DECEMBER 31, 2006

Hi Everyone,

This is a message borne out of recent discussions with friends.

Much has been said about my nation Nigeria.  Corruption, corruption, and more corruption!

With its trillions of dollars in the hands of a few; the latest 10 cars in someone’s garage, but death-trap roads outside his home!

No portable water and sparse electricity for its 140 million people, while the leaders at every level siphon the oil-cash into bank accounts around the developed Western world.

The business crimes that many in the nation have experienced, with tentacles spreading to the entire world.

-The violent crimes that all are subjected to daily, with high-fenced walls and iron doors to keep the dark ones at bay.

There is much more that could be said of my people. We have been truly a blessing, as well as a curse.

We are a people that no not how to remain in the dust; refusing to be bowed down in the most harsh circumstances.

But I sense a rising up of Life in her midst.

The ‘Trigger of Africa’ (check out a world map!) will yet release the bullets of God’s Life into the world!

Corruption is at an end!

Greed is at an end!

The serpent’s rule is at an end!

No longer will evil be mentioned within her gates.

No longer will violence be known in her cities.

No longer will it’s people struggle to survive, while the next-door neighbour feeds sumptuously.

Let it be known that the years ahead will be years of Life! (Though at first it seems dark)

Let it be known that Africa shall be filled with the knowledge and glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea!

Join me and pray, for these things will surely be -both in Nigeria and every nation.

Happy New Year!


CORRUPTING INFLUENCES [Anthony Idemudia Asakpa] 12-31-06          1


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