We, as Christians, have celebrated holidays for many years. In fact, much of what we do around the holiday season is derived from tradition. We remember what our parents and grandparents did and do likewise. Sometimes we accept things without looking into them. The Light of the Word that was sufficient in our grandfather’s day is not sufficient for this hour. At one time salvation was all that was preached. It was sufficient in that hour. Today, the Lord requires more to whom more light is given.

What customs were allowed during the past might not be allowed today because we are to walk in a greater light and more holiness. Scripture says that Noah was perfect in his time, but still he was found drunk. Today we find a greater light that doesn’t allow drunkenness.

Scripture clearly shows that some will hold days more holy than other days. Some hold every day the same as far as unto the Lord. So there will be a difference in the body of Christ as to the understanding of what is written here. It is not ours to condemn nor to come with a holier-than-thou attitude. We at one time celebrated these dates, we no longer do. It is our personal conviction. Your personal conviction might be different. But what we do share, is the truth of the customs of these holidays. 1 Thessalonians states we must abstain from all appearances of evil. So with an open mind, consider the facts presented below.


The word Christmas comes from two words – ‘Christ’s Mass’. This was a service, a mass, established by the Roman Catholic Church. Up to the time that the Roman Catholic Church instituted this celebration, Christians did not celebrate the birth of Christ. Christians of that time had followed the principles of Paul of not holding one day better than any other. (Galatians 4:10, Romans 14:5) Francis Weiser states in THE CHRISTMAS BOOK that about 320 A.D. “the church in Rome definitely assigned December 25 for the celebration of the birth of Christ.” Some historians believe that the Bishop of Rome, Julius I, set the date. The question arises – why after 320 years was there a need to celebrate the birth of Christ?

There are some answers that may never be known. But we shall discuss some. Generally, people think that Jesus was born on December 25. The fact that the date of December 25 “was chosen doesn’t seem to rest so much on historical facts as in the desire to replace poplar pagan celebrations of the winter solstice.” The CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA states that the exact date of Christ’s birth is unknown.

The main reason the date was chosen was to replace a PAGAN custom. We, as Christians, are to be a separate holy people. (1 Peter 2:9) We are not to join in with pagan customs, and carnal celebrations. The word carnival comes from the Latin word meaning fleshly. We can begin to see the fall of the church as it takes on carnal celebrations. l

The exact date of Jesus’ birth is not determinable. But the season can be established. Luke 2:8 states that when Jesus was born there were in the same country shepherds abiding IN THE FIELD keeping watch over their flocks by night.” Sheep are not left in the field during winter but are brought in from the hills. Song of Solomon 2:11 and Ezra 10:9 show that the winters are cold and damp. There is much thought that Christ was born in the seventh Jewish month. (September 15 through October 15)

Adam Clarke, a well known man in his time, states in his commentary “during the time they were out the shepherds watched day and night. As … the first rain began early in the month of (October 15- November … we find the sheep were kept out in the open country during the whole summer. And as the shepherds had not yet brought home their flocks, it is presumptive argument that October had NOT yet commenced and that our Lord was not born on December 25… feeding the flocks is a chronological fact…see the quotation from the Talmudists in Lightfoot.” Simply stated he implies that since the rains hadn’t come yet it wasn’t October yet and the fall season was still in progress.

Now, Joseph brought Mary to Bethelehem for the purpose of taxation. Taxes were generally paid after the harvest time. This corresponds to the Jewish 7th month of September 15 to October 15. In this month the Jewish people celebrated the feast of Ingathering or Tabernacles. There is much in this feast that could be a type and shadow of Christ.

Chronologically, we can say there is no reason to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25. The Roman Catholic church decision to incorporate paganism into the church is totally contrary to the word of God. Is it no wonder God declares to come out of the Harlot system and the daughters of her (denominations)?

What was the festival that they incorporated? The name of it was the Saturnalia. The name was derived from the god of agriculture – Saturn. This god along with the sun god were worshipped at this time of year. Both represented the beginning of a new life after the shortest day of the year. Egypt had a similar custom with its god – Ra. Babylon also celebrated similar customs at this time. “Christmas customs come … from the darkest of religious rites – human sacrifice.”

