JULY 1, 2000


More and more information is coming into my hands to give me natural, scientific explanations for some of the things god is speaking to me concerning the change we are about to experience:

“This mortal shall put on immortality”

For so long, I have felt I was one of those that would never experience physical death – that I would somehow be changed – “in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye.”  I believe it is nearing the time for complete manifestation of the sons of God – the event all of creation is crying out for. 

Below is some information recently presented to me for consideration, along with ideas god has impressed upon me concerning these facts:

c – arbon

h – ydrogen4 component parts of all living things

o – xygen

n – itrogen= substance

For a long time, on many occasions, I have had a vision of four strong legs holding up a structure.  At some point, I realized I was seeing the “foundation of all things.”  On our 4th wedding anniversary, God gave me a poem, “POWER OF FOUR”, that cleared up some muddy water on this subject, but I somehow knew there was more to come.  Then recently a person knowledgeable in the sciences shared the above simple information about the 4 components and things inside of me fell in place concerning this vision I had, plus the importance of four.  My friend went on to explain that:

The atomic configuration of these elements are such that they are:

Bonded together in single, double, or triple bonds

107 known elements.  Atomic number is number of protons and neutrons in each atom of each element

Energy is required to break these bonds apart.  When they are separated, a new substance is created. 

My friend explained that in the flesh body, energy is produced by a combination of Oxygen + food = energy.   And suggested that in the spirit realm, energy is produced by a combination of love + the word [written or revelation] = energy

Oxygen + food = energy in the physical realm

Love + the word [written or revelation] = energy in the spirit realm     [the living word – rhema]

Removing any one of the above 4 components of all living things, leaves you with less than substance = back to an invisible state – not substance as we know and see it. 

Is this immortality?  Invisible?  Able to walk through walls? Jesus was not invisible and he is our only pattern.   What is the timing of this change?  We know that kronos is the counterfiet of kairos.      

Kronos = flesh             kairos = spirit

My friend suggested possible explanations for these bonds:

Single bonds:  church folks joined to god, but out of fear – empowered by wrong substance.  [Outer Court Of Tabernacle]

Double bonds:  church folks in relationship to God – filled w/Holy Spirit… still a mixture in Pentecost – shaking and jerking are probably manifestations of the war going on between the flesh & the spirit.  [Holy Place Of Tabernacle]

Triple bonds:  folks with an intimate relationship with their creator, face-to-face with God [peniel]:  marriage of soul and spirit, consummation of love relationship:  thru the veil into the   Holy of Holies:  seated on the Mercy Seat with God between the angels:  the living sacrifice, fullness of God’s love is the energizing source to transform mortal to immortal.

As I was typing the above information, the thought came to me: 

What is the consummation or glory [manifested presence of God]?: 

c – christ by his holy spirit

h – hovering

o – overshadowing our

n – natural,  physical body

Adam and Eve were clothed in this total consummation with, or Glory of God.   They didn’t need natural clothes because they walked totally in the Spirit of God.  Their eyes were not on flesh.  They lived, moved, and had their being, totally led by the spirit of God.   They worshipped God in spirit and in truth.   Is this the position that Elijah and Enoch walked in before they were taken back into or with God? 

In the case of Adam and Eve, rebellion opened the door to flesh taking control.   The Holy Spirit will not settle for only partial control, thus they became creatures of flesh – not creatures of spirit.  Consequently, the perfect will of the Father for their lives, was perverted and the consequence of their rebellious action was living the rest of their lives separated from god.  [ghenna = hell]   hell, as taught by many of the organized churches, is not in keeping with the heart of the God that I know and love.  

Even though one of my sons, Mark or David, might be spitting venom at me, and might even set my physical body on fire, I could never wish for him to be sent to a place such as many churches describe hell to be.   Mark and David will always be my sons and I will always love them and want the best for them.  I believe heaven and hell, as spoken of in the bible, are manifestations of being present with God or being absent from God.  I believe they are states of our mind as we are either in obedience to God or in rebellion against God. 

God says:  “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”  We are set free from the law now, because Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law.  We are not under that evil taskmaster anymore.  The purpose of the law was to bring us to Christ.   Jesus said ”I come to bring you one new commandment:  “love one another.”  We just have to live with one simple commandment:  love our brother, our neighbor, whoever is nearest to us at the moment.  That doesn’t mean we have to fulfill their expectations of us, be concerned about their opinion of us, bow down to their idols or be subject to their demands.  It just means we have to love them.  And many times, tough love is what God wants us to project to them for the benefit of growth in their lives.

As a parent, you can’t give in to all of the demands of your own children.  If you do, you’re gonna have spoiled brats, but discipline is as necessary as unconditional love, in order for them to grow up balanced, learning to exhibit self control, meekness, gentleness, kindness, and all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit. 

Many times “no” is the most valuable word in your vocabulary.   We are all being healed of emotional damages from the past and God is teaching us more about when to say “yeah” and when to say “nay”.   Balance is coming as emotional healing manifests.

“when this mortal shall put on immortality”….

Immortality:  “exemption from every kind of death” death annulled, immuned to death, freedom from death – I Cor. 15:39, I Tim 6:16 [amplified]

Incorruptible:  I Tim 1:17 [amplified]

Imperishable:  “free from decay”

Invisible:  II Tim 1:10 [amplified]

All flesh is not the same… One kind for heavenly bodies… one kind of earthly bodies… body sown perishable… sown in dishonor… resurrected in honor… imperishable… free from decay. 

Sin is the sting of death.  Sin exercises its power on the soul through the abuse of the law. 

Salvation is complete with the marriage of the soul and the spirit.  It is here that the headship is essential.  The spirit [masculine] must be ruler over the soul [feminine].  With this understanding, many of the confusions about what Paul had to say concerning male/female will clear up. 

My husband said that even in the flesh, if the male is too lazy to think, then many times the female has to be his brain.   She has to show him the way and he must be teachable to receive the instruction.  Everyone being totally led by the Spirit of God is a total manifestation of Divine Order.             






























COMPONENTS OF LIFE AND IMMORTALITY [Sunny Orly Coffman] 7-1-00          1


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