As we look into our Spiritual growth and development through the eyes of understanding and with God given wisdom, we may be awakened to some facts of reality and earth shattering truths. We have come a long way – BUT – we are not yet perfected. “HE” alone has immortality – “HE” alone is perfected and sits at the right hand of the Father. He has governmental rule and reign. As Lord and Christ of our lives He does as He wills severally in ALL parts of this wondrous body of Christ. ALL Glory is His, ALL Praise is given unto Him, and as we lose ourselves in His life we appear with Him. Glory to God.

Voices of confusion ring out in the land today and we witness divisions even among the quote – unquote Kingdom saints. Why? Let me relate a bit of past and present experiences which some think to be the ultimate in ministry and they therefore no longer feel a need to “share” themselves nor do they “care” about the growth of our brethren. Twenty some odd years ago we were experiencing so called out-of-the-body experiences. In the night-time we would be taken to other states, sometimes countries, or to people that we knew and give the word of the Lord to them. We would awaken to our own consciousness very tired in the physical but rejoicing in our spirits for we knew the three fold life existed in mortal flesh and was in operation as He willed, however divided our bodies were.

We would receive calls, and still do, from various people in different states letting us know that we were there and what we had ministered to them. Some gained healing, some revelation of the Kingdom, some were chastised and rejoiced because they knew that God had come with instructions which would set their house in order. Some spoke and still speak of us singing LIFE songs into them. They saw us clearly and heard every word distinctly. About a year and a half ago a brother in Kentucky was hospitalized with a tumor in the lung. Bob appeared to him by the Spirit in the hospital and sang a song God had given him called Healing Wings. The brother saw him clearly and heard him singing these words, “Healing Wings give us your flight, Son of righteousness arise, from our earth shine forth your light, change our minds from thoughts of death into pure Life!”. He was healed miraculously and has testified of this visitation in our meetings. Some have told of me standing at the foot of their bed and instructing them in spoken word and with scriptural teaching. Several saw Bob and me for the first time in this manner before actually coming face to face with us. We thank God for these experiences. Is this the ultimate? NO and a thousand times NO!

We have in times past ministered from house to house breaking bread one on one, teaching them of the coming of the Lord in His saints, of salvation for all, of the cleansing that is now in process, and of a nature change. We were willing to give fully of ourselves to the few as well as being willing to go when we were sent to the many. These particulars have never mattered to us, 1. numbers, 2. recognition, 3. competition of ranks. We have been enlightened to this fact: The DAY is at hand; the NIGHT is far spent. The nights that we have ministered all night to many and never left our home were just as important as the days in which we stood face to face with the gathered congregations. The Day is breaking and another call is going out to the many first fruits who yet must hear the truth of LIFE and RECONCILIATION.

So, just as we rejoiced in much of our own growth and development, we now feel the urgency and responsibility to blow the trump and awaken His elect as their spiritual clock alarms and we rejoice with them as they grow. We cry with them as they are stripped of old doctrines and grave clothes. We stand with them as they begin this new walk and we point them to the graduation class along with the rest of us who were awakened early in the day and now carry a commission with a charge to make our calling and election sure. Glory to God! Do we sacrifice? Yes. We give up the comforts of home life often, and gladly so I might add. We live day by day financially with no certain area of support but the Father. We make available a ministry that will feed the multitudes who are in the valley of decision. We do not tear down churches but we work to convert them into the DAY. It is possible many of you have a need to gather with those of like faith and understanding and to have spiritual fellowship. Without spiritual in-put we may become stale and stunted in growth and even be unaware that there is more to come. We do not yet know what we will be like but we know that as HE appears (and HE is appearing daily) that we shall be like Him. We are in preparation for the greatest appearing ever beheld by any generation.

What will help us in this hour of change? Listening to tapes will only quicken your mind to truth of The Word, and by the way, we love the written word of God. It alone will not change you, but through the hearing of the word of God it will instill within us a desire to know Him who is our life. Videos will allow the same life and anointing that flowed in the services to be in our midst at home. This flow of Life can bring about a quickening and encourage us to keep pressing toward the mark. Conferences will bring about change in those with an open heart to hear and receive, who come not seeking to be heard but seeking to hear the Father from whomever He chooses. These precious ones are on alert to be raised up instantly in season as the Father has need of them. A timely word in season brings about a change in all who have ears to hear. All of these manifestations are helpful to our spiritual growth. However, they are still not the ultimate expression, for confusion can still enter into these avenues of ministry. It must be His life, His voice, His wisdom, His purpose, void of mixture and carnal intent.

