The flesh cannot be separated from the creation. Physical death brings the body back to the creation. Taken from the ground it returns to the ground, as God said it would. Life and the flesh body are never in union. Life is eternal. The new generation in Christ is apart from creation… body soul and spirit. We are to fear him who can destroy the body and soul in Gehenna (hell). Gehenna is a figure of eternal spiritual judgment. Hell is not the same as Gehenna. [Acts 27-31]  Peter here quotes Psa.16:9-11. The word hell in the Old Testament is hades… the place of the unseen… hidden from man’s realization. Peter says Jesus’ soul would not remain in hell… a place one is unable to perceive. The saints now are not in ignorance of Jesus’ soul. It is now the element of redemption for us.  This proves things in hell can be redeemed out of hell. Christ Jesus can now be perceived by the elect… His soul, but not the body of his flesh. Hang on. Christ has done all this for our sakes. Now he ministers to the believer - a redemption from this hell - into his being. Hell, the unperceived darkness and ignorance are very much the same. The result of man living in this realm is hell. It brings works, judgment and the consequences of minding the flesh. In ignorance of Christ, these are led about by spiritual rulers of this evil world. [Matt:24-36] Here Jesus says - a day is to come. In this day the son of man will come. No one knows when this day will come, not even the son. When the son of man comes, He then would surely know this day. He, of course, does, for He has come.  This day is the eternal light that Christ is… the lord’s day. Now, in Christ, the day dawns in our hearts. We are the light of this day. We are the children of this day. This day is the appearing of the son of man… only known by the saints.   In Jn15:15 Jesus says - all I have heard from the father, I have made known to you.


Now we both know of the advent of the son of man. We cannot say that our lord is ignorant of his very own appearance. It is apparent in scripture that Jesus came, left and came again as the son of mankind. Jesus left in the cloud (of witnesses) in flesh and returns in the flesh. [Acts 1:10, 11]   Two men (flesh and spirit) announced His return to men standing by. He will come in the same manner. Out of clouds you will see him (veiled) in a flesh body… to eyes that do not see beyond the veil… the Son of God, bearing witness in the elect. [1 Jn:4-2]  Every spirit that will confess Jesus Christ having arrived in the flesh is of God. Spirits who do not confess this, are not of God. 


John, knowing Jesus had left in the clouds, now testifies to his having come in the flesh again. He knew the Christ had come to him. “We are of God,” he said. [Jn 20:6]  Jesus breathed on his disciples and said – “receive the holy spirit.” As I am sent, so I send you. Adam was breathed upon by God; and he became a living soul. Adam was a figure of one (man) to come… the son of man. This breath of Jesus brought to man a new soul… a preparation through release of sin guilt - that they might bring this to others. Jesus said the son of man can, on earth, forgive sins. This brought a new sense of soul - that they might follow on to fulfillment of Pentecost and Tabernacles… to be the temple of the living God. The advent of Jesus, the Christ (anointed one) is the spirit of the son in the believer... the son of man.  Those that look, in hope, for some grand, new manifestation of a son company that will change this world; will never see that hope fulfilled. They will go to the grave in unfulfilled hope. For fulfillment comes in separation - not changing this evil world. Let us rejoice with our Lord in having overcome and also been delivered from this present evil world system. Gehenna remains a spiritual fire of eternal judgment on lies, ignorance, imaginations, and the flesh mind’s reason. He that hears the words of the son of man will have life. Having heard, we now have life.







COMING [Lloyd Ellefson] 12-3-03         1

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