WHEN DIFFERENCES arise between saints, what is to be our attitude toward them? In practically every case it is easy to take the judge’s seat and condemn one party and acquit the other, and the less real evidence we have the better. Had we all the evidence, we would probably divide the condemnation. But are we capable of judging? Or are we authorized to do so? Is not that the special prerogative of our Lord? And He will not merely condemn but set right. Our place is quite the opposite. We are to accept wrong done to ourselves and to conciliate those who are against us, and to reconcile others who are at enmity. That is God’s attitude today, and it should be ours.

We all are inclined to take sides and further the offense, rather than to keep clear of disputes which do not concern us, if we have not the grace to imitate God in His present operations. (Eph.5:1, 2) We want to walk in righteousness rather than in love. We delight to condemn rather than to reconcile. Alas, even if we are quite right, we are wrong in the way in which we usurp the exclusive prerogative of Christ. It is not ours to judge. (Rom.14:4) He is the One Who condemns! God is the One Who takes vengeance! O, that the knowledge of God’s unspeakable grace would bear fruit among us, and soften our hearts, and lead us to conciliate rather than to condemn!

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