Character bears witness to the inner man – seen only by God, revealed in the light.

King – God influence.

Lilly – (Innocence) The untried soul represents the condition of humanity before the fall: blameless.

Leilah – (Dark as night) This representation of femininity depicts the tormented character of the

  soulish area separated from God.

Scathe – (To harm or injure; especially by fire; satanic) Carnal influence; desires and supply apart

  from God.

Paraclete – (Holy Spirit) The Counselor is the nearness and “nowness” of God.

Moribund – (Death bound) This persona of mankind represents the fallen character of self

  motivated by the sense realm with the carnal influence of longings, imaginations and

  false religion.

Jerome – (Bearing a holy name) The prince portrays the very essence of the One to be recreated

  in human form.

Osmund – (Protection of God) Jerome’s steed.

Scathe and Leilah’s children – These represent all that is spawned in the union of the soul and

  the carnal nature.

Elizabeth (Consecrated to God) Spirit led soul.

Elaine – (Bright shining one) This personage depicts the transformed soul, the designated bride of

  the recreated spirit.

Rapture – (Transported by ecstasy) The son of Elaine and Jerome represents the integral part of

  salvation – the product of the recreated spirit and the transformed soul.

Phoenix – (Paragon of virtue) The renewed character of humans is consigned as an adjunct of the

  reclaimed soul, and is represented here as a creature of light. This is the persona of

  the sense realm restored to holiness.  This shining character rises through the ashes of

  the dead self.


COME TO ME [Barbara J. Strauser]          1


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