Christ’s appearing.

When the elect are seen in their new identity, love will be radiating out.  Love is the force of power to present the reclamation of the world by way of transformation to righteousness.  The love I’m speaking of is not acts of loving-kindnesses.  It is not benevolence toward the poor.  It is not brotherly love.  It has nothing to do with feelings.  This love is the cutting edge of truth and it is a force.  The time of rebellion is near. END QUOTE.

At some point in our reading [p. 23], ROGER spoke the word “CHECKMATE.”  He said, I don’t know why I’m saying that because I don’t even know what it means.  I reminded him that it is the indication that a game of CHESS has ended and means that the KING has been put in a place where he cannot make a move without putting himself in jeopardy of being overtaken by his opponent.  This was particularly meaningful to me because I knew that this was truly a WORD from the SPIRIT of GOD – a confirmation to me that I was on HIS PATH in re-reading this article and absorbing the MESSAGE that FATHER wanted imparted to me at this point in time. 

This word, “CHECKMATE,” perfectly describes the position of the CARNAL MIND of MAN, once that man has been over-taken by the SPIRIT of GOD – once his SOUL is ‘CHANGED’ – cleansed, healed, made whole – MIND of CHRIST in place, EMOTIONS no longer in place of control [power to sway opinions or actions], will of MAN now the pliable vessel to do the WILL of GOD.  The POWER of the CARNAL MIND has been totally stripped and the CARNAL MIND can no longer have any influence over man. 

Additional Notes from my Daily Personal Journal:

I felt so very blessed than Father had given me this article “CHECKMATE” – about the CARNAL MIND of man completely revealed within man and put into a place where it cannot function at all – helpless – naked – void of power – stripped.  When HOLY SPIRIT comes, he brings Revelations of Truth and that is the beginning of the end for the Carnal Mind. 









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