The Saturnalia lasted from December 17 through the 24th. The 25th was for the sun god. From the 25 through the New Year was the Roman custom of Kalends. “The streets were infected with Mardi Gras madness; a mock king was chosen, the seasonal greeting ‘Ho Saturnalia’ was heard everywhere; presents were freely exchanged principally waxed candles and clay dolls.”

Now, we notice that a ‘mock king’ was chosen. In very early times the man chosen for a king was used later for a sacrifice on the altar to the gods so that the people would have a good crop next year. The Indians of the Americas have a similar custom. By the time the Romans had the festival it had been what we call ‘civilized’. Whatever the king declared during this time was law. It had much chaos.

The encyclopedia goes on to say that Hercules told the people to use 12 candles to send to the underworld rather than the 12 heads they sent in the past. The sacrifices had to be made and the bodies had to go to the underworld in order to bring about the renewal of life on the earth. At least this is what the thought was of the pagan customs. It is a shame so many customs lead to the death of innocent people.

Now “the sale of little clay or paste images which are given away as presents” were icons or idols used to bless the people for the New Year. In fact, “Presents instead of being given in the memory of God’s great Gift to men 5 were sent because he who doesn’t give freely will be unlucky in the New Year.”

Saturnalia lasted only to December 24th. “December 25th in Rome was the date of a pagan festival, chosen in A.D. 274 by the Emperor Aurelian as the birthday of the unconquered sun, which at the winter solstice begins again to show an increase of light. At some time before AD 336 the Church at Rome established the commemoration of the birthday of Christ…on this same date.”

Both Saturnalia and the day of the sun were gradually incorporated into a time for great festivities. “The festivities were marked by drinking, and being noise, games, dice, appointing a king, freeing slaves, singing naked… “Such a time would be a poor witness for a Christian to celebrate. Libabius, a 4th century Greek, says “impulse to spend seizes every one as the kalends festival abolishes all that is connected with toil and allows men to give themselves up to undisturbed enjoyment.” Seems every Christmas I remember has great spending.

Paul writes that we should be temperate in all things. We should eat with moderation otherwise it is a sin – gluttony. We should play with moderation also. But this pagan holiday of two weeks duration calls for much gluttony, slothfulness, and slackness. It is a definite abomination to the Lord

So far then we see two reasons not to celebrate Christmas. One, Jesus wasn’t born then, and two, it is a time of a pagan celebration. Many have said to me “It may be a pagan holiday, but we are honoring the Lord.” We need to separate ourselves from such commercial harlotry, as well as religious. If you want a day to celebrate pick some innocent day not associated with paganism.

Some of the Christians in the early church came against the celebration. They were against compromise. “Christians of Mesopotamia accused their western brethren of idolatry and sun worship for adopting as Christian this pagan festival.” This was one reason the Greek Orthodox broke with Rome. It always seems the spirit of compromise wins out. There were only 7,000 out of all Israel that didn’t give into Baal worship. Perhaps we could learn something from them.

Now, let us deal with some of the customs and traditions that we enjoyed in times past. The Christmas tree is a descendant of Nimrod (Tower of Babel) and ancient Egypt. Even Babylon had a tree that they used.

The “Egyptians for example during the winter solstice rites took green date palms significant of ‘life triumphant over death’ indoors.” Not only does this act as a pagan custom but goes further with wreaths on graves too. Hortha, the goddess of the home and domestics, was believed to return at this time of year and come down the chimney. (Santa Claus?) The Yule Log is a symbol of her.

Encyclopedia Britannica further states that “from the 8th century when St Boniface completed the Christianization of Germany, he dedicated the fir tree to the Holy Child to replace the sacred oak of Odin.” Even in England the Druids offered sacrifices to oak trees at this time of year to satisfy their god Woden. The oak, fir evergreen were all symbols of life to the people.

Let us turn to the Bible and see what it has to say in Jeremiah 10:1-5. We will quote “Hear ye the word which the Lord speaks unto you, O house of Israel: Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven: for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the CUSTOMS of the people are vain; for one cuts a TREE out of the forest, work of the hands of the workman with an axe. They deck it with SILVER and GOLD; they fasten it with nails and with hammers that it move not… The capitals are mine for emphasis.