My thoughts are directed primarily to this day of beneficial conferences and it is to this designated outreach that I now say, “The day of confusion must end!”. The voice we hear must be ONE Voice speaking out of MANY. No one can fool another vessel with the pretense of producing LIFE when it is not there. BUT – when HE speaks it brings release, relief, instructions, chastisements, righteous judgments, and preparation for things ahead. His life will bring unification to those who are chosen to break the covenant of death from off the face of a people. It will set free a generation who now stand and are looking for Him to appear out of us. The confusion’s have begun to depart as they are being revealed today.

Looking into the word of God, we read in the 14th chapter of 1st Corinthians the words so beautifully expressed on how our behavior should have a certain order when worshipping as a body. Verse 33 says, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” The Greek word for confusion in this verse is translated (commotion-tumult-instability-disorder-inconstant-unstable). The more mature sons translate this chapter by spirit and not letter and acknowledge that our woman (soul) will not be permitted to speak but must ask of our husband (Christ) at home (within our temple) Those that are mature will cause no commotion (agitation) nor be inconstant (fickle) nor will cause disorder amongst the saints. They recognize that the great gifts we have been given, the experiences we have enjoyed, the awesomeness of ministering by the spirit in night visitations, etc., were still a part realm.

In I Thessalonians 5:23 we read, “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The greater that is ahead is this coming for which we are in great preparation. This whole man shall stand in three fold harmony speaking with no guile and reaching those who are in our presence as well as those who are in divers places geographically. Those on this side of the river and those on that side. I’m beholding a ministry who go beyond the veil and bring to the earth realm ALL that HE is. Glory to God. No CONFUSION in the midst of them. Beloved read again the 3rd chapter of James. Verse 16 says, “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” The word evil here means (foul or flawed) The dictionary tells us that foul is offensive to the senses, unpleasant, and disagreeable. It says that flawed means an imperfection, a blemish or defect. Dear Lord Jesus help the many-membered body of first fruits to be stable, in order, constant (steadfast in purpose, loyalty and affection, faithful). Grant Oh Lord that we not be offensive nor disagreeable in this final count down of God’s scheduled maturing process.

Psalm 71:1 “In thee, Oh Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.” The word confusion here is really something. It translates, (to be ashamed – to be disappointed – delayed – confounded – and become dry). My oh my! Confusion will bring dryness and above all else we need HIS LIFE flowing through our veins and articulating through our voices. It is such an encouragement to us to witness ministries who go in behind the veil and bring a portion and substance to a brother or sister who is desperately endeavoring to achieve a new realm of understanding, who have heard a sound and wait in earnest expectation for resurrection life to be made available to them through this man-child company. Oh that we never become puffed up with great knowledge, nor disallow another to flow into truth and light. May we all together acknowledge Christ as head of all, tear down all carnal conceptions of who and what we are.

May we present ourselves, blameless, to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He readies a great new appearing to be seen and witnessed. May we stand a whole man made perfect in due season, enabling all who seek Him to behold Him where and as He really is. The sons must awaken to The Day and be made aware that the Fatherhood realm is on the scene and all confusion is being cast down.

The greater than gifts has come – the Gift Giver. Yes, we have come a long way beloved. We have traveled in spirit life. We have spoken words of release to many and now we long for this union of spirit, body and soul. We look without reservation for the next step of growth and development which will require our very life. We continue to fellowship one with another as we are allowed and we utilize all that has been given to us for the Kingdom’s sake and for His people, until the completion of His purpose is done in all. In closing let me share a song that the Lord gave to me years ago.

We’ll sing dance and tell the world of His life

Until Zion sees eye to eye;

We shall restore – love creation more

And show them they don’t have to die;

We all shall ascend and while living in Him

We are changed till with man it is well;

Redeemed we do sing and we dance for the King’

Till there is not one man in hell.

We attempt to release every person to flow where they are called and we only pray that they in turn release all others to function in their calling. May all confusion and causes of such be swallowed up in the life of Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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CONFUSIONS OF THE DAY [Charlotte A. Torango]          1


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