APRIL 14, 2006

God has made us different, with different gifts, different needs, different desires. He has called us to be one Church, yet on the basis of need or common desire we gather together, and call ourselves church. Our concept of church is lacking.

We call those who are free, ”church”, those who are slave to the law, another ”church”.

We separate by government, those who would have democracy; those who would wait upon the spirit.

By race we divide, the white ”church”, the black ”church”, the Spanish ”church”, the oriental ”church”.

We divide by doctrine, baptism, eternal salvation, predestination or by mission.

And on... and on... and on...

Each one searches to find the ”church” which best fits his needs or his personality in an effort to be where God wants him.

To become the free, white predestinated ”church” of eternal salvation, that waits on the spirit… And even within that group we clarify our own need or desires to the separation of others.

Until each one whom God has called His is able to be received and to demonstrate the gift God has given him in the body, until then, we are not the Church. We are a sect.

Now individually, we are part of His Church, but collectively we are a sect.

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