OCTOBER 14, 2008

They have appeared in the Holy Ghost Clouds of Glory with peace in their eyes and love in their hearts.  They have no enemies or any adversary.  Heaven stands still in their presence.  The Only Begotten is the anointing of their thoughts, words and actions. 

“Fear not”, is the order of the day as they acknowledge the baptism of light upon all creation. 

You are known as you really are; born of God, awakened even as you were hanging on the cross.  God’s hand has parted the waters, and you pass directly through, inundated with His all encompassing Glory.  You did not chose the cross, but willingly submitted; a chosen Lamb, without pre-conceived knowing or plan. You gave your all for The Light You now discover As Him.

Peace, eternal peace is the power of the new creation; submission unto that which is written within.  Love, sweet Love is the testimony of resurrection Life.  Peace is a whirring assurance; a catching away unto paths of perfection ordained from On High.  All weight is lifted for The Only Begotten Is Manifest.

Lord, let our steps be upon the path of Your Fore-ordained Direction as we wait upon Your Heart.  The Sweetest Man we know has breathed upon mercy, grace, and compassion as harmony arises in Clouds of Glory  in earth as it is in Heaven; Prince of Peace,  Lamb of God, Lord Jesus Christ,  Holy Presence now appearing in faces of longing.

We witness The Promise, for He Is Come.

Hallelujah and Amen














CLOUDS of GLORY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 10-14-08          1


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