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Dear Friends,

I have a friend, Edna; she will soon be a centarian. In a recent conversation with her she told me of a time, years ago, when she was wanted to expand beyond the boundaries of her Church context and she asked the Lord: “But what about all those preachers, which one will I believe?” The reply came so gently: It will be as it was planned before the foundation of the world!”

What a powerful awareness; even though we are creators of our own existence, co-creators with God, knowing the secret of the Law of Attraction yet, below it all is an eternal contract, made before material existence, that uphold us and all things and has a purposed end constantly in view.

We marvel at the insights of science about the relativity of TIME-SPACE, quantum physics, the concept of parallel worlds yet we know that these are all created things; they have a beginning and an end. According to the present scientific understanding, based on pictures from the Hubble telescope, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy. The computer generated images that portray this event are truly awesome to see. We seem but tiny indiscernibly small specs on this grand scene of Time-Space, stretching through fifteen billion years of explosive creation; yet we know that we existed before all this became manifest, we will continue to exist through all worlds and Ages and are presently, in essence, greater than all of it and all of it serves the great will of our Eternal Source, our Father and our coming home to him.

There is an Eternal Kingdom, there is a Plan for the Ages of Time and as we come into a place of rest concerning our own existence, into a greater more sublime definition of who we are, we desire to see more clearly our appointed place in that Plan. Paul the Apostle referred to the Plan of the Ages in his letter to the Ephesians:

“Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Jesus Christ; grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us in all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: According as he hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before him in love.”

Notice in this awesome introduction that the whole of Paul’s emphasis is on the existence of the Ephesian saints in the realm of awakened relationship through Jesus Christ to the infinite Father of Light, referring at the end to their connection with the intent that is before the foundation of the world. That will and intent of the Father has precipitated what we call the Plan of the Ages.

The phrase “Before the Foundation of the World” is of course an English translation of Greek words which, according to Strong’s concordance can equally well be translated and expanded as:

“Before the down-casting of the orderly arrangement of the Ages of Time.”

Time seems so absolute to us, so irrevocable, once a thing is done it is done. Yet we know from an eternal point of view it is not so much the physical events that transpire that are so important; it is the awareness created in those events. Perhaps a hundred thousand thieves and rebels were crucified by the Romans in Jesus’ day yet not one of them became notable in history, not one of them was even remembered past the moment of his own agony except for this one who was crucified, not for some wrong doing of his own but to serve as the great awakener of mankind. One who would be the mirror in which we would see our greater truth.


What is Time? Did Time have a beginning? What happened just before it began? Time as we know it part of created reality, time-space as science calls it, which began in an awesome bang fifteen billion years ago. Yet the question of what happened just before time began is a contradiction of logic, how can time, time that needs a regularly repeating physical event, exist when there are no physical events to record? It is my persuasion that physical reality is not absolute at all, it exists, as a whole, in the context of another, a greater reality, the reality of Sprit, of the divine mind, of consciousness itself. This greater reality, which always is, is what to my mind is referred to by Paul and Jesus when they use the phrase, before the foundations of the world. We could therefore translate this phrase as: In reference to the greater reality out of which all things are created and in which all things exist.

If time so exists as a whole, past present and future and, as the scriptures declare, all his works were finished from the foundation of the world then we need to know that it is not so much our physical experience itself that is so significant, rather, as I illustrated about Jesus, it is the evolution of AWARENESS that is so prized in the experience of earth. Awareness belongs to consciousness and consciousness is eternal.

We conclude then that the Plan of the Ages, from before the foundations of the world is a plan formed in consciousness, formed in a greater reality in God himself, formed in a realm beyond time and space, something we cannot rally grasp with our time orientated minds, we can only say the words and feel the eternal impact on our consciousness. The word “before” in this context has a larger meaning than implied by the way we use it in our everyday experience. Perhaps there is no word that truly presents the thought that is being conveyed here.

However, we can understand the Time Clock of the Ages so often referred to in the scriptures and other ancient literature. It is written of Noah that by his preaching he brought an end to the Age that then was. According to the chronology of the Torah, that would have been the Age of Taurus, the Age of Adam and the patriarchs. Abraham sacrificed a ram instead of his Son at the beginning of the Age of the Ram, and Jesus, whose Greek name looks like a fish, stood with John in the waters of Jordan on the cusp between Aries and Pisces. We want to clearly show how this Clock of the Ages works and secondly give the astronomical explanation of it.


