A question is asked in Hebrews 2, “Who is man that thou art mindful of him?  Or the son of man that thou visited him?”  In the Old Testament the prophet Balaam said, “God is not a man that he should repent or that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent.”  So, who is man?  According to the scriptures, man is an image or a representation of God who is above all creation, animals, fish or fowl.   


In Genesis 1, God created a man after his own image. That’s all it says about this man except that he has certain dominion.  He doesn’t seem to have a body, nor does he have a name.  He is just called a man.  In Genesis 2, there was a lack of a man to deal with the creation, the earth, and the generation that came out of the spirit.  All things that are made are made of things unseen. Therefore, the reality of all life, the reality of all existence and all that we see, is made out of things that are not seen. Not seen, that is, by the human man, by humanity.    


In Genesis 2, having not a man to till the earth, God formed a body out of the existing creation of the ground.  He breathed on this man and he became a living soul.  As we read on in Genesis, there is no mention of Adam having a spirit or being the Son of God.  God named him a man first (which is image) and then he called him Adam.   


Adam named all the animals that had come forth and no helpmate was found.  A helpmate for what?  To reproduce Adam.  Because Adam was designated to be a flesh man made out of the earth, he had to reproduce something of his own kind.  He didn’t have anyone so God made what he called the woman. He named her woman, and then Adam named her Eve in Genesis 3.  The important part is that Eve was totally made out of Adam, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh.  Many people teach that Eve became the separation of Adam’s soul, but that’s not true because Adam still had a soul. When sin operated through him, his soul died.    


Eve was made totally out of Adam.  In Romans 5, Paul said, “Adam is a type of one who is going to come.”  The image of God (in Genesis 1) that God made was not manifested through Adam because it was a spiritual image.  This man, Adam, was a type of another man. “What is man that God is mindful of him or the son of man that you visit him?” There are two men:  man and the son of man.  “God puts him over the works of his hand to manifest the fulfillment in the earth and put all things under his feet.” Jesus came along and said, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.” So, there is another man that is about to come because the first man was only a type of the second man. 


There are only two mankinds in the world.  One is the Adamic mankind who lives after the flesh.  The other is the son of man, the mankind that is the son of man in the earth, the body of Christ, which lives after the spirit.  These are the two images that are represented in the earth.  The one became bad and was overcome by the spiritual man, which is the true revelation of God. One man put to death the other.  Jesus came as the son of man and man rejected him.  Through the second man came the Holy Spirit, which is life and brings life to man.  Through the first man came death, which brings separation from God.   


We find this man Jesus was rejected by man and put on the cross.  It is very significant that when they pierced him blood and water came out of his side.  This blood and water were visible and fell onto the earth.  All the things that are seen are temporal. Jesus also was a sign of who Christ was. The Son of God, in the flesh, was veiled by the flesh.  It was kept a mystery because natural man could not conceive of the spiritual meaning and the spiritual testimony Jesus was giving.  Because it was meaningless to them (and it’s meaningless to every natural man), they rejected him. 




The blood represents the soul; it’s a sense of being. The soul as a sense of being in Adam came from the flesh because Adam was put to sleep. The sleep of Adam was a sleep or a separation from spiritual consciousness.  Adam became unconscious of spiritual activity.  He did not know that in God he lived and moved and had his being.  Adam was dependent upon food, water, and air in the creation to live.  His senses and his sense of being came through the creation and through his body that God had formed.  Adam’s soul or sense of being was limited to this and could not reach the spirit.  That is why in the New Testament God sent Christ with the message of the regeneration of the spirit or a birth from above. As Jesus said, “The son of man descended out of heaven.”  He’s in heaven and his true nature remained spirit and his testimony then, even though it came through the flesh, was spirit. 




The water is a type of the Holy Spirit.  The blood is a type of the soul, bringing the water of life or the spirit of regeneration and the consciousness of being a spiritual being to man. This was a type that Jesus was fulfilling, of Eve being taken out of Adam and all of her content being from Adam.  The bride of Christ is totally of the nature of Christ.  What is the bride of Christ for?  In the New Testament, it’s the same as Eve, to make a reproduction, to reproduce Christ even as Eve would reproduce Adam. The bride of Christ comes out of Christ as one with him to reproduce him.  How does this happen?  In Matthew 12:46-48, People came to Jesus and said, ‘Your mother and your brothers are outside and want to talk to you.’  And Jesus said, ‘Who is my mother, my brother my sister?’”  He didn’t say father.  He said, “My mother [not Mary] is everyone that does the will of my Father or the will of God.”  We can mother Jesus. Get a hold of yourself.  This may be difficult.  We can mother Jesus, that’s what Jesus said.  


The Book of Revelation is totally typology. It’s a type or figure of who Christ is in the spirit. In the beginning it was a sign given to Christ to give to his disciples of who he was. God was revealing whom the Christ is to the Christ who gave it to his disciples.  We read in Revelation 21:2 that John saw the holy city coming out of heaven.  It was a sign, a type. Obviously the things that are eternal cannot be seen.  Jesus was called a sign in Luke 2, “It shall be a sign unto you.”  It was prophesied that he would be treated badly and that Mary’s heart would be pierced and so forth.  His body was a veil.  Jesus, when he walked on the earth, was a sign unto the people.  They didn’t like it - flesh concealing the Son of God.  That’s exactly what happens today to the elect.  


