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There is a verse in Hebrews that says Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith. We know that God drew us to Himself. He authored the birth of His seed within us. We had nothing to do with it. Anyone who thinks they had anything to do with his salvation and it was their goodness that brought them to God is a person most deceived. If you didn't bring yourself to God, if you had nothing to do with your redemption and your acceptability before God, then why do you think that you have to take Adam and perfect him? If God truly is the finisher of our faith, as the Word says, then when Adam rises up we simply realize that that is an opportunity for me to forgive myself. We should all walk in forgiveness. You must learn to forgive yourself when the flesh rises up.


How could I not be conscious of my sin? When I begin to walk in these truths that I am telling you tonight, not only did I lose a sin-consciousness, but I gained a life of peace. That's why I say, in reality, folks, there is only one reality. Seemingly there are two. But there is only one, and the reality; the truth of the matter is sin is no more. It was dealt with.


Because we haven't been living out of the right consciousness and we haven't been focusing on Christ, to us our carnality is very real. A lot of people say there is no sickness; there is no death. In Christ this is true. There is a lot of suffering in this world. There is a lot of pain in this world. How can we deny that? Yet, there will come a day when everyone of us will experience that death is no more. Sin is no more. Sickness is no more. Christ will come forth in us in all of His glory and then we will experience these things in their fullness.


If we are waiting for this like a fairy tale, that someday this is going to happen, we are missing the joyous journey of walking into it. If you are not walking into it, you will miss it until you do walk into it. We are so close today, and I am sure we all feel this, to see a group of people rise up on this earth that will absolutely bring the dominion and the kingdom of God onto the earth


Some of you have probably heard me share before how that the traditional Christian mindset is that someday Jesus is going to come back and we're going to rule and reign with Him. Are we? Not if He hasn't been ruling and reigning in us right now. The only way that we can bring the kingdom of God to earth is to recognize everything that should not be in His kingdom and make sure it isn't in us. If each one of us will do that individually, without making it a performance, we will succeed in bringing the kingdom to our earth.


If we soak ourselves in the presence of God and meditate in these truths we will begin to walk in the reality and freedom of not having the bondages of sin in the flesh. It is so wonderful. Nobody really knows except one who has been in the throws and bondages of the flesh how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and to know that once again Christ is going to flow from your being. You don't have to worry about the pull of the flesh and make all of the resolutions and false promises to yourself. You just know that God is able to do that in you that He has promised to do.


 Paul says that this is so be renewed in the spirit of your mind. "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but He humbled Himself." Phil. 2:5 A lot of people like that phrase "equal with God" but they forget about the humbling of themselves. Jesus said, "He that will be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all." Mark 10:44


A lot of people want to preach the Word today. A lot of people want to get in pulpits. A lot of people want to do a lot of things. But when Christ really gets a hold of you, and you begin to understand who God has really made you to be, then you will become...not out of performance...but out of character one who serves. You will find it very easy to prefer others before yourself. It's your nature.




There is no performance whatsoever in the true Christian walk. It is not "I want to do this, but I'm not going to because I know a Christian shouldn't do that.” You see, when you are walking in the nature of your Father, you don't want to do those things that are displeasing to the Father. It becomes your nature and God's life just flows from your being. His life must grow in us and then we do by nature what pleases Him. 


It's not a religion. It really isn't. It has absolutely nothing to do with being based upon how well you perform for God. It has everything to do with you understanding the simple truths of Calvary. Behold, the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world.


I spent years going before God every day confessing my sin, and I knew, every day, when I was confessing my sins, that I would do them again tomorrow. for the most part I had some habits that had me for years, and I knew every day as I was confessing them I would most likely do them again. But I didn't know what else to do. I would continually confess my sin to the Lord and I'll never forget there was a day when the Lord spoke on the inside of me and said not to continually come before Him confessing my sin that He had already taken away.


Don’t keep focusing on your sin. You keep turning your eyes and your focus upon what He's done for you, and learn to have a heartfelt attitude of thankfulness, that no matter how bad you are in your daily life, that you can receive the wonderful forgiveness of your Creator. There will come a day when every bondage of your life will fall at your feet. Not because you have tried so hard from self-effort, but because you have received the revelation that you are forgiven.  You have finally recognized the wonderful sacrifice of Jesus who has shown you the way to the Father.


God has many, many different ways and methods to bring you into perfection. It is not a matter of saying, "Wow, there's no more sin and everything is wonderful, so I can just go ahead and live the way I want." NO. It is as you seek God that when you do get into error, when your flesh does rise up, God simply brings to you correction.


Heb 12:9-10 says “Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.”


Our Father is the Father of spirits. He is the Father that has regenerated and put within you His life. Everything He does to you is for your good. No matter how severe a judgment, no matter how severe a correction, when you get a revelation and an understanding of the Father-heart of God you will begin to pray in your daily life, "Lord, judge me. Lord, bring me your judgment. Lord, I don't want to be a wayward child."


