JANUARY 24, 2009

We have arrived at a pivotal point in the history of humanity and also in our individual lives.   With this article I come to challenge you who have chosen to enter the Mystic’s journey to re-evaluate where your heart is and where your priorities lie. Before you cringe at the word “Mystic” let me define it for you.

A Mystic according to Oxford Dictionary: 

“Is one who seeks by contemplation and self surrender to obtain a union with or absorption into the Deity, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truth inaccessible to the understanding.”

Mysticism is defined:  “A spiritual encounter transcending human comprehension, always it leads to joy and heightened or expanded energy.  It increases compassion for others and deepens our capacity to love.  It is a true phenomenon.”

A Mystic is a “seeker” of spiritual truth and desires to be absorbed by the Divine way, truth, and life.  “Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven… seek and you shall find.” These are Biblical principles and there must be a people who dedicate their lives to this purpose. 

You are on an amazing journey! A journey which began the moment you drew your first breath of life in this realm. It is the journey of all humanity but some are not awakened to its purpose or significance. 

I recently I wrote a statement which a few years ago I did not understand.  I wrote that Christ was a Middle Eastern Mystic.  He lived and spoke from the viewpoint of the East.  He spoke Aramaic and not Greek as many of us have believed. His life purpose was to expose mystical concepts of the Kingdom within mankind.  It is the Kingdom we are encouraged to seek first and foremost in our life.  Through discovery of the Kingdom we become aware our security does not come from a physical realm.  It also opens an understanding we are participants in divinity itself and where God is, we are!

Listen to this Quote:  “When a mystic has merged with God in the extreme ecstasy of the Divine union all physical rules give way.”

This is the way we are told to seek first the Kingdom, it turns our physical world upside down!  It rearranges everything in our lives.  We begin to have more time, the right people and circumstances present themselves, and our highest good just shows up!

Stop waiting for the circumstances to change in your life before you put this into practice.  This is the key to unlock a spiritual treasure chest.  It begins a new flow in your life and opens a channel of intimacy between the soul and God!

Our primary purpose on this earth is spiritual, yet what consumes many of us is the physical.  In I Corinthians the scripture asks us to examine ourselves so we don’t eat unworthily.  We are to examine and find who we really are…our real identity and purpose so we don’t consume a reality of unworthiness.  It also says many are sick, weak and dying because they have not discerned the Lord’s body.  They have not discerned who they really are and who they are in oneness with.  They have not taken the time to be still and know!

If we are struggling with any area of our life the solution, the medicine required is this… Spiritual Practice.  It requires time in meditation with divine stillness and seeking to be consumed by Divinity.  This is mankind’s answer yet we allow everything else to consume us.  We put everything else first in our lives and wonder why we have not realized true peace, love, and joy.

Let me share with you two beautiful quotes: 

“Before every human being comes an assembly of Angels announcing: Make way for the Holy One, Blessed be He.”  Hasidic Teaching

“When I flowed out of the Creator, All creation stood up and shouted, Behold here is God; And they were correct.”  Miester Eckhert

That’s You!  You are designed to live from a Spiritual Source.  You are here to practice Divinity!  If you have not realized you are a Mystic you will experience frustration, anxiety, fear, and a feeling of separation.  You will be lost in an unfriendly universe.

The Bible says not to be just hearers of the word but doers.  Without that it’s like looking at yourself in a mirror; you get a glimpse of who you are, but then you go away and forget what manner of mankind you are.  You forget your divinity, your purpose for life.

You are here to develop a Way of Life!  A life dedicated first and foremost to spiritual development and realization of the Kingdom!

It must be paramount in your life.  SEEK FIRST… Spiritual Practice consisting of Meditation; a time of stillness and listening; Prayer; aligning our thoughts with those of God and affirming those thoughts.   These practices consist of seeking the Kingdom first, and promise to draw all things into our lives. 

Our approach should not be, I just don’t have any time but how can I purpose my life around those times of introspective meditation and prayer until I am consumed by the Divine?  Until the very presence of God manifests and reveals itself through me?” 

Today as we embank into a new day, I challenge each of us to let the words of The Christ echo down through the ages until they rest within our Temple, within the spiritual Kingdom of our Being.  Until we can live our lives in the Secret Place of The Most High, shutting out the physical world so we can be consumed by the Divine.

Remember the old phrase in a commercial: “Don’t leave home without it”?  Can we apply this to our spiritual practice? Every single day of our lives can we get still and find our way back to the presence of God?  Can we take time to go into our “closet” the place of infinite supply, and shut the door on the outside world and commune with God?   Can this be our priority first thing each morning before we begin our day?

If we are willing, it will birth the phenomena of rapture, an epiphany of mystical experience which will fully awaken our purpose.  What you do in secret will manifest openly in your life and this is a promise!

What Moses experienced on the mountain when he was consumed in God can happen to each of us.  When he came down his sight never dimmed and he never grew old.  Life became alive, flaming like the burning bush and he awakened he was always standing on Holy Ground!

You are here to be consumed by God, by the spiritual flames of Divinity, yet not burnt up!

“Wouldest thou know my meaning – Lie down in the fire, See and hear the flowing of the Godhead through thy Being.”

And Allow Divinity to Consume You






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