JUNE 8, 2006

The cloud-bank of Divine Love is upon us with all doubts removed. The winds of change are a-blowing, and the hay and stubble are swept away. The iron stake of fullness is driven in the earth as He is resurrected to reveal enraptured friends all about. Celebration time is here, the appearing of Glory in faces of peace. Love so great is quickly received for change springs forth from It, His Presence.

Let us touch the Love, Oh God, and be seen in the mist of Your Grace. The hands we hold are shaking with delight while the softness of Heaven appears. Love has conquered all, for behold The Lamb is seated at the right hand of Power.

Love Is King. Love Is King; Love, shall never be withheld; never be denied. Love rides upon the swiftest horse of all, carrying Kingdom’s Flag around the globe of earth.

Face to face with Love Himself, we hear Him speak. “I have saturated your hearts to the dawning of never ending harmony. This is I, Winds of Change; My clear voice, moving directly and surely through you. I Am Being unto righteousness; The Light Come with arms never shortened. My overflowing abundance has touched mortal hearts and minds. Peace and joy ride the wind.

You, Who rely on the feathers of My Wings are satisfied.

In Love, You prophesy.

In Love, You lift.

In Love You abound, for Love has ascended above all heavens to Be The Clear Chord of Eternity.

Love Is I, Jesus, holding all nations, tongues, and peoples to My Bosom.

And so, we are swallowed in Love, The Baptism of The Holy Ghost.

Amen, and Resurrection Power to All Who Hear My Voice.

The Highest









CLOUD BANK of DIVINE LOVE [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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