Even when the Israelites were in captivity they found that the Babylonians had a custom of which ours is derived. God said not to partake of it. He said it was VAIN. If you want to go on with God don’t fall to that lying spirit that says it is all right. It is not. Some people read the 5th verse, which I shall quote, and say it is not harmful to having a Christmas tree! “Be not afraid of them (trees) cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.” What does this mean? What this means is that these are idols, are not God and there is no power in them. This passage doesn’t sanction a Christmas tree, but states that the tree cannot have a god in it.

Tinsel (which is silver colored) used today is derived from a fairy tale told that the baby Jesus saw a spider’s web on a Christmas tree and knew it would scare the woman so he changed it into a web of silver. “During Saturnalia the Romans trimmed trees with trinkets and small masks of Bachus (wine god). Some- they placed 12 candles (symbolic of 12 sacrifices) on a tree with the image of the sun god.” We, as Christians, have modernized it with lights and an angel at the top instead of an image of the sun god.

Our use of holly comes from the Druids. It was used to ward off evil spirits “…it was believed to be unlucky if holly was left up after the New Year…feared that ghosts might disturb the maidens of the household.” People are so superstitious. They sacrifice to trees in order to appease their gods so that summer might come and crops might grow. The world feels the same and subconsciously the gift giving appeases their minds for all the wrong they have done for the year. They wish to worship a historical Jesus who offers no resistance to their beliefs, but a living witness of Jesus in a personal relationship they shun.

Christmas tree lights are to show forth Jesus as the light of the world. So they would have us believe, but the truth is the lights are symbols of sacrifice. Besides, we are to be the lights of the world. Helen Rice has a little poem which states “brighten the corner where you are.” Perhaps, if there was a little more holiness in the Christians and a separation from paganism the people of the world would repent.

Mistletoe is another greenery used. It is believed to be of Scandinavian origin. It had to be hung or it would bring destruction to the household. “As a decoration for houses it was always hung … provided shelter for the sylvan (forest) spirits in winter.” “There are traces in Britian of the sacredness of Holly as well as mistletoe…it was used for divination.” I would like to quote Deuteronomy 18:10 “There shall not be found among you anyone that uses divination” Verse 9 and 12 both state that it is an abomination to the Lord.

“The Mistletoe was called ‘all healer’ and was believed to be a remedy against poisons and to make barren animals fruitful.” If I understand my scriptures correctly the Lord is my healer – by his stripes I am healed. If I was barren or my wife, surely my God is stronger than a tree and could help me like he helped Abraham and Sarah. But if you wish – you go ahead and kiss under the mistletoe and give it the credit for making you fruitful.

Perhaps you might burn a yule log. It is of Germanic origin and 25% of the United States comes from Germanic stock. The log represents Hortha, the goddess of agriculture. “Ancestral spirits it seems were once believed to be immanent (indwelling) in the fire that burned at the hearth and had to be propitiated (appeased) with libations (drink) while elswhere souls of the dead were thought to return to their old house at new year’s and meat and drink had to be set out for them.” Deuteronomy 18 says to have nothing to do with necromancy (talking to dead spirits) or familiar spirits. When you burn a yule log, you open your house up to demons.

Once at this time of year I went to do my banking. It was just a few days before December 25 and the bank gave me some fruit. I thanked them and went on my way. The Lord rebuked me. He reminded me that the entrails (bowels) of animals were used to tell about the future. I knew that but didn’t know what that had to do with fruit. Later in doing research for this message I came across this quote “Instead of using fruit as a symbol of Christ … men cut it open to predict the future.” Then I saw the connection. Even giving fruit comes from the wrong idea!

At this time of year everyone is excited about going home and eating good food. Everyone looks forward to homemade goodies. Even this is a sacrifice to the gods. “It is a laudable custom to make white loaves at Christmas as a symbol of the true Bread (I disagree with the first part of the author’s statement because of his second part of the statement), BUT evil men sent such loaves that the gods might eat them.” Be ye holy still or be ye filthy still. You can’t do both.