John saw this holy city.  The holy city is figurative.  There’s no light in it. The lamb is the light and it has gates that are open all the time, but people don’t enter because they don’t like the light.  In Revelation 21:10, the angel spoke to John and said, "Come I will show you the bride, the wife of the lamb."  Then the angel showed him the city. The city is actually a representation of the bride of Christ, the bride of the lamb (the lamb is figurative).  For what purpose?  To reproduce himself, to reproduce the Son of God.  




A covenant is the word of God. All of the saints and the elect are born of the incorruptible word of God.  In Galatians 4:21, Paul spoke about the two cities of Jerusalem, the natural one and the spiritual one, and he called them covenants.  In verse 24 he said, These things are an allegory for these are two covenants. The one from mount Sinai came with blackness, lightning, storm and the people were fearful, which is the judgment of the law. One from mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is A’gar, [one of the wives who is the slave wife of Abraham]. For this A’gar is mount Sinai in Arabia and answers or relates to the Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage to her children.” Jesus was saying that this earthly Jerusalem is a type of a covenant and her children are in bondage.  


At the end of Matthew 23 Jesus said, “O Jerusalem, I would have liked to have your children, as a chicken would take her chicks under her wing, but you would not so your house is left unto you desolate.” He didn’t say it was going to be made desolate, but left desolate because at that time Israel was desolate as far as the operation of God. God had quit the flesh and was now bringing a spiritual realization in Christ Jesus.  In verse 26 he said, “But the Jerusalem which is above is free [no bondage, no sin, no death], which is the mother of us all.”  We were all born of a covenant and a covenant is the word of God. Peter said that we were not born out of flesh and blood but out of incorruptible seed, which is the living word of God that never goes away. The word is the seed in us that produces Christ in us so we become the mother of Christ. And this is all spiritual; it has nothing to do with flesh.  In verse 28, “We brethren, as Isaac, are children of the promise, which is the word of God and the promise is the Holy Spirit that brings us to Christ.  But as then he that was born after the flesh persecutes him that is born after the spirit and even so it is now.”   


In verse 19 Paul said, “My little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.”  Travail has to do with birth and the birth of a man-child is the covenant bringing forth Jesus in Revelation 12. Through this man-child there are many being brought to glory.  It’s because of the new covenant, the word of God fulfilled in us who receive Christ and have his spirit formed in us.  We become a new image or a new representation of God even while in the flesh, even as Jesus was.  Jesus said that as the Father has sent me so send I you.  The world hated me and it will hate you. Your enemies will be those of your own household, your brothers and sisters that actually have had some experience in Christ.  


The religious Jews did not really know the things of the spirit.  Just as there is one Adam, one flesh man, so there is one Son of God.  All other sons are partakers of the same body, even as everybody in the flesh is one with Adam and they’re all temporal. Everyone that is baptized into Christ is put into Christ as a consciousness.  A soul formed of the spiritual realization is one body, one man, and one representation in the earth. 


Let’s take a look at what happened to Mary.  She is also a representation or a type of the birth of Christ. This happened physically because the spirit was not given.  Jesus had not been crucified and out of his body was allowed the soul and the spirit to come to us.  The first thing Mary received was a promise.  She was promised that she would conceive and bring forth a son. She had a problem with this.  She wondered how it could be because she knew no man.  After she questioned it, this word came to her through the messenger.  He said, “The Holy Spirit shall come upon you and the one generating you will be called the son of God.”  This is exactly how Christ is formed in us.  First of all, we have a promise that we can bring forth a son, that the son can be birthed and formed in us.  Then, secondly, the Holy Spirit comes and will generate in us the birth of a new sense of being, a new consciousness, a new realization of one as with God.  In the earth we have become the son of man who came down from heaven. 


That is our life, our realization, our sense of being has died through the generation of a new birth.  In other words, the old has passed away, the new has come, and the word of God has done something to us.  This is the difficulty - people just don’t believe.    


Jesus said that the son of man is actually those of us who realize it and who are the correct spiritual testimony in the earth. When the son of man comes, will he find faith in the earth?  No.  There is very little faith in the earth.  There is very little faith in the religious system.  The religious systems believe that because they have some kind of hope that they’re going to fly into heaven, or they’re going to escape hell simply because they went to an altar and they have been forgiven.  Forgiveness is for the old man that he should come into receiving and realization of the spirit and become a new man, or a new image, or a new representation of God. I find that what I see in the spirit is rejected by man, the world, and man in the religious system, even as Jesus was rejected by them.    


All these things are mystical and far-fetched to the natural man.  They believe this couldn’t happen.  They think it is ridiculous.  Who do you think you are?  They said the same thing to Jesus.  You are calling God your father?  Jesus asked them, “Why are you seeking to kill me? Is it because of the works I did?”  They replied, “No.  It’s because you blasphemed – you called God your father.  Who do you think you are?”  Since we are the bride of Christ, if we do not reproduce Christ, we are barren. In the Old Testament, being barren was not a very good idea; it was a shame for people to be barren. Many women like Rachael and Hannah had to pray to God to have their womb opened so they could bear children and not be ashamed in Israel.  We are sharing the soul and the anointing of the son, owning nothing and having all in him.  We live by the faith of this new regeneration, a birth in the spirit.  Amen. 




CHRIST FORMED IN YOU [Lloyd Ellefson]          3

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