Are you ready to Connect to Your Supernatural Healing? Find out how!

I define Supernatural Healing plainly and simply as healing for which there is no physical explanation …by doctor or patient.

I make no claims of being a ‘healer.’ One of my favorite examples of a facilitator of Supernatural Healing was the French physician, Emille Cou’e, who taught people a simple method of self-healing. ‘I don’t heal anyone,’ he said, ‘I merely teach them how to access the healing power within all of us.’ Dr. Cou’e did this with hundreds of his patients at his free clinic in France.

There are four preparatory ingredients to being ‘Supernaturally’ healed (SH).

1. Believing in the possibility of SH.

The Dawn Comes, Every Time.

2. Intense desire for SH.

3. Persistent pursuit of SH.

4. Expecting that SH will take place.

In my own experiences I learned there is often a block to healing which must be removed before SH can take place. The block may be conscious, sub-conscious or spiritual conflicts.

Any failures I have experienced are always a result of the involvement of money, dependence upon method or competing egos, no matter how minor the focus on these may have been.

In the absence of these and any agenda, other than SH for the subject person SH took place simply and almost perfunctorily once the conflicting blocks were removed.

In my experience, again, a prerequisite step to SH starts with any medical or religious authority-figure, such as a physician or pastor (or actually anyone tending to want to control the situation), relinquishing control and either becoming a mutual (and equal) participant in the process, or was physically removed from the equation. There can be no vying for control. Such manifestations of the ego are a horrendous obstacle to SH. Anyone’s ego, however manifested, will interfere with the process.

For me, a give and take, informal interview is an effective step to getting underway. I have found that merely asking, ‘why are we here?’ often gets things quickly started and everyone on an equal footing in an atmosphere of mutual trust and expectancy.

If any of this seems impossible or beyond your comprehension, start by reading my book: Leapfrog it’s free and will give you a good start on getting to the source of your healing. In Freedom,


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