Throughout the following discussion of cosmic events you must remember that motion is relative, it needs a frame of reference. A very dramatic illustration of this can occur as follows. The automobile you are driving is standing in line at a red traffic light. Beside you, also waiting for the light to turn, is a large semi. Suddenly you have the feeling that your car is rolling backwards, you envision bumping into the car behind you, you slam on the brakes, expecting the familiar whiplash feeling in your neck and ...nothing happens! It was the semi slowly pulling ahead that made you feel you were rolling backwards. I promise you, if you have never experienced it, it is traumatic. What happened? You and the truck were moving in relation to one another, however, only the truck was moving relative to the pavement. So you see there are three possible frames of reference here, you and your Auto, the truck and of course the pavement or the earth itself. You have to be able to envision the event by placing yourself as the observer in all three of these frames to get a good understanding of it.

In the same way, for every cosmic event in our Solar System there are at least two perspectives. The more exact and simpler to understand is the perspective you get when the motion of the planets is seen using the STARS and the Sun as a frame of reference; the Sun IS one of the Stars. Throughout the long ages of time man has seen these events from the point of view of an observer on this planet, unconsciously using the EARTH itself as that frame; this greatly complicates the understanding of the motions of the planets. The Astronomers before the advent of telescopes had very complicated models, spheres within revolving spheres to attempt to explain the apparent backwards, retrograde, motion of Mars and the other so called wandering stars. You may remember from your studies of history how traumatic the change in consciousness was when Johan Kepler and others began, through the use of telescopes, to suggest and finally prove that the earth really is not the best frame of reference to use, the Sun itself and the fixed stars are a much simpler one. People were burned at the stake for what we now see as simple observations.

The idea of a Sunrise and a Sunset are awesome examples of this relativity of motion. Who is not thrilled and awed at the indescribable beauty of that orb of light slowly appearing and disappearing from view? The fact that from a higher point of view the Sun really does not rise or sink, instead, the surface of the earth you are standing on is slowly rolling towards the Sun making it appear to be rising, changes nothing. You can stand there and say to yourself: The Sun is not really rising, I am just imagining it”; it will change not a thing; you will immediate forget all you mental analysis in favor of the beauty of the moment.

In all our consideration of celestial events we always have, in the back of our mind, the immediate spiritual inferences that are so easily made. The earth and its gravity represent the lower degrees of your experience of self, the ego and its attachments. The vast expanse of the heavens is in coincidence with the eternalness of your true existence in and beyond this present dualistic plane. And so the beauty of a sunrise, so illusionary in nature, emphasizes to us the value and worth of the temporal and the earthly, the experiences of the ego self are treasures to be valued. Remember when Jesus told a parable about a man who found a treasure hidden in the earth? Jesus of course was referring to himself and the value he placed on his own incarnation.

Continuing with our observations; to fully appreciate the import of the precession of the Equinoxes, the Grand year and the Plan of the Ages you will have to become adept at making this mental change of perspective, see the event from the point of view of heaven, the stars, which is simpler and then see it as you would as a terrestrial, with greater emotional impact. From a more esoteric point of view, it is our ego centered consciousness and more so our addiction to it, which keeps us from true spiritual awareness, from seeing things clearly, as they really are and the paradigm shift required for man to transcend his ego limitations has been his great quest for many long ages.


As you know, any time piece simply needs a regularly repeating event, such as the hands of a clock, and a set of markers, such as the numbers one to twelve. Through the long ages of human history, time has been recorded by observing the motion of the heavenly bodies. The duration of a day, a month, a year and also the much larger time period of the Grand Year, having duration of 26000 years, are all derived from the motion of the earth and the moon relative to the Sun and the stars. The regularly repeating events we are looking for are illustrated in diagram#1The markers we need are a band of stars, relatively fixed in position called the Zodiac.

In the illustration, diagram #1, you will see the arrow that indicates a revolution of the earth about its own axis. The time to complete one such revolution is of course a day. The time required for the moon to revolve in its orbit around the earth is a month and the time for the earth to make one cycle in its orbit around the Sun is a year.

The duration of a Grand Year is seen by extending the axis of the earth to the sphere that seems to hold all the stars, apparently motionless, forever, in space. This sphere is called the CELESTIAL SPHERE. Astronomers, from the time before telescopes assumed all the stars to be about the same distance from the earth, fixed to this sphere; we realize today that some of the stars appear smaller simply because they are millions of miles further from us than other, larger stars and they are hardly fixed in space either but for our purposes the idea of a Celestial Sphere is excellent.

