Concerning The Free Gift of Salvation


FEBRUARY 11, 2006

The Great Eagle swept down and picked up humanity, and away He went above all principalities, powers, formulas, ideas, tradition, inspired writings, and processes. It became death or the end to all that had gone before; all religion, history, and all that we thought we were, and became Life in He Who Has always Been and He Who Still Is Today. (“Behold, I Make all Things New.”)

This Is Resurrection, Salvation In Its Fullness. It Is Eternity suddenly Come, That Which Is Perfect. So Great Is This Salvation, Pure and Holy, Father honoring The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son, now suddenly Having Appeared the second time in a cloud of witnesses. visible in the faces of pure Light. Herein Is Love Made Perfect, That Which Is Perfect, The Grace So All Encompassing that no man appears as a fallen being. He Is The Answer, The Door of Everything, Come In Quickened Divine Flesh, A Second Time Appearing, Come Suddenly, without sin of separation, Come As Himself, The New Creature, The New Creation, The One New Man. (Bone of His Bone, Flesh of His Flesh.)

He Is This Life, This Faith made perfect in trust, This Salvation, This Righteousness, This Love, This Consciousness fulfilled, that we may know Who We Are. This Free Gift, This Consciousness, freely given, is bestowed upon this little child, Whom We now recognize Is The Son; The Body We Are In Father Within, The Very Kingdom of God. This Is The Son We Are, The Born Again Us, Dwelling In The Great Eagle, The King of Glory. We Are now nestled in The Right Hand of All Power and Dominion, patiently observing The Pureness of Father’s Greatness, and the unfolding of His Constant Love. We see Him awakening each man in order, to know the Truth and vastness of Salvation.

We cannot shrink, or be afraid, for Perfection has opened wide Her Doors. We Being Made Gold Inside and Out. have received a New Name, and The Manifestation of The King’s New Life Is Apparent.

It is appointed to man once to die, and then to awaken to The Great Free Gift That Has Occupied The Whole of Creation, and made all things New. This is the result of the final sacrifice that was made; creation made new at Calvary. Now it is given for us to know Who We Are, and to recognize the depth of This Great Free Salvation. Like the wonderful sunlight of a clear day, we see The Bright and Shining New Creation Who Bears The Name of Jesus.

I need not refer to historical events necessarily, or the preparations of men to see The Glory of This Everlasting Day. It Is Suddenly Upon Us, and it is given for every eye to be quickened to behold and be held. We are born anew, Heirs of Righteousness, (Who is able to describe So Great a Righteousness?) , Kept Jewels of Salvation, Heirs of The Cross In Resurrection Life.

We have within us, no plan of our own, now observing The Great Appearing of Father In Earth. Father Is Our Plan. His Arm Is Not Shortened; Face Not Hidden. His Presence Is Not Limited. Peace and Joy and Righteousness Are Now Come In His Name, for You and I have been buried and have risen In Him to dwell As The Kingdom of God Not Made With Hands; Heaven In The New Earth.

As Father causes us to touch A One, or A Thing, It Be His Will; and bids us always His Will. He answers! Therefore, Yielded unto His Perfection, We continuously lift up His Presence, His Faith, His Hand and His Life. (His Life Being The Only and All Life).

Within His Presence Is The Fullness of Joy, Peace and Salvation. We do not look for signs of the future or a map of direction; fully aware that He Is Our Future and Our Direction. We see Eyes of Mercy and Satisfaction, knowing He Is Our Treasure Now Come In Visibility.

We have discovered that nothing belongs to Caesar because all things belong to Father, and It Is Called The Kingdom of God. He Has melted us into His Appearance.

Like a glistening pool of serenity, we enjoy The Fullness of Grace, knowing the Great Perfection Is Come, and that which is in part is done away. We go forth, The Perfume of His Glory.


A mixture of faith and lack of understanding brought David to hate his enemies, and brought Elijah to send a bear to eat the little children. In both cases and many other cases, the in part limited understanding, and faith of men misused their inner Divinity. However, the least of these caught up into the Kingdom is greater than all the prophets of old. When humanity passed through the Cross and was caught away in The Great Eagle of Salvation, we were lifted from separation and taken to the City of God not built with hands, the in part was dispelled. Now we see only Father, and dwell as Salvation Come Again To The City. We discovered the meaning of “The Single Eye”, and of “The One Whose Right It Is To Be.”

And so, we remember again. Salvation was freely given to mankind by the final Great Sacrifice of Jesus. Our “Freedom Indeed”, our “Perfection” was paid when we died with Him, and were resurrected as Him. (Free from sin sorrow and pain.) We were buried and arose again.

It’s no wonder that Just before He went to the Cross, He said, “Ye must be born again,” for He knew He was to Be Our New “Born Again” Man. Remember, He also said, “Be Ye Perfect, even As Your Father In Heaven Is Perfect.” And He said, ”If I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me.” (The perfect promise.) and, He said, “Where I Am, Ye may Be also.”

In addition, He said, “There Is None Good But The Father,” denying any earthly good of His Own. (Knowing clearly of Perfection). In resurrection, we find ourselves to be a brand new man with an honorable testimony, “I Am Come To Do The Will of The Perfect One Whose Life I Am.” My Word Is My Life and My Word Is, “I Am Come.”

Salvation’s Great Hand Is Come to do Thy Will Only, Oh Father. Reasoning, or man’s planning is not involved. Salvation has a way that we know not of, The Perfect Way. “Not by might”, or hammer and nail, “but by My Spirit.” The Comfortable and Loving Way Is Come. It Is far beyond anything we might imagine, ask or even pray. It Is Mercy and Grace without measure. It Is The Love We would expect from The Risen, All Conquering God. It Is The End of Confusion and separation. In His Presence, all things are new, for He Is The Ever Living Now.

One might therefore ask, Why are we going through this earthly experience? The answer is here very simply: That we may cease from our own (little-self) knowing, and turn to His Honor; that we might Know Him, The One Who Is Life, Who Is All In All, and Is The Receiver of All Glory ; The One Who Is Our Righteous Presence. We now clearly know, “It Is not I, but Christ,” manifested as Jesus The Free Gift, The New Creation. We are not here to be changed, but here to know The Lord Jesus Christ in Fullness, Who needs never change, and Is Complete.

In turning, we behold The Father Within, Who Is Governor of all creation. We are awestruck at His Love and Beauty daily uncovered within. We bow to Perfection as The Freely Gifted Son, spending this moment, this day in Heavens Peace.


Our Precious Love To Each and Every One Now Made His Righteousness. There is neither bond nor free nor Jew nor Greek in This Righteousness, for all are One New Man. No man has any input in this. It is FREE.


CONCERNING THE FREE GIFT OF SALVATION [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-11-06          1


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