Brethren the Bible doesn’t name or point out all the customs that are celebrated. But Jeremiah 10 clearly states and shows that the customs come from heathen people. With a personal experience with Christ, old things pass away. But to know what is right to do and not to do it is sin – James 4:17. Consider what you have read so far. Remember God says to ABSTAIN from all appearances of evil – 1 Thessalonians 5:22. Don’t be partakers of another man’s sin – 1 Timothy 5:22. We are to be a holy people separate from the world and its carousing – Galatians 5:21.

You might say that the wise men gave gifts to Jesus and this is the reason for giving gifts. First let me say that there is no record of 3 wise men. Secondly they didn’t see a baby in a manager but a child 2 year old almost. (Matthew 2:11) Now, concerning the gifts they gave him, it was customary to give gifts to one who was in authority, and it was an act of obedience and respect to the holder of the office of a King. The giving of gifts should be TO THE LORD and NOT TO EACH OTHER. If gifts should be given, it should follow the pattern of the wise men – giving gifts for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

Most people give gifts out of compulsion. They have to or so and so will feel left out. Some feel indebted to others and obligate themselves to give gifts. We are to owe no man anything. It is the spirit of the antichrist that makes this holiday – and it sure isn’t a holy day!

Christmas is a commercial season. It is arranged by the world system and the moneychangers to make BILLIONS of dollars. Why, they make a profit off God just as the Jews did in the temple! As Jesus threw out the moneychangers from the temple, so must we from our lives.

The Puritans in England, when they had political power, passed laws in Parliament to fine people for the celebrating the birth of Christ and various pagan customs associated with Christmas. In fact, they had almost total victory until Dicken’s came out with the Christmas Carol. It caused a revival of pagan customs.

One serious question – If Jesus wanted us to celebrate his death and birth, don’t you think he would have allowed us to find out the dates? Or would not he have told us? He didn’t want a religion after traditions and customs. That is why it is unknown, to keep us from arranging false ideas.

The first recorded Christmas tree in USA was in 1847. Our early founding fathers were against the celebration of Christmas. The following year the Methodist church thought it was a good idea to have a Christmas tree in church and they were the first to do that. So, the Protestant churches like the Roman Catholic Church before them, fell into harlotry when it began sanctioning (making holy) pagan customs.

Scripture clearly shows that we are to come out of the church system. The reason lies in its corrupt rituals and vain traditions of men, as well as false religious ideals. 1 Corinthians 5:16 states “know no man after the flesh, yet though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet henceforth we know him no more.” The disciples knew Jesus after the flesh – personally. But they determined to know him only spiritually and no longer on a physical plane. A living Christ bothers those who seek a historical Christ, because they can no longer continue the way they are when confronted by a living Christ.

Jesus set Jewish customs and traditions and rituals aside. He showed a higher way. But the party of the circumcision (Jewish ways) splintered the church over rituals. Paul confronted them and told them they were wrong and Peter agreed. The others kept the old ways. So today we have a dead organization due to paganism and rituals that have no life. Did Paul labor in VAIN as he claimed because the people “observe DAYS AND MONTHS AND SEASONS AND YEATS.?” (Galatians)


The word EASTER comes from many ancient people. In Babylon many years before Christ they celebrated the birth of spring through their god ISHTAR from which the word Easter comes from. The Germanic people also had a god whose purpose was similar to Ishtar’s and its name was EOSTRE. Webster’s Dictionary says “EASTER- name of a goddess and her festival.” The Americana Encyclopedia says Easter was derived from Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring – Eostre. Like we suggested, it goes all the way back to Babylon and probably further.

You have heard of Easter sunrise services. Most people feel it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. But actually the church got the idea from pagan cultic ideas. Eostre, the goddess, worshipped and revered. It was part of the ritual of veneration that the followers would gather early on a spring morning and the goddess would bring forth life out of the ground again from winter being passed. It was a union of two gods that brought forth life.

So this is the real sunrise service. But Christians after the early morning service generally are hungry and go eat somewhere. Most likely they would eat hot cross buns. Even this bun (a roll with a white icing cross on it) is of pagan origin. The King of Babylon declares “I, Ashurbanipal … establishing the regular bread offerings.” He decreed that actual buns had to be used as a sacrifice to the goddess ISHTAR. Bread was the symbol of life.