The axis of the earth is inclined to the orbital plane, called the ECLIPTIC, at about 23 degrees.  If the earth’s axis is extended to the celestial sphere, like a long pointer, it points almost directly to the pole star; the one star that does not seem to rotate as the earth revolves about this axis. The earth, because of the fact that it has a slight bulge at the equator, is affected by the gravity of the sun and the moon in such a way that it causes the earth to wobble ever so slowly around its axis, much in the way that a spinning top will gyrate just before it falls. This means that the axial pointer that is aimed at our present pole star actually moves very, very slowly, tracing out a small circle on the celestial sphere, moving in the opposite direction of its axial rotation. Over long ages of time this means that we will have a different pole star, say 10,000 years from now, than we do now. A single wobble of the earth, tracing a single small circle through the pole star positions by the extended axis, caused by this gravitational pull, takes 25,800 years to complete, this time period is called the Grand Year. This completes the movements of this Grand Clock. Here is a summary of the regular motions of the Earth and its satellite that form the movements of the Clock of God.

1. The motion of the earth around its own axis, — A time period of one day.

2. The moons orbit around the earth — A time period of one month.

3.  The earth’s orbit around the sun — A time period of one year.

4. The slow precession, or reverse movement of the axis of the earth relative to the stars, caused by one wobble— A time period of one Grand Year, 26000 earth years.

What about the markers we need to record and observe the passage of time? These markers are provided by the Zodiac, a band of stars, consisting of twelve figures that circle our solar system through which, as a background, the sun and earth seem to move. In actual fact the Sun does not move in relation to the stars however, seen from the earth, it does seem to move from one constellation to the other during the year as the earth itself moves around the Sun.

In diagram #2, if you were to imagine a long pointer extending from the sun, in the plane of the earth’s orbit, to the celestial sphere, it would point to this band of stars that make up the Zodiac. This band of stars encircling our solar system on the celestial sphere has been divided from ancient times in to twelve groups of stars, each compared to a figure, the familiar signs as seen on Diagram #2; each sign also has a symbol commonly used to represent it. The diagram shows the constellations in the order they appear through the year. If you read them counterclockwise you will have them in the order of the months of the year, if you read them clockwise, they will show you the order in which they appear on the grand Clock of the Ages as in diagram #3, [SEE ABOVE – NEXT TO DIAGRAM #1] – the order caused by the precession of the Equinoxes.   

We can see how these signs are related to the months of the year astronomically in diagram #2. As you can see, the orbital plane, or the Ecliptic is divided into twelve sections, each comprising 30 degrees adding up to the full circle of 360 degrees. If these sectional lines are extended to the celestial sphere, they mark out, approximately, the twelve positions of the zodiac, as shown by their symbols, as they appear to us at this time in history.

Even though the Sun does not really move relative to these stars, from the point of view of an observer on the earth, watching the sun rise every morning when the sky is still dark enough to see the stars, the sun will appear to rise every morning at a slightly different place among this band of stars, we say then that it moves through the Zodiac in a year.

You can imagine yourself to be at any point along the orbit, say June 21st, the Summer Solstice, looking across the diagram, the Sun would appear to be between Taurus and Gemini and for all that following month the Sun would seem rise in the constellation of Gemini. So we see that from an earth perspective the Sun travels through the entire Zodiac in the accustomed order in a single year. It seems much more reasonable to think of the earth as traveling because in fact the earth does orbit around Sun, through the sections assigned to the zodiac through successive months of the year. However, as explained earlier, the relativity of this motion is an important part of the total picture and let’s face it, all these long Ages we have always been looking from this planet, only recently have had eyes in space.

*****You will notice that these positions of the Sun do not agree with the dates used by astrologers to create your natal chart. Virgo astrologically is from Aug 23 to September 22, however if you will look at the diagram #2 you will see the Sun from the earth on the Fall Equinox, Sept 21 just leaving Leo and entering Virgo. We are strictly interested in the Astronomical aspects of the zodiac when we are considering the Ages of time. ******


The successive months of the year, following the signs of the Zodiac are caused by the motion of the Earth in its orbit around the sun. If you imagine yourself to be an observer standing in the position of the Sun starting on March 21st you would see the earth leaving Leo and entering Virgo and as you followed its counterclockwise orbital path the signs would follow one another in succession as per the calendar months in the familiar order. As already mentioned, we are dealing with the actual astronomical positions not those assigned to the calendar by astrology, however, the order of the signs is the same.

