JULY 28, 1999

COMMUNION:  the act of sharing; a having in common; sharing; participation:  “partners had a communion of interests”; the condition of things held in common with others; community; union.  Exchange of thoughts and feelings; intimate talk; fellowship.  A group of people having the same religious beliefs.

COMMUNION:  [capitalized in World Book Dictionary] the act of sharing in the lord’s supper as part of church worship; holy communion; eucharist.  The elements of the eucharist.  An antiphon said or sung during the communion service

Twice in recent times the Lord has dealt with me concerning communion.  The first time he said: “partaking of communion in a group is like intercourse.  You become one with all of the participants.”

This really got my attention. But only this past week did he deal with me directly in the midst of a communion service among close friends.  One of the small group had felt strongly that we all needed to partake of communion together.  She asked the rest of the group if they were in agreement.  No one had direction to do that, but yielded to her leading.  I was growing more uncomfortable all the while.  I continued to pray as the emblems were being prepared.  But, it was not until I was asked to pray over the wine, that these words came forth:  “I am deferring to my sister because I am a peacemaker, but the Lord is just saying to me that this was a ‘remembrance’ to be celebrated


As I heard these words, I was filled with an even deeper awareness that He has surely come… He has come in me… He is manifesting in me today… reaching out to those around me and sharing his love and concern for a hurting people… bringing peace in the midst of storms, healing in the midst of affliction, life in the midst of death.

As this message exploded within my spirit, I cried out to the Lord for some kind of additional confirmation… more understanding that I might be able to share the message with others.  Only days later this same week we were led to join with others in a church service in another state where the pastor had been given this revelation several years ago.  Instead of celebrating communion anymore in their church, they celebrate “the wedding feast.”  They do serve bread and wine, but also fruit, cheese, and other delicacies.  It is a wonderful celebration of Christ appearing in his sons.











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