There were many times when I would go out in the desert and I would say, "God, no matter what it takes, whatever you have to do, I give you permission to go against my will." I had a strong, stubborn will that liked to do many things that I shouldn't do. I said, "God, whatever it takes, transform me into a son of God.” If you never receive correction you will always be a wayward child. The key here is not that you can just do anything you want to do, but that you focus everything within you on receiving that which God has provided for you --- walking in an instant, up-to-date awareness of the forgiveness and loveliness of your Father God. Thank Him that He is daily transforming you into what He wants for you to be.




So many of us look at the future thinking I can never be like God wants me to be. Or we look at the past seeing all of our failures and thinking we will never change, yet right now, this very moment, there is no other time but right now to turn to Him and experience His forgiveness. Right now, this very instant, you can be the most despicable, the most sin-laden, the most bondage-ridden person in the universe, but in this very instant you can say, "Father, I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus. I know that my carnal nature is so strong. I know that there are bondages in my life, but I am so grateful that as my Father you will continue to love and forgive me until my inner man is strengthened and is able to deliver me from the bondages of the flesh, I know that in my carnality I will never amount to anything. But, Lord, I am so thankful that I see the preciousness of your sacrifice on the cross. God, I know that because of that I am set free from the guilt and the shame."


There were times when I would do horrible things in my carnality, in my habitual nature. Yet, I would experience such forgiveness. At times God would just flood me with His love when I was sometimes at my worst because I understood that that's why He died. He wasn't condemning me. He was simply causing the Spirit of His life within me to grow. That doesn't happen overnight. We don't receive Jesus today and them be fully manifesting His glory tomorrow, but you can be manifesting a little some of it.


Oh God is so gracious.  God's people are under more bondage today than they have ever been before, yet they are in bondage to a carnal consciousness, to a mindset that they are carnal rather than realizing that they are a brand new creation in Christ. If you will simply quit looking at your carnality and not focus on it but focus on Christ and realize that what you focus on, what you receive, what you take into you, you will become. That's a guarantee.


You feed on the preciousness of His Word. You feed on the preciousness of the sacrifice that He made. You focus on watering the seed of Christ. My wife, Carol, and tell you that when we were married I had over 800 teaching tapes.


I was taught that if you fill yourself with spiritual things that that would cause you one day to be free. If you feed on Christ you would be released from the bondages of carnal living. I spent all of my time feeding, listening, spending time seeking Him, sitting in the quiet, sometimes getting out my songbook and spending an hour just singing.  Just a little, slowly at first, I began to notice a change. When I really got a hold of some of these simple truths which began with a man by the name of E.W. Kenyon, he began to share in some of his writings some of these simple truths and God opened my understanding to realize that hey, this person, this carnal person I am, seems so real but it is really not.


The reality is what Christ has made you to be through the sacrifice of Calvary --- the breathing of His Spirit. I used to say, "Lord, breathe on me." Then I realized that the Spirit of God is like the air that we breathe, its everywhere. There is nowhere that God is not. The Spirit is like the very air that we breathe. We breathe unconsciously now but you can consciously center on your breathing. You need to consciously center on breathing in the Spirit of God in your daily life.


"Father, I am so thankful that you are like the very breath that I breathe. Lord, in my daily life I just turn my attention and focus on you. God, breathe on me. Breathe your quickening life into me." Begin to focus everything on that and watch how quickly the bondages of Adam fall away. The gospel is so simple that we miss it. We think only if we could do a little bit better God would accept us.


One of my biggest hang-ups, I thought, was smoking. I smoked for 13 years as a Christian. I used to think that if I could just stop smoking I could really be a good Christian. I used to really believe that. Even before I stopped smoking I realized that even if I stopped smoking, it would be good for me, it would be good for my health, it might make me a little better person, but it wouldn't make me anymore godly. May we all continue to feed on spiritual food until we stand on the earth as ONE NEW MAN.




Let God arise and His enemies will be scattered." As God begins to arise in us every one of our enemies will begin to scatter. When the spirit began to rise in me smoking was NOTHING. After 13 years of agonizing over that habit, there came a day when God spoke these truths to me and my deliverance began. I woke up one morning and I had the realization that I didn't need to smoke anymore. At that time I didn't throw my cigarettes away...I left them right on my dresser...and I never touched them again, nor did I have a desire.


Then I experienced one by one the different strongholds in my life being broken and it wasn't was simply knowing that I am not a carnal man...I am a new creation man. We can say as surely as the apostle Paul said, "For me to live in Christ." Did he not say that? What was he saying? Paul said, "For me to live is Christ." That means once again that Christ is living and manifesting the Spirit of the Living God in humanity. Paul was even so bold to say, "Follow me as I follow Christ."


There are not too many men today that you would want to follow. But God is raising up a people today who are going to say, "If you follow me you will be following Christ." We are beginning to understand what God has really given to us and beginning to walk in the liberty and the abundance of His provision. There is more freedom in Christ than we ever imagined.


"Father, we are so grateful that you have deposited everything that you are within our being. Lord, I thank you that these are the days when the veil that's been cast over all nations shall be removed. We shall understand such as we have never understood before that we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Father, we are thankful that you're bringing this truth and this revelation to your people who are in such bondage, that they may stand upon their feet, a great and mighty army, and that they will recover and restore all of creation back to the Father."


We are in such a mighty, mighty, mighty awakening of God on the earth. We are so thankful for that.

































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