Now imagine you are on earth making the same observations. This point of view is far more realistic, it’s where we really are physically! From time immemorial we have described the motion of the heavenly objects from an earthly perspective, the Sun rises and sets, we never refer to the more direct explanation of Sun set and Sun rise, that being that you, standing on the earth, are constantly rotating towards the sun, causing the phenomenon of sunrise, and in the afternoon, you are rotation away from the sun, causing the sun to appear to set.

Watching the Sun rise on March 21st, you would see the sun between the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius and you would see both constellations rising with the sun. The sun at least for our purposes is fixed right in the middle of the celestial sphere. The whole sphere, sun and all, seem to rotate around our earth because motion is relative, it depends on your relative position. Three months later, one season, you would see the sun between the constellations of Gemini and Taurus. The reason of course, that the sun seems to be moving through the constellations as the months go by is because you, as an observer on earth, are moving. The apparent movement of the Sun through the constellations is no more real than Sunrise, or if you like, is just as real as Sunrise, awesome and beautiful; it’s a phenomenon of the earth and the planets only.

The grand year happens in exactly the same way. Because of the slight wobble of the earth’s axis, causing the position of the axis of the earth to slowly gyrate, relative to the fixed stars, in a direction opposite to its normal daily spin, the earth, observed from a position in the Sun, say always on the Spring Equinox, seems to slowly move backwards in its grand orbit around the sun. Have you ever noticed in the old movies how the spokes of the wagon wheel would actually be rotating backwards, in the opposite direction of the overall motion of the wagon? If you only took a snap shot every year on the Spring Equinox you would see the earth slowly moving backwards along its orbit. The movement every year is only a small fraction, 360/26,000 or one 1/1000 of a degree.

If you continued that observation for 26000 years you would see the earth moving through all the signs of the Zodiac. March 21st is the day of the Vernal or Spring Equinox, a time of equal night and day. The movement of the position of this day, against the background of the stars, in reverse order of the normal apparent motion of the earth is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. This so called precession movement is the basis for the Time Clock of the Ages.

The best time to observe the apparent position of the Sun among the stars is at dawn when the sky is still dark enough to see the stars. If you started in the years 4004 BC, according to Bishop Usher the date when Adam came on the planet, you would have seen the position of the Sun at rise on March 21st right between Gemini and Taurus. For the next 2000 years or so, the duration of one age, approximately one twelfth of the orbit of precession, the Sun would appear to be in Taurus at sun rise on March 21st,  then As Noah brought the end of the Age, the Sun began to appear in the next constellation, in reverse order, that being Aries.

Abraham, when offering Isaac, had a ram provided as an offering, a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. The Ram is the Sign of the Age that rules the next of the successive ages of the Grand Year. The Bull was a sacred animal to the Egyptians, the Israelites, when disappointed in the non-return of Moses from the mount, made one out of the gold they were given in Egypt as they left, Taurus, the Bull, was the sign of the Age recently phased out. Jesus and John the Baptist stood on the cusp of Aries and the dawning Age of Pisces in the river Jordan as John introduced Jesus to the Stage of History. The two fishes are the sign of the Age that has been since that day. Jesus called his disciples fishers of men, the fish, being a symbol denoting Jesus Christ, is still a symbol of Christians today, it began on the walls of the catacombs during the days of the Roman persecution of the fledgling sect.

So the Ages of time in the Grand Year, if we start the clock with the appearing of Adam, will follow one another, as the signs in the Zodiac except in reverse of the normal order. Diagram #3 shows some of these successive ages and the events associated with them.


No man has walked this planet, more controversial than Jesus of Nazareth. He appeared at the end of the Age of the Ram, the age of sacrifices, he came to end that age and to show that the way of sacrifices is incomplete and imperfect and he did so by filling up all the signs and types of that age in the reality of his own physical embodiment. He did not destroy the Law but rather he showed the completed end of the Law, describing it in the words of the Psalmist: A Body thou hast prepared me, I come to do thy will oh God! No words spoken with the most excellent oratory could have paralleled the sublime expression of perfection in the Logos that became flesh and walked among us, as his most favored disciple described his coming.