Jeremiah states in 7:17-20 “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, God of Israel; Amend your ways and doings… the children gather wood and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes (buns) to the queen of heaven.” In the book TAMMUZ and ISHTAR by Langdon you will find that ISHTAR was often referred to as the queen of heaven. So Jeremiah speaks against these little buns. If buns are that important to God, then dare we celebrate a pagan holiday?

Perhaps you, like me, remember the story of the bunny rabbit and the Easter eggs. Seems harmless doesn’t it? The Encyclopedia Britannica states “Like the Easter eggs, the Easter hare comes to Christianity from antiquity. The hare is associated with the moon in the legends of ancient Egypt and other people. The fact that the Egyptians word for hare is “um” means “open” and “period” (Like a woman’s time of month), the hare became associated with the idea of periodicity both lunar and human; and with the beginning of new life in both the young man and young woman so a symbol of fertility and the renewal of life. As such the hare became linked with Easter.”

The rabbit, of course, carried the eggs. “In the beginning according to many creation myths, the universe was a formless void but containing a cosmic mass which resembled an egg.” Babylon and other cultures figured this was how the earth began. Easter is a celebration of the birth or rebirth of the earth. “From the lore of Egypt and India we learn that the egg was a symbol of the customs (creation) of the world. These beginnings were associated with Geb, whose body was the earth, and NUT, the queen of the sky. The son of this union was Osiris, lord of the underworld … also produced an egg from which the universe developed. From the egg … came the phoenix symbol of the sun.” Can you believe it? We, as Christians (myself no longer celebrating such days), celebrate a day dedicated to Osiris the god of THE UNDERWORLD – that means the devil, as a day to Jesus.

“Tammuz is the Babylonian god who corresponds to the Egyptian Osiris, the Greek Adonis…” A previous quote shows us that Osiris ruled the underworld. The “Osiris processions of early Egypt were shaped into an egg, the sacred casket held a real egg and contained a phallus (male sexual organ.” In very early times an egg wasn’t used in the casket but a real sacrifice. “Certain it is that the son was of a virgin mother whom the shadow of the netherworld each year claimed as a divine sacrifice for men, beasts, and vegetation.”

Not only is the celebration at this time related to fertility cultic ideas but also makes atonement for the sins of the people. How? By offering up a person to Satan, so that the people would feel cleansed. It is a mockery of the true man Jesus Christ who as the Son of God did once and for all make atonement for us!

“Eggs were often used to propitiate local spirits.” Another source states: “Nothing could be better to represent promise of life to come… the glass ball of the fortune teller contains the same ideas.” So, the egg was used to keep evil spirits away as well as to tell the future. Deuteronomy 18 again requires us to DIE if we have anything to do with such ilk.

I would like to quote from Ezekiel 8:15-18 “…Have you seen this Son of man? Turn thee yet again and thou shall see greater abominations than these. And he brought me into the inner court … at the door of the temple … were 25 men with their backs toward the temple and their faces toward the east; they worshipped the sun … Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit abominations they commit here? Therefore will I deal in my fury…”

Of course, this relates to the time of Ezekiel. But it also relates to us, the spiritual house of God. God says he will deal with his FURY on those who partake of the sun worship which is what Easter is also about. It is not a light thing when we celebrate ISHTAR, I mean EASTER. These are just some of the facts relating to Easter. Hopefully these are enough to make you realize that Easter has a sexual implications, a false religious atoning and is worship of the dead.


I can tolerate those who hold Christmas and Easter, although I don’t agree with their celebrating those days. But how Christians can partake of Halloween is beyond my greatest imagination. The word Halloween comes from Holy Evening. It was a pagan custom enjoined by the Roman Catholic church as they added people to their church. It was to ‘help’ the pagans adapt.

The church thought it would be good to replace a pagan custom of conjuring up spirits of the dead once a year by declaring an All Saints Day. “Most Halloween customs have a close connection with the old belief that ghosts, witches, goblins, and all sorts of uncanny supernatural creatures of darkness are abroad on this yearly carnival.” Halloween was “the pagan idea developed among people that on one day or night of the year the souls of the dead return to their houses and must be entertained.”

