THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2005 – 7:30 AM

[This account was written by my wife, SUNNY, in her Daily Journal]

At 7:30 am, I heard LOUD GASPING, got up from the computer and discovered my husband, ROGER, sitting up on the side of the bed and then standing up and GASPING FOR AIR.  He was not able to TAKE IN ANY AIR.  I grabbed him from the front with his arms up and started the Heimlich maneuver on him – knowing it should be done from the back – thinking he must be choking on something.  I began to pray in the spirit.  I experienced no FEAR – just great CONCERN.  I had given him several strong squeezes with my arms wrapped around his chest area from the front before I heard him actually get a little bit of air into his lungs… but there were many, many more gasps before he started to actually breathe in and out, somewhat normally.  His breathing was still strained for another 10-15 minutes, but I could see him start to relax and settle down. 

When this attack was over and he was, once again, able to talk [he had awakened shortly after I had gotten up at 6:00 and told me “GOOD MORNING”, then rolled over and went back to sleep], he slowly began to tell me of a VISION or PROPHETIC DREAM that he had:

“I was in a large building – a church-like setting – and most everyone I knew was in this same building with me.  Our 4 grown sons were there with their families; old friends from a long time back were there – and I also saw a man I knew that was a very close friend of my youngest son, RICHARD.  RICK is the man’s name – but the mystery in my mind was – Rick had returned to live with the Lord 3-4 years ago. 

A young girl had suddenly picked up a very unusual looking guitar and started to play a song for the group.  Then my son, Richard, also picked up his guitar and sang a song God had given him.  And then Rick picked up a guitar and he, too, sang a song. 

My oldest son, Roger, Jr., came in a side door followed by a large group of young people and they were all so very happy and wound up singing a song to the gathering.

At some point I became aware that many of the folks inside this building were not taking responsibility for their children – who are now running around outside the building – including out into the busy streets surround the building.  It wasn’t long before a Highway Patrolman came into the church and told folks he was going to have to arrest them [or their children] if they didn’t get them under control.

It was at this time that I felt very impressed to begin to MAKE SOME IMPORTANT VERBAL DECLARATIONS over everyone in the building… and I was right in the middle of DECLARING the various things I had been shown… and the next thing I knew, I was awake and CHOKING TO DEATH – OR SO IT SEEMED – COULD NOT GET AIR NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED.  My wife came over and began to grasp me tightly around the chest area and, in sharp, quick motions, squeezed and released me right under my rib area.  It took several of these maneuvers before I could get any air at all… and still the air-flow was extremely limited.  Slowly, my air passageways began to reopen and I could, once again, draw a breath.  We sat quietly on the side of the bed together and slowing began to Praise Father for my life and prayed in the spirit for a long time before I had gathered enough air and strength to begin to share with her the dream I was having when I woke up choking.   





JULY 28, 2005 – 7:30 AM – DREAM

11:01 – 11:11 AM – INTERPRETATION

As my husband re-told the vision or prophetic dream that he had before 7:30 am this morning, I saw when he spoke of the building where this gathering was taking place – not as a physical church building, but as a representation of the true BODY OF CHRIST all gathered together.  I saw many walking in the Power and Authority of Christ, but I also saw many more that – rather than working together in unity and harmony, were in division and disagreement – mostly because they had refused to TAKE THE AUTHORITY that CHRIST had died to give them – the AUTHORITY to take DOMINION over this earth – the AUTHORITY to place all of the enemies of CHRIST under their feet.  Many seemed to be so damaged that they could not even take household authority over their own children.  I see this, generally, as the condition of many in the church, not just in the world today – pain from their own past causing them to seek drugs, food, relationships, or other addictions to attempt to quench the pain that consumes them continually.  Their own pain also prevents them from cooperatively interacting with others in HIS BODY to carry out His Plans and Purposes in this hour in the earth.

I saw a man of AUTHORITY and LEADERSHIP coming into the midst of the BODY OF CHRIST and beginning to TAKE THAT AUTHORITY and beginning to SPEAK THE SOLUTIONS and DECLARE THE OUTCOME, THE VICTORY that is only possible in CHRIST.  And I saw the crowd trying to kill him in the same way that the crowd had murdered the Christ when He was among them, teaching and declaring solutions even then. 

As soon as my husband had been refreshed with a light breakfast and was getting his strength back, he felt to accept the invitation of our neighbor across the street – and he went to her backyard and picked a 5 gallon pail of lovely, ripe figs.  Even this act seems to be a prophetic move to bring forth the solutions that have been provided for us by the sacrifice that Jesus, the Christ, made for us. 

We no longer have to live in poor health, poverty, and lack when we realize that the Kingdom of God is within each of us and we are to accept the INHERITANCE that has been purchased for us. 


7-29-05-LINDA K.: Sunny and Roger, I also see, that the man, Rick, is just a representative of those on the other side, coming into “being seen” by the ones that Father is showing that by seeing in the Spirit, we will more and more SEE those that have crossed over, for we minister to THEM, TOO, when we minister to others, here in the natural. Our beliefs of NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED ON is the very thing that has kept us from seeing them.  The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation speak of ONE with one foot in the Jordon (death) and one foot on the earth and he was DECLARING (ministering) to BOTH sides. This ONE is the Body of Christ, who have come into the knowing of Who they are, and the knowing of being a Spirit Being. Like Jesus, they (the ONE) live in BOTH the natural and the Spirit realm.

Thanks for sharing this. It fits right in with what Father is showing and bringing to pass with several that I know and have met, here lately.  Much love, Linda

7-30-05-BETSY S.:  Very interesting.  I think there are a lot of big babies in churches right now and they are going to have to get the uncomfortable instruction so they can grow up and stand firm.  Good revelations.






CHOKING ATTACK AGAINST Roger Dale Coffman, Sr. 7-28-05           1


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