Many books have been written to fame and to defame him, yet through the intervening years his own words concerning his purpose and mission remain as a rock, steadfast, unmovable and certainly not understood by man. In front of Pilate, the powers of the earth, he claimed to be the TRUTH of Man, and clearly stated that he came into the world for a specific mission: For this cause was I born and for this purpose came I into the earth, to bear witness to the truth! Before the Pharisees, the lawyers, the politicians and religious rulers of the Age of the Law he clearly identified himself as the Son of Man and the Son of God, defied their worship of the temple and denounced them for their Hypocrisy. In the parable that followed the questioning of his authority by the Chief Priest and the rulers, he claimed to have been sent as a special emissary by of the owner of the vineyard, a clear indication that Jesus was aware of the Purpose of the Ages and even more important, his place in that purpose.

The evidence for what I am saying is found in the book mistakenly called the revelation of Saint John. The first verse of that book gives the following information: The Revelation of (belonging to) Jesus Christ which the Father gave unto him…..The clear indication here is that Jesus himself received a revelation from the Father of Light, a revelation concerning the Plan and Purpose of the Ages as detailed in that book which finally ends by saying: And I saw a new heaven and a new Earth for the former things have passed away.

Before the event of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, before the Passover on which he was crucified, he gave this remarkable instruction to his disciples: Go into the city, there you will see a man carrying a pitcher of water, follow him into the house, there prepare for us the Passover. It was not customary for men to carry the water pots, so the man would indeed have been notable. At this last supper, which by his own admission he had desired with great desire. he gave final instruction to his disciples whom he had meticulously groomed for this purpose, He had taught them, by example and by instruction, the nature of his Kingdom “let him that is greatest among you be servant to all”. As it happened, on this occasion, there was no one to wash the feet of those attending the meal, it was a severe breach of etiquette to eat with unwashed feat, yet not one of the disciples wanted to serve as the least so Jesus took the linen towel, gird himself and washed everyone of his disciples feet. What a dramatic turn of events, what a legacy to leave for a Kingdom. What a wonderful kingdom this must be, where all seek to serve and respect one another as greater than themselves.

I am convinced that Jesus, in the Spirit pre-arranged every detail of this phenomenal meal. During the meal he made this proclamation: Henceforth will I not drink of the fruit of the vine until I drink it anew with you in the Kingdom; what enigmatic words, what a mystery indeed. Perhaps the last supper is more than a last meal, perhaps it is a defining statement and timing, spoken and enacted in a secret way so that his followers through the coming age would, by revelation, understand the  timing and the purpose of Jesus kingdom.

Jesus understood the Clock of the Ages, he also knew that the Age that was then dawning could never fully reveal and embrace the purpose and the truth he came to bear witness of. This enacted parable holds the sacred key to understand the timing of his coming Kingdom. A timing that would be understood when his followers would have evolved enough in spiritual understanding of his eternal principles that they would be able to join with him in the drinking of his cup and the sharing of his new wine of the kingdom.

There is one sign in the Zodiac that is the image of a man pouring out a pitcher of water, Jesus claimed to be the Son of man, he claimed to be able to give living water flowing from the belly. The Sign of Aquarius is the sign of the Son of Man seen in heaven, it is also the water sign. When you see that sign, follow it into the house; The Astrological term “house” is used to refer to the constellations, each one a house. There prepare a place for us.

How different that is from the age that is passing, a body of people preparing a place or habitation for the Christ, an en-Christed body, a many membered man in the likeness of Jesus as the prototype, the Christ of God, bringing a whole new order of the Ages.

What are these eternal, governing principles that bring a new heaven and a new earth? Looking at Jesus life as he bore witness to the truth as seen in his time among men we see these three operating principles:

1. All spirituality is rooted in the desire of alignment with the will of the Father, the source and being of all.

2. The mortar of relationship that allows us to be one is the principle of forgiveness.

3. The operating principle of divine government is leadership that serves in love.


Now that I have described the Time clock of the Ages and the way it relates to human history I would like to describe more particularly the mechanics of what is called The Precession of the Equinoxes. Let me begin by describing and detailing the cause of the seasons.

Referring to diagram #2: Imagine yourself in the position of the Sun, watching the earth make its yearly orbit around you; let us assume that the axis of the earth actually sticks out at the North and South poles so you can clearly see its inclination of 23 degrees to the ecliptic (orbital plane). What will you see?