All Saints Day was derived from the early church. John Chrysostom, who was from Antioch and then later became Patriarch of Constantinople, instituted the idea of preaching once a year “Praise of all holy martyrs of the eastern world” service. In succeeding centuries it spread throughout the church as a whole. In 614 A.D. Pope Boniface introduced it to Rome. On 844 A.D. Pope Gregory (different Gregory that was a female Pope) transferred it to October 31 through November 1. The basis for praying for all souls comes from 2 Macchabees 12:46. We, Protestants, do not include that as canon, but the Roman Catholic Church does. Their doctrine is based upon this verse.

So by false scripture there was prayer for the dead, and then to compound the problem the church ordered or instituted a day which was kept for goblins as a good day for the martyred saints to be prayed to.

In many places graves and cemeteries are blessed in the eve or in the morning of all saints day.” In Scotland the people used to go to church for a ‘black mass’ for the dead and then after the service they would go to the adjoining graveyard and open the gates to free the spirits!

“Halloween in the British Isles is the favorite time for forecasting the future…” Deuteronomy 18 states augury is evil and not to be done by the saints. In Britain they celebrated this time by wearing masks. Animals had been sacrificed to the appeasement of evil spirits and then they would use the skin as masks. They would go from house to house and ask food, and if the people didn’t give, evil spirits were placed upon the house.

Some of Halloween’s customs have been transported to Christmas. The idea of leaving food for the ‘santa’ comes from Halloween. People who lived in houses where the dead would return were to feed them and take care of them. In part Halloween is a survival of the ancient British autumn festival. “Druids lit bonfires … on this occasion Samahain, lord of death, assembled the souls of those unfortunates who had died within the year and who had for their sins been confined in bodies of lower animals.” This is a form of necromancy as stated in Deuteronomy.

Rome never thought up anything new but adapted customs from other people. An Egyptian harvest festival “was the most and principal occasion. As the god of fertility and especially of sexual reproduction, he (Min) was represented as an ithyphallic bearded man but as he was also a storm weather god, his emblem was a thunderbolt. He was regarded as son of Osiris (god of the underworld) and Isis fertility) and of Re (chief sun god) and of Shu, god of the atmosphere … his special care was the corn and hoeing of soil so his principal festival was celebrated at the beginning of harvest.” Romans also had their own festival which “was in honor of Pomona, the goddess of fruit and gardens, was honored on November 1st.”

Halloween was the time that witches believe that Satan returns to the underworld. In Egyptian and Roman customs we find rites that support the idea of Satan returning to the underworld, which the churches have so graciously sponsored. My, my, the churches of God allowing evil spirits in their churches by the adornments they put up.

I am sure you have heard the expression: “may their soul rest in peace.” This comes from Halloween. It developed from British Celtic traditions. It was believed that these souls would have 48 hours of liberation to visit old haunts.

In England “young women would go to homes and receive soul cakes. The older forms of requests are interesting as they show pre-reformation Catholic phraseology for in return of cakes, prayers were offered for donors soul.” Here are a few lines:

A soul cake, a soul cake, have mercy on all Christian souls.

Or they sang a song like this:

Soul, soul an apple or two If you haven’t an apple a pear will do.

One for Peter, two for Paul, three for the man who made us all.

There was a similar custom among Saxons, Danes and the Norse. They used ‘saumas loaves’ which means soul mass cakes. They would pass food and drink over a dead body or grave and the receiver would eat. This symbolized that the person ate the sins of the other who was dead and thereby could not be troubled by his spirit.

Can a man barter another man’s soul? Would you want to take on another man’s sins and his evil spirits? Since Christ did, why should we?

“Today the chief object is to furnish lads and lasses with timely tips about their future love life.” These tips are deduced from “bobbing for apples, sowing hemp seed, repeating prayers backwards, burning nuts on the open hearth…” Bobbing for apples or an apple hanging from a string was for fortunetelling. If one bobs and gets the apple a few things can be done. The girl can sleep with the apple under her pillow and she will have a dream and see her future husband. or if she eats the apple the seeds can be placed on her eyes and that which falls off first tells which of her beaus will be unfaithful. Or if she eats the fruit in front of a mirror an apparition of her future husband will appear. All are demonical I

Like salt thrown over the shoulder, the custom of throwing hemp seed over the boys shoulder is to make a girl appear behind them to pick up the seed and this will be their future wife. The saying of a prayer backwards while rolling yarn is supposed to conjure up a sighting of a future spouse.

