MAY 10, 2006 – 8:30 – 9:00 AM

ESTABLISHED: set into place – dependent upon no other human to complete the Purpose and Plan of God in your life!

This time of separation [Roger in Oklahoma, me in Texas] is to confirm our own individual callings – not to exclude our call together as a team!  In our time of being spiritually “grown up together,” it is also very important for a line – a parameter – to be drawn around each of us for us to focus on ourselves, individually, and to be strengthened within ourselves, as ourselves – to see even more clearly those ingredients that particularly make up each of us, separately, as individuals.

It seems paramount to the success of the whole – that we become even more aware of the individual parts:  personality, gifts, motivations, characteristics, preferences, goals – within each other and to learn to honor those – not as something to compete against, but to recognize them as another part of ourselves.  It is important to see ourselves as two people in covenant together, fitly joined by the Creator for His holy purposes.

Let us never forget that what we are and possess within yourselves, also belongs to the other – is made available to the other, for our mutual benefit and, ultimately, for the benefit of the Kingdom of God, as a whole.  And, certainly, all that I possess within myself also belongs to Roger – resources to be drawn upon to assist with the fulfillment of our own goals, as given by Father, and for the great goals that encompass the entire Kingdom of God.

While we each have distinctive gifts and callings, God will not put us in conflict or competition with one another, but will continue to encourage mutual cooperation that Kingdom goals may be brought into manifestation through us, individually, and through us in cooperation with others within the Body of Christ.

We were never meant to be identical twins in thoughts, words, or deeds.  Just as a snowflake is unique, so do we each possess a different set of tools to be used in bringing forth common goals.

Our individual total commitment to God and to each other – is the 3-way POWER – the TRIPLE CORD of UNITY that cannot be broken.  We are elevated and EMPOWERED by HIM as we move into TOTAL AGREEMENT with his PLAN and PURPOSE in every area of our lives.

There is a PARAMETER to be drawn around this HOLY UNION that does not invite others into this SANCTUARY – this HOLY of HOLIES.  Others may join us in the OUTER COURT, around the altar of sacrifice and a few may commune with us in the HOLY PLACE, lighted only by the GOLDEN LAMPSTAND and scented by the ALTAR of INCENSE, but NO ONE ELSE enters the MOST HOLY PLACE with GOD but us, CALLED TOGETHER in ONENESS – TOTAL UNITY – DIVINE ORDER – ESTABLISHED by HIM.






CONFIRMATIONS of ONENESS – ESTABLISHMENT [Sunny Orly Coffman] 5-10-06          1


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