March 21, the Spring or Vernal Equinox, is the first day of Spring. You can see the tilt of the axis clearly; it is not tilted towards you or away from you but it leans to your right at 23 degrees. Exactly half of the Northern hemisphere is exposed to sun light, the other half is in the shadow or night time. The day then is equal in length to the night hence the name Equinox.

As the earth continues in its orbit, you see less of the tilt as the northern hemisphere slowly increases its angle towards the Sun. At the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, the axis seems straight up and down and tilted directly towards the Sun. See in the diagram how the sunlight now impinges on the northern hemisphere more directly, more at ninety degrees causing summer heat and also the longest day of the year as more of the Northern part of the globe is exposed to sunlight and less to the night. This is the beginning of Summer.

Continuing in following the Earth in its orbit, the day when we again experience equal night and day occurs on September 21st, the fall equinox. The axis of the earth is again seen at 23 degrees not tilting away from or towards the Sun. This is the first day of autumn. As we follow on to the winter Solstice December 21st, when the axis is fully tilted away from the Sun, the Light of the sun strikes the northern hemisphere most obliquely, more of the northern half of the globe is in the shadow hence we have the longest night, the shortest day and the beginning of the coldest season, winter.

It is strictly the tilt of the Earth’s axis that is the cause of the seasons, the Solstices and the Equinoxes. This same tilt and its precessional movement or wobble is also the cause of the cycle we call the Grand Year. Here is a simple way to envision the movement of the Equinoxes among the signs of the Zodiac.

If the axis of the earth were always positioned the same relative to the stars, the day on which the Spring Equinox occurs would always be at the same position among the Stars. Remember, at this point the axis is not angled away from or towards the Sun. However, the actual position of the axis is shifting very slowly, still at 23 degrees but at a slightly different orientation with respect to the stars as the earth goes through its wobble caused by gravity acting on the equatorial Bulge. This movement of the axial position in the opposite direction of the actual spin of the earth causes the critical Equinox position of the axis to occur slightly earlier in the orbit; hence the point of the Spring Equinox actually occurs a tiny bit sooner every year, about 1/100 of a degree of the total orbit. You can see in diagram #2 that the Spring Equinox will slowly drift through the Age of Aquarius in the next 2000 years.

Another, more general way to think of the precession of the Equinoxes is to realize that one complete wobble of the earth takes 26000 years. This means that any position of the earth’s axis, say the Spring Equinox, will only be repeated exactly every 26000 years. Since the wobble is in the opposite direction of the normal motion of the earth, the result will be a gradual shift backwards through time until we are back to the original position 26000 years later. Backwards in time means a clockwise motion through the signs of the Zodiac, in a direction opposite that of the months of the year.


Jesus knew the divine intent and understood enough of the timing of the orderly movement of the ages to know his place in that order. He also knew that the age of Pisces was not his age; it would be the age of the disciples, an age for them to be fishers of men. He anointed them with the promised Holy Spirit and commissioned them to go into all the world, baptizing the nations. Today there are millions of followers of Jesus, some with more spiritual awareness than others but their impact on the world and the evolution of human consciousness and culture is immeasurable. This world cannot be imagined as it is today, apart from Christianity and its influence.

What about his greater truth and his mission of a Kingdom on Earth? What about the promise of the Angels at his birth of peace and good will toward men? The golden age of mankind is dawning. The resurrection that Jesus demonstrated in his physical body is beginning to happen to the Spirit of Man. Mankind is being loosed, as Lazarus was, from the death shrouds of his old, dualistic, three dimensional thought structures and he is being re-connected in the Light of the Spirit, to his greater awareness which he was clothed in before the Ages began their unfolding. The prayer of Jesus; Clothe me with the glory I had with thee before the worlds were! is heard echoing in the spirit and the soul of man. His desire for reality has erupted, he can never go back to the cocoon of death consciousness he dwelt in for so many long ages. Gone are the days of him being used and abused by other elements and intelligence for their own gain and purpose. Gone are the days of our victimization and our imprisonment to the lower thought forms and energies of this planet. We are as a modern rocket, powerfully breaking the gravitational ego hold on our awareness, we are ascending and transcending limitations of imperfect thoughts and belief systems and we are free to believe, free to experience, free to be all that the human spirit was created to be, free to know and fulfill the Father-Creators’ heart’s desire… Fellowship in Love.









































CLOCK of GOD [Rokus den Hartog] Dec. 2007          1


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