I remember as a child putting a chalk mark down a person’s back. I did it for fun. But it to is satanic. “It is at this period that the sun (the whitener) is supposed to enter the hinder part of the circle and the children chalk people’s backs to indicate the rule of the white god ends.” This means Satan is in charge from November 1 until the Spring solstice (Easter) when Life or light begins again. Well, enough said about Halloween – it surely isn’t hallowed.


There were two priests one of Rome and the other Bishop of Interamna who in 250 A.D. were killed. They were buried in the Flaminian Way. They are related to Valentine’s Day. But the Name comes from the Normans who had the word Galantine’ but their language couldn’t say that so they used a ‘v’ instead of a ‘g’. Galantine means lover of women. “It is believed that the lover’s custom is a survival and a Christianized form of a practice in a Roman feast of Lupercalia.”

In England the 14th of February was seen as the day the birds mated. and the great writer, Chaucer, in his books made mention of this day of birds and the customs of the people.

The feast of Lupercali was handled by priests during the ides of February. Goats (symbols of Satan and the antichrist in the Bible) and dogs (symbols of demons) were sacrificed on an altar and their blood was placed on the priests heads. Then it was required that the two men laugh. Skin was taken to cure sterility. I quote from Britannica Encyclopedia “The celebration of the festival went on til 494 A.D. when it was changed by Pope Gelasius I into a feast of purification.” It should be called a feast of PUTRIFICATION!

The church changed the custom to have each youth emulate a saint. But let us look at the real custom. “Names of young men and women were put into a box from which they were drawn by chance, an arrangement under which a young man would become the ‘galant’ (remember it means lover) of a young woman for a year.” This custom continued so that “the youth and lass were paired by this method, were once in the habit of giving presents to each other. Then gradually the creation of sending valentines to people grew up.”

The priests, the Lupercali, took blood as an offering. It was a perfect counterfeit of the Lamb’s blood – Jesus Christ. The shedding of goats blood was hoped that it would allow life to spring forth out of the ground. Abel’s shed blood could only be atoned for by Jesus Christ, not your blood or mine as the Lupercali would like us to think.


May first is the official New Year for all the witches and wizards. To these it is the celebration of the return of their god who is known as satan. May 1, 1776 is found on the back of each US Dollar. It is the sign of the illuminati cult or ‘way of life’. They are part of this evil worship also.

May 1 is the celebration of the USSR and the government there is also under the influence of the illuminati. May 1 in the time of Rome was identified with the goddess Mia Majesta. The Vulcan priesthood would offer sacrifices then. It was the festival for the unhappy dead. There was also the festival for the goddess of Chastity. Today we get a lot of marriages in June because it was thought bad luck to marry in the month of chastity.

Another name given to this day was for the goddess Flora. “Rome had a festival Floralia in spring which in Christian times became the image of the Virgin and child.” The Madonna and child is totally a satanistic cult picture that many unfortunately have come to adore. The quote above is just one of many that prove it. A study of Babylonian religion shows the mother goddess cult greatly. We do not have time to go into that now, but the Bible is Patriarchial – Father God. Devil worship is generally a religion of appeasement and female gods.

The goddess Flora is equated with the Greek goddess Chloris. The feast is traced at least to 173 B.C. It ran from April 28 to May 1. Some even trace it to the east as far as India and their springtime fertility feasts and phallic symbols.

The Maypole was used in England as a form of divination. The first person to have a ribbon wrapped around them would see an apparition of their future husband. “The Maypole represents the phallic symbol.”

“The Druids of England had a custom of celebrating the feast of Bel (Baal) on May first. Bel is identified with Apollo and with Baal in the Old Testament.” Baal was the son of Dagon and the god of the fields. Quoting Unger’s Bible Dictionary “The cult included animal sacrifice, ritualistic meals and licentious dances.” The temple chambers were for prostitution and fertility rites. See 1 Kings 14:23, 2 Kings 23:7

So, the May day festivities are centered around fertility rites and the day is evil for it also denotes the day as a day for the devil. There isn’t much more that can be said about the corruptness of May Day.

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