JUNE 25, 2007

Our lives are only limited by what we believe. Everything we once believed is being shaken, so we can inherit a Spiritual Kingdom prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

In the book of Hebrews we are told there is a voice which shook the earth (physical realm) but this time will not only shake the earth but the heaven (spiritual realm) as well. Do you remember when you were young and your mother would shake your shoulder to wake you in the morning?  I believe our heavens are being shaken and awakened in this moment. There is a call to “Come up Hither.”  To no longer view from a physical earthly dimension, but to ascend and begin to see from the invisible realm of spirit.  There is a call for only heaven (spiritual realm) to be our truth and our home!

Let me share with you a poem written by Christopher Logue, which I believe is the challenge of our day!

Come to the edge

We might fall


Come to the edge

It’s too high



And they came

And he pushed them


And they FLEW!

This is a beautiful example of the infinite power awaiting us if we are willing to venture beyond the bounds of our beliefs and what we perceive to be truth. Today we are entering into uncharted waters.  We are beginning to experience ourselves and our roles in creation in a greater way. We are opening ourselves up to infinite possibilities! We use to think we were victims of circumstances and were only observers in our universe. We are now learning we are not observers, but participators in our universe… and our own lives. 

You have been chosen to live in a unique time in the history of mankind. Those before us left us prophetic messages encoded in the Bible and other sacred texts which spoke of our day. They were all written for a day they only briefly viewed through a time portal. Jesus Christ came and not only saw this day but demonstrated this time of infinite potential, a time when the impossible would be swallowed up by a limitless consciousness.

Jesus Christ demonstrated time travel, changing forms, ascending beyond the realm of time, space, and matter.  He opened our heavens to new possibilities. He shook the belief systems of his day (and that shaking continues into this day).  He demonstrated a life not bound by physical laws, but able to connect and live from the infinite realm of spirit.

Let paradigms be rocked with the following paragraphs! 

A prayer known as The Lord’s Prayer begins with the words, “Our Father which art in heaven.”  The Bible has been translated from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  Some of the original words do not have an exact English translation.  The translators did the best they could with the knowledge they had. However, there are much greater possibilities for many words.  This is the reason I have always used the Strong’s Concordance, an Aramaic Translation of the Bible, an Interlinear Parallel translation of the Greek, and many other helpful tools to find the true meaning of words.  The scripture tell us, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search it out.”  We must search, but then be open to embrace new revelation.

In the original Aramaic the words we have read, “Our Father which art in heaven,” come from only two words.  Those original words are, abwoon d’bwashmaya.  There is no exact English translation for these two Aramaic words.  Here are some other valid translations:

O Birthed, Father- Mother of the Cosmos.

O Thou, The Breathing Life of All,

Name of Names Our Small Identity Unravels Within You,

Radiant One, You Shine Within Us.

Each of these valid translations reveals to us a little different intent of the original text. It opens our heavens to greater possibilities. This is why we must be open as God shakes those doctrines and belief systems made by men and reveals to us the invisible world of eternal spirit.

Another good example are the phrases known as the Apocalyptic Prophecies. When these are mentioned they conjure up thoughts of cataclysmic events in our world a time of great tribulation, judgment, gloom and devastation. I believe this word points to a totally different picture. The Greek word Apokolypsis has a very simple meaning, “disclosure, reveal, to remove the veil.” It is pointing to a time where there would be a full disclosure and revealing of the Christ within us! A time when the veil in our consciousness is removed and we see from a mind, in complete union and harmony with God.

The book of Revelations is all about transformation life …a call to Come up hither. It is about getting the beast out of us so that we are able to manifest the beauty of the Christ from within us! 

Are you able to Come To The Edge? Are you ready to be stretched and pushed until you can FLY?  We must all be looking for ‘Zoe’ life. Our desire must be to have everything not of God burnt up by His consuming fire, so all which is left is of Him!

This is our destination if we are able to Come To The Edge, Be Pushed and FLY!

I Pray You’ll Be One Who Will Fly!























COME TO THE EDGE [Mary Lou Houllis] 6-25-07          1


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